Smiling Gaki-san

Here is smiling Niigaki Risa-chan while looking at her cell phone (o^∀^o)♪


“Whatcha doin~?”


I asked


“I’m checking out my blog comments~!”


she said


Nice (^_^)v ! Gaki-san put on such a smile from looking at her comments ♪


But as she was doing it


her eyes started to go blank, here is Gaki-san looking sleepy..



And so when I took a pic of sleepy sleepy Gaki-san
she opened her eyes to the shutter noise
and was like “Ahhh ~ whatcha doin~ Sayumin~”
she was angry
but smiling \(^ー^)/



So most likely she wasn’t really mad on the inside


Also, that’s why I think that if I upload this, Gaki-san will smile about it


So that’s why I have Gaki-san in this blog post (lol)


But I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone wants to see
smiling Gaki-san and sleepy Gaki-san (≧∇≦)V

Musume dressing room status

Junjun stuck in the middle between a chat with


Takahashi Ai-chan ☆
Kamei Eri-chan ☆


These two were deep in conversation for about 10 minutes!


Junjun wanted to use the back of her seat, but couldn’t ( ̄∀ ̄)


Fight on, Junjun (lol)



In the 2nd pic, here are some sweets from today ☆


I was like
“Which one should I eat~?”
I was thinking
then Kamei Eri was like
“This one! This one! Kashiwa mochi! That’s the most delicious”
so I went with the Kashiwa mochi
and yep, it definitely was delicious ↑ but just a normal amount
so I was like
“It’s pretty good yeah”
and then Kamei Eri was like
“Yeah pretty good is the best!”



Uh wait…
so if there’s something better than just normal, you want to eat that one (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


My reaction wasn’t that good so that made Kamei Eri-chan act a little pretentious ~ ☆ (lol)

The story of the arch


When Junjun and I were talking
Takahashi Ai-chan was walking back and forth


and so we randomly made an arch \(^ー^)/


Don’t you just kinda feel good when you go through an arch?
It feels like a celebration or something (≧∇≦)♪
Happy happy birthday ~ ♪


At this time, Takahashi Ai-chan also really enjoyed herself
walking through that arch (lol)


And that ends the story of the arch ~


What a hot arch!
That burns you doesn’t it ~ ♪♪♪
* and the winner of the most lame pun in 2010 goes to… Michishige Sayumi


Good morning!


In the end, I went back to sleep (-.-)zzZ
It was a wonderful sleep though ☆
So now I’m gonna go take a bath ↑


I have some pictures I didn’t upload yet
from when we were back at MUSIC JAPAN, so I’ll do that now ↑
On this day, our leader Takahashi Ai-chan
was nervous all morning ♪


Because before our MUSIC JAPAN public recording, we had a press conference


And so Ai-chan was double checking her comments as hard as she could
with her manager and practicing them (*^o^*)


In the 2nd pic
she’s like “Ahhh I said it, it’s over”
and gave a relieved peace sign V(^0^)


By the way, on this day, I was checking out a fashion magazine
that Ai-chan had, and wow it made me want to be stylish!
I wanted so many outfitssssssss


There was this one-piece there that really caught my eye ☆


But I looked at the price and
it was 80,000 yen!!


That’s not gonna happen ~ (>_<) That's 1 too many zeros ”(ノ><)ノ


But with such an expensive piece of clothing catching my eye
I guess that means my eyes have expensive tastes ( ̄∀ ̄)


I want so many clothes (≧∇≦)



Anyway, I’m off to take a bath ♪


For a bath, I don’t need clothes
so this can be my clothes substitute o(`▽´)o

Until morning…


Good morning.. (‘-‘*)


Well yesterday, sleepiness got the best of me
and I went to sleep without taking a bath (∋_∈)


but ~
feeling like you got a ton of sleep is so good ♪(^_^)v



So I’m off to take a bath now ↑↑ or maybe
I’ll go back to sleep ↑↑


I’m stuck between the two..


Seeing as how I’m caught between them
I’ll let my instincts decide o(`▽´)o

Fell asleep ☆

I don’t remember what happened after I ate the squid tempura and took off my make up!



Yep, after eating the squid tempura and taking off my make up
I fell asleep right away (∋_∈)


But then, I woke up just now!
I’m gonna go take a bath now and stuff,
but please give me more time!!


I think when I fall asleep without realizing it,
that’s when I sleep the best!
Is that obvious? Maybe…


But this pattern of sleeping is ideal for me ☆


Just living based on my instincts ↑ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



Last tempura

Sorry! I know it sounded like this squid thing was over
but there’s still more in this squid tempura series ☆ !!


But you guys can’t just be like ahh whatever about it (lol)
This is better than that! (lol)




There are only a few pieces left of the squid tempura…


It’s so sad, so sad 彡(-_-;)彡
I want squid tempura to always be in my mouth


squid tempura is soo good
squid tempura, stretchhhhh


If there were like a squid tempura candy or something,
I could have that flavor in my mouth all the time
so… someone suggest that!


I mean, imagine this
there could be squid tempura candy in the candy corner
of convenience stores in the future!!





I mean, wouldn’t you buy those! (lol)



Whatcha think? Well I guess that may be a bit too much


Well whatevers though, it’s all good ♪


I can’t help it though, this part of my character will never change (lol)


*this whole blog she kept using puns with the word squid

3rd squid tempura



I really gotta chew on this!!


Frantically trying to bite off a piece of this squid
is Sayumin aka Sayumi-chan aka Shige-san
aka Sayu aka master Michishige aka Michishigeee
aka Michishige aka the Michishige girl aka Michishige Sayumi!!



I got it off!


Well that’s fine but, EH? This is spicy!!


I really did it now ↓
It was spicy ~~ (´;ω;`) I didn’t even notice it was spicy
yet I was eating it… (>_<)


Well, I like spicy food though ↑(^_^)v



A useless fuss (lol)


Sorry for dragging out this squid tempura thing!
Forgive me!





2nd squid tempura

Right now I’m having a good time
playing with my squid tempura and eating it ♪♪


I say that, but it’s pretty close ☆ in the 1st pic huh


In the 2nd pic, I couldn’t touch it with my chin wrinkle (lol)
Even as a youthful 20 year old idol, I can still get wrinkles!!
But it’s good that we live with some weaknesses!



Ahh this squid is just too good!!


Tsukuji is the best o(`▽´)o


Such a paradise \(^ー^)/


The tofu we bought from Tsukiji is great too ♪



Tsukiji even has stuff not related to seafood!
It has everything!


Tsukiji aka the convenience store ♪


(※ Except it’s not open 24 hours!)





Squid tempura

After changing out my clothes
it’s squid tempura time ☆




squid is soo good


This delicious goodie is from Tsukiji (fish market) ↑


My mom went there today to buy some (≧∇≦)


And I ate them all (lol)


I’ve been to Tsukiji in my private time and for work!!
It’s such a fun place ~~


Tsukiji aka the aquarium you can go into ♪













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