Aika's Blog "1 Days"

Good afternoon!
I’ll be posting a lot of pictures to hopefully heal the body and mind of everyone!
In addition to healing, it’ll also be a good way for me to share with you guys how I’m doing.

Well then, let’s get started. Just a little while ago, we went to LA’s Anime Expo 2009. Hope you find some healing from this picture (*^^*)☆ The theme for this pic is.. “cheers for a job well done” (^з^)-☆

Whether from work, school, housework, etc.. this pic is like a “grab a drink to get a little relief” kinda pic lol (^з^)-☆

Anyway, the weather in LA was amazing so I took a pic of the scenery! (^з^)-☆ Isn’t it pretty??!! I was so touched by looking at this beauty (^∇^*)/

Also, the fruits were soooo good (*^^*) They even have my fav! Raspberries♪♪ So good!!!!☆

I got to see Hollywood (^-^)v It was such a good place I thought.. I’d like to come back again in my private time (☆▽☆)♪

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  1. She is soooo cute … Really, thanks for the Translation, To have an actual member of MoMusu with a blog is so great … anyone knows why the other members dont have a blog for themselves?? … is forbiden maybe?? … why Aika is the only one …? is strange … i heard that she is the “motherly-kind-personality” of the group … for ME she have the perfect personality for a MM leader … well anyway thanks for your effort … chido!! y gracias por la traducción … Aika es adorable … =P

  2. O…M…G how cute is she holding up that raspberry!?!? *head explodes*

    I look forward to more of Aika’s blog entries, now if everyone in momusu would get a blog ^_^

    ^Ai-chan, Eri, Reina, and Sayu had blogs for the “ojigi de shape up” play, and I think Gaki-san and Eri has one for fivestars monday.

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