TV Power




Today especially,
was perfect (≧∇≦)


Work was too of course,
just perfect but,


I haven’t watched TV at all but,


I’ve totally been doing nothing but (^_^)v↑↑


I’m being sucked into it,
variety shows and dramas☆


That drama 『Bloody Monday』,
the last part was crazy…


I was nervous watching,
it was exciting。


It seriously moved me。


It literally dumbfounded me。


Sayumi thinks she wants to give
someone that kind of shock \(^ー^)/


It’s my secret mission☆





From doing yesterday’s
『Waratte Ii tomo!』


Gree-san sent me some flowers♪


I was sooo happy (o^∀^o)


Gree-san, thank you very much!


I hope you’ll continue to
take care of me,
yoroshiku onegaishimasu 八(´∀`*)


For being able to connect with
everyone anywhere, Gree-san,
I love you ♪^ー^)人 (^ー^♪







Try practicing


Ya~y (^_^)v


Everyone! Touch your finger
to Sayumi’s!


Ya~y (^_^)v


We understand each other don’t we (o^∀^o)


Everyone let’s keep it up!
Just now everyone is touching
their cell or the computer screen,
must be a pretty funny thing to see (lol)


If Sayumi saw it, she would think
everyone’s so great (^_-)♪






Right now, I’m doing a
photo shoot and interview for
the magazine 『anan』♪


The one giving the interview said to me
『Michishige-san you’re always
so positive aren’t you?』
I was happy at that (≧∇≦)


Lately, it’s been my objective
to say things like
『I think about positive things』,
so when I’m praised for something
like that, it really puts me
in a good mood (//∀//)


But, positiveness is positiveness,
and in Sayumi’s case,
it’s more like,
I’m positive when I’m not doing bad things,
so this year my objective is to practice
『Calmy thinking profoundly』,
I want to have a good reason
to be so positive (*^o^*)


So this year’s objective,
and my other recent objective。


Doing both then,
calmy thinking profoundly will
make me more positive。


Can Sayumi do it? (;_;)


…ah, there I go being negative again(>_<)


I’m okay。 I can do it!
I can! I can!
Right, let’s keep thinking like that
let’s be positive(o^∀^o)。




Today, I cooked,
for 『Mezamashi Doyoubi』’s


On the show I wore some blue colored
clothes but at the beginning I was
wearing some pink ones!


Earlier I put on the blue ones,
but in the end I took them off
and put on the pink ones and a apron♪


Sayumi’s “service” mindset
is ready to go (≧∇≦)


Does Sayumi look like a young married woman in this apron!?


“Darling~” <3


“Do you want to eat?”


“Do you want to take a bath?”




Sa<3 Yu<3 Mi?<3 (lol)



Announcer Takami♪


I did 『Mezamashi Doyoubi』’s 『Torimeshi』
which I am very thankful for,
and Takami Yuri-san, the announcer,
took some pictures with us♪


Takami-san actually came to the
3/20 concert!!
So happy O(≧∇≦)o


On top of that, during the recording
she said to me so many times
『You’re cute!』 (m’□’m)


And again she said
『You’re cute!』
during the breaks (//∀//)


Off-stage (*/ω\*)


Hearing it said off-stage
is like hearing it for real!


With that, Sayumi is cute for real (lol)





I finished recording 『Mezamashi Doyoubi』’s
『Torimeshi』 part \(^ー^)/


I actually cooked!


Sayumi made her specialty!


But you know,
it’s been over a year
since I’ve done any real cooking
except stir-fry,
so I wasn’t used to doing it (>_<)


But I cooked as hard as I could (≧∇≦)


On top of that, it came out pretty good
so I was quite happy o(^-^)o


Since Sayumi has no self-confidence in cooking,
I was so nervous when I was doing it but,
since Sayumi has confidence in her appetite,
when it was time to eat, Sayumi went all out (lol)


It’s on this Saturday 3/27



All members gathered


Waratte Ii tomo!


After it was done, all of us took pics♪


Everyone happily participated (*^o^*)


From us eight members
of Morning Musume,
yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪


Well, right now Sayumi
recording a TV show☆
In the show
『Mezamashi Doyoubi』
I’m recording the
『Torimeshi』 part♪


I’m cooking!


Sayumi is! (lol)


Cuz, in the kitchen, all Sayumi does
is stove and microwave! (lol)


1000 watt!!






Ii tomo!


Waratte Ii tomo!
Telephone Shocking


I was nervous~~(@゜▽゜@)


To everyone who watched, thank you!


『Waratte Ii tomo!』
is a show that my whole family watches,
so it was kinda weird to see myself on it


Really amazing


I think my grandpa and grandma back in Yamaguchi were happy
to watch it (^O^)


Since I want to be asked on the show again,
I’ll polish up more and do my best again♪


My cuteness (≧∇≦) (lol)



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