LinLin chatting with Ai-chan♪


Her eyes…her eyes…
Her eyes are…


Perfect cicles


I didn’t take the pic because
I was so surprised though。
I was just taking it like always
and those perfect circles are a bonus!!


Those round eyes are pretty common。





Foods that I like


First up, it’s kinda like a appetizer but,
my standard pic of me (^_-)


I’m eating Peking duck (≧∇≦)


Those eating this Peking duck are


It’s Hawaii but, Peking (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Very original (゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)


Oh by the way, I’m back in Japan at my house,
and I just ate my mom’s cooking☆


And then, my second treat…squid sembei♪


I love foreign food but, I like
Japanese food even more!


But of course, my mom’s cooking will
always be number one! (b^ー°)♪













Tons and tons


The last dinner in Hawaii☆


All of us went to a Chinese restaurant (⌒~⌒)


The food was so good,
I was stuffed at the end (*^o^*)
All of us sat at one table and
ate as much as we could (o^∀^o)


But you know。
It’s at this time that the members of
Morning Musume are the most funny!!!!!!


I’m gonna put sooo much on the blog。


I think maybe, that if everyone who
sees my blog, will go to a Chinese restaurant
and stuff themselves too!


That might be too much ♪


let’s eat so much together
that we can’t even move! (lol)





Putting the ribon to use


At a yakiniku place in Hawaii…


(First pic)
JunJun: 『Kamei-san, I’ll make that
ribbon look cute on you』


(Second pic)
Kamei-san: 『It’s okay. I can do it myself』


(Third pic)
Kamei-san: 『Heh heh heh heh』


※She didn’t have anything to drink!!!!






























The fascinating pair


And then, the last pair was
Leader Takahashi Ai-chan and
Sub-leader Niigaki Risa-chan!


Kouhai Sayumi’s explanation of these two
might seem a little cheeky…


Ai-chan and Gaki-san…
I know that both of them need to be together。
both of these two from the 5th generation
share a certain something♪


I was all ready to give my assessment of them,
but I can’t say it, however…
these two
are really good at singing!
have amazing volume control!
and have really mature voices (//∀//)


Morning Musume really has to rely on
their leader and sub-leader’s singing instructions (*/ω\*)


Sayumi will do her best!


Singing instruction (●´mn`) (tears)
not so much but,
singing is number one!!!!!!! (tears)





Following my partner's example


Continuing on,
Mitsui Aika-chan and me, Michishige Sayumi~♪


Aika-chan is truly bold。
She’s in control until the very end。


Sayumi is a weakling。 I quickly ask someone
what should I do。


Aika-chan and Sayumi are quite
opposite aren’t we (lol)


I’m following her, yep m(_ _)m


So on the way back to Japan from Hawaii,
Aika-chan was in the seat
next to me on the plane (^_-)


We argued about what things in
Hawaii we liked the most。


Sayumi’s was
『The food~(≧∇≦)♪』
and Aika’s was
『The scenery。』


She’s sooo mature~!
So calm and peaceful!!


This is the second time
I’m following her example, yep m(_ _)m




The relaxed duo


So continuing on,
Kamei Eri and LinLin!
Aha! Shortened version!!
Kamei EriLin Team!!!
^ー ^)人(^ー^


Seeing these two together is really cute。
Sayumi’s view for these two is plain-looking♪
They’re posture is always so relaxed so
they always look so peaceful (^人 ^)


The relationship between these two
is a pleasant one。
Eri’s always been kind of a older sister
to LinLin (lol)


She changes up LinLin’s sense a little...(lol)


Eri is always saying
『If you do them like this, it looks better』
and fixes LinLin’s bangs↑
LinLin replies
『a- Kamei-san。 Thank you much』
with much gratitude。
So these two’s relationship is quite pleasant♪


No trouble at all! Very peaceful ( ̄∀ ̄)





Do these two really look the same?


On the Hawaii Fan Club Tour
we went to the zoo↑


And there, the eight members of
Morning Musume were divided into
four two-man teams o(^-^)o


So I’ll introduce those teams <3


First up,
Tanaka Reina-chan and JunJun♪


Reina’s got that energetic thing going,
while JunJun’s calm and gentle…
so when you see the two of them together
it feels like a nice balance (o^∀^o)
However, when I saw them, I automatically
assumed that they would totally be opposing
each other, but in reality they look okay right?
these two♪


If there’s trouble, they stay calm
and don’t lay blame on each other (lol)


Since their hobbies and goals are different
it seems okay to put them together but,
if they were the same, then seems likely
they’d be fighting (lol)


Seems like they can do great things
in this world (^_^)v




Do I really? <3


【It’s the on thing that made me happy in Hawaii】


My stylist said to me,
『You’re figure resembles Ai-chan’s (Takahashi Ai-chan)』!!!


I’ve always admired Ai-chan’s figure,
so it made suuuuuper (≧∇≦) happy↑↑↑↑


So I’m sorry to Ai-chan for looking the same。。


I’ve still got tons of pics I haven’t put up yet,
so please take a look at them♪ (^_^)v


I’m not forcing you~!


But since everyone is so nice,
I’m sure you will look at them~ <3


But you guys would have wanted to see
us in Hawaii without me saying
how nice you are right!? (≧∇≦)


That how you guys are <3
Well, definitely check out my pictures!!


I guess I am forcing you‥ (lol) o(`▽´)o














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