Shanghai honey

The Shanghai world expo…


Was so huge
we walked so much!


My legs took a beating (>_<)


Even after massaging it in the bath
they are still so stiff, they didn’t loosen up at all (゜∇゜)


But although we walked a lot and it was tiring
we got to see so much of the world expo, I was so touched!


The whole thing was just so huuuuuuge \(^ー^)/


I am so happy to be able to participate in this huge world expo o(^-^)o


So we came to this world expo as guide dog supporters
in hopes of spreading awareness about them in China
Personally, I was able to learn so much as well
I was very much influenced by being able to be so close to the guide dogs
there’s still a lot I don’t know, so I need to study a lot more


There are so many different pavilions at the world fair,
I wanted to see so much more… ♪


Ah but we were able to go into the Japan building and the Japan industry building ↑


That was pretty fulfilling!!


I took a lot of pics too!


When I get back to Japan, I’ll start a terrifying? series of posts in a row… (lol)


If you like, just like the waves off the coast of Shanghai,
please ride the waves of my blog updates with me (lol)


Anyway, I think I’m gonna pass out for today (lol)


Oyasayumin ♪


Plop (-.-)zzZ

Good job ~

We just finished work for our 2nd day in Shanghai, we’re all done ~ !




am completely worn out (ノд<。)


I think I can barely stand ゜。゜。(p>∧ 

I mean we were just walking and walking and walking
thinking about so many things, listening and chatting,
we had so many valuable experiences ☆


In this pic, we’re at the Shanghai world expo in front of the Japan building!


We also got to go inside the Japan building ☆


It felt like seeing all 4 seasons inside,
and as a Japanese person, I felt very proud, I was so happy


Also, we went to the Japan industry building, when I get back to Japan
I’ll post about it
So prepare yourself guys (lol)



Well, time for food now


then I’ll just go with the flow after that


if I get another chance, I’ll update again

In front of the China Hall!

Shanghai World Expo!!


I took this pic in front of the China hall ~ ☆


We’re spreading awareness for guide dogs
so we’ll be super active and moving around a lot today o(^-^)o♪


The Shanghai world expo is suuuuper huge


We’re gonna be doing lots of walking after this ↑
But for now
lunch (*^o^*)


We’ve done nothing but eating (lol)


I am able to learn so much and have so much fun at the Shanghai world expo,
I’m glad I was able to come ♪


The real jasmine tea is so good ♪


Sayumine will also do her best now (lol)
*it rhymes with jasmine

Shanghai Morning

Good morning ♪


Today, i woke up at 5 am ☆(^O^)


Kyaa– (≧∇≦)


And then I had this for breakfast!


A veggie bun ☆(⌒~⌒)


So good (≧∇≦)


And, I also have a “bun” on my head


as for the filling for that “bun”…


It’s full of dreams ↑


Well, actually like…


it’s full of hair pins right now (lol)


Well it doesn’t really matter whats inside the bun
…as long as my cuteness can be seen (lol)


Right, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today ♪


So I’ll be giving it my all again


Please support me 八(´∀`*)

Xie xie

I just had a Shanghai shower (^_^)v


My stomach isn’t usually this flabby! (lol)


That’s funny ~ ♪


Anyway ☆
today is Mother’s day isn’t it


Writing “mom” in hiragana, and without using any punctuation marks
it looks like Hahaha day (lol)
*mom = haha


That’s funny ~ ♪


Sorry, I shouldn’t be messing around, I’ll write seriously now
today is Mother’s day isn’t it


What did you guys do for your mom?
or conversely, moms, did you get anything from your kids?


I wasn’t able to go out shopping for a present
so on Mother’s day, I sent her a mail
and I super decorated it with emotes and stuff (≧∇≦)
My mom was so happy ~ !


My mom was so happy, she cried out loud (;_;)
Since it’s 5/9 after all… (lol)


this post is related to the post from this morning too ~ (^_^)v


Today in Shanghai
was super crazy
but it was also that much fun (≧∇≦)


I’ve got another photo shoot today,
so after I get back home, I’ll take my time and blog about it (^_-)♪☆


I hope you’ll look forward to it ~


Well then, from Shanghai
Oyasayumin ♪♪♪

Exhausted from eating (lol)

We just had dinner ☆


Shanghai food is soooo good o(^-^)o


It’s been a while since I’ve eaten like this ♪♪♪


I’m exhausted from eating (lol) !!!!!



But of course, since I have a separate stomach for dessert ♪
I wanted to get some dessert as well
but the call for last order had passed already, so I didn’t get any (;_;)


So when we got back to our hotel
I went with Takahashi Ai-chan
and we munched on chocolate potato chips for a while (lol)


My manager was really surprised (lol)


I mean, we were tired out, but still wanted sweets
so we continued to eat (≧∇≦)


Ahh I’ve got to wake up really early tomorrow too… that’s funny ♪


Good luck Sayu
Yeah, I’ll do my best Sayu


Ok, that’s enough of me supporting myself (lol)



Anyway, time to take a Shanghai shower (^_^)v

Good job

We just finished work today ~ !


We didn’t have much of a break either
We were pretty much interviewing with the Shanghai TV show
and magazine the entire time ☆★


We talked soo much ~ (≧∇≦)


It was pretty tiring (lol)
but very fun too (o^∀^o)


Takahashi Ai-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan and I
really gave it our all ↑\(^ー^)/


In this pic, Takahashi Ai-chan
is feeling more relaxed now that work is over?
She is wearing her outfit backwards (lol)


Such a kidder ♪
And even in Shanghai, she’s so cute as always (*^o^*)


Well, of course I’m cute too (^_-)
Don’t you guys forget that now ~ (lol) ♪♪



We’re off to grab a bite now ☆



How much more delicious food is there to eat in Shanghai I wonder ♪

Lunch in Shanghai ♪

We’re in Shanghai!


We just ate (^o^)/


Even though we had an in-flight meal too (lol)


There was some fried corn thingy and some fried pork, both were delicious
So much goodness ♪


I didn’t think I’d be so satisfied so shortly after coming here
I’m so lucky o(^-^)o


There was some spicy thing too, and I did my best to
eat it, but I was going “So hot so hot!” the entire time
It was delicious but it kept making me sneeze the entire time (lol)


Right now, I’m doing an interview for a TV show and magazine ♪


Xie xie (^◇^)┛★

We're here ☆

Today, right now ☆


In the upper sea region…


We’ve arrived in Shanghai ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Sorry I didn’t tell you guys before I left (;_;)


This time
we will be participating in the Shanghai world fair (^_^)v


This world fair \(^ー^)/ is pretty exciting ♪
I can’t wait ♪


I wonder what delicious goodies I’ll get to eat ~


Although, really as long as I get to eat, anything is fine ~ (lol)


This pic is right before we left
Takahashi Ai-chan
Mitsui Aika-chan
Michishige Sayumi-chan
that’s us ♪♪


Ai-chan and Aika bought some juice at the airport (o^∀^o)


The shop guy said to Ai-chan
“Ah haven’t seen you in a while”
I was so shocked, I was thinking
“Ehh, an acquaintance!? Wow!”
I said
then Ai-chan said in a quiet voice
“Uh no, I was just here earlier…”
I really jumped to conclusions there (lol)


Well now ☆


Time to have fun in Shanghai ↑↑

Today's fashion check

Is Michishige sayumi


in my black x leopard print one piece ♪


leopard print for me is kinda rare (*^o^*)


I’m feeling carnivorous today (lol)


But on my chest there’s a super huge ribbon attached, so I still look cute ♪










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