Dripping with sweat


A shot after the live performance~~♪


Everyone’s dripping with sweat。。。


is what I thought, but Tanaka Reina-chan is
nice and smooth (≧∇≦)
How niceー(¬з¬)


Reina asked me
『If I really start sweating a lot
it’d totally be awful right?』


No way, not at all! Reina-san is so pretty!!


Sayumi’s face is literally crumbling! Look!


When she looked at my sweat-covered face,
Reina certainly gained back some confidence♪


Sayumi’s sweaty face,
helped someone out today (^_^)v




Today's hair-style

This morning,
I’m worrying about my hair…


Really, this is the second time♪
So it’s now
Usa-chan hair!♪


The Usa-chan hair is, well take
a look at the pic (≧∇≦)


I’ve got them in both pretty high☆


And the bunny ears to complete V(^-^)V


Usa-chan’s appearance,
Usa-chan’s hair,
Sayumi’s cuteness,
3 point set,
it’s unrivaled cuteness here (lol)


…little annoyed?


Well, to put you in a better mood…


Usa-chan Peace V(^-^)V


…if I caused too much annoyance, I’m sorry (lol)♪




The second concert of the day is finished!






Too hot!


I could feel
the concert hall’s
heat and everyone’s power,


Seems like Sayumi’s strength…


is almost out。


But, it really got me excited!


Really crazy。


But it was fun!


It was too hot,


It it’s like that,


it’d be like living in the desert,
and you couldn’t have any energy
I think。





Sayumi got a package from
her mom♪


Everyone says
at Sayumi’s accomplishment,
it makes me happy O(≧∇≦)o


It was a cookie and chocolate
assortment box♪


Mom was so fast to
comply with my demand,
Sayumi can proudly say
that she has a good mother! (lol)


So eating my mom’s chocolates,
just threw off my sugar intake (^_^)v


So here is my second try
at doing my best(≧∇≦)






It’s almost time for the performance♪


Today will so much fun(≧∇≦)


Morning Musume’s concert♪♪♪


Is anybody at the concert hall?


Let’s meet up then(≧∇≦)
It’ll be fun♪


Is there anybody at a
different concert hall?


Too bad↓
But it will be fun when
we do meet♪


30 minutes☆ before the performance!


Sayumi is getting the final touches ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛




Yep。 My humming and my steps are perfect(lol)


Wonder if the performance will be perfect too~♪



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