Michelle gave me,
a ring as a present <3


I was super happy。
I was really moved by it (;_;)


When we were saying goodbye,
I got super lonely and it wouldn’t stop (;_;)。。


I definitely want to meet again (^O^)


Michelle-chan, thank you so much♪


You’re just too cute <3




















Make-believe doctor


Michelle said to me,
『Oneechan, let’s go』
and pulled me along with her,
Sayumi was so happy (´∀`)
I got to go with her at last ♪(*^□^*)


Me and Michelle played
make-believe doctor o(^∇^o) (o^∇^)o


Sayumi was the doctor。
So why was Michelle
giving orders to the doctor,
“Do this!” “Do that!”



I was really worked..(^_^;)


My manager called me
so I said,
『Oneechan has to go to work
But I’ll be back soon so wait okay?』
to which she replied
『Doctor, don’t go~!』 (^。^;)

That’s an order I can’t refuse but..(lol)


So when I had a break at work
I rushed back over to Michelle
saying 『Sorry you had to wait!』

Michelle had this “whatever” face (゜∇゜)


Even though we were having
so much fun together,
it’s like she had forgotten (;∇;)/~~ (lol)


Back to square one。。




To be good friends with Michelle again,
the doctor will do anything she says!!!!!



One second longer


『The noodles aren’t coming.
The noodles are taking too long.』
was what a very annoying Kamei Eri was saying
so I said
『Well, while we wait, I’ll take a picture』
and she turned into a good girl
and looked staight at the camera♪


While I was saying
『Ok, Cheeー…』
at that very moment I heard
『Here’s your noodles! Thanks for waiting~!』
In reaction to that voice,
Eri moved her face and blurred the pic (lol)




But, you know, I wish she could’ve
waited just a second longer…
Getting a cute picture of Eri
is not that easy (;∇;)/~~(lol)





When Kamei Eri tried to call the waiter,
she confidently called out,




Again and again




she said。


Even though everyone was Korean,
they just keep passing us by。。


『Jeoneun』 in Korean
is 『I am…』 in Japanese。


in Japanese
she was shouting
『I am!I am!』
to the passing waiters (lol)


When we left the restaurant,
Kame Eri was repeatedly shouting


She seems to really be liking “Jeoneun!”♪


I think I’ll proabably be hearing
“Jeoneun!” a lot。


Sayumi wants it over already
before she reaches her limit‥



I apologize now for any errors in the Korean.


JunJun at the restaurant


In the pic, it’s my yakiniku
bibimba that I’m eating but,
my sempai Gaki-san is stirring
it for JunJun。


JunJun had taken
the raw meat from
her yukhoe and cooked it!


It’s delicious when it’s raw。


I don’t understand it ( ̄^ ̄)


If you cook it, it kills the
individuality of yukhoe doesn’t it (-_-メ) (lol)


Still so young, Junko!


when we were done eating,
our cooking fire was put out,
but we were like
『I want to eat again!』
so we had delicious yakiniku
brought out again (lol)


And then, quite a large amount
of garlic was brought, and
JunJun ate it all by herself!


On top of that, I had no clue she did it (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Towards the end,
I was told,
『You have to cook this meat thoroughly!』
but I ended up eating the mino half raw (≧ヘ≦)


I still need some mentoring I guess (lol)



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