Morning Musume

Introducing everyone one by one is important but


to end things, I’ll introduce Morning Musume as a whole ♪


I mean
we are Morning Musume after all!


When the 8 of us gather together…
we become the group known as Morning Musume!!


It is not something a single person can do


And, if there is any one person missing, it is no longer Morning Musume


It is only when everyone is there that it is Morning Musume
There is a big significance to when there are 8 of us together
I love Morning Musume
and I love the 8 of us in Morning Musume


We’ve had events in Nagoya, Osaka, and now heading to Tokyo today
There is only 1 left


Morning Musume’s sole fan club event


It’s because of you fans that we exist
No matter how much I love Morning Musume
if there were no fans
then Morning Musume would not be possible


Every single one of the 8 members of Morning Musume and
every single fan out there are all important


I love you all!!


Please look forward to the 3rd event (*^o^*)

Michishige Sayumi

And lastly,
Michishige Sayumi


Today I introduced all of the members…


and everyone was overflowing with their individual charms from their personality!


of course, the cutest one of all is

Mi-chi-shi-ge Sa-yu-mi ♪


Right? (*^□^*)


No complaints from you guys right? o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Ahhh good boys and girls! (≧▼≦)


to wrap things up


I’m cute today as well!

Niigaki Risa



Here giving a lecture to Eri!!


Looking slightly upset (lol)


Or so you think
She has a big ↑ smile ↑↑ (o^∀^o)


In the end, Gaki-san and Eri are very good friends

As expected of
GakiKame ☆★


What a good balance (o>ω





A person with strong determination, Junjun


After pointing out something near her hat
She is steadfast in her determination
And she won’t change her hat position, Junjun


She does not really take in the opinion of others


But she pushes onward, forging her own road, Junjun


Best of luck \(^ー^)/

Tanaka Reina

This is Tanaka Reina-chan writing something while listening to music


I just took pic on my own (without asking her) (^-^)V


Cuz I mean, she’s listening to music
If I started talking to her
she’d be like “Not right now!”
and get angry (;_;)


And that’d be a scary sight (∋_∈)


That’s why she isn’t even looking ↓


But, leaving it like that would be lonely
don’t you guys wanna see Reina’s face?


That’s why I tried really hard (lol)
I tried as hard as I could to talk to her (^o^)/♪


And then, she happily did a pose for me V(^-^)V


Geez Reina-chan


You’re a good girl after all ♪♪♪♪


Well, I already knew that of course (≧∇≦)


She is always puttering around


She’s always asking the manager-san
“Hey can you teach me this”


and then being overly delighted about it


And at every chance she gets, there’s food…


When she’s searching for food,
Like when the manager-san brings a bentou, she is the first one to find out
She looks so happy when she’s eating


is living her life in rhythm together with food! (^o^)/

Takahashi Ai

Today Ai-chan said
“I read your blog yesterday! You wrote about me ahh how embarrassing”
and she said that in such a shy way too ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


“Whoaaa shy Ai-chan is soo cute”
is what I thought, but if I said something again
she’d probably become excessively shy so I stopped myself (〇>_<)


Ai-chan is so cute ♪
And with the usa chan peace pose, even cuter ♪
By the way, I didn’t even ask her to
but she did the usa chan peace pose, so cute ♪


I wonder if Ai-chan will see this blog again and get shy again
I wonder if she’ll lose it w(°O°)w


You’re cute
You’re cute
You’re cute
I’m positive Ai-chan is feeling shy right now!


Nya nya (^∀^)ノ

Mitsui Aika

Yes, here she is
Mittsi Smile (≧∇≦)


She looks so happy holding my souvenir I got overseas for her (*^o^*)


With this kind of face,
it makes buying something for her so worth it ♪♪
But this is chocolate ☆★


Mittsi doesn’t eat chocolate..


Oh well ♪
In exchange, I’ll eat it for her (lol)
Aika-chan ♪

Kamei Eri

Yes, here she is
Kamei Eri








Ah speaking of sweet
That is the title of Kamei Eri’s solo photobook that came out on Feb. 25th


it’s not this kind of loose Eri
you’ll be able to see a sexy Eri (≧∇≦)

Just about perfect

I’m in a make-up meeting after rehearsals ☆


My cuteness is just about perfect now (lol) ☆


It’s only natural that
I’d take it this far (^_-)


All that’s left is to do my hair ~↑


Also today,
I’m told my eyelashes are
really standing up ↑↑↑↑
more than usual V(^-^)V


I think my eyelashes are excited too!


But, this pic..
when I was taking a pic of myself as usual,
I was talking to Gaki-san
but focused on taking a pic of myself at the same time
and my words got all jumbled up
Eri was like “You sound like a drunk person!”


Yes, that’s right
I’m a drunk


I’m drunk on myself… (lol)

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