Soon It’ll be 1 Year

2017-06-08 00:12:47



Today I got a happy present…






As congratulations for my 1st anniversary of my marriage



this here cute present(*^^*)



It makes me happy you know




That so… it’s almost 1 year since I got married?




Fast huhー.





I got to place it in front of the mirror of my dressing room.





Thank you (*^^*)




Happy, I took a picture right away for Kazukun


and sent it to him✩



In 1 month we’ll be at 1 year since we got married!




Thank you so much





And, today, even with the Honky Tonk matsuri everyone got fired up it made me happy!!





Tomorrow I’ll do my best too!








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One thought on “Soon It’ll be 1 Year

  1. Hope you both have many more happy years together.
    congrats :)

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