Good morning!!


Today is the final rehearsal and tomorrow starts
Morning Musume’s spring tour!!


Once again, I wore the same costumes
in our dress rehearsal as the actual performance(^o^)/♪


So~ today’s happenings need a
extra special explanation,
this morning, I actually slept twice p(´⌒`q)
what’s more, my alarm didn’t ring (;_;)
my alarm is playing hooky it seems…
I’ve depended on it for so long~ (≧ヘ≦)


But, my mom woke me up↑


Yep, the one thing I can
truly depend on, my parents!!!!!


From here on out, yoroshiku onegaishimasu 八(´∀`*)




At Mittsi’s house,
I said bye bye to Mittsi,
and since I’ve been home
I’ve done nothing but space out。。


Seems like I’m an idiot…
Why is that? Why do I have that feeling?


From the day after next, Morning Musume
starts it’s spring tour,
and tomorrow is the final rehearsal review!


This is not the time to
start feeling like a idiot!!


I’ll start studying the last dress rehearsal(≧∇≦)


Everyone, please come to the concert!
Has everyone heard our latest album 『⑩MYME』
that was released yesterday?
Since you guys sing it at the concerts
you guys should study too (^_-)♪


Even if you guys don’t have plans to come,
I’d really like everyone to see it。。
I’ll say it’s my wish, to come to the concert okay。。




‘kay did you guys decide to come?!
Everybody~ you’re weak under pressure aren’t you♪


it’s gonna be fun to see you guys♪~θ(^0^)。






Right after dinner,
we went straight to Aika’s house♪


It’s the first time I’ve stepped foot inside (≧∇≦)


We played video games together and watched TV together,
and warmed up under the heater,


it was super fun♪


Then, on one of the purikura sheets
we did some rakugaki,
and under my picture
I wrote 『Date』 but I wasn’t sure of
the spelling and I was so uneasy,
so I wrote the yomigana
underneath it (Laugh)


I asked Aika-chan if I spelled it right
and she said it was correct
and thought I didn’t have to write
the yomigana underneath.


If I didn’t write the yomigana
then I would have looked more intellectual,
and I would have had confidence in my English.
So, this was Michishige Sayumi who
now regrets she wrote the yomigana underneath!






Before dinner, we took some purikura♪


Purikura, it’s certainly been a long time~(^_^)v


For these purikura, we were super cute when we took them↑


Even though Sayumi has no make-up, I’m still too cute right? (Laugh)


Even though I was cute since I was born, in these purikura I’m exploding with cuteness! (Laugh)


So next time, I think I’ll do some “bunny-ness!” (Laugh)























Aika vs. Shrimp


For dinner, I took Mittsi to a popular Hawaiian restaurant♪♪


The pasta noodles were deep-fried so they were super delicious(≧∇≦)
I’m so loving them♪


she got so frantic trying to peel the shrimp (Laugh)


That Aika is a classic shot☆


“I peeled them-!” and I had a great shot of Aika♪


So delicious♪♪


Oh, and for the bill,
I was the perfect sempai and treated her!
So be relieved (Laugh)





My date☆


I’m on a date with Mittsi, Mitsui Aika-chan♪


We’ve been on a date since earlier this evening(≧∇≦)


she pulled me out of the way of this car,
and she decided on what to do on the date,
it’s been super fun~\(^ー ^)/


First we went and got some ice cream~~!


Aika’s treat (Laugh)


It’s okay though!
Dinner will be on sempai Sayumi!! (Laugh)





The elementary kids on the train


Today, just now, it’s been about a month
but I went to get a massage☆


The massage sensei told me that
compared to the month before
my body is doing much better!
And since she praised me so much
I’m in such a good mood now♪♪~θ(^0^)


And right now the train is shaking~(^o^)/


The people beside me are two elementary
school girls that are doing homework!


I took a peek at one of their textbooks
and Sayumi couldn’t believe her eyes!!!!


I couldn’t understand the question!
The question was way too hard!
And what was the question??
That little elementary kid knew it…


The other little girl was writing a essay.
『What’s the kanji for “aofuku*”?』
she asked her friend.
(*往復 – おうふく – oufuku – round trip)


Sayumi thought about it.
I can kinda see it
but not so clearly p(´⌒`q)


I got impatient so
I whipped out my cell…


I feel better!


But the little elementary girls
can’t use a cell phone
so they have to rely on their
own powers of recollection.


Just that moved me deeply(*_*)


Whenever I can’t get a question,
I won’t depend on anything
and use my own power to resolve it.


I learned something from these girls.



One person? Two people?

I’m riding the train right now.


By myself.


But everywhere I look, there’s two people together.


Why is that?


You see…


The person next to me…


Is passed out on Sayumi’s shoulder…(Laugh)


Everyone, what do you do in this situation?


For me, I just loan my shoulder (Laugh)


Today especially, Sayumi slept a lot so I’m really refreshed♪
but I guess this person is still kinda tired(;_;)


Does everyone get so tired from work and school?




I’m fine with loaning out my shoulder, so let’s meet on the train someday (Laugh)



Today, Morning Musume’s 10th album 『⑩MYME』 is on sale♪♪


Since the 6th album, Sayumi’s been with the group
and with ⑩MYME I will have participated
in half of the total albums! Amazing \(^ー^)/


With this album, I think the
message is that there’s a lot of
strong songs↑


The lyrics are so good and even though
I listen to them and sing them,
I’m still moved by them (;_;)


Of course there’s also the usual Mo-Musu type genki
songs on there, it’s really fun isn’t it ♪~θ(^0^ )


The genki songs are really gonna pump up the energy…♪
Everyone’s really gonna like the B melody in 『Genki Pikappika』↑
I can imagine everyone at the concert (Laugh)
When I picture everyone calling out the names and jumping,
I really want to do the concert right now(≧∇≦)


On the album, everyone’s pretty well divided with the singing! Everyone’s broken up pretty well so you should clearly see it’s something definitely worth listening to,
『⑩MYME』 be sure to listen ε=(>ε<*)

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