My Sister's Mail

This is last night’s(this morning’s?) picture I took when I got home☆


Ah well, here’s a close-up shot again(≧ε≦)


That said, I sent a mail to my sister today who recently got a fever asking,
“Has your fever gone down?”
“Not yet ー Yesterday some market was in trouble[shijou taihen]
came in reply.


Let me translate.
This mail,
“Not yet ー Yesterday was the worst [ichiban taihen]
Is what it’s supposed to say.
For my can’t-be-bothered sister,
Except for the very first emote,
the heartmark, she can’t use anything else.
What a sorry state she must be in. (lol)


And, my can’t-be-bothered sister,
will give up in the middle of a sentence.
That’s why “worst [ichiban taihen]” turned into “market trouble[shijou taihen]” (lol)


For a second there I mistook that as being there was really some market in trouble (lol)


Even with a fever, this mail is just what you would expect from my sister♪(*^o^*)

Profile Sayumi

Since I’m always putting front view pics (technically, above and from an angle)


I figured I’d do a profile shot every now and then ♪



Ah, don’t care much about these??


Oh please don’t say that (ノ><)ノ



I want you guys to see all the different sides of me (o^∀^o)

A keychain that increases your love fortune

Loook ~ (;_;)


This was my cell phone strap p(´⌒`q)


I guess cuz the pink fur was too heavy?


At Nagoya at night
the string ripped and tore offfffff (´;ω;`)
Shock (T_T)/
Wahhhhh (ノд<。)


This pink fur here
was supposed to increase your love fortune kyaa (*^o^*)


But for me, I just used it because it looked cute ♪


This is like the 5th time that this pink fur has broken apart from me (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Originally though, this fur was attached to a pink bear,
but the hand for the bear ripped off (ρ_;)


How hard is love fortune trying to run away from me! (lol)


Although it’s not like I care about that right now anyway, so it’s all good ♪♪♪
Right now, I’m in love with this blog, I wanna keep doing it forever!


But what I don’t get is,
I mean I’ve only been putting cute stuff on and… ゜。゜。(p>∧ 

So now, I’m going with the simple and clean cell phone
look and cleaned off all the other stuff from my screen (lol)


This girl won’t betray me now!


I’ve always put stuff on it, and not once has it broken away ↑

Slippers ☆

Here are the slippers I wore during the concert ☆


Puttering around in them felt so good \(^ー^)/


Furthermore ☆
They were super cheap!!
I think they were only 1000 yen (^∀^)ノ


I bought them at Daikan yama ☆


Speaking of Daikan yama ♪
I’m pretty classy aren’t I (m’□’m)
*Daikan yama is an upscale place


But I was only there by chance


I was on my way to the hospital and I just
happened to stop by Daikan yama for a little shopping (-ω-)


Most of the time, I’m just shopping in Shibuya or whatever ~ ♪
There are also a lot of Morning Musume fans in Shibuya too (lol)
I’ve met a few of them (//∀//)
Also, I’ve also seen them when they haven’t noticed me (lol)
So you guys! I see you guys more often than you think (lol)
Keep an eye out~ (*/ω\*)

Chocolate Answer

The answer to the chocolate that Sayumi ate before the Nagoya Live is…!


Starting with the first one☆


Right now, the popular(?) border style chocolate(・o・)ノ


Next, the second one☆


In the middle is, a round gooey chocolate\(^ー^)/


That’s all I have to say about how delicious this one was(*^□^*)


I’ve read everyone’s comments. There were lots and lots of answers o(^∇^o) (o^∇^)o


Lots of them were right, amazing(≧▼≦)っ I thought!!!!!


Whether you got the right or wrong answer, everyone, i got that you guys said you couldn’t do without Michishige Sayumi here♪(笑)


Aa, by the way the leftover chocolates
On the train from Nagoya to Tokyo I had them all(≧∇≦)


My love of chocolates hasn’t stopped from even a long time ago.


I think everyone’s love for Sayu will last forever too (lol)

Chocolate question

Yesterday for the 2nd show in Nagoya
I was saved by some chocolate


I gave my body some chocolate to comfort me and to appease my hungry stomach (*^o^*)


Well then ☆


Right before the concert, which ones of these ⑥ types did I eat?


By the way, before the concert, I ate two out of these!


See if you can get it (^_-)


From Sayumi, who cannot do without chocolates,
that is your question!


Now for you guys, who cannot do without Sayumi (lol)
can you get the right answer? (lol)

Small Face Gakisan

Niigaki Risa-chan☆


You’re eating kishimen aren’t you~!


It’s hiding your face Gaki-san(>_<)


Small faced Gaki-san, your face is too small Gaki-san.


By the way、that t-shirt you’re wearing Gaki-san.


“This t-shirt, it’s L size you know~ Sayumin~”


she said.


Ahh so that’s it!
But Sayumin’s is LL size you know, Gaki-san!


That’s because
Gaki-san’s face is S size,
and Sayumi’s face is LL size,、
Gaki-san~ (T_T)

Nagoya at night



I’m always only getting pics of you joking around~


But I can see through you trying to hide your embarrassment~


And your personality~


Is so cute, I’m so jealous~


With that Eri, and Gaki-san, the 3 of us had dinner together
at the Nagoya hotel~


We had some sweet or spicy or some kind of weird curry
and spicy nasi goreng, well actually famous spicy nasi goreng
and in that mood, we topped it all off with cheese
we had some meat sauce pasta too
we had some potatos & fried chicken things
some fancy salmon marinade thingy
and some grape fruit which for some reason had some black pepper on it~!


I liked the curry the best (⌒~⌒)


I pretty much only ate the curry and nasi goreng
I was kinda in rice-only mood


I really stuffed myself, it was a super satisfying meal ~ \(^ー^)/


The only thing I regret was not knowing what the point
of using the black pepper ~

Reina's look from above

Tanaka Reina-chan’s


angle that you can’t really see well of!!


I super lied down to take this pic!
It’s pretty rare to see a from below point of view pic from me too (lol)
* other meaning is she is always (fake) acting snobby, here she isn’t


With so many different meanings to that, this is one valuable pic (lol) o(`▽´)o

I just noticed

Alone in the corner of the dressing room
is my goods towel…


I myself hadn’t noticed that at all from the beginning! (lol)


And it is such a cute shot of me too
putting me over here in a place like this
rather than “cute”
it’s more like “I feel sorry for you”..


“Cast pearls before swine” I suppose you could say!! (≧∇≦)

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