I’m uploading pics again
from yesterday’s
non-no fashion show of the other members (^_-)♪♪♪


Speaking of pics,
In the 1st pic, I’m together with
Niigaki Risa-chan aka Gaki-san
she did me a favor as a friend ~ (^_^)v


Well, I kinda half forced her into it (≧∇≦) (lol)


is my Morning Musume senpai,
so from here on, as a friend… ♪


Ah please continue to treat me kindly (≧∇≦) (lol) ♪





at the non-no fashion show..
I was bursting with energy in my super cute outfit ♪♪♪♪♪♪


The heels that I weren’t used to
and the model walk that I wasn’t used to
are things I won’t forget for a while…
because I got super shoe blistered from it (;_;)


When I took my sandals off, this is how my feet looked (lol)


I was able to really see what it was like to be a model…
with all the pain included o(^-^)o


Models are so amazing!
They always have such great posture (≧∇≦)


If I could act like a model,
I think my looks would completely change
I am secretly sitting in correct posture as I blog about this ~ (lol)


Today I have spring tour rehearsals ♪


Today, we are doing a costume rehearsal
The costumes I’ll be wearing will be the same ones as the real show!


Tsunku-san will be coming to watch (^O^)


Before the costume rehearsal starts,
we still have another rehearsal
but not for song checking, it’s for the announcements!


I’ll do the best I can! ♪♪


well, before that I…
got a “stye” in my eye
it hurts went I wink (>_<)


I got it yesterday
the entire time, I thought it was a headache
I was massaging my temple the entire time (lol)


But when I really focused on where the pain was coming from,
it wasn’t my head, but rather my eye (∋_∈)


The sides (?) of my eye got really big and are swollen — (ノ△T)


Well, back in the day, I was the type who got styes really easily
so I used to always carry eye drops, and as soon as I used them,
the stye would go away quickly (*^o^*)

Failed again

Good morning!


Last night,
my total access views
hit 15 million ~ (≧∇≦)


I was aiming to be the 15 millionth visitor…
But unfortunately I got 15,000,009…


How unlucky ↓↓


I won’t lose next time (lol)








Failed program recording

I failed to record
“Mecha 2 iketeru!”
But actually
I also failed to record another show I was looking forward too (>_<)


Originally, I wasn’t that excited about it,
but I hit kind of like a weird, slightly excited feeling about it
and when I found out I failed to record it last night, I just lost it…
I went on an eating binge
and cried
it was the worst (;_;)

Yesterday, when I told my kouhai Mitsui Aika-chan about the failed recording
She was like
“Shall I burn you a DVD tomorrow?”


Then, right in front of me in the blink of an eye,
the world was moving so fast like a circus finale ↑


“Really? Thanks!”
as I expressed my gratitude to her


When we were heading home and saying our byes,
“I’m counting on you for tomorrow!”
as I strongly requested for the time being… (・_・)..

Aika-chan was like
“Okaaay (≧∇≦)”
and had a huge smile (≧∇≦)


While I was aware of my own fragile state
and thinking how inexcusable it was
in that instant, Mittsi’s smile felt even more dazzling than normal



I mis-heard

I was pretty nervous today at the non-no fashion show (;_;)


Being a surprise guest made me too excited…


And also, I was the top batter for the walking!!!!!!


I mean that has to make you nervous!


I mean going up as the top batter,
what if they boo’d me, what would I do,
I was so worried I froze up (∋_∈)


And then a lot of people
screamed “Kyaa—”
and that made me feel so relieved,
I was so happy o(^-^)o


I was bouncing up and down from nervousness and happiness the entire time (lol)


My head felt like it was bouncing up and down too…
When the announcer asked
“What do you think of the walking on the runway”
I mis-heard it as
“What do you think of the walking on the ramen”


“Hey what the, ramen!?”
I thought about tsukkomi-ing
But someone in Morning Musume heard it right
and I responded “I’m so glad I was nervous”


Ho~ (lol)
I was so close to speaking from that misunderstanding ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛
The other members were the most glad though (lol)


Here’s the 3 of us with Takahashi Ai-chan and Linlin ♪


And, a 2shot with Niigaki Risa-chan ♪


Everyone is soooo cute ~
They’re so lovely (*^o^*)


to see how cute all of us are, that’s “cute” coming from the cute me now,
anyway, you can see the suuuper cute us on

March 20th
8 PM


『non-no Spring Collection “White Day Special”』




Please watch it!
The models were soo attractive too (o>ω 

They were so stylist, it was overwhelming (@゜▽゜@)
I admire them so much (//∀//)


I think both guys and girls will enjoy it, so please watch it ya (*/ω\*)



Cute outfit


Today’s outfit is suuuuper cute!


They are all “ISBIT DAIKANYAMA“!!


This one-piece is just too cute, I’m going nuts over it (_´Д`)ノ


So, please enjoy these 3:
a close-up shot, half body shot, and full body shot!


The other members were super cute too,
so I’ll be uploading those them soon (^_-)♪















Fashion Show

for the 10 year celebration of non-no × BS-TBS opening
non-no spring collection “White Day Special”
we, Morning Musume, participated as surprise guests ♪♪


Overall it still was a fashion show
which was a first time experience for me
so I was pretty nervous, frozen solid even at times (>_<) I don't have confidence in making a good smile! (lol) Well I've never really remembered before this! (lol)


Yesterday, the spring tour rehearsals ended
but then there was the fashion show rehearsal
where we were taught the fine details of walking and posing
I practiced a lot!!


I was nervous from rehearsals
so I did a simulation in my mind as I slept last night
And then for the real thing…
There was no point in practicing yesterday ~~ (ノ△T)
I was so nervous, I was skipping and jumping
shyly putting my hand to my mouth,
and happily making cool poses,
and going “yay”! (^_^)v

Anyway, there’s still one more round to go
I’ll do my best to show off the hard work from practice
I’m off to fully enjoy what it feels like to be a model o(^-^)o






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