With this flower in my hair,


feels like Hawaii♪


So light… I’m in festive-mode!


♪Romantic festive-mode♪


Ah, that was Fujimoto Miki-san’s song~


Mikitty ――――――――――――――――――!!!!!!!


and so on and so forth (^o^)/
Seems like I automatically start calling
out Mikitty (lol) (^_^)v


It’s the festive-mood, can’t help it!
Can’t keep it in (≧∇≦)
It’s such fun!
And so, with nothing held back。。






Eyelash lovers


I was planning on blogging
about last night again,
but when I thought about it,
I fell asleep (>_<)


Sorry (;_;)


Being in Hawaii for 5 days,
I’m still kinda feeling jet-lagged..
I wanna sleep!!!!


Number one thing this year,
“I want to sleep” (;_;)


I keep trying to pull
my upper eyelashes away
from my lower eyelashes but,
seems like they’re really
liking each other。


Sayumi’s eyelashes, lovex2♪


I wonder if my eyelash’s tiredness
will go away quickly。。





Today for breakfast, I had a spam onigiri♪


What kind of meat is spam anyway!


Sayumi’s prediction…




When I asked just now,
I heard it was a mix of all kinds of meat!
Like luncheon meat kinda!?


I don’t know (>_<)


Well, if it’s good, I guess I don’t care ♪(^_^)v




Gaki-san's jar


Yesterday at dinner’s all-you-can-eat,
we had this dinner corner and
I made some ice cream (^_^)v
I had to do it (≧∇≦)


But, Sayumi’s was really terrible↓
Oh and, I have no cooking sense↓↓


Everyone else had made ice cream
look like it was supposed to be,
but only Sayumi’s was bad (┳◇┳)
While Gaki-san was saying,
『I’ll try Sayumin’s』
she was helping me make it,
she added too much and made it
so weird looking!


『It’s Gaki-san’s fault』
I said, but if it’s somebody’s fault,
Gaki-san always gets mad…


Gaki-san was laughing too
hard at Sayumi’s jar-looking ice cream
that she didn’t have a comeback (lol)


Lucky♪ (^_^)v (lol)


But when Sayumi looks at, it’s not so weird,
in fact it looks like a work of art~♪~θ(^0^ )


Laughing at my artistic jar,
Gaki-san doesn’t quite yet know
what a work of art is (lololol)




Reina a angel? a devil?


For yesterday’s dinner
we all went to a all-you-can-eat!(^_^)v


It said, “Dessert included” so I ate a lot o(`▽´)o


When I was eating dessert,
Reina-chan, who had eaten her dessert earlier,
said to me
『You better eat this!』
and there was a chocolate cake (^O^)


Suggesting something like that,
it’s got to be good (o^~^o)


So, I grabbed a pretty huge bite
and as I was eating
the cake…


…mint ( ̄○ ̄;)
…Sayumi can’t eat mint chocolate! (;_;)




Come to think of it,
when she said
『You better eat this!』
Reina had this devilish smile~
and for not realizing it
Sayumi’s an idiot (;∇;)/~~


But after,
She gave me her most angelic smile
and said
『This is delicious!』♪


Even in Hawaii,
it was a good example of how
Reina keeps her
angel/devil duality perfect (lol)





kai_guy magic?


We did some Hawaii shopping (≧∇≦)


We only had an hour but,
I’m really satisfied!! (*^_ ’)


They had my mascara that
was sold-out in Guam!!
They knew (_´Д`)ノ~~


Then after, I asked the store person
about some perfume, but I was worried
the whole time。。
It smelled really good and the container
was so cute (´∀`)


But Sayumi realized something…


doesn’t wear perfume…


It’s a wonderful kind of overseas magic o(^∇^o) (o^∇^)o


When you come overseas, you find
yourself wanting stuff you don’t need (≧▼≦)


I was really enthralled
by this overseas magic!


Safe! (o>ω<o)


Somehow or other,
I hope the shoppers today
will return home to Japan
without feeling charmed (@゜▽゜@)



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