Around January of this year,
I went home♪


And at that time,
Sayumi’s cute friend (four years younger)
came to visit (^_^)v


You could say we’re
sisters to some extent,
I gave her some of my
clothes that fit her,
and even though we’re
different ages, we really get along well,
and anyway, we’re really good friends♪♪♪


I went to that girl’s house,
and that’s what her
school uniform looks like。
Cosplay-loving Sayumi was
not at all envious!
That particular uniform
got me really excited
so immediately I said,
『Lemme borrow!』
she was a little reluctant
so I let her switch with me (≧∇≦)


So a happy Sayumi
wore that uniform to a
famous department store in Yamaguchi,
and we took purikura together (^o^)/
Super fun (≧∇≦)


They reminded Sayumi of
when she put on New Year’s weight
and took pictures with a school uniform ♪(^_^)v


Yep, school uniforms are the best(≧∇≦)↑↑。




My Mom's cooking


Today I headed home and
for dinner I ate my mom’s
home cooking♪


My mom’s cooking☆★


The minute I got home,
I requested 『Make me something』
and she really rushed…thanks mom(;_;)


What she made was
sukiyaki-style pork and cabbage stew
with a soft boiled egg on top(≧∇≦)


Just the right amount♪
And, it was super delicious♪


So, when Sayumi took a pic of it
and put it up on her blog,
my mom said


『It looks so bad when I see it~take it off please~(->_<-)』
like that。


When you look at the pic,
it’s certainly supposed to
that light brown color…
feels like it doesn’t have
a bright enough color (lol)


But, the flavor really is the best♪


since I don’t have mom’s approval,
there’s a pic of cute Sayumi
and her chopsticks,
and one of cute Sayumi and her cup,
so please forgive me (lol)


My mom’s cooking,
since there’s so many colors,
it’s a gorgeous way to introduce it (lol)♪





In these pics,
Niigaki Risa-chan
is the cameraman☆☆


We’re writing comments on a hand towel
and decorating the goods corner φ(.. )


Come to the concert hall everyone!
If it’s okay, please take a look (゜_゜)(。_。)


If it’s really okay, please use the same towel (lol)


If it’s really really okay, check out Sayumi’s
really cute pictures (lol)







Sticky things


Tomorrow, we’re decorating the concert hall
with posters we’ve signed♪


Behind is
Niigaki Risa-chan♪


She’s got a cold patch on her forehead but,
since she’s moving so much,
she’s got a hot body* (^_-)


*Play off of words. Could mean “she’s hot because she’s moving” but I like the other way better ^_^


The cold patch is nice♪


Sayumi really loves
stickers or anything that sticks (^O^)


So that’s why I like cold patches too♪


*Sticky sticky*φ(.. )




Earlier, Sayumi was saying some pessimistic stuff,
please excuse me for that。


So for those unpleasant feelings I gave,
I’m really sorry m(__)m


I’m reading everyone’s comments now。
There so full of warmth, thank you so much!
Sayumi is very blessed (^O^)


And so,
I’ve decided!


The conclusion!
I’m not gonna give up♪♪♪♪♪♪
I’m gonna have fun♪♪♪♪♪


The two together are gonna be difficult,
but I’ll do my best(*^o^*)


“Because I love the concerts, Sayumi!”
Sayumi loves Morning Musume’s concerts too (≧∇≦)


Everyone that comes to the concerts,
and everyone that comes to help out,
it reassures us,
and it’s a job we enjoy,
that’s why I love concerts♪


Thinking like that is fun♪


I haven’t updated a lot since this afternoon(;_;)


I’ll update so much more from now on!


It’s the day before the tour but,
at night, I’m not gonna sleep~! (^_-)(lol)


Well, I’ll take it easy to keep up my strength。 (lol)



Morning Musume




Costume rehearsal is done。


In the meeting after, lots of people
talked about a lot of different things。
The dance instructor cried。
We made him cry。


What the instructor talked about,
I totally understood。
All of us were perfect。


Lately I’ve been very selfish。
I wanted to say something
but, it’s not like I didn’t know how,
or that I lost my nerve,
but that I faked being so cool about it。


And since that was the last rehearsal,
I thought I could say it。


The instructor said,
I saw a lot that Sayumi had to do。
Then everyone discussed it。


But I really can’t tell you what I thought。
I knew about what they said,
but I can’t fix it。


I’m not trying to be blunt…
it’s just that I don’t know how to fix it。


should I go all out and keep getting tired,
or just give up and start having fun,
which one should I choose?


I don’t know。


It wouldn’t be good to give up,
and it’s important that
Sayumi doesn’t want to。


But having some good feelings and
being positive is number one I think。


I really don’t understand。


I’m wondering which one I should do,
why is it, that there’s not just
one thing that’s important,
at any rate, I have to choose,
but I don’t know which。


But no matter how much I worry
tomorrow is coming。
Tomorrow starts Morning Musume’s
spring tour。


I’m just one person in Morning Musume。
There’s 8 people in Morning Musume。


I know that it’s not just me。
8 people make the group。


Tomorrow, to those that are coming,
we’re gonna have such awesome fun!


from Morning Musume,
and from Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi
yoroshiku onegaishimasu。




The magazine 『R25』…


A magazine that’s in the station!!


Definitely take a look!


A girl that Sayumi loves is featured in it~


Who could it be。

Who could it be。。


Kamei Eri!


She’s not pokepoke in it (lol)
She looks really nice and cute(≧∇≦)♪♪








Until a little after luchtime, it was continuous rehearsal!


I was so hungry I thought I would collapse...(lol)


Right now, I’m having some hamburger steak.


And then, dress rehearsal..


Looks like I have no choice but to do my best,
so I will.


See ya.









Good morning!!


Today is the final rehearsal and tomorrow starts
Morning Musume’s spring tour!!


Once again, I wore the same costumes
in our dress rehearsal as the actual performance(^o^)/♪


So~ today’s happenings need a
extra special explanation,
this morning, I actually slept twice p(´⌒`q)
what’s more, my alarm didn’t ring (;_;)
my alarm is playing hooky it seems…
I’ve depended on it for so long~ (≧ヘ≦)


But, my mom woke me up↑


Yep, the one thing I can
truly depend on, my parents!!!!!


From here on out, yoroshiku onegaishimasu 八(´∀`*)




At Mittsi’s house,
I said bye bye to Mittsi,
and since I’ve been home
I’ve done nothing but space out。。


Seems like I’m an idiot…
Why is that? Why do I have that feeling?


From the day after next, Morning Musume
starts it’s spring tour,
and tomorrow is the final rehearsal review!


This is not the time to
start feeling like a idiot!!


I’ll start studying the last dress rehearsal(≧∇≦)


Everyone, please come to the concert!
Has everyone heard our latest album 『⑩MYME』
that was released yesterday?
Since you guys sing it at the concerts
you guys should study too (^_-)♪


Even if you guys don’t have plans to come,
I’d really like everyone to see it。。
I’ll say it’s my wish, to come to the concert okay。。




‘kay did you guys decide to come?!
Everybody~ you’re weak under pressure aren’t you♪


it’s gonna be fun to see you guys♪~θ(^0^)。




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