Angel vs. Devil


As soon as I get home,
I seem to get this disease
where I have to eat sweets
no matter what(>_<)


This disease is pretty severe。。 (;_;)


It comes periodically,
then when I think it’s
not as bad,
it returns。


When you have this
sweets-eating disease,
the number one cure is


But don’t eat it at night, Sayumi-chan!
says my shoulder angel。


If you want to eat it, you should Sayumi-chan!
says my shoulder devil。


In the end, I supported my
shoulder devil,
and ate the chocolate(≧∇≦)
At that time, I felt so much happiness♪


But after I finished,
I think about what my
shoulder angel said,
but it can’t be helped(>_<)


Shoulder angel, I’m sorry
I betrayed you↓


“Starting tomorrow,
I’ll definitely stop♪”


How many times have I promised my angel?…


When shoulder devil starts up,
I’ll remember my intentions
and do my best!


Even if the chocolate
is absolutely deliciousヽ(´▽`)/
*In heaven~* (*´∀`*)



Next to me


A two-shot with Kamei Eri
in the seat next to me ♪(^_^)v


Whenever we’re in a
dressing room, Eri is
always in the seat
next to me♪


If Eri’s not next to me,
I can’t settle down (;_;)


Maybe Eri feels the same (lol)


If I’m wrong, then Sayumi can’t
break her one-sided love彡 (-_-;)彡


If that’s the case,
then everyone should
be my friend (^_-)


Look after me okay?♪♪♪♪♪♪








First day of the concert is done and,
I was really relaxed♪


And really happy。


At any rate, seeing everybody there
everyone seemed so reassuring,
and the concert got everyone so excited,
but Sayumi, for a good reason
was totally calm(*^o^*)
It was a good feeling♪


So the concert ended without a hitch,
and I took a pic of me at
the moment I was
the most happiest♪


The one behind me in the pic is
Kamei Eri-chan。
And although I said,
『Eri’s in the pic too so just be natural』
she was wiping her face with a tissue(°□°;)


Even though I was just
my regular self,
Sayumi still wishes she
was a little more aware
of her surroundings (lol)


And then, unexpectedly
there’s another figure
in the background,
it’s Tanaka Reina-chan☆


This particular pic
is a hidden shot
of the Rokkies (lol)(^_^)v





The concert’s opening concert outfit♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


I’m a widdle bunny




When I first saw this outfit
I went crazy!
It’s too cute(^o^)/


I was thinking,
I want to hurry up and wear it!
I want to show it off to everyone!


I was really happy wearing mine,
and the other members’ outfits
are cute too♪
You’ll feel a lot better when
you see them (lol)


Cute isn’t she? Morning Usachan♪



At last


Morning Musume Concert Tour-2010 Spring ~Pikappika~


First day~♪♪♪


Is finished!


Everybody everybody everybody(≧∇≦)




I said this at the last MC but,


At the rehearsals, I thought about a lot
of things…and I’m glad I didn’t give up
and kept doing my best。
Because I was able to see
all of those smiling faces。


I know I complained,
and had some worries and troubles,
so for that I’m sorry(;_;)


Even though I was feeling
only a little bit worried,
the concert was fun!
Yep, Sayumi loves concertso(^-^)o


I’m glad all 8 of us did our best♪


Seeing all of those smiling faces was the best♪




Thanks a lot。


First Day↑


Make-up is completed!


After is the costume fitting,
then the yell。


I’m concentrating。


I’ll do my best。


I want to see everyone。


Only a little bit more♪


It’s gonna be sooo much fun♪♪


Morning Musume Concert Tour-2010 Spring~Pikappika!~


It’s about to start!☆(^_^)v





I ate luch with Ai-chan and LinLin♪


It was quite delicious。


Ah, oh yeah,


In the car, I totally crashed and slept。


And, I felt this drop on my hand
so I woke up。


Roof leaking?


I was so calm thinking about it,


and it was rain from Sayumi’s mouth…


I was drooling…


I was still half awake and
I had this most embarrasing thing happening,
so I immediately wiped it off!


But, I was actually silky smooth after (lol)。



*Ring ring*


『Waratte ii tomo』
“Telephone Shocking” called me!


Since it was just over the phone,
it’s just my voice but,
Sayumi yelled out
『Ii tomoー!』
but even though my shouting
is my strong point
I was still nervous (>_<)


Next week Monday, the 22nd
『Waratte ii tomo』
“Telephone Shocking!”
Definitely☆ check it out。


All 8 members are on it♪


Gonna be fun♪


On the 22nd,
you could say there’ll be
a secret Usachan peace,
but I’m not telling~V(^-^)V


But it’s okay if you do
the face in the corner。


Just like Waratte ii tomo,
put your whole face in (^_-)


Are you guys gonna watch
Waratte ii tomo on Monday?


(Ii tomo-!)


You guys did it well~♪
Good job! Good job!
But don’t do it with
just your mouth!
I was watching。



Some spirit?


Morning (^-^*)/


Today, this morning,
I cut my bangs a little。


My appearance hasn’t changed that much
but my mood has changed a lot。


Since my bangs wouldn’t let me see,
it feels like my visual field has increased♪


So I’ll be able to see everyone
coming to the concert today(≧∇≦)


To all those faces I see,
it would be nice if they will
be smiling faces(*^o^*)


No, they will DEFINITELY be smiling↑
I’ll make you smile↑↑


Look forward to the first day(^_^)v♪★





Full length uniform shot♪♪


Today (today still?)
even in the middle of the night
thanks for keeping me company m(_ _)m


starts Morning Musume’s spring concert tour!


Nervous & sooo looking forward to it♪


I want to meet everyone (●^▽^●)/”


So, I’ll take my time
and soak in the bath
then get some sleep。


So, that’s why
this will be the last update,
everyone should sleep too。


…I’m looking straight up (lol)


I guess I really am honest。


Thanks to everyone reading my blog
even in the dead of night。
Even though the blog is in real time,
to everyone reading,
thanks a lot。
I love you guys♪。


Since I love you guys too much,
maybe Sayumi dressed in a school uniform
will come visit you in your dreams (lol)



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