Bunny Ai ♪

At the Morning Musume concert in Fukui prefecture ♪♪


Born in Fukui, Morning Musume’s leader Takahashi Ai-sama


Ai-chan was so touched, she has been crying since the first concert (;_;)




You’ll make me teary too (∋_∈)


Ai-chan’s crying face is just too cute though (lol)


Just kidding


Anyway I was really touched by
Ai-chan’s love towards her Fukui prefecture
and really felt the audience’s love for her


Ahh home town concerts really are just wonderful~ ♪


Also also
In this Ai-chan pic..


Look closely near her ears ☆


She has peace earrings V(^-^)V


She was like
“Sayu~ both ears are doing Usa-chan peace now”


I was so happy


But, Usa-chan peace
isn’t at your ears, it’s on top of your head
that’s how it’s been since the first Usa-chan peace (lol) V(^-^)V


Well, she’s cute so whatever works! ♪

Sayumi hereee ♪

The first show for the Fukui prefecture concerts just finished ♪♪


Oh man!


It was intense ↑↑


It was so fun, and so pleasant, I didn’t want to leave it


Concerts are just pure happiness

For me, joining Morning Musume was pure happiness




To all of you who came to the concert hall


To all of you who are enjoying from home


To all of you who are having fun going out


To all of you who who are working at home


Under the sun, to everyone working in the rain


To everyone reading this blog


Where ever you are, we are all joined together
and it’s you guys that keep me in Morning Musume


Thank you


Thank you very much



I’m done with my make up ☆


Today is the Morning Musume concert in Fukui prefecture ♪


Let’s have a fun and healthy concert, oooi O(≧∇≦)o


Well, another 10 minutes til we meet up!!


I need to go change ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

No peeking, kyaaa (lol)


Well, even if I let you peek, there isn’t much to see (LOL)






Cooking practice

For today’s lunch ♪


Hamburger with beef stew with tempura with fried chicken


With all these different side dishes,
it gives me a very satisfying feeling (≧∇≦)


When we were eating
I was eating with Junjun and Mitsui Aika-chan
and us 3 and Kamei Eri-chan were talking about our student days
when we used to practice cooking!


When I was in school
I used to make stuff like miso soup with rice, fruit punch,
egg dishes, cold tofu, muffins, and jijim!


In my group, I remember my cold tofu was incredibly gross
which made it the most impressive (>_<) (lol)


That and when I was making jijim, I made it too sweet
so when I ate it, it made me feel kinda sick and I had to go home early (=_=Ⅲ


Also in elementary school, I remember when I was learning to cook
I used a frying pan for the first time, I didn’t think the area
around it would be hot as well, so I touched it with my bare hands and got burnt (;_;)


When I think about it, I seem to only remember a lot of painful memories


One of the mysteries of mankind \(+×+)/

My sis's small image change

Yesterday at the hotel I’m staying in…


In the morning, I opened up the curtains
and it was super good weather ↑↑
really brightens up your mood doesn’t it ↑↑(≧∇≦)
makes you just wanna stretch out (lol)


Yesterday, I got an email from my sis ~ it’s been a while ♪


“I cut my bangs ~ aren’t they cute?
and she sent me 5 pics! (^_^;)
the following is based on those pics
I figure she’d send me shots of her after she got it cut, but when I looked at the pics
Out of the 5, only 1 was a pic of after she got it cut..
the others were just normal shots with my sis in long hair,
something I’m already used too seeing (*_*)


I would’ve liked to seen before and after
pics of the cut to compare
because I would like to show off my cut bangs if it were me,
the picture balance was kinda bad (lol)


although kinda funny (lol)

Split apart

Good morning (‘-‘*)☆


Today, my bed hair…


my bangs split apart!!!! (lol)


and clean right down the center too!!!! (lol)


This morning, I looked in the mirror and had a good laugh (lol)


When I look in the mirror, normally I smile or space out
but looking in the mirror and laughing is pretty rare
so this was a precious morning (lol) (≧∇≦)↑

A pic from my mom

Just got out from the bath——♪


Whenever I’m staying in hotels for concerts and such
I still make sure to take proper baths
I am Michishige Sayumi and I’m the type to take long baths \(^ー^)/


Since I moved around so much,
I need a good massage from the bath (^_-)


By the way, today, in the evening-ish
I got an email from my mom with a pic!!
and that pic
is the 2nd pic ☆

☆ where I had the photoshoot together with anan for squeeze gum ☆
and they posted that up in the train station V(^-^)V
I’m so happy
seems like my mom was happy too o(^-^)o


Normally she doesn’t use the camera function in her cell phone
but she enthusiastically took one for me ♪


But you know mom


with this pic here
you can’t really tell that it’s posted at the train station…


I mean it just looks like from the magazine


you can’t tell that it is posted up (lol)


But still, thanks for doing this ♪


Ahhhhh I wanna see it for myself though!


And I wanna take an awesome pic for myself too!! (≧∇≦)

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