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6/12, °C-ute’s last live!!




『℃-ute Last Concert in Saitama Super Arena ~Thank you team℃-ute~』




In the large venue of Saitama Super Arena
Love from °C-ute, enveloped by the warmth towards °C-ute, during the live I kept getting goosebumps over and over, it was very moving.






At the last live, all of °C-ute were
cute, and cool…
Seeing them on stage each smiling and having fun with their fellow members,
The breakup. It was painful 💦
I ended up filled with the feeling of wanting to see that cute coolness even more, to see more °C-ute after that.





That’s just how… high the 5 of their performances rate, the visual beauty, the strength of their teamwork,
It was already kinda…perfect!!キラキラキラキラ



The unrivaled feeling was amazing!!!!!




Since the time of Hello!Pro Kids, it’s been about 15 years,
I feel like there’s fun things of course, and there’s hard and painful things too.
But, yesterday, on that stage, seeing everyone KiraKira sparkling,
Even with all that, all of °C-ute mutually trusts each other and accepted each other, it’s the result of their efforts huh. Once again I felt that, and respect them from the bottom of my heart.






From here, each will be advancing down their own pathes
And I want each of them to walk a joyous life, all of themハート









And then I,
as Hello!Pro leader before leader Yajima Maimi-chan, I stood on stage as a guest!



With first gen Hello!Pro leader Nakazawa Yuuko-san and
current Hello!Pro leader Wada Ayaka-chan togetherむらさき音符






All of °C-ute, truly a Job Well Done!!



For a fantastic last stage, and moving me a lot…
Thank you so very much照れラブラブ




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