Filet Meat…!

2020-07-19 15:47:57




Good Afternoon うさぎ





Thank you for always looking at my blog❤️
Thank you for giving me likes ☺︎❤️
Thank you for giving me comments ❤️








Heyー lookieーーーー!!!!!



A little while back
As a birthday present from the staff-san who I’m always indebted to, I got this reallllly good filet meat that I ate義理チョコステーキ


I could still eat itーーーー lol lol



Really. it was so tender…
It was such a delight….ハートハートハート






And, cooking it well my own style made me happy too, arranging it too felt pretty great ya knowー!? lol
Waーi Waーーーiハート




By the way, the garnish vegetables were
・Mini tomatos
・Bell peppers
・Red paprika
・Eringi mushrooms
That’s it!!!
A festival of things I like *(^o^)/*



I am into celery same as always!!!




Yummy things are a delight yah〜!!!




Well then, laters kayパー







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2020-07-17 23:05:46





Once again again
It’s a birthday event blog…ピンクハート





This time,
the present for everyone attending, the uchiwa we had prepared!!




The 1st and the 2nd have different front pictures and back text too〜流れ星




This time, it was an event during these circumstances so,
there were lots of limits…
among them, the 『Cheering Ban』… it coldn’t be helped but of course it’s sad 😭😭😭💦


And so
for sure everyone
wanted to say,
『Sayu Congratsー!!!』!?



And soー, in advance,
I wrote it myself you know! lol


『Cute』 『I love you』 tooピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートlol



WIth this everyone can congratulate me!
That’s what I thought!!!!!!





And, wearing masks, when it gest hot with this you can bear it♩


I thought that but,


The venue’s super cooling was effective〜雷爆笑


lol lol



Well, if you get to use it as a proper uchiwa outside of the venue I’ll be happyラブラブ
Just having it as a decoration makes me happy tooラブラブラブラブラブラブ





The outfit this timeうさぎ


They made it really cute for me!!!!!!


Denim fabric with lots of patches on it
Among those are goods too
うさぎThe SayuUsa Patchうさぎ
are in there tooグラサンハート


It is really really one of my favoritesハート
so much I want to wear it again some where too!!!




When I asked for the outfit
I watned to have lots of patches on it!!!!



I asked for that but,
there are cute pictures like this in the world too!?




When we were doing outfit fitting, at first it didn’t have hte patches on, from there the stylists put on the patches DonDon one after another for me,
There was a time that was thinking like where and which patches go where? That was fun too!



When putting stickers in my notebook,
really just 1 milli slide over changes the balance and with a feel close to that,
I obsessed over the SayuUsa’s placement うさぎ






My hairstyle,
For the performance day it was a light curl twin tailピンク音符







When doing the good shot, I had braids with denim ribbons tying them〜流れ星流れ星流れ星



Which hairstyle does everyone like!?
Is this a hard question!?
Was there an unexpected immediate reply??? lol




If you like let me hear you kayラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ








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2020-07-16 21:28:14





Continuing the birthday event blog…うさぎ




Continuing form last year, doing MC,
Kitabayashi Asuka-sanグリーンハートグリーンハートグリーンハート






I like Aーchan’s MCー💚
I love Aーchanーーーー💚💚💚



Talking with Asuka-san I’m laughing all the time
With each things there’s new perspectives from that style! I’ve found and learned that
She’s always cheery and proactive, shes’s an amazing person that makes me want to be positive too! She has my respect…グリーンハーツラブラブ
More than anything she’s really funny! How is she that funny!! lol



I’m glad I got to see Asuka-san〜ハート
From here on I wanna be close tooハートハートハート





Continuing, the birthday cake I got from the birthday event誕生日ケーキ


it was a chocolate cake inside誕生日ケーキバレンタイン
Thank you for the fantastic cakeピンクマカロンマカロン








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Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2020 〜This Year’s Is The Eve〜

2020-07-15 18:52:19








Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2020 〜This Year’s Is The Eve〜



we held it at Shinagawa Intercity Hall!!




Everyone who came
Everyone who gave your support



Really thank you so much!!!!!!




What it’s like on the eve is rare but
For 30 year old me, I ended up not getting ot see everyone for about half a year so
Getting to see the right at the end of 30 me, makes me really happyラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Yup, right at the edge of 30 me pleaーse! lol



The event was really funピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


It’s been a while since I got to meet with all the fans so,
At first it ended up being DokiDoki heartpounding but, that was really just as first lol
That feeling like I’ve just been talking the whole time…
feeling like I needed to go on fast talking too…
there wasn’t enough timeーー!!
That’s how it felt爆笑


Being together with everyone in the same space was so comforting😭😭
I felt like once again I love this space. They might be the words I say all the time but, it’s been a while so I felt it stronger, and from here I want to treasure it as well.



In the various restirctions for all the fans too
I got your feelings from the PataPata flapping uchiwa and the applause…😭


I got it…❤️
It came across…❤️






In this sort of circumstances, I feel like even coming to the venue was tough but, for coming and celebrating with me really really thank you so much!!!





And, I feel like there’s lots of you who because of this situation wanted to come but couldn’t
Thank you so much for thinking I wanted to celebrate face to face! I want to see you!!
Just having those feelings makes me really really happy.



From my heart I look forward to the someday when we can relax and the situation goes back normal, the day I can see everyone without these restrictions.
I hope that day comes even one day sooner……!








An from that night
The just like that instagram…星星星


The moment going from 30 to 31!!
from when the clock said 23:59:29, we did a countdown from 31 second but,
counting down like this from 31 is hard…. I was surprisedもやもやもやもや


(Well to explain,
the clocks second count goes up and I was trying to count down but couldn’t? Going hte opposite way is hard, I was panicking in my head 🤯


Well the countdown was exhausting but
it was fun
more than anything broadcasting with everyone crossing into my birthday made me happy




31 year old meうさぎうさぎうさぎ
From here on well, please give me your supportハート







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I’ve Turned 31!

2020-07-14 18:26:24





Michishige Sayumi


On 2020/7/13




turned 31 years old〜爆笑爆笑爆笑







For the constant warm support, truly, thank you so much!!


This year ended up this way,
the events and performances I was looking forward to
getting postponed and canceled…
it’s been days were she can’t really see each other like we’d think to yah…





In that kind of situation recently all of a sudden
I kinda suddenly wanted to see it, so I watched last year’s 30th birthday live DVDピンクハート
‪I looked like I was having so much fun I could cry lol


I want to do anything where I can see everyone without restrictions soon, I feel that from my heart of course,
like that, seeing pics, and commentss on my blog and SNS too, just remembering everyone really is comforting yahー…


I felt thatピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





『During this time we can’t meet, just pics and stuff liks this of me making everyone feel even a little bit better makes me happy』


Even though I’ve said that to everyone
For me seeing pics, seeing all the fans in them, I felt like All right! I gotta do my best! 😭
It cheered me up!😭



Reminiscing on memories is wonderful of course but
having pictures of them available, I felt grateful for that too!
For that, getting to have a DVD sold, I’m thankful to the company. lol
But no, if there weren’t thoes of you who would buy and watch it then it couldn’t get sold so of course it’s all because of all the fans, from my heart, thank you so muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




I wonder if I said it well… I’m worried that I couldn’t really get out right though…
In any case while we’re at home, while we’re separated
I’m really supported by all the fans being here
Thinking about everyone being here, I feel like I can overcome everything! It’s amazing!!!!!✨




Really thank you alwaysピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
For making 7/13 a special day, thank youピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


From here on too
For me, I want to treasure the space and time, the connection I have with everyone I amピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


From here on too, I’d be happy if you watch over meラブラブ




And, we held the ee event on 7/12!!!
This has already gotten kind of long so I feel like I want to write the next blog about the event !!





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