Black jack

These are all the surveys from work that have piled up (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


And for most of these, the deadlines are tomorrow!
I’m in a rush


Well, since I slept so much during the day
it’s time now to be fully engulfed in surveys!!


For me,
I often make mistakes and I usually have to rewrite a lot of stuff later,
so I’ll start off a mechanical pencil so I can erase if needed ♪


After reading it over and over and finally giving myself the GO sign
I’ll write over with a ball point pen ↑


This is the mechanical pencil I’m using ☆


It’s Black Jack’s Pinoko-chan
She’s so cute isn’t she (*^o^*)


This has been my favorite pencil since elementary school


I have a matching one with my sis (^_^)v


Back in elementary school, I used to love reading the Black Jack manga with my sis (≧∇≦)


But being an elementary school student, I didn’t have any money
so we collected all the used versions of the volumes together
it’s something I really treasure (^_^)v


So that’s why when I
had appendicitis in my 3rd year of elementary school,
I seriously wanted a Black Jack surgery!!


Hard to believe huh


Acchon burike (≧ε≦)*
* From Black Jack

That kinda day



Today I
just felt so lazy (lol)


This morning I posted all like “go be assertive!”
but then right after I just wasted the whole day away! (lol)


I should be living more energetically ↑↑(≧∇≦)


Starting tomorrow ☆↑♪↑


Even though, today was just eat-sleep-blog, eat-sleep-blog and repeat…


I think I slept more than you guys actually thought (lol)


I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep at midnight (;_;)


I’m Michishige Sayumi and I’m a night life kinda woman ♪

Eclair Rusk

Today, I had an eclair rusk at home ☆


This year on Valentine’s Day,
I gave some to Murakami Shouji
and he said they were delicious!
I was so happy O(≧∇≦)o


But I didn’t get a chance to eat them…


And then
previously, Ogura Yuuko had posted on her blog about it
so I wanted to try it ♪


The one I tried today was white chocolate ☆☆


It’s so good! so good! so good!
good! good! good! good!


Definitely worth repeating ↑














From Sanma-san

Today’s one-piece…


previously on a radio show
Akashiya Sanma-san was like


“A clown!”


because of how I looked (lol)


So for a while
because I didn’t want to be called a clown
I avoided this outfit (lol)



It’s been a while since I wore this—- ♪


When I was called a clown
it was a little shocking
but not so much now (b^ー°)


Rather, it’s like I’ve turned into a clown (lol)


I guess I’ve grown up (´∀`)
What do you think of a Clown Sayumin??

The fourth time…

Good morning (^-^*)/



is what one would expect again,
but I took a shower and it opened my eyes up ☆


Just now I checked out the comments for “The third time…” post
and so many people were worried about my sister’s fever (;_;)


They don’t even know what her face looks like…


Thank you guys so much!!


I’m sure my sis appreciates it as well!!


Previously, my sis said she is always checking out this blog,
but it seems like she also reads the comments too.. (≧∇≦)


And well, I’m sure she wouldn’t lose interest (lol)


It’s ok!


Have faith in my sis ♪

The third time…

Good morning (^-^*)/


In the end, I fell asleep a third time ~ (lol)


Ahh I’m sleeping too much (οдО;)


Actually today, I was supposed to go hang out with my sister ♪



But, this morning my mom
told me
“Seems like your sis has a fever”


How did… my mom!?


Then afterwards, I got a mail from my sis


Well, that’s perfectly alright but


how is it that my mom was able to learn about it?
when you have a fever, you aren’t thinking straight…


Ah, perhaps it’s because my sister usually doesn’t think straight b(・∇・●)


well that means for today
it’s back to the usual for me! (lol)


I wonder if it’s ok for me to be not worried at all (lol)


When my sis starts to act serious, that’s when I’ll worry (lol)

The second time…

Good morning (^-^*)/


Yep, the second time… ☆


When I fell back asleep the second time, I slept pretty hard~ (^_^)v



It was very filling,
because up til now, I hadn’t gotten enough sleep
so I caught up on my sleep \(^ー^)/


Well now, after this I’ll…
in order to never be lacking again
go into a pool of sleep! (lol)


Oyasayumin ♪


Just kidding
that’d be just like me to fall asleep a third time though …(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Let’s pray that you don’t see a third “Good morning (^-^*)/” from me though (lol)




Good morning (^-^*)/


For breakfast this morning I had this ☆


Fluffy bread ~ ♪


Have you heard of it??


It’s pure white bread that’s so soft it’s fluffy (´∀`)


It’s unbelievable (≧▼≦)


It’s light and fluffy
and I had 4 slices this morning ~ ♪ (lol)


I had too much of an appetite this morning! \(^ー^)/
I was pretty assertive for breakfast ~ ♪


I hope this assertiveness carries over into work (lol)


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately,
I guess we should be assertive for everything we take on ☆


If you don’t speak up, you regret it later
if you do speak up and still regret it, it’s not as bad though


So, moving on with assertiveness!
That’s my new goal~ (≧∇≦)


Ah but nevertheless, forcing your way through things isn’t good either…
you should always be calm and composed about your decisions…


In short, it’s good to have balance (lol)


Make sure your balance sheet checks out~


I guess I’m still a kid,
it’s kinda complicated, but I’ll do my best ☆\(^ー^)/☆

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