Do these two really look the same?


On the Hawaii Fan Club Tour
we went to the zoo↑


And there, the eight members of
Morning Musume were divided into
four two-man teams o(^-^)o


So I’ll introduce those teams <3


First up,
Tanaka Reina-chan and JunJun♪


Reina’s got that energetic thing going,
while JunJun’s calm and gentle…
so when you see the two of them together
it feels like a nice balance (o^∀^o)
However, when I saw them, I automatically
assumed that they would totally be opposing
each other, but in reality they look okay right?
these two♪


If there’s trouble, they stay calm
and don’t lay blame on each other (lol)


Since their hobbies and goals are different
it seems okay to put them together but,
if they were the same, then seems likely
they’d be fighting (lol)


Seems like they can do great things
in this world (^_^)v




Do I really? <3


【It’s the on thing that made me happy in Hawaii】


My stylist said to me,
『You’re figure resembles Ai-chan’s (Takahashi Ai-chan)』!!!


I’ve always admired Ai-chan’s figure,
so it made suuuuuper (≧∇≦) happy↑↑↑↑


So I’m sorry to Ai-chan for looking the same。。


I’ve still got tons of pics I haven’t put up yet,
so please take a look at them♪ (^_^)v


I’m not forcing you~!


But since everyone is so nice,
I’m sure you will look at them~ <3


But you guys would have wanted to see
us in Hawaii without me saying
how nice you are right!? (≧∇≦)


That how you guys are <3
Well, definitely check out my pictures!!


I guess I am forcing you‥ (lol) o(`▽´)o














Hawaii trip


5 days in Hawaii♪☆♪☆


Completely and utterly perfect (*^o^*)↑


Fan Club Tour…
just letters and words doesn’t do it justice,
it’s something so great, so enjoyable,
that it moves you so deeply O(≧∇≦)o
But, of course it should be given a name。
To every fan that was there,
『Thank you』


Along with the fan club tour, my work
in Hawaii was super fun as well (*^□^*)


And of course, private time to myself
*grin* ( ̄∀ ̄)


Shopping, traveling, eating, and time
at the hotel…☆
It’s the most I ever laughed (≧▼≦)


Even though the fan club tour was private,
this time, Hawaii was
♪Fully loaded♪with smiles♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


So many smiles!
When you’re smiling, it’s a
time when you’re so happy,
it’s true happiness I think (*^o^*)


When you see a lot of smiles,
you yourself want to smile a lot,
Those smiles in Hawaii, continued on in Japan <3
So those happy feelings from Hawaii,
came with me to Japan, and now I'm
focusing on continuing to do my best! (^O^)




From Hawaii→


Arrived in Japan~~~!! ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


to everyone in Japan。


On the plane, I pretty much
ate the in-flight meal, slept,
ate some sweets, slept,
ate some squid, slept,
like that, a eat-sleep,
eat-sleep cycle for the whole flight (lol)


Ah, but I did watch a movie。
I was seriously moved by it (;_;)☆☆


The pic is Sayumi
with Mitsui Aika-chan at
the Honolulu airport♪
Despite it being Hawaii,
take note of Sayumi’s totally
out-of-place winter clothes! (b^ー°)


Hawaii was so much fun but,
for Sayumi, Japan is number one (^_-)
I’m relaxed (*^o^*)
and calm (o^∀^o)


Thank you Hawaii♪
When I get tired of Japan,
yoroshiku onegaishimasu (人´∀`)♪


Sayumi's body


This is a pic from last night (^_^)v


Last night, me and Niigaki Risa
went to Kamei Eri-chan’s room to hang out
and the three of us were pretty loud so,
I went back to my room♪↑


Even though I was by myself, I
was still pumped up from all the excitement,


I actually didn’t sleep at all! (>_<)


I couldn’t sleep but,
it wasn’t because I was being noisy,
I just kept tossing and turning p(´⌒`q)


It was like I wanted to sleep but couldn’t。。


Maybe Sayumi’s body hasn’t
adusted to the time difference,
I don’t know (-.-;)


Strange though!


I can’t control my own body (*_*)


Sayumi’s wish right now
is that her body would go back to normal o(`▽´)o



New fact from the hotel


Good morning (^-^*)/♪♪


Sayumi just learned something yesterday!!


Me, Kamei Eri and Niigaki Risa were all talking…
and Eri said
『Eri just learned that there’s a futon on the bed』


Sayumi was about to say
『So, you’ve been in Hawaii for four days and you
haven’t slept with anything covering you?』
but Gaki-san interjected,
So after all the laughing stopped,
Gaki-san said,
『So you only slept with that one thin sheet then』


(・_・) Eh..?
‥hold up。。


Sayumi’s been sleeping with
that one thin futon-looking sheet thingy。。


Could it be!?


That’s it’s not a sheet-looking futon,
but in fact, a real sheet-looking sheet (`▽´)


Sayumi didn’t realize there was anything underneath
the futon either…(゜∇゜)


Even though Eri had that huge blunder,
it’s like I’m the same…


So essentially, Eri realized it and I didn’t,
and I was laughing at her all innocent like (」゜□゜)」


In the end, Gaki-san laughingly said,
『You two are idiots (lol)』


It was weird but, I slept with that one
very thin sheet ヽ(´▽`)/


I did it to the very end!!


But I’m worried I wasn’t able to contain my
embarrassment or chagrin。。


Well anyway, today while Sayumi was acknowledging
the existence of the futon,
it’s a victory over the thin sheet (・∀・)ノ



Hawaii's bugs


Full-body shot Sayumi, my face is so weird!


My eyes are scrunched (-.-)V


Hawaii was so much fun this time。
I got bit by bugs so it was kinda hard but↓
my bites,
totaled 5 places!!!!!←I put in five exclamation points (lol)


I got bit on my stomach!!
Well Sayumi’s stomach is dried up anyway…(lol)


In all of my life,
this is the first time
a Hawaii bug has bit my stomach!


I wonder if I was delicious?……(lol)









Afternoon nap


Morning Musume’s nap shot!!


This is for real sleeping!!!!


These two’s form is pretty crazy (´∀`)


Before I took this pic, I was enjoying
the view for about a minute (≧▼≦)


It was cute ヽ(´▽`)/


Then I got impatient (.. ;)



Ai-chan (right)
Eririn (Left)


My mom's mail


I went shopping♪♪


I had no plan to go,but I went,
and now I’m currently broke,
and just loafed around。
I’m broke because the things I bought
are all souvenirs to myself…。


Unexpectedly, my feet stop…


in front of a place selling bath towels!


Why? What for?
Why am I attracted to bath towels。。


And then, I got a mail from my mom!


『Hope you’re doing well <3
Keep doing your best in Hawaii <3』


Wonder why she was so polite…(lol)


Well, that has nothing to do with
what I was talking about before!


Bath towels in front of my face。
A mail from my mom。


Aha (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


That reminds me (°□°;)!!!!!


My mom asked for bath towels!
I totally forgot about that ”(ノ><)ノ


In front of the bath towel place,
my mom’s mail was perfect timing!


Did my mom have some intuition
about where her daughter was!?


Family members have that
kind of strange wonderful
phenomenon (*^o^*)


Hawaii’s fun and all,
but I’m starting to miss my family。



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