Today's Pajama check

I just got out of the bath ↑
Today was unexpectedly hot outside
Well, or maybe it’s just cuz I got out of the bath?
Anyway! ☆ Right now ☆ I’m feeling very hot
so I put my hair up in a bun! (^O^)


And also, I’m in these pajamas
“Tsumori Chisato” ♪♪♪


Aren’t they sooo cute~~!


These pajamas are sooo light!
It’s like I’m not wearing anything at all ↑o(^-^)o


And really too because like
I had this pajamas on, and I took them off
then I went on the scale
and my weight didn’t change!!


These pajamas don’t weigh anything!
I mean normally even 1 T-shirt would add some weight on ( ̄∀ ̄)


Anyway, so as I’m enjoying the air
with these pajamas that feel like I’m wearing nothing… (lol)


I’ll go watch “Aimaina!” and then drift off to sleep ♪


Oyasayumin ♪





25:25~25:55 ”Aimaina!”


Please ☆ if you can, do check it out ♪♪♪


In this pic, I’m with Junjun


and it’s kinda blurry (^o^)/



What a fuzzy pic (lol)



I’m completely fuzzy even in pictures


is that too much… ( ̄∀ ̄)



at least my advertising isn’t fuzzy, it’s quite clear ( ̄∀ ̄)


Since the day has changed, this magazine released yesterday “JUNON”
has me, Michishige Sayumi, in it ♪
Yesterday, I
recieved a copy of JUNON from the company—
Inside JUNON magazine are so many different topics ↑↑\(^ー^)/
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And and and ↑↑↑
also also also ↑↑↑


I received a present from the JUNON company (≧∇≦)


And inside is… I’m so excited (^o^)



3..2..1.. here


Notebooks ☆


When I was being interviewed by JUNON,
I saw the interviewer’s notebooks
and I was like “Ahh that’s so cute ♪ that’s so nice ♪”
and having said that, they go on to give me this gift…



That’s so kind… (;_;)


And for the notebooks, for the JUNON interviewer
to have noticed that, I’m just so happy


I wanna be just like that! Whenever someone
just mentions a small thing like that


I say that, but I think I’m gonna forget quickly
so I’m gonna write that down in the notebooks I got write away!

Ai-chan theme'd picture




Allow me to introduce this Ai-chan pic with an interesting theme!




This is…
our! ↑



♪♪♪ Ai-chan drinking royal milk tea ♪♪♪




and the theme is
as you can clearly see………. (lol)



Aha ヽ(´▽`)/ sorry (-人-)


Well allow me to defer to Ai-chan’s cuteness here ( ̄∀ ̄)♪

Good work

Practice just ended ~ ♪


after practice ended, we did our costume fitting for the real thing too!!
Wahhh ~ there were so many cute outfits (≧∇≦)
In this pic I took, these are the ones we won’t be wearing for the real thing
this was only a small bit of what we had!
Today, the stylist prepared soooo many outfits for us
When we were picking them out, everyone was so excited
it’s like they were going shopping or something o(^-^)o


I hope you guys are looking forward to the real thing ~ ♪


And and ☆


Today’s T-shirt jersey is Barbie ♪
Junjun’s is black and mine is white (^_-)


And I’ve also got the same bottoms on as Linlin \(^ー^)/


Today, my jersey top and bottom are the same
as both the Chinese girls ^ー^)人(^ー^


I’m like a fake Chinese person ♪


Ni hao (=゜-゜)(=。_。)
Xie Xie (^o^)/
I’m fine thank you \(^ー^)/
*the last line is English lol



On today’s radio
aka Fujimoto Miki-san is who we were together with


Fujimoto-san is so cute ヽ(´▽`)/


I wonder how many times I thought Fujimoto-san was cute today (*´∀`*)


Her hair is curled up, it’s just over the top!
It just makes you
want to shout
Mikitty———–! (lol)



So that Fujimoto-san


After our radio show ended, we had some cream puffs for a snack
and Fujimoto-san and Takahashi Ai-chan were having normal ones
but I was like
“I’m gonna have this peanut one~”
but then I got scolded
“You’ll get pimples with that! Stop it!”



when Fujimoto-san was back in Morning Musume, she always used to get mad like this
I miss it so much!!


I think there was a lot of life in her strictness
Fujimoto-san, thank you so much!!


I am so happy (;_;)
I love you Fujimoto-san!


But yeah even after that
I still went with the peanuts cream puff (lol)


I love Fujimoto-san
But I love peanuts too



A cute drink

I just finished my radio show!
MBS “Youngtown Doyoubi”


together with ☆
Akashiya Sanma-san
and Murakami SHouji-san


Today was another hour full of laughter ♪♪
It was so funny (o>ω 

So just now, I went with Takahashi Ai-chan to a bagel shop and bought some bagels (^_-)
I also bought this cute looking drink – Royal milk tea ♪♪♪


Ai-chan and I were checking out the logo right now and it’s just so cute!


but we’re in the car right now so we can’t show anyone
so that’s kinda a bummer……….. ↓



We’re on our way to practice for our play “Fashionable”!


Right now I’m drinking royal milk tea, muah muah (≧ε≦)
*another play on words by Sayu



I was checking out the comments just now
and some of you guys saw me in Friday—–!



Yaa o(`▽´)o
Today, FRIDAY goes on sale ☆
And I’m on it ♪♪♪


But not because of a scandal! (lol)
There are pics from my photo book ( ̄∀ ̄)


After looking at the comments
I went to the convenience store to buy the magazine!


I was seduced by the girl with black hair (lol)
*the headline for Sayu’s article is “Be seduced by the girl with black hair”


So all you guys please check out Friday too
and be seduced by the girl with black hair (´∀`)



Today, before I departed for work, I took a stroll with my dear mother in Shibuya


…Eh what kind of character was that!!?? o(`▽´)o
Let me go back to normal (lol)


Today, before I headed out, I was out in Shibuya with my mom— ♪


We went shopping at Shibuya 109-② and got lunch (≧∇≦)



For lunch…


☆ Shrimp avocado salad
across from it, I thought it was a dressing
it turned out to be pudding ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛
More caramel again for me (;∇;)/~~
I guess that doesn’t make much sense, sorry m(_ _)m


☆ Beef stew bun (I vaguely remember)
Since I was 17, I always said I wanted to
go eat beef stew bun
with my sister
and 3 years later, my wish finally came true (^_^)v
well, minus the with my sis part (^_^)v (lol)
it was so delicious and filling, very satisfying ♪♪


Also, I rented Hamasaki Ayumi’s latest album and some idol CDs
so I’m very satisfied ♪♪(≧∇≦)


And now, I
shall depart back to work



……Back to character…….

Today's outfit check



Is Michishige Sayumi



And like… I’m too frilly? (>_<)


Before I left the house, I kept asking my mom
over and over “How is this? It’s not weird right?” (*_*)



My T-shirt is ☆ Juicy
My belt and boots are ☆ Brownie Bee
My skirt ☆ I bought from Shibuya 109-②



How is it? It’s not weird right?




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