Smileage ☆

I took a pic with these kouhai, the Smileage 4
who were very pumped up as
Morning Musume’s
opening act


These 4
These 4 girls


are! so! very! cute (≧∇≦)


these 4 girls are sooo cute ♪
they’ve got such a modern style
I’m so jealous ↑\(^ー^)/


A little while ago, my sis saw them too
and she’s totally into them now


And now, both sisters are super into Smileage (lol)


I hope you guys start to like Smileage too!


Ahh but of course
Morning Musume is number 1! (lol)

Otsukareina ↑

The first Fukuoka concert just ended♪ddddddddddd♪


This pic is of Fukuoka native!
a 2shot with Tanaka Reina-chan (^_^)v


For the first concert
I tripped up (;_;)
It was so scary!


but the concert was fun ♪


Reina’s hometown was so fired up ♪♪♪


When I was a kid, I used to go to Fukuoka
to go shopping, so it kinda made me happy ↑


places like the Sea Mall or Tenjin Core (^_-)


Being able to a concert near places you remember
gives me such happiness (*^o^*)


And doing a concert at where you were born and raised,
I’m positive Reina must’ve have been super super happy \(^ー^)/


For the 2nd concert, moriagaReina ↑↑
* combination of “lets get fired up” + Reina

A dream I saw

I just did my make up (^_-)♪


by the way
so today is our Fukuoka concert right ♪


This morning, we went from Tokyo→Fukuoka via plane (≧∇≦)


And so, today I took a taxi by myself from my house to the airport
and on the way I fell asleep


and had a dream.


In that dream


there was a giant sticker of Ishihara Satomi-san’s face!


yeah, that was the dream..


Ishihara Satomi-san was smiling ♪






Smiling, but silent…


When people act like that, that’s the scariest thing (>_<) (lol)

Lunch ☆

☆ Kata yakisoba
☆ Mentaiko rice
☆ Tofu miso soup
☆ Macaroni salad


that’s what I had ~


The kata yakisoba brought back memories of school lunches
it was so good (o^~^o)


And today, is Morning Musume’s Fukuoka concert ♪


When you go to Fukuoka, you definitely have to eat the mentaiko (≧∇≦)


I wanna go out shopping for souvenirs
I wonder if I have time… (¬з¬)


Well, I still don’t have make up on yet
so please excuse me (lol)


In my next update, I wonder if you’ll be able to see me with make up on \(^ー^)/


Anyways, I’m off to rehearsals ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


morning (^-^*)/


Today is a national holiday
Banzai \(^ー^)/


Hopefully it’ll be a great day today… ↑↑


Right now I’m sleepy and hungry
I want to satisfy at least one of those urges some how (lol)

Sleep ♪

I just got out of the bath—!! (*^o^*)


Here are pics of me
before the bath ♪
and after getting out ♪



I really wanted to give my body a little more time
in the bath…


But I felt like I was gonna fall asleep in the bath,
I was so tired…


I thought “I don’t want my life to end here!”
I got out of the bath really quick!


And got into my bed


My mom isn’t feeling well right now
but she still laid out my futon all nicely…


I’m glad I work hard ☆
Oyasayumin ♪








ε= Fwooosh

Today was another hard days work



Tomorrow is Fukuoka—-!


I need to get ready (>_<)


But I need to take a bath too..
Today was another nervous day for me, so my shoulders are all stiff
I need to soak myself in hot water ~ (*^o^*)



And after that, I need to go to bed right away…


To all you guys who stayed up with me til the late hours
waiting for the happy pics, thank you so much!


I don’t have any more happy pics, so you can go sleep now! (lol)



And even if not in real time
to those of you who are checking out this blog right now
thank you so much o(^-^)o








Happy pic ② An idol buddy?

And now ☆★☆


continuing on with the happy pics


A 2shot with Hamada Britney-san


Hamada Britney
is a self-proclaimed 20 year old, so she’s my age (lol)


Also, she has a brown-haired image, but today she has black hair


“It’s a new kind of cute ya know, ah but you’ve got black hair too”
she said
“so I guess that makes us black hair idol buddies then. Yes”
she said


Well, Hamada-san isn’t an idol though!
I thought immediately
“Well, I guess I’ll write that we’re idol buddies now on my blog”
I said (≧∇≦)


I didn’t want to lie… for now…


So I guess I’m idol buddies with Hamada Britney-san now


Oh well, I’ll go with it ↑ (lol)


But um, Hamada Britney-san is a very funny person
she had so many funny stories ♪
that made me so happy (;_;)
and also, she’s always so positive and light-hearted, I really respect that ☆


By no means is she not an idol buddy, but I hope we can become closer friends (lol)

Happy pic ①

I’m baaack ~ ♪


I’m back home now ☆★☆


As for my happy pic


I got a 2shot with Kumikki aka Funayama Kumiko (≧∇≦)


Sooo cuuute!
She looks so good with a cheek pinch ↑


The pose we’re doing together
as you guys can see
is the Kumikki pose V(^-^)V
and the
usa chan peace pose V(^-^)V
two different ones (lol)


Well I guess
you can call these a collaboration
between the Kumikki pose and usa chan peace pose… (lol)


Kumikki-chan (sorry if you’re all familiar with it) was like
“I always see you on Tanaka Reina-chan’s blog” (lol)
Not on my blog!
I thought
But the fact that she watches me and knows of my existence,
I am just grateful for that alone, so I thanked her ♪


I gotta get Kumikki-chan to notice this blog some how (*^o^*)


There are more happy pics to come (≧∇≦)

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