Happiness in 4s

Today, I was buying stuff at the convenience store,
and it came out to 444 yen!


That means happiness, happiness, happiness ヽ(´▽`)/


I’m so happy o(^-^)o


It’s the 4th month as well ♪(*´∀`*)


Yep, that’s what I wanted to tell you ☆(-人-)


A little bit of my happiness every day (^人^)


I wonder what good things are in store for tomorrow


I hope you guys all have some good things too


It’s great when you do huh. It’s always nice.
Hopefully we can make some good things happen together
Let’s go do that (`∀´#)



I finished my recording ☆


I was pretty nervous, but the recording ended without any problems ♪


I don’t know if I’ll get any solo parts though (lol)


But just now I sang with all my might! ♪




and.. with the recording ending well
I’m in a cheery mood, so much that I feel like skipping ♪



For a survey I thought I had until tomorrow to do
there may have been a chance that I made a mistake
and it’s actually due today


That skip suddenly
turns into a stop…


It wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was just my own misunderstanding
So while at the recording place
I quietly and diligently filled in my survey!


And that ended up taking quite a bit of time ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


That’s the kind of day I had~

Off to sing!!

I finished my radio show (^_-)♪


Now I’m off in a hurry to my next job ↑↑


Singing related work ♪~θ(^0^ )
It’s my recording


To be honest, I’m pretty nervous (-o-;)


But I think I’m going to have fun singing ♪♪


You know, earlier during the radio show
I was worried about getting a sore throat


After the show ended, I noticed something though
It wasn’t my throat hurting
It was the center of my head
that part hurts (;_;)


But yeah, my throat is in perfect condition ↑↑


not like I’m trying to make excuses or anything (lol)


Well then,
off to see if I can express my voice properly (lol)


Right now
I’ve got a radio show to do


So while I’m doing it,
please endure the wait to see cute pics of me okay ♪


I’ll blog again after I’m done! (b^ー°)


I’ll do my best, so wait for me ♪


You guys keep on workin too okay (^O^)♪









Being called cute ♪

Today, from morning til noon
I was at a magazine photoshoot!!!


“You’re so cute. So cute ♪”
I was praised so much today
I’m so happy ヽ(´▽`)/


I’m getting complimented to death (lol)
Everyone is so good at flattering me~!
Or perhaps, maybe I just really really am that cute ♪ (lol)


I’ll post the details of the magazine later (*´∀`*)








In the living room…

Good morning (‘-‘*)


Last night, I was watching TV in the living room
when before I knew it, I fell asleep (-.-)zzZ↓↓


If it’s just like an afternoon nap or something
then yeah I’ve done that a lot
but falling asleep in the living room late at night..
surprisingly, I haven’t done that too often
but that night,
I opened my eyes once
and it felt like I was in a strange room \(☆o☆)/


When I was watching TV, there wasn’t a futon there
but after I fell asleep, somehow I was on a futon
and also, I was covered by a blanket!!!


I slept soundly from
the warmth of the futon
and the warmth from my mom ♪♪(-.-)zzZ


I’m so thankful for the inventor of the futon
and my mom’s kindness ★☆m(_ _)m

Ohh man I really did it now



I really did it now


as to what I did…


I did something really bad…


And I did it just now


Just now, I had my iPod and my laptop hooked up together
and was syncing things up


I was deleting songs I didn’t want
and ended up deleting songs I wanted


Seriously (°□°;)


I shouldn’t trust myself ( ̄○ ̄;)


I even deleted some songs I very much needed for work without any hesitation..


Everything just went poof and gone (__;)


Maybe I should just give up
Or just fight it
I was pretty worried about it
but that kind of desperation isn’t good
so I looked for another alternative, and that was…


to properly take care of it


Yeah, so I called my manager
and he said he’ll put all the songs I needed back on my iPod again m(_ _)m


I’m such a fool


Truly an “April fool”

A mistake

A few days ago, I was in Hawaii for the fan club tour ♪


There was a concert too ♪
There, all 8 members of Morning Musume sang solo songs ♪~θ(^0^ )


For the solo song, I talked with my manager about it
but in the end, it was up to me to decide (^_-)


It started off with a survey where they asked us
to rank what songs we wanted to sing, from 1 to 3


So I wrote down 3 songs I genuinely wanted to sing in Hawaii
and gave it to my manager at the deadline (≧∇≦)


That night, my manager sent me an email
with the attached picture


and “You messed up the English spelling”


I looked at the pic, but I didn’t understand what the problem was (lol)


then I used the translation tool on my cell phone


I looked at the survey, and looked at the English parts that were different..
“BYE-BYE”…… ohhh!
Yeah, I messed up!
In my survey I wrote


So in the end, my number 1 choice got rejected
Probably because they were like “that song doesn’t exist” (lol)


But I sang my 3rd song option as hard as I could in Hawaii!!!!! ♪

Just kiddin

That post from earlier was a lie ♪


No way I would go to bed early like that.. ☆★


Today is
April fools!!!!


Did I trick you guys?




The comments were so kind like “Take your time and rest up”
it made it so painful (;_;)


but, the night is still young (lol)

Just out of the bath

Today I took an early bath ~(o^∀^o)


Generally I take a bath at a different time every day,
so today I felt like taking one super super early ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Maybe it’s because of jet lag!?


It’s not even 10pm yet, and I’m sleepy (-.-)zzZ
so I’m gonna head off to bed early ~♪


I’ve got work back in Japan again starting tomorrow


So I’ll be sure to properly get some rest!
Oyasayumin ♪♪

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