A risky update

At the cafe, we of course
had dessert \(^ー^)/


We had scones ☆ (^_-)



These scones were so delicious ↑
They were garnished with a cream too, soo good ↑↑


Thanks for the meal (o^∀^o)


In the 3rd pic, I just wanted to upload this


I’ve finished eating though





Oh man I said it ~~~



He might get mad! I wonder if he’ll get mad!
That was risky! My life is at stake!


I hope he doesn’t get mad……








“I’ve finished eating though”


that is a pretty well-established joke from 99’s Okamura-san’s blog…


I really love that joke post when he does it ♪
So I copied it (≧∇≦)


I wonder if he’ll get mad…

A shocker at the cafe

Today, before I went to the play
I grabbed a bite with my mom at a cafe ♪


White asparagus cream soup ☆
Mushroom salad ☆
Seafood doria ☆



Yep! The flavor was really strong but delicious (o^~^o)



I love the taste of seafood! (b^ー°)


It’s like a salty flavor! ☆


By the way, during the meal, I was talking with my mom ☆


Sayu “So about my blog…”


Mom “Sayu-chan, I don’t read your blog”


Sayu “Eh, what?”


Mom “Well my cell phone can’t use the internet”


Sayu “Whaaaaaat! You can send emails though!”


Mom “Ehhhhh ~~~ ????? (◎o◎)”


No, I should be the one saying the ehhhh here!


My mom was in shock too
But I was in a real state of shock… (lol)


So yeah
I took my mom’s phone, registered her for Gree, added her to my friend’s list
and bookmarked my site \(^ー^)/


So now my mom can look at my blog all the time (*^o^*)

This towel I got ☆

At home (the currently popular) Twitter!!!



I got this towel from Abe Natsumi-san ♪


I’m so happy (*^o^*)


In the 3rd pic, that’s me
going Abe-san is so cute~! She’s the best~! (lol)



Musicals and plays are great aren’t they


Morning Musume is also doing a play on June 11th ~
at the Le Theatre Ginza called “Fashionable” (o^∀^o)


Once again, a great thing


Musicals and plays are great aren’t they


Please come check it out ☆


Yay ↑↑
I got to tie in some advertising there (^_^)v (lol)






For today’s musical “Little shop of horror”
I went together with C-ute’s Hagiwara Mai-chan ♪


Ahh it was so fun ♪♪♪


Even now I’m still worked up (≧∇≦)
but like my braids feel all worked up too (≧ヘ≦)



By the way, on my way home I was checking out comments from the previous post
and apparently shaved ice again is only for my cell phone
it’s like ice cream or cake for others (>_<)



Normally I don’t use emotes that much
so I guess when I use them now, I need to think about it a bit more…


Like a single emote has so many meanings…
and when they’re used in the wrong way, it sucks 彡(-_-;)彡


Well I mean, there are times where I’ll just throw them in without thinking too… (lol)


if only all cell phones and PCs had the same shortcuts p(´⌒`q)


By the way, how is this post title displayed?


I wrote




“Bunny chan peace sign”


is what I typed!!


I’m curious as to what other cellphones see those emotes as ~
Thinking about it gets me excited (lol)


The place I just came from right now ~!


Was the musical “Little shop of horrors”!!!!



Starring Morning Musume’s very important senpai Abe Natsumi-san!


Oh man~~! It was such a wonderful play (≧∇≦)
Abe-san was so cute!
Abe-san’s acting, voice, and singing were all so cute!!!


And it was like you could see through Abe-san (*^o^*)


Her skin was all white, but it was like her presence was transparent ↑ヽ(´▽`)/


In plays too, with there’s lots of laughs, time goes by in the blink of an eye!
Time rushes by too quickly here too (lol)



Also, my hint from earlier ☆↓
『♪♪゛ ♪』
I thought it was pretty difficult, but I was shocked that some people got it (`∇´ゞ


The answer was
Abe-san’s singing just has the image of music notes ♪
And then Abe’s “be” sound
mixed with being summery
therefore = natsu ♪



which is how I got “Abe Natsumi”–!




apparently the emote, well on my cellphone, it shows up as “wind chime”
but on other cell phones apparently it just shows up as “bell” ”(ノ><)ノ it's not related to a bell at all (>_<)


sorry for that mix up
I think I should’ve went with shaved ice or something instead (>_<)




Well I’ll throw out another quiz sometime soon!


There’ll be hard ones and easy ones, so there’ll be a big range!


Ahh Abe-san’s singing ~~ ♪

It’s so pretty (_´Д`)

Umbrella destruction

Please look at
this umbrella!!!


At first glance, it looks like a normal umbrella



if you look carefully
there’s something sticking out of the vinyl part of the umbrella ”(ノ><)ノ



It’s terrible ( ̄○ ̄;)
so sad (・_・;)


I’ve got to make do with this umbrella for today… (lol)



Well, where do you think I’m going now???


Hint →『♪♪゛ ♪』











Today's fashion check

Is Michishige Sayumi


And today I’m beige all over (*^o^*)
Today’s outfit is from Brownie Bee that I bought last year ☆
I love checkered patterns –(^_^)v♪


Also, today in Tokyo is cold! and raining! Σ(|||▽|||)


The moment I stepped out the entrance hallway
I went straight back inside to pick up my jacket and an umbrella


And with that I’m set to go ☆★


It’s already evening though ”(ノ><)ノ Man I'm really taking my time! or rather, time goes by too quickly!


Time doesn’t need to be in that much of a hurry…

A new deck

By the way ↑
When I got home, my new HARD DISC video deck came ~ !!


Yep, and I’ve already learned how to use it! (b^ー°)


Best of all, when there are overlapping shows I want to see,
I can record them simultaneously, I’m so happy o(^-^)o


But right now, the show I want to see isn’t overlapped with another show…


They need to hurry up and have overlapping shows so I can simultaneously record ”(ノ><)ノ


That’s my wish right now ☆
please pile on the shows I want to see..


Anyway ☆
Right now, thanks to my mom ♪♪


I’ve got a braid mood going on today (^O^)♪








An announcement from Junjun


Here ☆


Takahashi Ai-chan and Michishige Sayumi-chan


Are being so intimate



Warning This was because Michishige Sayumi
wanted to hug Ai-chan, this did not come out of nowhere


And by no means is this a mistake


By no means… by no means…



Please stop saying that this post

It's noon

On the day of MUSIC JAPAN, I had some free time during the show
so I was messing around with some pictures ↑(^_^)v


The theme was like a “Okay guys ~ Don’t run away from me now ~ ” (lol) ♪♪


Anyway! Now! I am finally going to take a bath ~~


Before I knew it, it’s noon already ( ̄○ ̄;)


Time goes by so quickly
I need to go get ready! I need to get changed ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


I’m gonna put on my latest outfit ~ ♪


↑ Ahh this! Is the intro lyrics to Morning Musume’s
song “Seishun Collection” that comes out on June 9th ♪


I was looking at the jacket picture
and was just thinking I’d comment about it (lol)


I’m pretty cute aren’t I (lol)


But more importantly! Yes, more importantly than my cuteness, this is huge!!!


There’s a shot where I’m in the center of pic ~~~ !
That was such a shock!
I mean, I cried (;_;)
I was so happy
I bet my grandpa is gonna be happy ~~ \(^ー^)/


Thank you. It’s all thanks to your guys support ☆


I’m gonna keep on working hard now!!!! ♪

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