Right after dinner,
we went straight to Aika’s house♪


It’s the first time I’ve stepped foot inside (≧∇≦)


We played video games together and watched TV together,
and warmed up under the heater,


it was super fun♪


Then, on one of the purikura sheets
we did some rakugaki,
and under my picture
I wrote 『Date』 but I wasn’t sure of
the spelling and I was so uneasy,
so I wrote the yomigana
underneath it (Laugh)


I asked Aika-chan if I spelled it right
and she said it was correct
and thought I didn’t have to write
the yomigana underneath.


If I didn’t write the yomigana
then I would have looked more intellectual,
and I would have had confidence in my English.
So, this was Michishige Sayumi who
now regrets she wrote the yomigana underneath!






Before dinner, we took some purikura♪


Purikura, it’s certainly been a long time~(^_^)v


For these purikura, we were super cute when we took them↑


Even though Sayumi has no make-up, I’m still too cute right? (Laugh)


Even though I was cute since I was born, in these purikura I’m exploding with cuteness! (Laugh)


So next time, I think I’ll do some “bunny-ness!” (Laugh)























Aika vs. Shrimp


For dinner, I took Mittsi to a popular Hawaiian restaurant♪♪


The pasta noodles were deep-fried so they were super delicious(≧∇≦)
I’m so loving them♪


she got so frantic trying to peel the shrimp (Laugh)


That Aika is a classic shot☆


“I peeled them-!” and I had a great shot of Aika♪


So delicious♪♪


Oh, and for the bill,
I was the perfect sempai and treated her!
So be relieved (Laugh)





My date☆


I’m on a date with Mittsi, Mitsui Aika-chan♪


We’ve been on a date since earlier this evening(≧∇≦)


she pulled me out of the way of this car,
and she decided on what to do on the date,
it’s been super fun~\(^ー ^)/


First we went and got some ice cream~~!


Aika’s treat (Laugh)


It’s okay though!
Dinner will be on sempai Sayumi!! (Laugh)





The elementary kids on the train


Today, just now, it’s been about a month
but I went to get a massage☆


The massage sensei told me that
compared to the month before
my body is doing much better!
And since she praised me so much
I’m in such a good mood now♪♪~θ(^0^)


And right now the train is shaking~(^o^)/


The people beside me are two elementary
school girls that are doing homework!


I took a peek at one of their textbooks
and Sayumi couldn’t believe her eyes!!!!


I couldn’t understand the question!
The question was way too hard!
And what was the question??
That little elementary kid knew it…


The other little girl was writing a essay.
『What’s the kanji for “aofuku*”?』
she asked her friend.
(*往復 – おうふく – oufuku – round trip)


Sayumi thought about it.
I can kinda see it
but not so clearly p(´⌒`q)


I got impatient so
I whipped out my cell…


I feel better!


But the little elementary girls
can’t use a cell phone
so they have to rely on their
own powers of recollection.


Just that moved me deeply(*_*)


Whenever I can’t get a question,
I won’t depend on anything
and use my own power to resolve it.


I learned something from these girls.



One person? Two people?

I’m riding the train right now.


By myself.


But everywhere I look, there’s two people together.


Why is that?


You see…


The person next to me…


Is passed out on Sayumi’s shoulder…(Laugh)


Everyone, what do you do in this situation?


For me, I just loan my shoulder (Laugh)


Today especially, Sayumi slept a lot so I’m really refreshed♪
but I guess this person is still kinda tired(;_;)


Does everyone get so tired from work and school?




I’m fine with loaning out my shoulder, so let’s meet on the train someday (Laugh)



Today, Morning Musume’s 10th album 『⑩MYME』 is on sale♪♪


Since the 6th album, Sayumi’s been with the group
and with ⑩MYME I will have participated
in half of the total albums! Amazing \(^ー^)/


With this album, I think the
message is that there’s a lot of
strong songs↑


The lyrics are so good and even though
I listen to them and sing them,
I’m still moved by them (;_;)


Of course there’s also the usual Mo-Musu type genki
songs on there, it’s really fun isn’t it ♪~θ(^0^ )


The genki songs are really gonna pump up the energy…♪
Everyone’s really gonna like the B melody in 『Genki Pikappika』↑
I can imagine everyone at the concert (Laugh)
When I picture everyone calling out the names and jumping,
I really want to do the concert right now(≧∇≦)


On the album, everyone’s pretty well divided with the singing! Everyone’s broken up pretty well so you should clearly see it’s something definitely worth listening to,
『⑩MYME』 be sure to listen ε=(>ε<*)


Good morning (‘-‘*)


Lately, since I’ve came home I’ve done so much, and
reviewed the rehearsals, so much so that I’ve stayed up late but,
yesterday, as a change, I actually slept!
Even more, I only opened my eyes once the whole night ~(^_^)v
If I keep this up, I’ll have much better performances↑↑↑
And in the morning, I’m totally refreshed☆
My body and my mood ♪(≧∇≦)



Something good might happen today~♪
might happen today~♪
might happen today~♪










When I got home
and ate the takoyaki and stuff I noticed I was getting sleepy so I slept。。

Today, Sayumi trusted her instincts and gave in to her desires!

As soon as I woke up, I was hungry again (Laugh)
I ate some melon bread rusk
while watching TV (⌒~⌒)

And then, right now
I’m just loafing around on my bed…

Before, my mom used to say “If you sleep right after you eat,
you’ll become a cow!”
So Sayumi just loafed around on her bed after she ate.
My mom would say
『Aa, I see horns coming from Sayu-chan’s head!』
and be so scared she’d start crying (;_;)

And now,
since I know that no matter how many times I eat and sleep, I won’t become a cow, I loaf around to my heart’s content 。。

In those days, I recall
I used to nicely think, “Ah, I wonder if I’m an adult now”
now I disgracefully think, “Ah, I wonder if I’m sophisticated” (Laugh)

So today, I’ll really be thankful for the food from now on♪♪

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