Growing up

Here are some pics of Shanghai,
which was where I was up til yesterday…
There are a lot of pics I haven’t uploaded yet
so I’ll go do that now ↑


First off
at the Shanghai world expo
is the Japan industry hall ♪


This was so cool!!!


There was a video and display on this
When I saw this I was taken back
I had to step back and just be like “Wowwww” o(^-^)o


The video was in Chinese
so Linlin had to translate for us \(^ー^)/


But Linlin…
lately, her Japanese has gotten waaay too good
She used words I didn’t even know… (┳◇┳)


I mean she translated from Chinese to Japanese
and then her Japanese was too complicated for me…
But of course I have my pride from having lived in Japan for 20 years
so I didn’t ask what those words meant (lol)


So the video was in Chinese, and pretty much I only got the visual part of it
but even though I didn’t understand anything, it still gave me a warm feeling (*^o^*)


In the 2nd pic, there is a crystal in the background
that crystal was amazing!!


It was sooo shiny
It started off as a small crystal, but things started to solidify around it
and it eventually grew into a big crystal ☆★


I guess anything that is small can grow up into a big thing!


For me, I need to work harder to increase my Japanese comprehension (lol)


Good morning ♪


When I woke up, the pressure build up in my left ear was gone!!!!
I’m completely cured (^_^)v
I’m so happy —-♪


Also when I woke up today, I checked out my cell phone
and the screen was all white
and it had like all these lines across it!



I broke it!


I thought, I was freaking out (=゜-゜)(=。_。)


But, I was like – ok times like these I need to be calm!
and after messing with it for a little bit
it was just a setting!!


Ahh I was so relieved
I guess there are still a ton of cell phone settings
I still don’t know about
That gave me such a fright ~ ((o(^-^)o))


I just got out of the bath —- ♪


While in the bath, I was thinking about the remaining pics from
the Shanghai trip and thinking about what to blog tomorrow
and so that made me not want to wait til tomorrow
and made me want to blog right now ――(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


I’ll wait til tomorrow


the reason being…


it’s my annoy tactic!



Ahh, I guess if I tell you I’m trying to annoy you, that kinda defeats the purpose (lol)


I guess I can’t keep any secrets from you guys after all (lol)


Well, I still think it’s good!
right now
I’m going to annoy you guys!




(lol) so yeah, you guys have to wait til tomorrow ♪
I’ll update with the rest of the Shanghai pics tomorrow \(^ー^)/


Anyway, even now
I’m still bothered by the pressure from the plane in my left ear (ρ°∩°)


I tried the advice you guys gave me, but I still can’t pop my ear (;_;)


Hopefully it’ll be gone by tomorrow…




Oyachayumin-chan ♪
* stuttered sound from not being able to hear lol

(For today) It's over



My series of rapid fire blog entries!!!


Although I do have some more pics of Shanghai I want to show you guys


But we’ll stop here for now (≧∇≦)
I’m closing shop right before we reach the goal ♪



Tomorrow, I’ll continue on with the Japan industry building
at the Shanghai world expo and more on our Shanghai trip ♪♪



Well, I’m off to take a bath ☆
It’s been a while since I took a bath a home
I’m gonna enjoy a nice long bath (*^o^*)

Xiao long bao

Lunch time ☆☆☆


…although, for breakfast we had Starbucks and Mr. Donut
so we had a lot of food, and I wasn’t really hungry (・_・;)


Actually, the entire time in Shanghai, whenever we’re eating
I’ve never felt like “I’m so hungry!”…
it’s been so happy (lol)
*she’s implying they’ve been eating way too much



Xiao long bao is really good but
I ended up with 2 fat cheeks like xiao long bao
to bring home as souvenirs
I hope it goes away soon…
















Peri ~ peri ~

We rode a ferry too ☆


For some reason though, every time I hear “ferry”
it sounds like “peri” to me


And even though I know the word in my head,
I can’t seem to say it properly either


So I kept saying peri~ peri~
and then Ai-chan kept saying “peshi” (*^o^*)


Those were good times ☆★


I mean, no matter how stupid I am, Ai-chan will never let me go it alone ♪


On this day, it got really warm around noon


so we ate some ice cream


Takahashi Ai-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan


they found a place that sold ice cream


and they were like “ICE CREAM!”


and they both ran up to the stall, it was so cute ♪



Ai, Aika, Ice cream


It’s a Triple Ai..




Continuing on…

We’re at the Shanghai expo in front of the Korea hall ♪



For me
The Korea hall was so colorful, it was incredibly cute
I didn’t get to see all of it
but from what I saw, it was my favorite (≧∇≦)


In the 3rd pic, I asked Ai-chan and Aika
to “do a Korean-ish pose” ☆


Aika wasn’t sure about it
“so how about a zombie pose~”
she said, so yeah for some reason she did that (lol)


It ended up as a do whatever I guess


The Shanghai world expo was so funnn













Flower garden

Such a cute and pretty flower garden


But, Ai-chan…
easily beats the flower garden with her cuteness…



But even cuter than Ai-chan is Sa – yu – mi



But it’s kinda cheap to say that
without showing pics of me huh ~ (lol)


I’m scared of people saying “Ai-chan is cuter”
so no way I’d upload a pic of myself! (lol)


Don’t dare me!


I mean if you guys were to say I’m cuter,
that would kinda make things bad towards Ai-chan ~ (lol) (lol)


In the 2nd pic, there is a tiny Aika-chan
on the other side of the flower garden


She’s so cute, she looks like a kid! (*^o^*)

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