Picking on Kamei

When I pointed my camera towards Kamei Eri-san
she did this pose just for me (lol) (1st pic)




so being the mean person I am…


“Go lower”



I demanded (lol)


(2nd pic)
She tried to go lower!!
Thank you Kamei-san \(^ー^)/


(3rd pic)
She got tired out…



OtsuKame-sama deshita(^m^)









With Linlin…




(first pic)
Connected with Linlin’s head ♪
Facing down version!





(2nd pic)
Connected with Linlin’s head ♪
Facing up version!





(3rd pic)
Tangled up with Linlin’s head ♪
Happy version!










The outfit I'm wearing

Today’s rehearsal is over ☆☆


In the end today
we had a full run through rehearsal (≧∇≦)



It was so funny! but I was so nervous~ (lol)
… (;_;)
Haa (ToT)
I’ll do my best ☆p(´⌒`q)



As for the outfit… this time it’s soooo cute! Guys!! ♪☆


As I was watching all of Morning Musume in their outfits from the side
it made me so excited, I can’t wait for it (≧∇≦)


although, the most exciting thing I think
was looking in the mirror to see myself in my outfit o(^-^)o (lol)


…so umm you guys are probably starting to get annoyed
with this, so time to change subjects!!


…Yes! Change subjects!
I really love the story in this play!!


please ☆ come check out “Fashionable”! (b^ー°)


Look at all this! It came in a cardboard box (lol)
As expected since Morning Musume as so many members
we eat a lot!!
Ahh and of course for the staff people too (lol)


we had CoCo Ichi (curry) and Ohsho!!!


and for me


of course I went with Coco Ichi!


after all
I’m a curry rice idol ↑ (lol) o(`▽´)o


I topped my Coco Ichi spinach mushroom curry
with corn (≧∇≦)


It was sooooooo


We split the Ohsho among the members too, I was so full ♪
Right now we’re gonna do a full run through in rehearsal with our outfits on!


I’ll do my best ☆☆





This girl too…

So today
I didn’t do my eyelashes and I have an incomplete face…




this girl did too (lol)


my close friend Kamei Eri-chan!


The two of us both were doing make up (lol)


Well, Eri was even worse!!
She didn’t do a check at all, and for the most part had no make up on (lol)


But little by little, we got it taken care of! ↑


but we were surrounded by DVD cameras ~ (lol)


Oh well!
that’s kinda like the rehearsal environment anyway (^_-)
but even before that, without our make up, we still looked cute ♪ (lol)
Ahaha being positive is the best o(`▽´)o


Anyway I checked out the comments a bit and there were comments like
“You don’t need eyelash make up, you look fine” (≧∇≦)
that made me so happy \(^ー^)/


Michishige Sayumi is now complete
I’m off to practice ☆





Worn out? maybe


but as I got closer to her, she did a peace sign!
I’m glad she’s still got energy ♪(^_-)




said to me
“I read your blog yesterday, ahh~ isn’t that embarrassing”


Shy Ai-chan…


That’s not fair, she’s too cute ヽ(´▽`)/
Ahaaa (*´∀`*)


Also today Ai-chan curled her bangs and did braids


She’s knocked me over—-!
What a cute cute cute Cinderella she is here!


Oh yeah, so let me explain why I titled yesterday’s blog entry “Takahashi”
without the honorific “san”!


So the first thing in the body of the post was “Ai-chaaan”
and with the title being Takahashi, when you connect them together
it becomes Takahashi Ai-chaaaan, so I’m showing disrespect!!


Ahhh—- I’m so panicky—- (@゜▽゜@)


I guess that wasn’t really an explanation
it sounded more like an excuse (-_-メ)


But Ai-chan just looked at me with a kind smile (´∀`)

Risa Deco "Episode 4"

Hey guys!!
Sorry for making you wait so long– m(_ _)m


☆ iPod case ☆
This time, I made two of them ♪


risa deco


In the “What do you want me to deco” I got a lot of iPod cases as suggestions
so this time I went with dual—–!!! and worked hard to make 2 cases!!!!
I mean I want to give them to as many people as possible ☆
I’d be so happy if you guys put on this cover and listened to Morning Musume songs with it ☆
I’m countin on yaaaa—–!! (I sound like Koharuuu!!)


risa deco

The master of barely making it

I seriously barely just made it in time with my make up ~~~~



Well except for my eyelashes… (lol)



I didn’t have enough time for my eyelashes!!!


But well, that’s okay
during break I’ll finish them up



Well now
my face is a work in progress (lol)
and I’m off to practice ♪

An exciting way to live

Good morning guys ♪☆


I’ve got rehearsals today
but I’ll be needing making up today (^_-)
I’m leaving the house in 30 minutes, but I still don’t have make up on yet
my hair is all messy too ♪☆☆☆



I wonder if I’ll make it in time ~ !


My chest is pounding (゜∇゜)


I say that but I’m still taking my time in blogging (lol) ♪


I’m on the border of being late so I should start my make up right now!


I’m making myself live an exciting life (lol) ↑↑


I mean I sometimes hear
“I don’t have enough excitement in life~”


I put a lot of effort into living that way (≧∇≦)

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