Today at Morning Musume’s concert
the first one is finished~♪


Today everyone got so pumped up
it was so much fun


Also, my sweating was crazy。。


For Sayumi, my face more than my body
sweats like crazy
must be my genes…(・_・;)


Towards the end, it’s like
I’m not even wearing make-up anymore (lol)


Well whatever happens, I still
end up cute right? Yep♪









Finished eating lunch~(≧∇≦)




It was rolled cabbage
with a demi-glaze sauce~(*^o^*)




After came the broccoli↑
I put tons of mayo on it (^_^)v


Broccoli and mayo


Strongest collaboration ☆☆


The other members had
already finished
so I was eating by myslef but…
I took some pics for the blog,
and after looking at the comments,
everyone put me in the mood to eat↑


Thanks again blog (^人^)
Thanks again everyone (^人^)


Sayumi and everyone


The strongest collaboration of all ☆☆






Two-shot photo-taking is over (^_^)v


It was fun doing poses with everyone ♪


Even though I made you wait
everyone was still happy (;_;) so thanks♪


I want to meet up with everyone
at the live performance (*^o^*)


Right now I’m eating lunch~(o^∀^o)


I’m eating to my heart’s content ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛





This morning,
I have a two shot session
with some fans。


So, it caused some trouble
and couldn’t take any more pics。


Thanks to those fans who are waiting
and I’m sorry。


I want to meet with
everyone quickly。


So wait for me,
if you guys wait,
I’ll come to greet you
with a extra special smile (≧∇≦)♪





Last night, Sayumi was thinking
about something all night
and it really made her uneasy。


And that is,
at my house, I can’t find
my work survey or my documents (>_<)


I looked all over the house,
and took out everything in my bag,
but it wasn’t there,


What if I forgot it in the taxi?
What if it fell out?
What if it’s up for sale?
Am I liable?
What if I’m kneeling on the
ground for the rest of my life?
Please, let me have forgotten
it at the concert hall…。


So, I’ll head to the concert hall!


Found it!


I really wanted to find you
my survey and my documents ヽ(´▽`)/




I’m quite relieved。


I think from now on,
I’ll be so much nicer
to everyone all the time (`∀´#)(lol)



First thing in the morning…music


Make-up is completed ♪♪


Yep. I’m cute today too (≧∇≦)


…I’m saying that all joking aside ( ̄○ ̄;)
Even I’M scary (lol)


While Sayumi was doing her make-up,
I was listening to
Kimura Kaela-san’s album ♪


I can’t quite put my finger on it
but I love her voice
listening to the song
is the first thing I do
in the morning♪~θ(^0^ )


It puts me in a such a good mood,
I sing along♪
And at times,
I sing really loud♪♪♪


The high point of the song
is when the sound gets
super high but,
that three to one interval
secretly drives me nuts o(`▽´)o




In perfect form


Good morning♪


Well, today too I’m starting
my make-up(≧∇≦)


Sayumi’s make-up skill,
and technique,
and Sayumi’s original
cute face


☆★ It’s a team effort ★☆


isn’t it....


It’s morning and already
I got everyone a little
annoyed (lol)


In some way
I’m in perfect form (^_^)v




A request from UsaSayu


FUJIWARA no Arigatai to Omoe!! Special


TV Tokyo


Sorry that it’s the last minute。。


JunJun and Sayumi, the two of
us will be on it!


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪


『I wanna see it-pyon♪』


See? Cute UsaSayu-chan says she wants to see it!


If you miss it, cute UsaSayu-chan
will be sad right?!


You’re eyes getting too red?


Since it’s UsaSayu’s request
you definitely have to watch!


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu 八 (´∀`*)





Today I was hungry, so
I went home again♪


Today, I had my mom’s
vegetable soup,
squid sashimi,
and two rolls of
hot mustard mentaiko o(^-^)o



Since I was so hungry,
I didn’t really savor the flavor,
instead I just stuffed everything
into my mouth! (lol)


On the squid sashimi,
I ate it with wasabi but
the wasabi was too strong
and just the smell was spicy!


But I totally ignored it。


It made me tear up and,
since it took some time,
I gave up on it
and spit it back out。


The wasabi won that round。


A big win。


Sayumi, be stronger!!


Next time,
I’ll be much stronger
so bring it (lol)


But, even though
wasabi looks like my enemy
today it did something
nice for me。


It made the squid 20% better♪


I love wasabi (^_^)v♪♪


From now on,
Sayumi’s tongue will
give better encouragement(^_-)♪☆↑↑↑。




Sound asleep LinLin


On the car-ride home.
I heard
and I looked and,


LinLin was conked out (-.-)zzZ


At the live performances,
we move so much that,
the car’s movements
put us right to sleep。


Cute ya? LinLin♪


When LinLin woke up,


『Why does my neck hurt?』


she said。


Well, LinLin, that is…


a question for whoever was sleeping。


Your neck was bent, LinLin。


At the end, we said bye to everyone,
LinLin said to me
『Take a nice long rest、Michishige-san』
Thanks for worrying about me LinLin。


But LinLin should definitely sleep
on her futon and pillow at home (^_-)♪♪


Goodnight LinLin。



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