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2018-04-15 13:35:23


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I got to write the recommendation obi for the 4/13 release of the manga 「Getsuyou kara Kinyou no Danshi Koukousei」 [tl approx: Male High Schooler from Monday to Friday] vol.3〜(*´꒳`*)


Going to the book store on release day, they had it on the flat display, that made me happy!♡


Fluffy cute, comforting young guys in a manga so by all means I want you to try reading it yah〜!!







And that same 4/13, I went with all of Morning Musume。’18 to the Tokyo Disney Resorts 35 Anniversary “Happiest Celebration!” preview night we got invited to〜☆☆☆










Jumping with the Cinderella castle in back.
Youthful〜(*≧∀≦*) lol



Today, 4/15 Disneyland opened it’s doors for it’s 35th anniversary!


They’re openign that, the anniversary event to commemorate it, 「Happiest Celebration! 」 so,it had all kinds of cute areas (*´꒳`*)





It was super, fun!



I intend to go again to play aorund soon (*´◒`*)




Going to Disneyland there’s things you gotta buy.



101 Dalmation Chocochip cookies♡♡♡



I love it, I buy the 100 piece!
Save to buy it! lol



And so this time I bought about 3 bags and came home too☆ hihi




For Preview Night lotsof famous people came but, at the restaurant, someone called out, 「Iikubo-san」 and turning around,


it was Hara Yutaka-sensei!!!!
The author of Kaiketsu Zorori!



Before we met at Disneysea Preview Night so, and remembering that I got called out to ( ;  ; )!!


Since then, I’ve been watching Morning Musume。 too, he gave me such happy words, even more so,


「I felt like if we met I shold hand this over to you」, and he gave me a Kaiketsu Zorori badge and masking tapeーーー( ;  ; )










such kindness ( ;  ; )



Where should I put the badge I wonder〜
Maybe on my backpack〜! Maybe a pouch〜!



Last year was Kaiketsu Zorori’s 30th anniversary!



I’ll do my best to continue for a long long time too (*´◒`*)!





Today from this is concerts in Sendai!


Speaking of Sendai, from today the Haikyuー‼︎ original art exhibit’s starting〜!


I wanted to go…_(:3 」∠)_



Those of you coming to the concert by all means please enjoy that art exhibit at the same time too☆ lol



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EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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