A fun blog ♪

Right now, I just took some 2shots with the fans ♪♪♪




Since this morning,
I’ve been surrounded by wonderful ♪ people with great senses of humor ↑
it was very moving ~ (*^o^*)


And like
I received so many words of kindness


It made me


so so happy o(^-^)o


There were people who said they read this blog too
and they said it was fun!


I also got so many comments about how fun it is…


I’m so appreciative of the fact that
while I am having a great time doing this blog
you guys also share the same feeling as you read this blog…


I mean I knew that before, but it made me realize it again!


Blogging is so fun!


that feeling


because it’s not just my blog, this is everyone’s blog


Blogging is so fun ♪


I love blogging ♪

Everyone's comments

thank you for all your valuable input and comments
on what I should do with my bangs!!


Right now I’m on the road,
so I checked on my cell phone ♪


But once I get home, I’ll take my time checking out the comments on my laptop (≧∇≦)



But from what I’ve seen from my cellphone just now
there was sooo much feedback!


And some perhaps got a bit too far off topic (lol)


What should I do!


There were a lot of ④ Don’t care (^o^)/


Anyways, for today
I’m going with ② Make it round, so I sprayed it ☆☆


For you people who don’t care, please take a look too (lol)


I’ll be sure to take all of your opinions into account (^_^)v


Kyun (´∀`)

Guys, tell me! (≧∇≦)

Finished my make up ♪


Also did my hair… ♪




My bangs are getting long!


So, a question for you all!!!!


What should I do with my bangs?


① Put it to the side


② Make it round


③ Cut it!


④ Don’t care


Well, which one—–??


( ̄∀ ̄)







Make up at the hotel



This morning, my hair was at a shocking level of messy (lol)


So I quickly fixed it up a bit ♪


Today I’ll be doing make up at the hotel (^_-)♪♪♪


Today, in the morning, I’ll be doing 2shots with the fans~~ (≧∇≦)


Yay (^_^)v



I wonder what kind of 2shots I’ll be taking today ♪
I wonder what kind of poses ♪
I wonder what we’ll talk about ♪
I’ll be pretty excited while putting on my make up!


But for now
I’m hungry (lol)


“You can’t fight a war when you’re hungry”


isn’t there a saying like that??


I’m sure!
that it’s probably a good thing~ (^o^)/


which means, I’ll have an onigiri first and then I’ll be set! (lol)


I live for those! I also live for blogging (^_^)v


Well then, it’s about time I…
it’s about time I put my make up on ~~ ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

Sound asleep

Good morning ♪


Right now, I’m on the hotel bedddd!


Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep well in hotels,
but yesterday, I didn’t open my eyes once ↑\(^ー^)/


So wonderful


I had the heating on, so it was warm, but the air was very dry
so in the best interest of my throat
I turned off the heater and slept, it was so cold


But then I was like, at this rate my body is gonna die before my throat will!
so I turned the heater back on (lol)


But things turned out okay ☆
There was temperature control, so I had a comfortable environment and fell asleep easily ♪


Did you guys all sleep well!??


I just got out of the bath ↑


Tomorrow is another Nagoya concert ♪


I’m so happy! O(≧∇≦)o


I’ll dream about all the fun sights and possibilities for the concert tonight ☆



Oyasayumin ♪(-.-)zzZ



When I said
“Don’t go to sleep”
thank you very much
for staying awake


But I won’t be updating any more tonight, so you can go sleep now


ahhh I sound like I’m talking from above again


sorry ↓


anyway, thank you for keeping me company


for those of you who aren’t keeping up with this in real time,
thank you to you as well


I’m so happy to have a blog ♪


I’m in such a good mood to sleep now (≧∇≦)



Doodles ♪

Right now, I’m at the Nagoya hotel thinking about a lot of different things
and writing them down on a notepad


And before I knew it
the notepad had turned into a page full of doodles (lol)


and actually, it’s full of the only thing I’m good at drawing
bunnies (>_<)


I call this


Also, I drew some fruits as well


Ahh, also I drew some portraits!
I’ll show you those some day (≧∇≦)
my portraits


Also um, I also like to write characters too!


I have a diary that I keep daily (^_-)


Although, since I started my blog
I’ve been skipping out on my diary (lol)


Ahh, I’m not skipping out!
I’m still using my hand!!!!!! (lol)


I’m putting all my energy into the blog ♪♪



All for the blog,
I’m putting all of my energy into it


Nothing more, nothing less


But, I want more and more people to see this blog
so I’ll do my best to build up my strength!!! (≧∇≦)

My father, the Nagoya University alumni

Right now, I’m at the Nagoya hotel ~ ♪


Today we had our Morning Musume concert in Nagoya ↑


Tomorrow, we’ll be having another concert in Nagoya (^_^)v


Yay ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Speaking of Nagoya, my dad went to Nagoya University!


Nagoya University is a school where you have to be smart to get in!
In my family, we have two guys (dad and brother) both are very smart


The three women in our family (Mom, sis and me) are ~ … (〇>_<)


I’ll be honest!


not so smart (οдО;) (lol)


But in the Michishige household, for some reason the women are very strong (lol)
when deciding something, the three women
ignore the opinions of my dad and brother
and just decide stuff on their own w(°O°)w


But, the Michishige household is still standing strong b(・∇・●)



But yeah, I have seen my mom seriously asking my dad for advice before
and my dad always comes up with excellent advice on the spot
when I see that, it makes me think “yep my dad is a Nagoya University graduate” (lol)


Also, when I was a kid
I was taught Nagoya dialect
like when we would be eating fried shrimp
my dad would say
“Ebi furiya umiyaa (Ebi furai umai) is how you say it”


well I mean I like fried shrimp
but I wouldn’t say I love it
I mean if I had to pick something to eat, I wouldn’t pick that


The phrase my dad taught me
“Ebi furiya umiyaa”
is something I never really got a chance to use!!!!!! (>_<)


But even my dad who went to Nagoya University and is really smart
couldn’t figure out why
Sayumi doesn’t really eat fried shrimp



I guess that makes me 1 notch above him!!



Just kidding (^_-)


My dad is amazing!


Well, both my parents are!!
I’m so glad to have them
after all, they are the parents of Sayumi (^o^)/

Junjun's incident

Today in the dressing room
I was in the seat next to Junjun
so it was inevitable that I would have a lot of 2shots with her ~ ♪♪♪


But um




all of the sudden pulled out a banana and put it on my cheek )^o^(


It really shocked me




I said


“Doesn’t it feel good? It’s so cold (*^o^*)”


she said


Well, at that time, I was really cold, my body was all cold (lol)


“Umm no actually, I’m really cold right now, look feel my hand”


I said, and then I put my cold hand on Junjun’s face
and then Junjun was like


“Whoa you’re right, why is your hand so cold?”


she said




Because you put that cold banana on my cheek, which made me even colder,
gave me goosebumps, and then cooled down my entire core (lol)


But then Junjun was like
“Ahh Michishige-san’s hand is so cold, it feels good”
she kept saying as she was touching it,
but thanks to her, it warmed up really fast ♪


But Junjun was also cooled down by this ~ (lol)


So I guess we mutually helped each other out there (lol) ☆

A really close pair

Takahashi Ai-chan and Linlin ♪☆


They get along so well ♪


Whenever Linlin does something weird? Ai-chan always laughs so hard


Seeing those two together is just so nice, I love it (*^o^*)



Also, those two
often dance together
those two, in their own little world (lol)
a world that I can’t enter (lol)


Seeing them together is such a pleasant sight
and they’re so close
the extent of their friendship is so vast…


Yeah, interesting isn’t it (lol) (≧∇≦)

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