An introduction to my room ☆

On “Baku! Baku! Bakushou mondai”


I did an introduction of my room
and here are some of the stuffed animals
on top of my bed ☆(≧∇≦)


Aren’t they sooo cute ♪
I got the bunny Rilakkuma (Relax bear)
from a UFO catcher ↑↑


It’s one of my favorites ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Also, here is my pink pajamas I wore
when I was doing the room introduction ☆


This is also one of my favorites (´∀`)


It’s very warm and I think it makes me look the cutest (lol) (*^□^*)


My mom found these pajamas in Yamaguchi prefecture
and brought it back for me (≧▼≦)


After doing an introduction of my cute room…
I guess in the end, I’m still the cutest after all (lol)


I guess that was pointless then wasn’t it guys!!!!!????? (lol)

Baku! Baku! Bakushou Mondai

“Baku! Baku! Bakushou Mondai”


just finished~!


To all of you who watched it, thanks ♪


I was so nervous as I watched it from home (>_<)


The bakushou mondai guys were so nice to me (≧∇≦)
It was a really fun recording
But it would make me most happy if you viewers
had a good time watching it


Speaking of wants, as long as my cuteness
can give you guys comfort, I’ll be happy o(^-^)o


So that I can get back on a show like this
I’ll be working to refine my cuteness and many other things
I’ll do my best!!


During the show, there was a blackboard where
passerbys could write on
and some wrote “Her blog is so painful” (lol)


Well, I guess nothing but self-shots of me makes it painful
so I suppose there’s a reason
but, I have no plans on stopping that (^O^)
because, I don’t want ~ to (lol)


So guys, from now on
let’s have a
cute blog from my point of view ♪
and a painful blog from your point of view ♪
together (≧∇≦)

Such good sisters ♪

My sis took this pic for me ☆☆


Her bag is so full of junk (lol)
For some reason she has 3 copies of 3 different TV magazines
in her bag ( ̄○ ̄;)


She tried to say
“Because sickness and health start with the mind”
“Because the mind starts with sickness and health”
she said so proudly (lol)
*her sis reversed the saying


She sometimes also uses her cellphone as a mic
and sings anime songs to it


She also thought the TV show “Aimaina!”
was called “Shinpaina!”
* Ambiguous → Worry


It seems like titles are
ambiguous in her mind… (lol)


I’m actually kinda worried about her (lol)


She’s always trying new, weird things!
My sis ♪

Meeting up with my sis ♪♪

Today, after coming home


My sis came over, it’s been soooo long ♪


I was soo happy!
My sis got over her cold!


The moment I saw my sis
she held out her hand like a gun
and went “bang bang bang bang!”
and aimed at my body…




Are you an elementary school kid or what?????????


While I was struck dumbfounded
she said
“well whenever you have your umbrella, it just makes you more lively”


Just what I expected from my sis!
I felt like clapping for her o(`▽´)o

A cut (;_;)

I got another mystery cut again~!


Lately, I seem to be getting injured without knowing it (;_;)


This time, it’s my left pinky


It’s a small cut, so it’s throbbing (^。^;)


Oh by the way, that cut in the middle of my forehead earlier
has healed ♪


Thank you guys for your concern (^O^)


Well, even if my body gets injured
with such kind words
from all of you at this blog here
my heart will never be injured



Or rather, it’ll always be cured (*^o^*)


Thank you

To Tanaka Reina-chan

I went to take a pic of myself~


and in the back you can see a tiny Tanaka Reina-chan ☆


I’m poking her with my finger (lol)


*point point*






maybe I’ll take a bite of her (lol)








and lastly,


I’m holding her up (lol)



Secured a Tanaka Reina!!





It's over it's over!

It’s over~ o(`▽´)o


On June 9th, Morning Musume’s new song “Seishun collection”
PV will be released ♪♪♪


I started off today at 4:30 in the morning!


And finally!
It ended!
with a lot of a fun!


We’re doooo~nnneee~ (≧∇≦)


In the end, we were having so much fun
I was playing with Reina the whole time (lol)


Everything Reina did was hilarious \(^ー^)/


It was funny ♪


Waking up early in the morning, and getting sleepy midway
was pretty rough
but the shoot was fun
and ↑
I think we made a really wonderful PV ↑↑


I can’t wait to see the finished product ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Everyone, please ☆ check it out too
Look forward to it ~ (^_^)v

Free time



Right now, I’ve got some free time


I’m Miss Free Time now


I don’t have anything to do,
do you guys ever blog when you’ve got free time? (>_<)


ah I guess my blogs aren’t usually this deep (lol)


Ahhh free time


maybe I should nap again


Oyasayumin ♪


Oh actually, I think I’ll go read everyone’s comments ~♪


Ahh, I brought along a game too ♪



From the looks of it
I guess I don’t have as much free time as I thought (lol)

The last of everyone's lunch

I had introduced all of the members eating lunch
except for Tanaka Reina-chan,
I didn’t have enough time to take pics of everyone


Since I didn’t have any pics of her eating,
I just took a pic of her afterwards (≧∇≦)


Tanaka Reina-chan
and Tanaka Reina-chan’s mirror ☆


For those of you who want to know more about this mirror
please ☆ check out Tanaka Reina-chan’s blog ~ V(^-^)V


There’s still more photo shoot to go!


But right now, I have some free time ☆


So I’m in the dressing room watching Hexagon ♪


Junjun is laughing really hard as she’s watching Tsuji Nozomi-san (lol)


Ahh, laughing when watching TV is such a nice thing


Junjun laughs the entire time she’s watching TV (^O^)


That just seems so nice and peaceful (*^o^*)


Junjun, you’re so cute!


Tsuji-san, good luck! (lol)

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