Being a night person, here is me quite active at night~~


I’m cleaning with a roller ~~




I actually like them sometimes, surprisingly ♪




But I still don’t get people who say
they like doing this as a hobby ☆☆☆



Everyone is all sparkly clean now, I’m gonna sleep (-.-)zzZ



When I wake up, maybe I’ll clean up some more again?
I can’t wait o(`▽´)o


O-ya-sa-yu-mi-n ♪

Noriko-rin ♪

I got a 2shot with Katou Noriko-san (^_^)v


My 2nd pic ♪☆


Katou-san is so funny!
I really connect well with Katou-san!! (lol)


Katou-san was like
“Next time you should come over”
she said!


I wanna gooooooooooooo!


Apparently yesterday, Katou-san went to bed at 10pm \(^ー^)/


So I was like
“Ah I guess when you get that old, 10pm is really something” ♪


At that time Katou-san didn’t say anything
but then after she was like
“Michishige-chan has the blackest (heart) in Morning Musume huh”
she said ~


Ahh as expected of someone with life experience
she can really see through things ~~ (lol)


I love you Katou-san

Idol festival on air

Here are pics of me from the jacket photoshoot
for Morning Musume’s new single “Seishun Collection”
that comes out on June 9th ☆



The lights in the changing room at this studio were so pretty


Right? Aren’t I so cute here?



Always getting cuter



Today, Morning Musume will be making an appearance on MUSIC JAPAN
and we will of course be singing “Seishun Collection” ♪


I was checking out comments during rehearsals
and so many people were like “I watched MUSIC JAPAN~”
I thought “Ahh! I forgot!”
but my mom recorded it for me \(^ー^)/


As expected from my mom!!


So right now, I’m watching it


It’s amazing! Overflowing with idols!
It made me relive that moment when I was there ~
Ahhhhh ~~


The broadcast was only like 30 minutes, but we were
in that building like half a day!


Crazy – yzarC ☆?


Anyway, it was great that I got to talk, but I was holding mics in both hands (lol)


I look too eager don’t I—
man how badly did I want to talk—



Actually what happened was, my mic wasn’t working properly
so I switched mine with Tanaka Reina-chan who was next to me
and I ended up holding both of them o(`▽´)o


The end?

Some day I

I forget about this sometimes
but here is what I want some day!



Here is me with a shredder


by the way, our shredder at home is a manual one!



I mean you have those manual pencil sharpeners where you gotta turn it yourself right?
well this is like that ☆
you can only do 1 sheet at a time, so it kinda takes a long time ~



It’s like a side job ~ !


I wanna have a side job while I’m in Morning Musume!!
I think I’ve always wanted to!!!
I mean with a continuous income like that, you won’t take money for granted!


If I did though
I’d buy a toy poodle ~


Being a capable woman would be such a good thing!


I had a hamster in Tokyo called Ham-chan and he wasn’t very nice (>_<)


Well I think the feeling was mutual (lol)


I mean I was nice to him though!!




Ahhh I really feel like getting another job now!!


Although if I did, I don’t think I’d have enough time
Ahh I really do need 30 hours a day!


Maybe I can just get 30 hours a day just for me some how…

Gum Fortune

Do you guys know about this gum?


This gum has a fortune written on it ♪(^_-)


When I was little, I used to play with these a lot ↑
Ahh so old!


It’s been a while since I had these (≧∇≦)


And the fortune I ended up with was…


Check out the close up shot ~ ↑


“Medium Luck. You will become an celebrity in the future”




………………Ahahaha ~



Well I think I’ve got that celeb thing down (lol)

Good work

Today’s rehearsal finished—– ♪


For dinner today, we had Ootoya bentous ♪(o^∀^o)


I had a mackerel one!
Actually I had the same thing yesterday (lol)
Two days in a row — ♪


I topped mine off with Rayu sauce that Takahashi Ai-chan brought ♪☆
It went together pretty well ↑ It was so delicious \(^ー^)/



Tomorrow we’re gonna start a full run through at practice!
I’ll be working hard tomorrow! 2nd day in a row o(`▽´)o



In this pic, I’m with Katou Noriko-san and Takahashi Ai-chan ↑↑
Older women are so wonderful (≧∇≦)








She’s just too cute \(^ー^)/
Ai-chan’s jersey today has a ton of pastel colored hearts
and it’s just so cute (*^o^*)
also, her jersey is the type where you can really see her body line ヽ(´▽`)/
and also she’s got a ponytail (*´∀`*)
that’s everything I love, just too perfect!!
thank you (-人-)



※ We’re supposed to be doing a Usa-chan peace (lol)

Mask man

(first pic)
Today I’m wearing a mask




(second pic)
well, I wasn’t feeling well…
I couldn’t hold in my cough… cough cough cough




(third pic)
Just kidding ♪(^_-)
I was lying ♪ (lol)
I’m actually energetic man ~ \(^ー^)/


But I bet all of you were like
“Are you okay?”
with such kindness…


I’m sorry ~
forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beinggggggg
sooooooo selfishhhhhhhhhh o(`▽´)o








Ambition! ↑

We worked really hard again today during rehearsals
for our play “Fashionable” ↑↑(^_^)v


This morning, I woke up and watched a few variety shows


I watched yesterday’s Mecha Ike!
It was so funny (≧∇≦)



The Ugly Colosseum was… crazy (lol)
also, I saw part of Ame Talk
“My partner is a celeb!” was brilliant
It was so funny ☆ I loved it ☆
I wanna see the next one already — ♪


There are so many shows I still want to see,
they’re piling up (;_;)



I don’t have enough time ↓
and yet it kinda kills the meaning whenever
I say I have “free time~”
It’d be nice to have 30 hours a day
although, if that happened, it’d still be the same
I’d just be like “it’d be nice to have 35 hours in a day”


In the end, I guess I’m always aiming higher ♪


I’ll never forget my goals…


Ahh ♪
Even here you can see some wonderful parts
of Sayumi (≧∇≦) (lol)


※ These pics are me with Tanaka Reina-chan

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