Balance ball

Here is Sayumi playing with a balance ball ♪



I don’t have any sort of balance on it at all v(≧□≦)v



Ahhh Σ(|||▽|||)



Well, it helps me stretch, it feels good, and it’s fun
so it’s all good!!


But I played too much with the balance ball and it tired me out
—— (lol) ⊿(*´ο`*)=3














Today's sock check


Is Kiki lala-chan


I really love these socks and I wear them all the time
They are winter socks, yet I’m introducing them right before summer (≧∇≦)


Well, even if it’s summer, I still plan to wear them a lot!
My feet don’t care if its winter or not ↑


But I wonder if you guys will mind that I’m introducing these
in the wrong season….. (^_-)



See, I’m so considerate about so many different things \(^ー^)/


I’m such an attentive woman ♪ (lol)






Chilling Toppo

So when I got home today


I was talking to my mom (^O^)


Sayu “I want some sweets”


Mom “We have some toppo


Sayu “Is it cold?”


Mom “No it’s not”


Sayu “Ah it’s better when cold”


Mom “………..(thinking)”


and then she came out with what you see in the 1st pic!


Ice water in a champagne glass! And inside it, toppo!


This is the first time I’ve seen that cooling method! (◎o◎)


At first it was really good… but then it started to get soggy…


And by the end of it, it was completely mushy… \(+×+)/


And then the regular water turned into this color!!


My mom’s chilling method was such a shocker ~ (lol) (lol)


Today’s dinner ♪


Was chicken tartar with daikon ponzu
And next to me eating was of course Kamei Eri-chan ☆
When I’m in the dressing rooms, for the most part I’m always next to Eri ^ー^)人(^ー^


Oh so today I was looking around at rehearsals and thought


Wow Morning Musume right now has a lot of girls with short cuts!!


I guess that’s the times ( ̄∀ ̄)


By the way, ever since I joined Morning Musume I’ve kept my hair black
and at chest length and will always keep it that way
I have never experimented with my hair o( ̄ ^  ̄ o)


And of course, I will always keep my maximum cuteness that way
I have never experimented with that either (lol) (≧∇≦)


Good work today ~

Rehearsals just ended ☆


and ~


man acting is tough (>_<)



I’ll keep at it though…



In this pic, I took a pic of all of the 8th gen members (^_^)v
And a 2shot with Mitsui Aika-chan ↑




Today, Tatsumi Takurou-san arrived, Mitsui Aika-chan
is filling in for Tatsumi-san


And what’s more, she did it in a low voice too,
it was so cool (^O^)★
I’m so digging it!
I got to see a new side of Aika \(^ー^)/



For the other parts of rehearsal,
we were doing a bunch of trial and error on things
so I’m just gonna keep working as hard as I can (*^o^*)


Because I wanna show the other members a side of me they haven’t seen before!
That’s the fun part of rehearsals!


That’s what I’m settled on doing as we reach the real thing~


I can’t wait for the real show (≧∇≦)

Stretch man ☆

Today, we had rehearsals for “Fashionable”, our play coming out in June ☆★


Starting today, our rehearsals will be a bit different though
we’ll be doing the same things over and over again
to really perfect the smallest details!!




I’ve been watching the entire time… (lol)


At first, I was being a good girl and sitting gym style
but then, being like that the entire time made me really restless
so I started stretching while watching,
one thing led to another and I ended up stretching for 3 hours \(^ー^)/ (lol)


I’m a stretch man!


I’m a stretch professional!


But I won’t be growing any more!


Nevertheless, if I keep sitting gym style, it’ll make me shrink
so I plan to keep stretching!!


Anyway, watching rehearsals is very fun!!
I can see how lines are expressed
I can see movements and actions as a whole
and in between those, I can see the fine gestures being made
I really learn a lot ♪


And so I think to myself, when it’s my turn ~ I should do it this way


Anyway continuing on, stretch~~~ (≧∇≦) (lol)

TV child

Yesterday, let me show you what shows I was watching til morning!!!


Show battle!
Gout Temps Nouveau
An idol show
Hama-chan ga!
Dance! Sanma’s court!
Shabekuri 007



I cried so much during Mother!
My eyes were so swollen… (∋_∈)
But I laughed so much during the variety shows
my heart cleared up \(^ー^)/


Or so I thought, but outside today it’s raining p(´⌒`q)


The air didn’t clear up!


But right now, on my way to work in the taxi
I’m listening with earphones in both ears
to idol music on full volume, so my mood is pretty cleared up (≧∇≦)


Idol power can make all the bad things in the world go away… ヽ(´▽`)/


Even just listening to idol music a bit, I’ve already forgotten all my worries (_´Д`)ノ


Ahh! Well I don’t mean like I’ve got problems going on right now
I was just giving an example ☆


I’m feeling as good as anyone else!


Time to work hard again today ↑↑


You guys too (^_-)
In the pic, when I put the heart marks on the TV, it looks like its a 3D TV huh \(^ー^)/


The Michishige family is ahead of the times ☆


Good morning!
So yesterday I thought I was gonna be sleepy right after I got out of the bath
but it didn’t go as expected, and I pretty much was awake til morning p(´⌒`q)


And today for breakfast, I had this ☆


This bagel (o^∀^o)
It was a spinach bagel ♪♪


And for dessert, a raw caramel cake!


By the way, raw things have been popular lately..


raw caramel
raw chocolate
raw egg
raw meat
raw veggies
raw cream
raw beer
raw feet (bare feet)
raw broadcast (live tv stream)
raw stream (live stream)
* from here on she just uses words that sound similar
sharp tongued
unboiled water
kitchen trash


If you think about it, there’s quite a lot \(^ー^)/


You can attach the word “raw” to so many things!


Well there are a lot of different cakes out there, but choosing caramel
is pretty much the only thing I do (¬з¬)


I’m gonna ride on the “raw” boom in popularity too (≧∇≦)


Raw, raw ~ (^∀^)ノ

The main character of a manga

I just got out of the bath (spoken like from Avatar (lol) ↑)



Today, before I took a bath
I was in the living room eating some squid with mayo
then, after I finished eating, I went to go put the mayo back in the fridge
and then walked into my room ♪
And I was like ~ alright let’s check out my blog ~
So I took out my cell phone and…


the mayonnaise… (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


So I rushed to the fridge
and my cell phone was where the mayonnaise usually is (°□°;)


I can see these types of things happening ~~
but I never thought it’d happen to me (;∇;)/~~


It’s like I’m the main character in a manga or something ~ ☆


I mean I’d like to live life like the main character in a manga,
but this isn’t quite what I had in mind (lol)


I ended up only worrying myself, so I’ll be careful from now on… (・_・;)


Anyway, I’m gonna be sleepy soon ☆
Oyasayumin ♪

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