Playful musume

We’re in front of the China hall at the Shanghai world expo ♪



We were pretty excited


so we were messing around with a lot of playful poses V(^-^)V



At this time, I dropped my cell phone
and these beads on my cell phone strap
scattered all on the ground (;_;)


It was a huge shock
but with the huge Shanghai expo, the huge scale of this event,
and seeing Ai-chan and Aika being so lovely and cheerful


I told myself to stop being bummed out about the phone strap!


and picked myself up quickly (lol)


Seeing how quickly I went from bummed out to cheered up
was pretty insane
The Shanghai world expo is powerful! (≧∇≦)

Bun hair style

Continuing on~!


Here is Day 2 in Shanghai ♪♪♪


We were working hard all day
until we could meet up with Linlin later that evening (≧∇≦)



I’ve got my hair in a bun ♪
On the morning of this day, it was really cold

so I wanted to leave my hair down
but my hair iron didn’t work in Shanghai (ノ△T)
so I couldn’t straighten it..
So at this point in time, I went with a bun ♪
But ya know
I couldn’t get the bun to be just right and cute
and ended up barely making it on time for our appointment
I felt like I was gonna cry (;_;) (lol)
Yes, I do have times where I suddenly feel like I want to cry (lol)
I haven’t had them lately,
but not being able to get my bun right
really drove me close to wanting to cry (lol)


And, just as expected, my neck was so cold
I was shivering like crazy {{(>_<;)}}


But then Aika wrapped her bandana around my neck..
The bandana and Aika were so warm (;_;)


When noon came around, even though it was really warm
I didn’t take off the bandana that Aika gave me!


I think it also made me look a little more stylish too (^_-)


Thank you big sis Aika (lol)

A fun time!

Our interview was in 2 hotel rooms ☆☆


so during down times ~ !


We just laid out on the bed
and snacked on some treats we got from the Chinese magazines
and checked out some other magazines we got from them as well!!



Although this bed..


was our manager’s bed (lol)

















Takahashi Ai-chama

Here’s a 2shot with Takahashi Ai-chan (^_^)v


I love Ai-chan ♪



In the 2nd pic, Ai-chan was like


“Hey Sayu~ I’ll take a pic for you~”


and she took one for me (^_^)v


Ai-chan said she supports my blog ♪
That made me so happy o(^-^)o


When Ai-chan was taking this pic
it was during a photo shoot with some bubbles


The Shanghai staff people were trying their hardest
to blow some bubbles out
we were so excited though, we kept touching them (lol)



Ah… that was fun
Us having so much fun with the bubbles
just felt so cute and innocent ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)! (lol)

Mitsui Aika-chan

Here’s a 2shot with Mitsui Aika-chan (^_^)v


Aika is so cute isn’t she


You could really tell that she had so much fun in Shanghai
when I was walking around at the Shanghai world expo
I was always saying like “Ahhh I’m tired” (-.-;)
but Aika never complained at all


I’m kinda worried because complaints are okay sometimes you know..


but, while in Shanghai, she spoiled me so much, I was so happy o(^-^)o


like while walking around at the Shanghai world expo,
she would rub my shoulders while we walked!




By the way…
I still can’t release the pressure out of my left ear (;∇;)/~~


How do I pop it?
please tell me how (>_<)!!!!!

A fluffy outfit ☆

Here was my outfit for the day in Shanghai ☆


Here’s a view from the front, full body, and all white ♪


I look like a snow bunny don’t I? ♪ (lol)


It’s so cute because on the back it has a ton of ribbons too


I’m secretly fashionable… (lol)



I went to the TV and magazine interviews in this outfit \(^ー^)/


In China, our Morning Musume album “10 MY ME”
comes out for sale in June


I’m so happy o(^-^)o


So with this opportunity, for you guys back in Japan as well,
if you haven’t listened to it yet, please check it out ♪


I think this album will really tell you a lot
about us 8 in Morning Musume!


…well that’s what Takahashi Ai-chan
told one of the magazines (lol)

Grabbing a bite

First off ☆ the moment we got to Shanghai, we got some food… (lol)



At this shop
we had some fried corn thingy
that I really liked (^_^)v



Not a lot of Shanghai food is spicy,
most of it is lightly seasoned
so it was very easy to eat ☆


And because of that, I ate a looot
I think I’ve eaten enough to store food reserves (lol)
I need to be careful on how I eat now… (>_<)



In this pic
it’s Takahashi Ai-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan ♪


These two were like “it’s sooo good, it’s sooo good”
the entire time they were eating (o^~^o)


We weren’t just enjoying ourselves and eating the entire time!!
After we ate, we went to work too ~ ♪♪♪

Japan! It's been a while ☆

I’m baaack ~ \(^ー^)/




I’ve landed in Japan!! Michishige Sayumi here!!!


But because of the airplane pressure
my ears are blocked up again…
I can’t hear anything out of my left ear (>_<) it's like I'm still in the air ”(ノ><)ノ


On the flight back
The only thing I wanted to do was sleep ☆☆゛
and that’s the only thing I ended up doing!


That’s why I’m so hyper right now


Yep, hyper!


So… ☆


so that means!


I’m at the point where I can make rapid fire posts (lol)


Ahh, don’t be so scared!


Be sure to check it out though ♪

Good weather ♪



I’m so full ♪♪


I just had lunch ☆


There was a shop in Shanghai that we just had to go to
And here, there were a ton xiao long bao (*^o^*)


Also, Linlin joined up with us yesterday
and Ai-chan and Linlin, as usual, were acting just like sisters (^O^)♪


The 4 of us ate so much and chatted so much, I had so much fun O(≧∇≦)o


The weather today in Shanghai is just great
and I’m having so much fun, my mood is great too
and since I’m eating too much in Shanghai, my face is swollen too (lol)
*swollen and good weather are pronounced the same



Everything is great (≧∇≦)


Good times… ♪

Cramped up

Good morning!!


Today, I had such an easy time waking up ☆




my right leg cramped up… (lol)


the cramp hurt so much it woke up me up ”(ノ><)ノ


it was like it was mad at how big the Shanghai world expo was!


…well, or maybe


it’s just letting me know how little I exercise normally (-.-;)


well, my mouth is still in good health though (lol)


And not just my mouth, I feel like I can move around pretty well!
I decided that just now as I am writing this blog ☆


today is another day outdoors (≧∇≦)

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