As soon as I got home,
everyone was like “What have you been up to?”  

Sayumi went full speed to the fridge!

Today was,
a takoyaki discovery!!!
As soon as my mom cooled off, I ate everything♪♪
It’s Sayumi’s favorite Gindaco mentai cheese takoyaki!(≧∇≦)


Mentaiko and cheese
it’s like my dreams are growing♪~θ(^0^ )

When you say “mentaiko” you think of Fukuoka but,
there’s some pretty good mentaiko in Sayumi’s own
hometown in Yamaguchi♪

And also, I’m pretty cheeky!

When I go home to Yamaguchi, and back to Tokyo, my grandpa always gives me two huge mentaiko rolls to take.

Grandpa loves his Sayumi.
Sayumi loves her grandpa.

When I go home, my grandpa is always taking us
everywhere, and he’s always boasting to everyone
『My granddaughter is in Mo-musu.』

At the hospital, at the convenience store, on the road…he always introduces me like that♪♪

Oh, and for the convenience store, why does grandpa always say 『UFO』 instead of 『LAWSON』?

At first my family was like,
『No! It’s LAWSON!』
but lately, it’s more like
『Wanna go to UFO Sayu-chan?』
and I answer 『Sure!』 and they take
me to LAWSON (Laugh)

And there, he still says
『My granddaughter is in Mo-Musu』
to the employees♪(Laugh)

He boasts about his granddaughter becoming an adult
but the fact that he can’t remember a certain place name is really cute…well, he IS really cute! (Laugh)



Rehearsal is finished!


Luckily it finished kinda early(^_^)v


And since I had nothing else to do, I headed straight home(^_-)♪


Today, from a person at work
for White Day
I got from him a caramel assortment box
straight from the farm♪





Suuuuuper gooo(o^~^o)oood!
And from JunJun I got some bagel bread.
It had soymilk and edamame. I love it!♪


Seems like today I was given a whole lot of food (≧∇≦) (Laugh)













More or less hampered by injury

Today we had a morning meeting,


and now rehearsals ♪


And as to what kind of rehearsal,
at the end of this month ♪ we’re going to ♪ Hawaii (≧∇≦)


for a fan club tour ☆☆


That’s what the rehearsal is for (^_-)


We’re working all the way til night time…!


The fan club tour looks like its gonna be a lot of fun (^_^)v


I can’t wait for it ~ \(^ー^)/


Well as of this morning, my stye still hasn’t healed yet
and today, my nose is all sniffly (;_;)
Hay fever maybe? Allergies?
I don’t really know but it hurts when I sneeze ↓
Also, today for lunch I had gratin and I burnt my tongue!
All the parts of my face are injured!! (;_;)


I hope to get better before I go to Hawaii ♪~θ(^0^ )

As expected of sisters

Yesterday, my sis called me up


She saw on my blog that I wrote about getting a stye…


“I just saw your blog right now, and when I blink
I’ve got a meibo that hurts really bad too heart
What a shock we got it together heart
Just wanted to mail you this heart


Is what she wanted to tell me in her mail


By the way, meibo is what we call a stye in Yamaguchi dialect


Even though my sis is lazy with mailing
all her mails are full of heart marks
I have never seen one without heart marks
No matter how sad the news it, there are heart marks
And so this time, of course
with pain in the eye from styes,
there are heart marks… (lol)
As expected of her (゜∇゜)


Also, another thing that made me think that…


We are definitely sisters!


The timing of getting styes together at the same time,
we are really connected…
I’m very ha-happy o(^-^)o


Sis, I love you ♪

Pretend mole

Good morning (^-^*)/


I’m idling around in my futon again..


By the way, back in the day I used to play


“pretend mole”


every day with my sister ♪


What do you think you do when you play pretend mole?


When you play pretend mole


you just burrow into your blanket


that’s it (≧∇≦)!!!


But with respect to playing mole, we never talked to each other as moles
whenever we played mole, we always fell asleep really quickly (lol)


As for the name “pretend mole”
that was kind of like our way of saying “let’s go to sleep” ♪♪♪


Because we would never say
“Let’s go to sleep~”
but rather
“Let’s play mole~”
and we were very persistent to always keep it that way ☆


The next time I see my sis, I’ll play mole with her, something we haven’t done in a while ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


If you guys would like as well
please give “pretend mole”
a try ♪ (lol)

My mom's cooperation

Until she took a pic with good balance,
my mom kept taking pics over and over for me o(^-^)o


I can finally say it!
I can show you guys!


“My jerseys from today’s rehearsal looked like this~!”


Good work!! (lol)
Thanks for the cooperation ♪









My mom's pic

My jerseys from today’s rehearsal looked like this~!


To share that with all of you guys
I asked my mom to take these pics for me!


“I’m really bad at taking pics~”
she said as she pushed on the camera shutter


As for the pics…


She really is pretty bad (lol)

She cut my usa-chan piece in half
and there’s too much of an awkward gap at the bottom ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


My mom wasn’t just all talk
she is really bad at taking pics (lol)


Being not just all talk,
I’ll do my best to follow her example ↑↑


In going through today’s costume rehearsal…


Tsunku-san was like
“There was a song where only Michishige’s rhythm is off, where was it?”
which became the talk subject


The members and sensei were like
“I wonder where…”
as they discussed with each other, I built up my courage and revealed it!


“I think it’s probably this dance part here,
I didn’t tell anyone, but I can’t get that part
so that’s why I’m the only one off”


That was a big confession from me!


Tsunku thought about it
and the place where my rhythm was off
was not the song that I confessed about,
it was a completely different song…


I completely owned myself (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Ahh I really did it, I shouldn’t have made a big deal
out of that dance part I was bad at


Now that I’ve revealed that, I’ll be sure to
work hard to properly fix that rhythm ♪♪

Tsunku-san's mystery

The costume rehearsal finished (o^∀^o)


It was the first time going through it with the outfits on
and I still wasn’t used to the shoes
so there were a lot of parts where I was thinking
“I gotta keep trying harder”
but anyway, it’s over!


is almost always wearing sunglasses
I’m always curious as to what Tsunku’s eyes
look like behind them (∋_∈)。。


During our rehearsal,
I tried to steal a look at Tsunku’s eyes behind the sunglasses!
but then I felt a stare coming from him or something
and then our eyes met…


And I immediately turned away..


Today again
I went through another rehearsal without being able to
see Tsunku’s eyes behind the sunglasses (^。^;)

30 minute stay

Today, since costume rehearsal
starts after lunch
Kamei Eri-chan stopped by to visit at my house ♪


I say “stopped by to visit” but for only 30 minutes (lol)


It was just like a quick drop in ☆


In contrast though,
we ate a really big lunch in that time ♪


My mom made it for us
a spinach omelet
with rice ♪
plus, ramen
carbs with carbs (lol)


And then afterwards, we had some pudding and candy!


in just 30 minutes
had an intense chow down!!


off to the costume rehearsal (lol)

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