Peace (^_^)v

After the concert ended, here is the 3 of us
refreshed after having taken our make up off ☆


It is Takahashi Ai-chan, Kamei Eri-chan, and me!


Ai-chan’s angle on her peace sign is pretty cool isn’t it?


I was like
“Ai-chan, that’s a pretty cool peace!”
and then she said
“I know right! You should copy it!”


So this is the deal from Ai-chan
To you guys out there,
feel free to copy and use her pose ♪(^_^)v

A life of mascara

The make up I use the most is mascara (・o・)ノ♪♪


I live a life of mascara
so today
I put a lot on ♪


But then I noticed
I got some on a place that didn’t need it, my nose… (」゜□゜)」


See, I’m pretty serious about this mascara thing (lol)


I’m so hardcore in a life of mascara, that’s how far I went!!! (lol)


Normally I’d chat more about this
but actually right now, I’m kinda in a hurry


Well I took this pic for my blog
so I guess it seems like I have a bit of time \(^ー^)/


…but yeah, that just happened 5 minutes ago (lol)

Something on my mind

Jaaaaaan ♪


Aren’t these shiny hearts just so cute??


I bought them when I was in Hawaii the other day ♪


Above eye level, below level, at eye level…
basically, anywhere around the eye!
where ever you put them, they’ll sparkle so much (‘o‘)ノ


When I went shopping in Hawaii, I fell in love with these at first sight~♪
Gaki-san bought a matching set with me ♪


But, even though Gaki-san has her own
Gaki-san is using mine—!


Well, not that I have a problem with that (lol)
I mean it’s fine, just… Gaki-san just…
I wonder if she’ll lose mine in the mix with hers?
That’s my only worry (lol)

Refreshments ☆

We got all these goodies here ☆
From the Mitsui house!


I’m so happyyyyy O(≧∇≦)o


Aika and the Mitsui household,
thank you guys so much!


I thought about taking a pic of the refreshments,
so I went to where they were
and of course!
there was Linlin
surrounded by the food (lol)


That Linlin, who only is interested in food,
stopped for a brief second to let me get a pic!!
After I took the pic
she went straight back to eating again (lol)


Thanks for the food ♪




Mittsi's return concert

Today was Morning Musume concert in Shiga prefecture ♪♪


It is Mittsi’s, aka Mitsui Aika, home town (^_^)v


For the usual encore call, today we had an Aika call…
It was incredible!!


And also Aika’s image color, purple, glowsticks!!
It was so pretty and intense ↑\(^ー^)/↑


It was so great
and so touching
the power from the people that came was so overwhelming
The concerts at the member’s home towns are always
so full of warmth and they are so fun!


If I had this much of a good time, I’m definitely sure
today’s star girl ☆ Mitsui Aika chan
had an even better time O(≧∇≦)o


I mean, Aika had such a huge smile on!
I bet it was from everyone smiling too
The Biwa Lake hall
was full of smiles
The guests and us girls were all joined by smiles!


And not like a created smile either, just a natural smile
it was so pika pika (^O^)


I mean the smiles from all the fans and the girls were so pika pika


We truly
thank you so much!!


Everyone sweat a lot so
be sure to dry yourselves off
before you head home ~ ♪


Oh and also, please come to tomorrow’s shows in Fukui prefecture~ (lol) ♪

It's done

Dripping in sweat with all my make up washed off


The Shiga concerts
were so intense, so fun, and so exciting
It feels kinda strange right now… (≧∇≦)


Once I settle down, I’ll be sure to blog properly again ♪


Wait for me ya

A 2shot with Gaki-san

The first concert in Shiga prefecture just finished~ (≧∇≦)


Today, I realize again how much fun concerts are ♪


In this pic,
in that mirror behind me is Niigaki Risa-san


I was like “Gaki-san can you go to that mirror real quick~”
and she let me take a pic (^_^)v


“Looks pretty good~
I said to Gaki-san as I showed her the pic I took
“I’m tiny!”
she said
Covering the cuteness with a laugh
“You don’t think of me as a senpai at all do you~ (lol)”
she said


Not true!
Gaki-san is a senpai that deserves a ton of respect!
And she’d make a great sister-in-law!! (lol) ♪

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