What should I do ~ ♪

Right now I’m doing a recording for the show
“Himitsu no kenmin SHOW” ♪


Since I’m from Yamaguchi prefecture,
I’ll do my best to represent the Yamaguchi people!!


Right now I’m trying to figure out
what to do for my hair and accessories…


since I wanna be really cute (*^o^*) (lol)

Aika blog "33days"

Yahoo (★^ω^★)/

Continuing on with Hawaii ♪
On the first day when we met up with the fans,
the 8 of us had designed postcards,
and we each pressed a personal stamp on it
and gave them away as presents to the fans
the stamp that I used at the time was this ☆☆

aika blog

I’m guessing you guys probably can’t see very well
but it says “Aika” in English
and there are 6 stars around it (*^^*)
Personally I think its a simple yet cute look (^_^;) (lol)
And then after that, we went to the Honolulu zoo
where we had a stamp rally, and this was our outfit ♪♪
It was made out of patched denim (^^)d
I’m here with Michishige-san ☆★
It was easy to move around in this outfit, so it felt great!!!!

aika blog

On the 2nd day, all 8 members and the fans did a 9shot
and we had our concert
Here is me at the hotel practicing my solo song (^O^)!!!

aika blog

As for day 2, that’ll continue again next week ♪




Michishige Sayumi appears in 『FLASH』 on sale today☆


And on the 26th, Michishige Sayumi’s solo photobook 『La』 goes on sale!


As there were lots more pictures taken for the photobook, i thought i’d show you a little bit of what’s in store


Ah, I wore this swimsuit in the
『FLASH』 magazine pictures, so be sure to check it out!(b^ー°)


Anyways, I’ll do my best again today!




Aa, I’m advertising again(lol)
Well, better stop here♪


Gotta do my best!




Good morning♪


First off♪♪♪♪


Gotta wet my hair(lol)


That’s right.
For this pic, I tied up my hair
to wash my face so,
it’s hard to tell but
my bedhead today is amaaaazing again!


The length of Sayumi’s hair is down to my chest but
in addition to it being long, there’s also a lot of it too(^O^)


That’s why drying it is such a pain, and I’m always carelessly going to bed, so every morning it’s a mess(-.-;)


If I were to try my best to dry it at night
it wouldn’t become such a problem in the morning but…


No matter what, I always seem to take the easy way out(lol)


I should think about my future self a little more before I act eh~(^_^)v


Today is kinda a really relaxed day,
I’m feeling very much at ease (*^o^*)


Well, it’s not like I’m always fluttering about all busy but.. (lol)



I’ve got some work I’m nervous about,
I’ve got a lot to think
and yet today I can’t think about anything!!


I’m all out (lol)


Well, there’s my blog,
I’m using all my brain power for this blog (≧∇≦)


Blogging is so fun though~ ♪


I love writing!
I love uploading cute pics!
I love reading comments!


Everything related to blogging is so fun and enjoyable!


Since I’m taking it easy today, tomorrow I’ll get back to focusing
on things one at a time and giving it my all ↑


And I’ll continue to further fall in love with this blog (*^o^*)


Ahh I love it (≧∇≦)

3 musumes on site

Starting from the left
Mitsui Aika-chan ☆
Takahashi Ai-chan ☆
Linlin ☆


I heard they were studying really hard during the guide dog training!


You can really feel their strong attitude towards it,
it just makes your chest tighten up (*^o^*)


Depressed Aika?

Manager-san has already sent me a picture!↑↑


Mitsui Aika-chan♪


Manager-san said,
“It seems if there’s no dogs, Aika will be depressed.” (笑)


That’s because Aika reaaaaally loves dogs(≧∇≦)


We even looked around the pet shop together♪~θ(^0^ )


At that time, Sayumi
wanted a toy poodle no matter what.
So I went with Aika-chan to see one―♪


But even now, after about a year I still don’t have a dog!


But I want to have the experience
of taking care of a dog at least once in my lifetime.
I’ve already decided on a name, and even how I’m going to call it(^_^)v


My preparations are perfect(≧∇≦)


All that’s left, is to wait for the fateful encounter between that dog an I!!!


Kyaaa(≧∇≦)I can’t wait!!


That aside,
Will this depressed Aika-san
get to meet with a dog after this??


Sounds interesting eh?


It’d be nice if Aika could meet a dog so she’d cheer up(*^o^*)

Special supporters ☆

Morning Musume has been designated as special supports
for assist dogs ☆☆


It was kinda a while ago, but we did a photo shoot together with the dogs ☆


I was given a panel for it, which I used to decorate my room with ♪♪
If you look at Tanaka Reina-chan’s blog, you’ll see
that she decorated her room too (^_-)
Just a coincidence (≧∇≦)


And then today
Takahashi Ai-chan ☆
Mitsui Aika-chan ☆
Linlin ☆


with those three
with the Japan Guide Dog Association, we went to
the Kanagawa training center (*^o^*)


Currently in Morning Musume, it’s just me and Reina
that are blogging, these three are not blogging
so I sent an email to the manager that was following those three
saying “take pics of the girls please~” (^_^)v


Of course since they went on site and put a lot of effort into today
I want to show them off
and of course I’m sure you all want to see them (≧∇≦)


So if you like, here they are ☆♪


Linlin’s profile face shot
What a clean shot~!
And although it’s kinda cut off, it’s still a good shot! (・∀・)
Maybe she was moving around? ♪
Although she’s in front, you can see a little bit of Ai-chan too (o^∀^o)


Ahh last night, Ai-chan also sent me a “Good luck” email!
So happy (≧∇≦)


What a wonderful leader!

What I like to drink

Earlier, I opened the fridge
and took out some tea that was in a pot? like thing
The tea had some manpan in it
which kinda made me lose my balance
so I spilled a lot of tea (;_;)


The fridge smells like tea now~~~!


By the way, I happen to like green tea ☆
I like the Namacha series ♪
Well I like juices too

and I like Oolong tea
But I really like green tea (≧∇≦)
But, lately, I’ve always been getting into jasmine tea ♪
Although in the summer, I feel like drinking barley tea (o^∀^o)
Actually the black tea from my mom is good too..


In short, while I like green tea,
I’m not really that picky over it (lol)


So basically
I’ll drink anything!! (lol)


Today I’m reading a book at home.


“How to Cure an Adult’s Headache.”


It’s quite difficult (>_<)
If you don’t think hard about it while you’re reading, you won’t understand it, so even reading it takes a lot of time.
In Sayumi’s case, it might even make my head hurt more than the average amount.(lol) That’s just a joke, I’m studying hard!


And as to what I learned…
First off…!


The way “migraine” is written in kanji! 『片頭痛』 [hentsuzuu]


For 20 years, Sayumi thought it was 『変頭痛』 [literally weird headache, also hentsuzuu]


That’s because, when you catch a cold, without any reason you’d get a weird headache… so I thought it was 『変頭痛』(>Σ<)


As for the other things I’m studying
I’ll write about it after I’m done reading it all(^_-)


Anyways, back to spending more time on this(^_^;)

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