Gets three coins?




Today I’m up early


As they say
『Waking up early grants you three coins』
Japanese version of “The early bird gets the worm”


So it means,
if you wake up early, and eat your breakfast,
then you’ll indeed have your three meals a day,
and that right there is such a very good thing! (?_?)


If that’s true, then,
『Waking up early gets you three meals』
should be that too ~(≧∇≦)


Should be that too~(≧∇≦)


Should be that too~(≧∇≦)




Out of the bath


I just hopped out of the bath♪


I wonder if everyone else took one too?


I gave myself a massage in the bath↑(≧∇≦)


Felt so good!
Really refreshed!


These days I’ve really been into bath salts!
Their citrus-scented but really rejuvenating (´▽`)/


After, while still in the bath,
I did a make-your-face-smaller massage for my face (*´∀`*)


I wonder if it really works。。
Please make my face smaller。。。
Everyone start begging too (-人-)


Well everyone. Starting now,
for three seconds
put your hands together
and start asking for Sayumi’s
face to get smaller!




Sayumi’s future looks bright (≧∇≦)


My sister's mail


My last work was,
recording for
a radio show for CBC
『Konya mo Usa-chan Peace』!


While I was doing the recording
I got a mail from my sister


It was a picture mail.


What’s this? I said as I opened it,


『My friend’s graduation ceremony』


was the sentence with a picture of someone Sayumi doesn’t know


I’d rather have a pic of my sis and the friend, instead of just some friend I don’t know so when she sent it to me, I was kinda bothered by it…(;´Д`)


I ended up replying
『Cute! <3』


And then,
I got one back from her,
『Sayumin is cute as always <3』


I didn’t send her a pic of myself。。
so when I say that she suddenly said that, I was really shocked!
It was the first I wasn’t glad to be called cute I think


There’s times when I just can’t understand my sister’s mails


Two pics


I’m removing my make-up right now♪


It’s off (≧∇≦)


Comfortably make-up free (^_^)v


But if I put on the blog
a pic with make-up
and a pic without make-up
I think there’ll be a little opposition!


Since you guys will definitely
do some close inspection! (lol)


You guys will say
“Ah right there!” or something like that right? (lol)


Everyone’s gonna leave Sayumi alone right? (lol)


Ya~y! Ya~y!



Sayumi is Number 1


First, work is finished,
so I have some free time,


Now, I headed to the pharmacy to grab some stuff♪


I only wanted to grab some
sunscreen but…


well, some candy caught my eye (lol)


I love anything chocolate,
but unexpectedly, today I was in the mood for
squid sembei and,
onion-soy flavored potato chips


When I turned around, I saw this
5 year old girl


In the girl’s hand was


strawberry caramels


Cu- Cuuute (゜ ∀゜;ノ)ノ


I’m not gonna lose!
so I took back the squid sembei,
and exchanged it for some strawberry cocoa candies, which I really don’t want to eat。。


I think I hate losing that much if it’s regarding cuteness (lol)


Right everyone!
The strawberry-cocoa-candy-choosing Sayumi is indeed cute right?? (lol)



Stage name?


Today’s hairstyle is, braids♪


All that weaving is so great♪


Infatuated ヽ(´▽`)/


Lately I’ve been seriously liking braids!
I’m really into it!


So if I do a stage name

I want it to be


『Ami Komi』*


*from amikomu – to braid


















Recording is finished!!!!


I was so nervous, my heart was pounding,
it was cold so I was freezing,
I’m not sure why but
my whole body was trembling (;_;)


But, I put on my calm facade and did my best↑


And where and when you can see Sayumi like that,


『Saiko Batoraー』
Nihon TV
April 7


From my managers watching the monitors,
they got so pumped up about it,
it’s certainly gonna be a fun show
so, definitely☆ check it out o(^-^)o







Make-up is finished♪


Starting now, I’m recording for a TV show!!


Actually, since last night,
I’ve been nervous (;_;) can I say…


Emotional! (lol)


I added in the (lol) but


I’m being surprisingly serious (lol)


But, Sayumi has been changed
to a more positive person!


I’ll do my best♪



Food compatibility


Good morning!


Today’s breakfast was
something like
raisin-roll bread on white rice…


It ended up being a impossible combo (lol)


Separately, I love them but,
together, I now know it’s something
I can’t figure out!


Raisin-roll bread and white rice,
not very compatible (>_<)


Certainly, seeing them together
is not something you want to see,
but I thought they would totally
be okay together ”(ノ><)ノ


Raisin-roll bread, white rice too,
it seems I like them separate!


That’s for sure but from now on,
Sayumi will keep in mind that,
two people can’t be matched if
one person makes them (^_^)v


So then, Sayumi will make better food♪ (lol)



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