Good work today

I just finished all my work today —— ♪(^_^)v


My last thing was an interview with Flash magazine ↑
we talked about me going to Shanghai a little while ago \(^ー^)/



We were looking over pics from the Shanghai world expo as we chatted…
and wow, the Shanghai world expo was just so amazing ”(ノ><)ノ We looked like we were having so much fun in our pics! Although the guy from Flash never really looked excited (lol) I think those pictures will be published too so please ☆ check it out! (b^ー°)


Anyway, I just got back home ☆
I’m baaack →o(^-^)o


My mom is taking out the summer clothes and putting away the winter clothes
the house looks like a disaster area right now..


I guess I should help clean up too…


I’m off….


Today, I’ve got some hand bags


Well, actually it’s for the magazine interview, I brought some stuff
I’ll be introducing to them (^_-)


Anyway, just now I finished my photo shoot for the magazine ~ ♪


It’s a magazine called KERA


I had such a cute outfit! (≧∇≦)


3 different kinds!! ↑(^_^)v


You’ll be seeing a new Sayumi ♪♪♪


It comes out June 16th ♪


Please check it out


There’s your incentive ↑ (lol)



Right now I’m on the move again to another interview ♪


Good luck ~ ! to my throat \(^ー^)/

Bye B-Ai

Here’s a pic of me
saying bye bye to Takahashi Ai-chan ☆


I was at the top of the stairs
and Ai-chan was below
saying “Bye bye”


Ahh Ai-chan!


Those eyes, that’s not fair!


They’re just too cute ヽ(´▽`)/


Aww man, sooo crazy (*´∀`*)


They just makes you fall in love with her ~


So I took a pic to commemorate this falling in love ☆


There’s an outfit I can show you from today’s photo shoot —– !



And that is this plain white T-shirt… (lol)



Well ☆
I’m on the move now!



And while I’m in the car, I’m eating…


a Sukiya beef bowl!!!



Whenever I’m in the car, I usually can’t decide on what to eat
but today
I just happened to run into a Sukiya
and I said I wanted to get that (lol)


I had it once before at work
and it was delicious
so I wanted to eat it again ↑
and of course, with it being a year since I last had it, the Sukiya beef bowl…


was so delicious (^_^)v



I’ll definitely get it again →♪


By the way, today I had a mini size ☆ beef bowl


But even with a mini size, the volume was still plenty…


Thanks for the meal ~


And now I can’t wait to get to my next job o(^-^)o


A photo shoot for a magazine (^_-)


I’m so glad to be in high spirits even going into the evening ♪


Days like these make me want to walk to the nearest Sukiya ~ (lol)

A pic of happiness

My photo shoot finished — ♪


I can’t show my outfit, so here’s a close up shot…





But I mean, seeing my cute face so close up
makes you guys all happy doesn’t it? o(`▽´)o


Okay okay, don’t get so mad!


I mean, when you get mad, happiness runs away doesn’t it??



Ahh, but if you look at this pic of cute Sayumi,
it’ll bring happiness back to you again! (lol)



A good weather day…

I’m still doing the photo shoot right now——— ♪☆


I’m so nervous about the DVD (lol)
it was really hot (lol)


The weather is great in Tokyo today though
I’m so glad (*^o^*)
on days like these
I want to go to an aquarium–!
I wanna see schools of fish (≧∇≦)


I love fish


Well, to make up for not being able to go to the aquarium,
for dinner I’ll eat some fish instead (lol)

Photo shoot

Just finished my make up ♪☆


Today, I’ve got a photo shoot (≧∇≦)


It’s a shoot for picture goods and a DVD (^_-)☆



Today, my hair is wound up just like my feelings,
I’m so excited ↑↑



I’m off to the photo shoot then ♪


P.S. ☆ I got some La France candy from my stylist, sooo good
I wonder if that candy will get rid of the garlic breath? (lol)



Ahaha ~


So gross ~ (lol)

Today's fashion check


Is Michishige Sayumi


In my one piece ☆ by Deicy
and my jacket ☆ by Brownie Bee
yep ♪



This one piece was given to me
by my always helpful stylist (≧∇≦)


As expected of my stylist!
I mean today, my clothes
are so stylish, just like a costume ( ̄∀ ̄)




I wonder if everyone around me
is gonna be like
“Why is she so happy” (lol) ♪




Well I can’t help being happy
I mean today I’m so full of cuteness, right (lol) ↑↑♪

Happiness right in front of me

Good morning (^-^*)/


I’m still sleepy p(´⌒`q)



I had blogged but since I was sleepy, I accidentally deleted it (┳◇┳)


Ah oh well ~


My mouth smells like garlic


This morning, because I had dumplings for breakfast…



It was delicious, but I didn’t think the garlic would stick around this long—-!!



Ahh I’m not really good at thinking about the before-and-after of things ↓(>_<)

A collaboration with everyone




Let’s see if I can write this out properly (lol)


Good luck guys! I’m depending on your ability to understand me ♪(≧∇≦)



First off
On Tsunku ♂-san’s blog, he wrote on the 17th
that for the annual summer Hello project concert…


That ↑
this time they’ll be taking request applications
for songs that you want to hear o(`▽´)o


Sooo ~ yeah ~~


That sounds interesting ↑



That has given me something to look forward to ↑


I mean, up til now, we’ve never taken requests for concerts before!


So I mean, doesn’t that excite those of you who are coming too?
When I think about that, I can’t wait for summer to come (o^∀^o)


The concert title is “Fan collaboration” ☆


A collaboration with all you fans ~ ↑(≧∇≦)


I’m quite curious as to what songs you guys will pick ♪


I think you can go to the Hello! Project official home page
and send it requests
so please keep on sending in requests ♪!(b^ー°)


Did you guys get that…?


For those of you who got that, your comprehension ability is great! Wow ♪↑


Also I guess that means my explanation ability is good too! Compliment me ♪↑


It’s like mutual compliments ^ー^)人(^ー^

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