Thank You And Congratulations

2016-12-15 12:09:24






for the lots of warm comments, messages, words, and feelings, truly thank you so much.




In the last blog,
I ended up talking about negative feelings so, in my mind it was DokiDoki heart-pounding,
And so with that I thought it’d again bring a bit of negative feelings and with that, end up making a strange vicious circle too… (lol)アセアセ




Everyone, took it with warm hearts,


I felt like I believe, I’m glad I talked about it!




Really thank you so muchニコニコハート






And the other day, Morning Musume。’s new members (13ki members) were decided huh.



Kaga Kaede-chan
Yokoyama Reina-chan



Anyway congratulations!!




I saw announcement moment clips on the netキラキラ
Eyes KiraKira sparkling〜ピンクハート
Hair TsuruTsuru smooth〜ハート




New members joining,
the further growth and activity for Morning Musume。 from here
is something I very much am looking forward toウインク




All of Morning Musume。, Budokan, Job Well Doneピンク音符




I’m also a total new person when it comes to doing activity alone!
I’ll do my best星星星










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One thought on “Thank You And Congratulations

  1. OH MY GOD BANZAI! I missed Sayu so much. I hope she posts a new photo of herself but I doubt she will until she resumes activities. Still hoping though! <3

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