So good

Today is the Morning Musume concert in the Shiga prefecture ♪


And here is today’s lunch ♪


Udon with rice (lol)


In the seat next to me is Kamei Eri
and she keeps saying “So good so good” while eating!
Eri got seconds for some veggies
and of course continued to say “so good so good” as she finished her plate
Eri gave me her share of the salmon
and of course I kept saying “so good so good” as I ate it!


It was a really good lunch


Speaking of good,
I just noticed
I still haven’t put make up on yet (_ _)


Time to put on some make-up so I can hear some “So cute so cute” (^_-)♪

My head…

Good morning ♪(^-^*)/


Today, I woke up super early… (^∀^)ノ



I woke up about 10 minutes before I left the house ☆
I’ve been bustling about all morning…
and why you ask?
Because my head feels so heavy ↓↓
It just sucks — kinda like this —


I’m on the move to Shiga prefecture right now,
so hopefully I’ll catch some sleep on the way and
it’ll go away (゜∇゜)


But if it doesn’t
maybe I can chill my head in Biwa Lake (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ

Happy O(≧∇≦)o

Today, I got an email from my always supportive hair stylist ~♪


“Right now, there’s Sayumin at the train station~”!
and she sent me a pic of it (^_^)v
I’m so happy, thank you ♪


This is
☆ anan’s photo shoot with squeeze gum ☆


They posted that at the train station!!!!
I’m so touched (;_;)


This big too ↑
And so pretty
Kyaa I’m so happy!
Pure happiness O(≧∇≦)o


I wanna check out that poster of myself ♪~θ(^0^ )


All you guys too, if you pass by it at the station
be sure to stop and take a look
don’t just walk by it (lol) it’ll be sad and lonely


I guess to find it,
I’ll go on a hunt of my own too~ (≧∇≦)

a n weekly ♪

I’ve got a photoshoot in the morning for a magazine
for Intelligence Co.’s “a n weekly” magazine ♪♪♪


and this time ☆
I’m on the front cover!! Yaaa~
Well that was anticlimactic… (lol)



Anyway enough with the lame jokes 彡(-_-;)彡


I’m super happy about it (≧∇≦)


My outfit and hairdo are also super cute
and the camera man took some really cute pictures
and the staff people really complimented me
and I was super excited to do a really fun interview
in short, it was a really great magazine photo shoot (^∀^)ノ


It’s going to be released May 31st, please check it out


Please support me 八(´∀`*)


Today’s Morning Musume OG member for
“MBS Youngtown Douyoubi” was Fujimoto Miki san ♪


Mikitty————! (lol)


When we met up, she was like
“Eh, your hair is black!”
“You dyed it black??”


Uh, umm….
I’ve never dyed my hair before…?


Fujimoto-san is pretty random (゜∇゜) (lol)


I was like
“I have never changed my hair color going back to when I first joined!”
and she was like
“oh really~”


Fujimoto-san really did not care at all (゜∇゜) (lol)


As usual,
that is the never changing Fujimoto-san ♪


Spending time with Fujimoto-san feels like being given a gift of happiness ♪♪♪


Probably because Fujimoto-san is just so happy herself


looking at her straight forward personality and her positive attitude
just makes me so positive ↑↑


I love Fujimoto-san ♪




she just makes you wanna say that, I get it now (lol)

The always good at following manager

Here is today’s lunch ♪


It’s a curry udon and chirashi bowl set ♪♪♪


It was pretty good
but there was so much food I couldn’t finish
so I took the leftover curry udon and…
right in front of me, and also eating at the same time
was my manager who had just finished her portion
so I gave it to her!


When you’re eating curry udon, it splatters all over the place doesn’t it?
Like the bowl gets all messy
my manager gulped down everything down to the soup,
that was pretty impressive (lol)


There are always managers following up with us
for jobs we can’t do by ourselves
and they always finish our leftovers when we ask them to.
I think Morning Musume’s managers are
such strong people


I’ll be working hard again tomorrow with those managers ↑

Sayumi today

Right now I’m taking off my make up


Today, I was feeling cuter than normal
even on the pics I took of myself and posted on this b log


At the radio show, Akashiya Sanma-san


said to me
“Today’s Michishige looks like (Charlie) Chaplin”…


because I was just too cute
so he was trying to hide his embarrassment


I’m such an dangerous woman

Aika blog "31days"

Yahooo~ (^^)/☆

I’m back from Hawaii now!!!!
The fan club tour was so fun (>▽<*)/
And it would be a real blessing if the
people who went had a great time too (*∨ω∨*)
otherwise, it would have been a waste for the fans!!!! (;ε;)

For the people who couldn’t go,
I’ll do my best to upload my pics and feelings
so please enjoy those ★☆
But Michishige-san and Tanaka-san have already uploaded a lot of stuff
on their blogs, so sorry if some things have been covered m(__)m

In Hawaii, the ocean and sky were seriously so pretty
that I was always at the beach (*^^*)
I ended up only taking pics of the scenery (>∪<;)

Also, Hawaii has some really interesting pigeons!! In the pic below,
you can see 2 of them ☆
Somehow, looking at the peacefulness just feels so good ☆★

The thing I’m pointing at is a pigeon that stopped ♪♪
Sorry if it’s hard to tell (>◇<)

aika blog aika blog

I met up with the fans in my member colored shirt and Moo moo skirt (^^)
Both the fans and us had Alo Hello names attached to us
and we had a roll call (^3^)/
Some of the fans used the same names (”;) (lol)
Afterwards, we each gave everyone a custom designed post card
with our own personalized stamp on it as a present ☆
By the way, for mine, I drew a lion!!!!

To be continued next week… ♪

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