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2017-05-14 13:57:17
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For yesterday’s Osaka performances, thank you so much!


Fukumura Mizuki-san, Oda Sakura-chan due to influenza were absent from the performances this time.



There were various pinches but, with the intention of changing it in to a chance, the 11 of us members did our best!


Doing our all with the current 11, I feel we delivered an awesome live.
Everyone who warmly watched over us, truly thank you so much.


On stage was the 11 of us but, in the audience we saw the Fukumura-san, Odashi member color Tshirts and cyalumes
This space where people gathered who like the 13 Morning Musume。'17 made me very happy (o^^o)


For the concert, not just the members and staff,
it was all of the fans that came too that just make it all up you know!!



It’ll be performances that will very much remain memories for me.






And today is the Okayama performance but,


Kudou Haruka-chan’s health has declined so, she will be on leave.
It might be influenza too so, she’ll being always to take care of herself.


Everyone looking forward to her, we are truly sorry.



Really, we’re sorry.



Really, it’s sad,
those feelings I don’t know how how best to express them.


Please, please don’t give the blame to Kuduー…




I don’t know when it might be but, I think we if we could do an make-up performance.
At that time, the 13 of us will be together!











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