Old school ice cream ☆

Hey hey, do you know
what this is??


☆ Black Mont Blanc ☆


For the most part, it’s only sold in convenience stores in Kyuushuu ☆


But the convenience stores in my hometown of Yamaguchi prefecture
also sells black mont black,
so I was always constantly eating them ♪♪


My siblings both love black mont black (≧∇≦)


Unfortunately, they don’t sell them in Tokyo though (∋_∈)


And so for those BlaMon (I’m just shortening it ↑ (lol)


they got some for us yesterday at the Fukuoka concert hall — ♪


I was so happy!


Oh man! It got me sooooo excited ↑\(^ー^)/


Because you can only eat them there ya know~


so I was really worked up ♪




Ahhh such good memories ~~~~ !


It’s a simple flavor, of vanilla ice cream coated with Crunch chocolate
it’s a flavor that brings back a lot of memories
so it was very moving (T_T)


If you guys ever get the chance, eat some BlaMon \(^ー^)/


Good morning ♪


or well, it’s already noon huh ~~


Right now I’ve got some radio work, but I can take it easy ~ ♪(*^o^*)


So like, when I woke up today ~
I was super hungry
and it was perfect because I went straight to lunch (lol)


Yesterday, I bought some mentaiko from Fukuoka!
Well technically, someone bought it for me!


But I had that mentaiko with white rice ♪


It was so good, I ate a ton and stuffed myself
and then I went back to sleep (lol)


Oh man I wasn’t planning on telling you that, I let that slip (lol)


But yeah, that’s how I’m doing today, back-to-sleep girl


but I won’t sleep anymore ↑


So until I have to do my radio show
I’ll upload some pics I still have from yesterday ↑↑\(^ー^)/

Hometown ☆

Today, we had our Morning Musume Fukuoka concert ♪


It was a really fun day \(^ー^)/


Fukuoka also happens to be Tanaka Reina-chan’s hometown ♪


It’s really such a strong feeling when
a member comes back to her hometown


There are people who always say “welcome home”
and being able to say “I’m back” is just wonderful


And recently, my grandpa from my home of Yamaguchi
sent me a mail saying
“Next time you have a break, come back home to Yamaguchi at full speed ok”


It was such a heartening thing because I could really
feel what he meant with his choice of words “at full speed”


I want to meet my grandpa soon (●^▽^●)/”


And I wanna do a concert back in my home town too!!


I wonder if my grandpa will bring out that “Michishige” sign again (lol)


Well I’m gonna continue to work hard towards that every day now ~ (^o^)/♪


Ahh thanks for teaching me
you guys~!


that’s how you read that word (^o^)/↑↑
*gen means string


I’m glad I know how to read it now but


What does “gen” mean??
In the comments, a lot of people said from guitars and stuff ♪
But do people really trash those?
You sure this isn’t some riddle on a trash can? (lol)


Well since I didn’t know how to read it
I took this pic so you guys could tell me
but I guess I ended up pretty lucky taking a pic of such an usual thing ☆(^_^)v


Anyway, thanks for telling me how to read this!
It really made me aware of how many smart people are reading this blog \(^ー^)/
I’m so thankful ☆


I may be asking some more stuff
when I don’t know in the future (>_<)


When that happens I’ll be counting on you guys again 八(´∀`*)


But like the comments, I should work on learning to read more kanji huh…

Somebody hey anybody


In the dressing room at the concert hall of today’s Fukuoka concert



there was this written on the trashcan


“Bin, kan, denchi, (?_?)?”
* Bottles, cans, batteries, ???


I don’t get what was written


Ai-chan, who was next to me, didn’t know either


We also tried asking Eri, who always admits she doesn’t know anything
and of course she said she didn’t know (lol)


So guys, can you read this?


Tell me \(^ー^)/


smart people ~~ !








Today's fashion check



Is Mitsui Aika


in a black long skirt one piece ♪
She’s so cute isn’t she (^_-)
So mature ♪
And you know
with her mature one piece
she adds a pop-ish sneakers with it, that’s so stylish (≧∇≦)


In short, to be stylish,
you need balance!! ♪



Even though it’s Aika’s fashion
I’m explaining it
like it was my own (lol)


Yeah, in reality, I can’t dress this stylish (>Σ<)


Some day though, I hope (lol) (^_^;)


Among the various fruits from the Tanaka Reina-chan household
there was this!


a kumquat


was there ☆


I ate this little cutie ♪
it was so good!
I like things that have a pinch of bitterness (≧∇≦)


I’m so into these ~ !


When I was eating the kumquat
I said to Ai-chan
“Ai-chan! Kumquat! It’s so good! Did you have one yet?”
and then
“Not yet, I’ll get one now”
she said and she went for one…
but as I said that, the kumquat I was eating…
was the very last one, yaaaay ~ o(`▽´)o


So then I was like
“It’s ok Ai-chan!
At least you were able to see a kumquat once in your life.
With just that alone, you should be able to live a fun li…”


and as I was talking, Ai-chan
playfully gave me a hard smack (`ヘ´)


Even that was fun (lol)


Just kidding (≧▼≦)

Today's fashion check

Is Kamei Eri


“Eri, let me take an unusual but cute pic of you!”


I said as I took the shot


And she stood straight up!! ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Well standing straight up is pretty cute too (^o^)/


I guess Eri has great character just like me (lol)


Well maybe “great character” isn’t quite right ~~ o(`▽´)o

Awesome awesome refreshments ☆

Refreshments from the Tanaka Reina household ☆


All of these fruits here ♪


Soooo great ~~ o(`▽´)o


Simply happiness (*^o^*)


The fruits
in addition to me
just are so attractive (^_^)v♪ (lol)


Just looking at them is so soothing ~ ♪


It tasted soo delicious too ~ ♪ (⌒~⌒)


The delicious fruits made me happy
but more than that, more than anything, more than everything!!


Looking at Reina, happy about her hometown concert,
she looked the most happy!


And it’s all thanks to all you guys who came out


For saying you love Tanaka Reina-chan and Morning Musume
and for cheering us on, it’s thanks to that


Your energy was so much more awesome than these fruits ~ o(`▽´)o





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