Ma-ma-ma-macaroni ~ ♪

I had some today ♪


Home made by my mom!!


It was delicious, but my mom wasn’t confident in it at all
she kept saying
“so it’s bad right, it’s bad right” (lol)


I was like
“It’s delicious, you should try it”
I kept saying
then she kept going like
“but it looks bad” (lol)


So then I was like
“Why don’t we eat it together”
so she finally gave in…
but then she said “yeah, this macaroni isn’t good…” (lol)


Well, in my opinion it was good — ♪


After that, while I was eating
my mom was next to me
and kept saying “want me to make you something else?” (lol)


But for me, this macaroni was plenty good already (o^∀^o)


ma-ma-ma-macaroni ~ ♪

Dream ~

Here is my love Kamei Eri


Today I was completely spoiled by Eri all day (*^o^*)



And just now I fell asleep…


In my dream, Miyagawa Daisuke-san and his dad was there
and both of them were fighting over
the history of donuts!


I was there watching from the side
and in my dream I was wondering
whether or not I should go talk to him about this event ☆ (lol)



Well, I’m at my limits with my sleepiness…
Oyasayumin Oyasayumin













Junjun's hair

Here is Kamei Eri using Junjun’s hair for her own bangs


And also here is me trying out Junjun’s hair for myself (lol)



Just… using Junjun… (lol)




When I was taking these pics, I didn’t notice
but we made Junjun lean pretty far forward for us (^。^;)


Sorry for the troubles o(^-^)o






I'll be careful ↑


Rehearsals just finished ☆


Today I got my CD copy of Morning Musume’s new song
“Seishun Collection” that comes out on June 9th ♪


By the way, today
GakiKame, both of them
were like
“Sayu, check your back in the mirror!”
I thought something was stuck onto me or something
so I was like
“What what what what?”
and they were like
“You have a huge wedgie” (lol)


I checked myself in the mirror but I didn’t get it (;_;)
but apparently
GakiKame were like
“Sayu you’ve always got like a wedgie going on”…


That’s pretty embarrassing
so I’ll be careful from now on! ↑


If you guys notice it too, please tell me (lol)


Just now our live Nico Nico Douga stream
just ended — ♪


To all you who watched ☆
and all you who participated ☆


Thank you so much!


It was soo fun (≧∇≦)


It was so funny, I just kept falling over from the laughter
I thought being able to laugh so freely like that
was just happiness ☆


Ahh that was fun


Time to work hard at rehearsal (o^∀^o)


I’m still laughing about it now (lol)
that’s how fun the live stream was!!

A SayuEri conversation

Sayu “Hey ~ Eri, do my shoulders doo”


Eri “Ha?? Quit joking”


Sayu “I’m not joking. I am always serious”


Eri “You just want a good pic for your blog huh”


Sayu “Without the attitude please”


Eri “Okay okay”


rub rub rub rub rub……….



Sayu “You’re just doing the motions!”


Earlier, she said she was keeping Junjun in mind
and now she’s just doing the motions on my shoulders…


She’s not actually doing anything properly
Ahh, today is random Kamei Eri-chan again ~ ♪



Well, she worked really hard in rehearsal though!
Kamei Eri is such a pro she has an on-off switch like that ( ̄∀ ̄)

Senpai privileges?

Senpai Kamei Eri getting a massage from kouhai Junjun ☆


Eri was like
“You okay? Junjun, you aren’t tired right?”
she said


I was like
“Well it’s not like it would feel good for her!”



Eri was like
“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind (lol)”


Oi oi oi oi oi!!



I mean if you keep it up, you’ll get sleepy!



In the 3rd pic
There is Eri and Junjun, and then I took a pic of us
in the mirror so I could get myself ♪♪♪









My sis

My sis sent me an email this morning
with a pic attached



“The flower and I


When I opened the pic…



It was my sis holding a flower the size of my palm
in her mouth.


My sis, who looked all excited and was winking


My sis, what was she thinking when she took this self pic


My sis, who is 22 years old and still enjoys doing this



2-3 minutes after she sent the email and pic, she called me
and the first thing she said was


“Isn’t that cute~?


Yes yes, it’s cute (¬з¬)



I have to give it to my sis though for being so energetic in the morning

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