Good morning ♪♪


I watched sooo many shows last night (≧∇≦)


The shows I saw were…


☆ Is that real? TV
☆ Mother
☆ Gout Temps Nouveau
☆ Karakuri TV’s one corner


I still have some shows I haven’t watched yet
but last night was about as much as I could take


I mean karakuri was a comedy, mother was a drama,
is that real was a learning show
that evening was so crazy for me (lol)


← this here, I just happen to like this emote ↑

Only All Night?

Ahhh I knew it ~ !


I just finished my bath ―(*´∀`*)


In maybe 2 days or 3 days or a few days or further day
I’m gonna go buy a TV ~ !!
Yay ^ー^)人(^ー^


For the TV I have right now, the DVD player is broken, so I can’t watch it
But thanks for your hard work TV (-人-)
thanks for sticking with me after all these years (^人^)


And you know what
if I record shows onto my recorder (HARD DISC?)
and I buy a new TV, I won’t be able to watch those shows anymore (.. ;)


So until 2 days from now or 3 days or whenever,
I need to watch all those shows I recorded!
I’m gonna be so busy ー(`∀´#)☆★


I say that, but I love watching TV, so I’m gonna have fun tonight ♪




For our play “Fashionable” this time,


we’re working together with Nakajima Saki-chan ☆


Today, Saki-chan’s small face was in a state of surprise (@゜▽゜@)


and I just happened to hide my face behind a mask today…..



I got to talk quite a bit with Saki-chan today!
This girl is a lot more clever than you’d think ~ (//∀//)
The more I got to know her, the more I was like “wow she’s interesting~!” (≧∇≦)



Being able to chat with people I don’t normally get to chat with
because of the play made me quite happy ☆
I hope to get a lot out of it!


In this pic, Linlin can also be seen int he back
and of course, she is eating sweets (lol)



Anyway ☆ it’s bath time for me (*/ω\*)


Normally I always say bath (ofuro) but today I’m using the word bath (nyuuyoku) (^_^)v



It just kinda seems sexy (lol)

Anyway, I’m off to the bath (//△//)

We love sweets

Here are some musumes eating chocolate


Kamei Eririn ♪


And Niiigaki Risa-chan ♪



There were a mountain of sweets at our practice… ♪



But that mountain, with our musumes appetite, was quickly destroyed
in the blink of an eye (lol)


Morning Musume will always love sweets ♪♪♪



We need to keep on eating ~ ! (≧∇≦)


Full speed ahead on the road to becoming a sweets guru ~ ! (≧∇≦)

From Ai-chan…

Today, during the day, Takahashi Ai-chan sent me this pic ☆



Sayumi in Shanghai


fast asleep… (lol)



I mean at the Shanghai expo


I did a Shanghai crash ( ̄∀ ̄)


Hahaha… that’s funny….


Shanghai laugh!!


Maybe? ( ̄∀ ̄)

Katou Noriko-san

A great thing that happened to me today at rehearsals ☆


This time in our play “Fashionable”
I’m working together with
Katou Noriko-san
we got to chat so much (≧∇≦)


I went to go sit down on the floor
and then Katou-san was like
“There’s a chair here”
and she pointed to the seat next to her (*^o^*)


but I couldn’t muster up enough courage,
so I sat 2 seats over… (lol)


but ☆


after that, Katou-san asked me so many things about myself o(^-^)o


she’s soo kind, so pretty, I just adore her!


And she said


“Your black hair is so cute~”


I guess from Katou-san’s point of view, I look cute too (lol)


Here is a 2shot with Katou-san ☆



I was so happy that she had no problem wanting to take a 2shot with me \(^ー^)/

I'm back

Yeeep (^o^)/


I’m back home


When I got home, I had 2 chimakis that Linlin gave me (^_-)


They filled me up so much (lol)


Just like Aika said though,
“after going to Shanghai, our stomachs got so big!”





Also right now, all of Morning Musume is coughing (>_<)


I too have a bit of a ahem bug in my throat


by the way, ahem bug…


they’ve already split up, but Shibata Ayumi-san of Melon Kinenbi
was the one who taught me “ahem bug”!


The word ahem bug just sounds so funny to me (lol)


That’s what I remember ☆



Now guys, be careful not to catch a cold…


Hopefully all of Morning Musume will recover soon (^O^)


Practice ended earlier than expected—-♪


So, continuing on from yesterday with the posts about Shanghai
this one will be the last one!!


Here is our dinner from our last day, day 2, in Shanghai– ♪


Italian food ♪♪


Every meal we had Shanghai food,
so it was nice to mix it up (^O^)


It was sooo (^_^)/ gooood


The meat ~! was especially tasty (o^~^o)


The dessert was wonderful as well ♪
chocolate ice cream is just amazing
too amazing…



Normally when I eat
chocolate ice cream
rather than going like
“Oh chocolate!”
you get more excited about
the ice cream
don’t you?
well, this time, when I was eating the chocolate ice cream
I was totally feeling the chocolate more than just ice cream \(^ー^)/


This time in Shanghai
we participated in the Shanghai world expo, a huge event
we came as supporters for guide dogs
we got to meet them as well as learn a lot of stuff!
also, most of all, everything was so fun O(≧∇≦)o and delicious (o^~^o)


I’m glad I went to Shanghai


If you guys can get a little sense of how much fun we had on our Shanghai trip
from reading this blog, then I’ll be so happy


There are still a lot more Shanghai pics to upload (o^∀^o)


Here is Ai-chan aka Takahashi Ai-chan
checking out the Shanghai world expo Japan industry building ♪♪


While I am checking out the Japan industry building,
I am also innocently checking out Ai-chan at the same time (lol)




The Japan industry building really had a lot of different things
the most shocking thing was
this screen made up of tiles
which each tile being individual sheets of paper! o(^-^)o


I know I said the most shocking thing
yet I mentioned 2 things, the tile and the paper (lol)


but they were both the same amount of shocking (^_^)v




Right now I’m at rehearsals for the play,
and we’re having a break for dinner ♪
I’m having a shougayaki bentou
It’s sooo good when the sauce gets into the rice (≧∇≦)
anyway back to work, I’ll keep on working hard throughout the night o(^-^)o


Continuing on with Shanghai,
which is where I was up til yesterday…


☆ Shanghai world expo Japan industry hall ☆


Next up is
bonsai (*^o^*)


They were so huge!


I love bonsai
My grandpa’s house had so many of them
I often helped out with them, like getting them water
I remember my grandpa saying it’s not good to overdo it,
but I wanted to keep on watering them, so I had to stop myself (^O^)
Back then, I also went to a bonsai exhibition with my grandpa
At that time, my grandpa was like
“I’ll buy you one bonsai”
he said to me
so I pointed at the biggest one
and then he said
“Ok let’s go home” (lol)



But yeah, I myself have never owned a bonsai


Although I’d like to one day ♪




Anyway, right now, we are currently at rehearsals for the play


Things are going well ♪


I’m handling…


the big role well too (lol)

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