I'll do my best

For today’s fix I…


ended up crying..


Even though you guys all prayed for me
my own abilities were just lacking
things it didn’t end problem-free…


Sorry (;_;)


They even had to stop the music because of me, that’s the worst ↓


I’m sorry to the other members, the teacher, and staff members, and to everyone ~ ↓


I really do like singing. But I’m so bad at it


If I wasn’t putting enough effort in, then yeah I can understand that
but today, I just couldn’t sing well at all
and that was so terribly frustrating, irritating, and just painful to me
I’m so jealous of the other members who can sing well
Of course the other members put a lot of effort in as well
It is because they give it 100% every day that they can sing so well
But I just feel like I’m the only one who can’t sing
And it just instantly kills my confidence and my voice
Crying didn’t solve any problems for me either, it just caused further trouble for everyone else
I’m so embarrassed


But I have to get back up!


I’ve decided!


I’ll keep on going ☆☆


I don’t need to just cry all the time!


I can’t change the fact that my singing is poor,
and I can’t go back to the old days,
and I can’t do anything about what happened to day…


But from tomorrow on..
from right now!


I’ll continue to face forward and give it my all


I’m not writing this in the hopes to get consolation from all you guys!
I just want to share my new-found commitment to you all

My teeth easily chip

I got some rusk
from Kamei Eri-chan ~ ♪


So good so good (≧∇≦)


I had 5 pieces left
and finished them all o(`▽´)o


Eri’s rusk is quite unique
Eri’s rusk was very hard!
I was afraid I’d chip my teeth


But I’m ok \(^ー^)/


But when I checked closer,
I had already chipped my molars!


So now it’s not about worrying what to do if I chip my teeth
but rather worry about what to do about my chipped teeth

No problem!

We’re done with “connecting the blocks”!


Well I made some mistakes,


but overall we ended things without any problems (≧∇≦)


The one thing I do have a problem with,
is sweating so much, as you can see on my face ( ̄○ ̄;)



If I had a snack break,
everything would be fixed!!


Scaaary ”(ノ><)ノ


But it doesn’t seem like I’ll have a fix…


Well guys,
please pray for me so that I’ll make it back here safely again (;∇;)/~~



Ai A~i ♪

Since a lot of Ai-chan fans might think it was mean
for me to use Ai-chan as a camera man ”(ノ><)ノ (lol)


Here, have an
Ai-chan smile ♪(*^o^*)♪♪


Today, Ai-chan
darkened her hair o(^-^)o


“When your hair darkens, it kinda lowers your mood~”


says Ai-chan


But no matter what Ai-chan shows up, she’s always cute! (b^ー°)


I love her \(^ー^)/


Good morning!


Today of course ☆


is another day of rehearsals ”(ノ><)ノ


For today’s rehearsal


“Connecting the blocks”
it what it’s called, where we join all the separated blocks that we’ve created ♪


In short, joining all the songs together ( ̄∀ ̄)


Kyaa ♪


Everyone, please pray that my “test” goes well (lol)

What I really want…

Since yesterday morning, I’ve been really wanting to eat curry


Today, during the rehearsal and radio show
I went to a bentou shop
and there were a ton of delicious items on the menu
but of course!
I picked curry to eat!


It was soooo (⌒~⌒) good!!


My manager-san brought back some fried chicken,
ah what a luxury to have curry and fried chicken ♪♪


I satisfied my curry craving ♪


My mom
also said she wanted to eat some, but I ate it first without her (lol)


I wonder if this is me being rebellious vs my parents (lol)


Speaking of rebellious…
Back in the day, when my big brother was in high school,
my brother had his rebellion
and he would fight with my dad a lot


At that time, it made my sis cry
I wanted to cry too
but my sis was already crying
so I didn’t (lol)


Contrary to that,
as the little sis I said
“It’s the rebellious age, you can’t help it. It’s ok”
as I comforted her


I often hear
“Which one is the big sis, I can’t tell~”
I think it came from
this incident!


To myself back then, otsucurry– ♪ (lol)

Essential trash

In the first pic,
I’m kinda surrounded by a white mist, like a hazy feeling
can you see my cuteness from it now? (≧∇≦) (lol)


When I took this pic
“Ahh my angel aura has finally coming out ~ !”
is what I thought (lol)


But then I looked closely
and I had some used cotton on my phone camera
it made me fall to me knees ( ̄○ ̄;)


It wasn’t an angel aura…
It was just used cotton..


So I plucked out the cotton and took another pic,
here is the 2nd pic!


Without any angel aura… (」゜□゜)」


Yeah, the 1st pic looks cuter huh..


Ahh I shouldn’t have pulled off the cotton ↓


Even though it was trash
It was an essential item for me!


Now for all you guys, when you’re throwing stuff away
You should really double check to see if you really don’t need it anymore first!

Smile Campaign

on CBC’s “Konya mo usa-chan peace”, our radio guest
that came were the 4 girls from Smileage ♪


Right now, for Smileage to make their major debut,
it seems like Tsunku-san has given them a challenge!


And that is
until March 25th
they have to collect 10,000 smile pics
and create a mosaic board!!


I heard today, that currently
they have about 4000 pics
Oh man!
The suspense (>_<)


It’s not good to make cute girls worry like this!! (lol)
Guys, they haven’t made it yet!
We need your cooperation please (≧∇≦)


I also took a smile pic for them ~ !


I took an exceptionally cute smile pic (≧∇≦)


They are so cute, so this is the least I could do to help the Smileage girls that I love
And that makes me happy o(^-^)o


I hope Smileage will be able to make their major debut!


Those 4 girls have great personality, are really good kids,
and can just sing really well ♪


So that Smileage may be able to debut…


Please everyone, I’m asking for your help!!! (人´∀`)


☆ The Smileage Smile Campaign URL ☆↓

A Present

Today is Linlin’s birthday
So I got Linlin these 2 pouches o(^-^)o


One of them is a different color from mine ♪


Of course, my color is pink (lol)
Sorry… but I’m not giving that up


I was so glad that Linlin liked it (*^o^*)


She got a ton of presents from the other girls too, she looked so happy ♪


Ahh I hope my birthday comes soon~


My birthday is July 13th ya know ~ ♪
Just 4 more months and 2 days!



Right, that was a subtle
birthday appeal (lol)


Ahh, well
not really subtle I guess


Fine then, one more time and all out!


July 13th!!!
I can’t wait (≧∇≦) (lol)

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