Right now!!

I’m recording!


For the show “Minna no katei no igaku”


I’ve learned a lot from this show and
again learned some new ways to better myself ↑


Please ☆
I want you to see what’s in this show
in addition to my cute self
“Minna no katei no igaku”
airs March 2nd!
Please watch!


Please support me (^人^)


My outfit is like this ♪
A one piece ☆ from beberose
A lace vest ☆ from Rojita !!


After looking at these pics,
allow me to say for you what you’re all thinking! (b^ー°)♪


“How cuuuuuuute (≧∇≦)”


At lunch…

I spent the entire morning matching my clothes ☆


I tried on a ton of clothes ☆


I think I probably changed my clothes today…
the same amount you guys do in 2 weeks ♪


Right now, I’m having lunch with my manager and
my favorite, always helpful stylist ♪~θ(^0^ )


Seafood curry rice ☆
I’m soo full (⌒~⌒)♪
The squid was squidtastic (lol)


Also, even though I was full, I had some cheesecake too ☆


I really ate a lot


Right now I’m on the move again!
I’m in a tunnel at this very moment


Ah, just exited the tunnel!


Sorry there isn’t much to this blog post


Probably because I…
Ate too much squid that it made my squidy


Everyone, maybe this’ll be the perfect squid
for those of you who are just starting to squid me


Well, it’s all squid ♪
* Let me know if you think the squid jokes are unclear



Good morning ♪


Since this morning..
well more like since it is morning?


It’s suuuuuuuuper cold {{(>_<;)}} In Tokyo ☆


The weather forecast had the snow symbol!!!


And the lowest temperature showed 1 degrees!!!




I’m pretty sure that water starts to freeze over at 0 degrees though?


Unless my elementary school teacher was mistaken, that’s what I learned…


But some how, at 1 degrees there will be snow!


Weird, how does that work (?_?)


Well first of all, did I fail to understand
the science of it when I was in elementary school!?


Understand science.
Understand science..


…and now I shall end with a pun…


It’s cold again in Tokyo today!


And it seems like I’m just as lame too 彡(-_-;)彡
* Cold temperature and lame joke are the same word


Love to use it ♪

Today, after my bath, I made sure to thoroughly dry my hair


Because I’m gonna pass out right away *thud clonk* (lol)


I may not know what thud clonk means but I love using it ♪♪


The roots of the word may be very deep,
but in general, it’s just a nuance isn’t it (^O^)


I’m not trying to make light of the word but
I’ve seem to gotten a hang of using it pretty easily
So maybe I do understand it (^∀^)ノ


I’ve got an early start tomorrow and a long day,
but I also have some interesting work to do ♪


As someone who can use the Japanese nuances,
tomorrow, I’ll be breaking even more of the language barriers!!!!


I am very happy and excited about tomorrow’s work ♪♪


So to prepare for that, I’m gonna go to bed early tonight ♪~θ(^0^ )


Bye byeeee ヾ(*’-‘*)


Monthly salary
Thud Clonk ー(-.-)zzZ
*She was trying to make a joke, but I think she messed up one of the words lol


Double knots

And now here is my relaxed hair style ☆
Double knots… V(^-^)V


Before I joined Morning Musume, I wore double knots every day


Although I still continue to wear it often,
even after joining Morning Musume


Even after turning 20, you can’t keep me away from double knots (≧∇≦)


In another version of this style,
you can place the knots high up
and that is called Usa-chan hair ♪


So in the end I guess I ended up with the double knot style…
What a Sayumi-ish feeling!


And now Sayumi’s Kimagure hair arrangement show ☆★


Will come to an end here today ☆


Oh man, I’m out of time! ”(ノ><)ノ There is a shop event with Takahashi Ai-chan and Tanaka Reina-chan! In the Shibuya shop!!


Actually, I’m in a hurry!
Because I’m supposed to…



not be there.
I just have regular work..
But I always will give it 100% effort ↑


I’ll be sure to do my best in a cute way (≧∇≦)


For those of you that are annoyed right now ☆


Don’t worry, that’s normal today too (lol)


A good woman!?

Next up is, pulled back in 1 tail ☆


Tied low!


When I’m at home, I often use this hairstyle
But when I go out, I never ever use this
So this may be new to you!?


I sometimes also tie it up higher too (^O^)
But when it’s low like this, with only 1 tail, it’s kinda office-lady style isn’t it ☆


Kinda like a capable woman, a good woman (≧∇≦)


It might be hard to see from this front view,
so here is a side view too ♪


That was pretty thoughtful of me wasn’t it ♪♪♪♪♪♪


See, I’m not just about the hair, I am a woman with substance
I’m a good woman aren’t I (lol)


The more you know about me, the better woman you’ll think I am (lol)


So please learn much more about me


Over the ear

Well, my first hairstyle is over the ear ☆ lol ☆


Not much of a change is it ( ̄∀ ̄)


The next one will be a pretty big change,
so everyone, please come to my
Kimagure hair arrangement show m(_ _)m


Oh also, changing up the topic a bit… a few days ago
was the release of Morning Musume’s “Onna ga medatte naze ikenai”


The deadline to apply for the release event is the 22nd
So everyone, if you would like, please come out and support us! (≧∇≦)
Please come out to meet Morning Musume ↑↑


This time, there will be a female-only event as well (^_-)
It’s a first for us
I’m pretty excited about it… ☆
I can’t wait to see all the people there ☆



Right now I’m playing around with a bunch of different hairstyles V(^-^)V


This pic here is the “normal” version ☆
With the bottom part curled ↑


From here, I’ll be upping a bunch of different pics as I
arrange my hair in different styles (^_-)♪


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved playing with my hair
whether it be curling it, tying it up, or braiding it ―(≧∇≦)♪


Up til 4th grade, I seriously wanted to be a stylist


And as to why only “up til 4th grade”
Well in elementary school, since the classes change every year
you make those yearbooks every year don’t ya?


Well in 4th grade
We were all writing up our profile
and there was this “Your dreams in the future” part


And of course, I wrote “A famous beautician”
and across that, I wrote in tiny letters “Everyone please come visit ☆”


Then, all of the boys in the class wrote
“No way I’d ever go!”
That was a pretty big shock to me so I gave it up… (lol)


But nevertheless, I have always loved playing with my hair
so from time to time I’ll try out different things
even when there’s nothing going on (o^∀^o)


Funny (lol)

Good morning!!


I was so tired yesterday, the moment I got into my futon, I fell asleep!


It was my instant technique \(+×+)/


It was like…
Thud clonk! (-_-#)


what is “thud clonk” supposed to mean anyway?
That’s funny (lol)


In normal conversations “thud clonk” seems to come up a lot,
and just now, I guess I just did the same thing..


If you think about it though, it’s kinda funny (lol)


The “thud” is like when you’re falling down, so that part is ok


But why do we say the “clonk” huh (`▽´)


I wonder where the “clonk” came from


The origins of words…
are so deep aren’t they


I’m not trying to take it lightly


I’ll be sure to use it carefully


On the way back from the event… in the car…


I was chatting with Mitsui Aika-chan


It was a really fun chat ♪♪♪♪


Then, before I knew it..


I fell asleep


It was such a shock!
In the middle of a good talk, I feel asleep… (*_*)


“Sorry I fell asleep”
is what I said, but then I fell asleep again…
I’m just a big sleepy head today


Even as I’m writing this post right now,
I wonder how many times has my mind drifted off


How many times have I dropped my phone…


Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been this sleepy ~(;_;)


I think I’ll fall asleep the instant I get into bed (-.-)zzZ


But being this sleepy hopefully means I’ll have sound sleep tonight ↑


Oh man, if that’s the case, I’m looking forward to that (≧∇≦)


Can’t wait to sleep ♪
Waiiiii ♪♪♪


If I get excited about it, I’ll wake myself up though


So I need to preserve this sleepiness


Well for now, I need to at least take a bath first ↑↑


No peeking (lol)


But you can imagine (lol)


Kyaaa (≧∇≦)


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