Busy (>Σ<)


I’m hungry~!


and so,
today’s lunch is a bento♪


I’m wolfing it down ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Fish, meat and nimono are in abundance♪\(^ー^)/


I don’t feel bad at all!


It was great!


And now, I’m so full (^o^)/


So since I’m full, I want to sleep (∋_∈)


Sayumi’s a very busy person ”(ノ><)ノ


Kya- o(`▽´)o






Japanese is hard


I’m wearing a Hawaiian-type muumuu \(^ー^)/


On this, our second day of the Fan Club Tour,
Morning Musume and the fans took the 9shot photos♪♪♪♪


It was a lot of fun~~O(≧∇≦)o


Today too I’ve been laughing so much
since this morning (o^∀^o)


Something especially funny,
Sayumi said,
『What kind of ceremony (gishiki) is that?!』
to which LinLin replied,

『What kind of hijiki?!』
she got ceremony and hijiki mixed up♪


LinLin, again thinking about food (lol)


LinLin asked,
『What’s a ceremony?』
so Sayumi said
『Oh, well…umm…there’s that thing…』
rather unskillfully。
“There’s that thing…” what was that!? (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


It was a moment where I realized, how
can I explain the nuances of Japanese
in Japanese?




Scenery and Sayumi


Hawaii~♪♪~θ(^0^ )


The scenery is so beautiful (≧∇≦)


Such pretty scenery along with
a cute Sayumi,
makes a miraculous collaboration shot!!!


aHa (●^ー^●)


I have to be careful with what I say (^m^) (lol)


Hawaii is so much fun!

It’s not in the picture, but there
was a rainbow!
Super pretty (*^o^*)


Altogether it was so nice♪












For today’s bwuffe,
I had the standard washoku staple…natto♪♪


Yep, I really like washoku↑
Even while travelling, washoku
is the number one thing in the end (*^o^*)


I had sausages and french toast too (lol)


Well, today is Fan Club Tour Day 2!!


I think the fun will be
the same or better than yesterday (^o^)/


I changed the picture!
It wasn’t because I mistakenly put
the same one up before (lol)





Morning (^-^*)/


Today I kinda, my nose was kinda junjun (;_;)
*Play off of words. JunJun is similar to jurujuru…a runny nose*


Crap (>_<)




Am I allergic to anything in Hawaii?
Is it the hibiscus???


Oh, if I eat some bwuffe will I be cured?♪
Right now, I’m on the way to eat some bwuffe o(^-^)o



Greedy idol


On our second day in Hawaii, we’re eating (lol)


When you think of “idol,” you don’t
think of a greedy person。。(lol)


Well this
greedy person,
would occasionally need
some encouragement right? (lol)


greedy idol Sayumi,
went to get some washoku
for dinner tonight♪


And out of everything
Sayumi’s number one
interest was
tonkotsu soup…


Don’t say that I’m destroying myself (;_;)(lol)


While in Hawaii, my blog got over 20,000,000 hits!!


When did that happen。。


I never thought I would hit
20,000,000 but (・_・;)


Man, I’m happy~!
Thanks so very much! m(_ _)m


Next I’ll
work for
30,000,000 hits


…ah..that’s not it…(lol)




No problem


Morning Musume all members together♪


Now Morning Musume is 8 members!


『When there’s so many girls together
a lot of things happen don’t they?』
is what I’m often asked。


“Nothing like that!”
I readily reply (lol)
“All of us are such good friends”
is what I should say but,


The fact that were girls coming into
adulthood, there’s times when we clash (lol)


But, we do like and respect each other (≧∇≦)


Each of us has our own ideas and thoughts,
but we all love Morning Musume♪


I’m glad I came to Hawaii with these members o(^-^)o


Since we seem to be going home tomorrow,
I’ll be writing on my blog,
but I’m still going to totally enjoy Hawaii (≧∇≦)




Destroying myself…(-_-メ)


I didn’t really (~ヘ~;)


Well, whateverz。
This is Hawaii (lol)↑↑↑↑↑


Fan Club Tour Day 1


Today was our Hawaii Fan Club Tour Day 1♪


I was so happy to see everyone’s energetic
faces, voices and bodies (*^o^*)


The power from each fan,
made us smile so much。


For tomorrow’s Fan Club Tour Day 2
let’s be smiling together okay! (o^∀^o)


For those of you fans who couldn’t
join us on the Fan Club Tour,
keep smiling too↑↑


Let’s all be joined by our smiles!


So umm,


The fan’s power,
it was so huge, just as expected!


It really was!



Thoroughly prepared


Morning Musume’s youngest, Mitsui Aika☆★


Today for dinner, we all went out to eat,
and everyone was talking so much o(`▽´)o


“Ooh, Mittsui Aika’s pretty quiet~ what’s up?”


I asked, and looked over at her,
and she was going over the plans for tomorrow’s
fan club events!


When I saw her being so quiet
all by herself,
I was so shocked,
and really moved (;_;)


When I see that from Aika,
the extremely talkative Sayumi
then came back to herself,


and started being impatient for
tomorrow’s events (-.-;)


*Dissapointed* ( ̄∀ ̄)。



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