My radio show ♪

The solo radio show I’m doing is CBC radio’s
“Konya mo usa chan peace”


just finished!!


Ahh it was kinda embarrassing (//△//)
listening to the radio, I was sometimes thinking
“Oh, I know what you mean~”
or like
“Yeah, that’s so true~”


…but that should be a given
It’s myself talking after all (lol)


there were also parts where I was like
“Whoa really” (lol)


It was pretty weird!!


By the way, I
also talked about my bike commute and the helmet story
and I was thinking – I blogged about that this morning too!! (lol)


What a coincidence, that’s crazy (lol)


when I
finish talking
I just start to mumble or something (lol)
I just noticed that ↑ again from this!!


I wish I could learn to speak better..
and do a more interesting radio show!!


But at least in regards to the show’s cuteness, it was perfect ☆


Today was a cute radio show too (lol)


Everyone, please ☆ continue to listen to this show


Also, please continue to send in mails!!


Oyasayumin ♪


Ah that’s just my line from the radio show ↑


I’m not going to sleep yet


Don’t you guys go to sleep either (lol)

Konya mo usa-chan peace

Today was the Morning Musume concert in Nagoya!


Also today, I’ll
be doing a radio recording of “Konya mo usa chan peace”
in Nagoya!


Every Saturday


Which means today ♪ yeah (^_-)♪


it airs from 23:00 to 23:30


Which is right now!!


We have a concert in Nagoya again tomorrow,
so I’m at a hotel in Nagoya


and I’m listening too ♪


I think this may be the first time
I’m listening to it in real time!!


Kyaa ~ ♪


Listening to myself talk (lol) is kinda awkward
I talk really fast don’t I (lol) I just noticed


To everyone in Nagoya
or rather, to all my listeners


please listen to it – ♪


By the way, for my hometown Yamaguchi prefecture
The Yamaguchi broadcast will be every Monday 21:00 to 21:30


Kyaa – ♪

Sayubraid ♪

After the show ended,


We all happened to meet outside the changing room ♪


Is Linlin trying to imitate Ponyo!?


I’m not sure but
She’s in the center, and also a little in front
like usual (≧∇≦)


The 2nd pic is me, Sayuminbraid ♪


Sayubraid for short ♪


Earlier, when I uploaded a pic of me with braids, it was just as I thought (lol)
it was really popular ↑


So following that cue


well, more like I wanna hear more praise! (lol)


I uploaded another Sayubraid pic (lol)


Whatcha think?


Cute? (lol)


You have to say cute or else
I won’t accept any other comments except cute (lol)



Justtttt kidding ♪
I’ll take any comments, no matter how harsh (^_-)


So feel free to always be honest with your comments!


I promise ☆



Weird face

Ai-chaan ♪


You know for Ai-chan,
when our eyes met up during the concert
we made really weird faces to each other (lol)



It was so funny (lol)


And the spot we made a weird face at…



is a secret!


Now, I bet all of you are thinking
Sayu is so stingy!
Am I right!?


Well, I mean if I told you where we did it, next time
you guys will always be looking there won’t you? (lol)


I mean if you really want to see our weird faces,
then come to our concerts and don’t take your eyes off of us (^_-)


It’s a pretty wild face (lol)


And I’m so cute too.. (lol)
what a waste (lol) !


when I make my weird face, Ai-chan laughs at it, so it makes me happy and pumps me up
when I see Ai-chan’s weird face, I think it’s funny, but still cute and charming
in it’s own way, and it makes me want to keep it up for the concert ↑↑


In short, don’t judge a weird face just on it’s looks!


There may be a smile tied to the other side of that weird face!


Weird faces can have a deep meaning (lol)


Today, during the live
I said to Linlin


“I got my eyelashes looking really good today, look”


and then Linlin was like


“Oh yeah, Michishige-san, that’s cute!
but today, I did my eyelashes too!”


she said


“Oh hey yeah, that’s cute”


I said, then Linlin got all happy and excited o(^o^)o


and then right after, Aika-chan was joking around
and said “Linlin Kimo~i (lol)”
and then Linlin cried out to me


“Ahhh help me big sis!” (lol)


I guess since we both did our eyelashes well
For Linlin, that somehow made us sisters in her mind (lol)


Linlin, she’s so cute (*^o^*)


But after that
my face was covered in sweat
and the sweat brought down my eyelashes
which no longer made us sisters (lol)


Lil sis Linlin, sorry (-∥-)゛


Linlin is so funny (lol)


The Nagoya concert
2nd show has finished ~ ♪♪♪


To all of you who came to the concert
I was so embarrassed when you guys called me cute (〃д〃)
and I was so embarrassed when you guys said it was perfect (〃д〃)


That’s right!
I was cute!
I was perfect!


And, aside from forgetting my solo part during the encore,
it was perfect (lol)


and I don’t even get that many solo lines in the first place v(>w<)v


more than being called cute
more than being called perfect
forgetting my lines was the most embarrassing thing (->_<-)


So sorry (;_;)




It was still a lot of fun (≧∇≦)


When I’m meeting all of you, it really soothes my heart
and it’s because of those times
that I continue to wok hard ♪


Thank you


Thank you


The Nagoya concert ♪


first show just ended!!


I was so happy to see all of the Sayumi supporters out there o(^-^)o


With all these people, everyone that came to see me
it makes me think, what am I so worried about


Ignoring all other things
I am me, so I just have to keep doing the best I can


After meeting all of you, that’s just how I feel
Don’t leave me now ya
This blog too, whether on your cellphone or PC,
don’t go deleting this from your favorites list now ♪


If this isn’t in your favorites yet, please go add it now ok…
I know, so shameless (lol)


But that is Sayumi (lol)


Once I’ve decided to go all out Sayumi, you can’t stop me!


Now go register this blog in your favorites! (lol)


Ahhh ~ I need to get changed ~~


by the way, in this pic, don’t you see like a glow around my face?


My angel glow has finally appeared



And now this angel will swoop down into the Nagoya station




Rehearsals just ended
I’m off to eat lunch now too ~ ↑
off by myself…
munch munch munch…


☆ Nagoya’s famous specialty ☆ Miso katsu ☆


So good!


Ahh the soil here makes food tastes so good (⌒~⌒)


Well now,
I gotta do my make up ↑
and gotta do my hair ↑
and gotta change ↑
I got so much to do (≧∇≦)


So excited ((o(^-^)o))



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