It’s sooo good (≧∇≦)


But when I go ahhhh and Mittsi feeds me okonomiyaki,
it’s extra extra extra


good (≧∇≦)


The reason why Mittsi is laughing so hard in the pic is because,


When I opened my mouth ahhhh,
apparently my teeth were covered with green seaweed bits (°□°;)


Sorry for being such a sloppy senpai… (lol)


the staff guys
bought us okonomiyaki!


It’s sooo good (≧∇≦)


It’s got beef tendon in them (^_^)v


and also, konnyaku and stuff ↑


Isn’t it unusual to have konnyaku in okonomiyaki?


It’s sooo good (≧∇≦)


The first ones to chow down on the okonomiyaki were


Kamei Eri
Tanaka Reina
Mitsui Aika


This first pic I just took on my own
but then for the 2nd pic I was like
“Look this way”


Even though I said “look this way”
Kamei Eri doesn’t turn


But I guess I should be used to that (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ

Female only

The first event, the female only one, just ended ♪


And it was quite touching of again of course


I mean
I have that type of character


that gets disliked by other girls easily…


but at the handshake, everyone was going


I heard so many of those (≧∇≦)


Now that the female only event has ended
I am wondering what I was ever nervous about in the first place (lol)


To all you ladies out there
Thank you so much!!!


Next up, we’ll be continuing with the usual ★


I can’t wait to meet all you guys next (^_^)v


To all of those who are coming, let’s have a blast together ☆


To all of you who can’t come for whatever reason,
Whenever you have time, please do come
and check us out at an event or a concert \(^ー^)/

Manma ♪

“Sanma no manma”


The Morning Musume girls appeared on that show!


It already aired in the Kansai region yesterday
But today, in the Kantou area,
it’ll air from 1pm ~ 1:30pm


Please ★ be sure to watch it! (b^ー°)



This pic is was from when we recorded it ♪


My braids are so cute


It’s all curly ♪ (lol)



Ahh I messed up!


I mean Sayumi, who has braids, is so cute (≧∇≦)


I’m in Osaka→→→→(≧∇≦)


I crashed haaaaaaaard on the train
so I’m still kinda drowsy, not fully conscious yet \(+×+)/


We came to Osaka to continue on from yesterday’s
“Onna ga medatte naze ikenai” release event ☆


I love Osaka’s Kaiyuukan aquarium!
I wanna goooo (≧∇≦)
But I can’t (¬з¬)


Michishige Sayumi’s solo song ♪
“Why can’t I go to the Kaiyuukan aquarium”*
* Play on words of Onna ga medatte naze ikenai


Oh man (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ




am so lame… (lol) ↓↓↓


Don’t look at me
from your cell or PC
with those unamused eyes!


I’m still sleepy you know!
I’m usually more funny than this!!!

A Misunderstanding

Good morning! ♪


This morning
I was planning to wake up at 6:30
but I woke up at 5:30


For some reason my mind was thinking that it was already 6:30


Then I had breakfast as usual…
Well no, I had macarons (⌒~⌒)


Amazingly, I was able to finish off 4 of them for breakfast


but after that I checked the time


I was 1 hour early v(≧□≦)v
which means
I had time to kill
and I was already full


so I went back to sleep (-.-)zzZ


And I seriously needed to get up at 6:30!


but I didn’t wake up at all v(>w<)v


I ended up waking up at 7
and got ready and everything in about 10 minutes (lol)


Sheesh (-_-メ)


So, I was busy this morning and didn’t get a chance to take any pictures ↓↓


So these are pics from last night ♪


And now I’m heading out to Osaka ☆★


And of course to kill time again…


Good night~ ☆♪

My sis and dad part 2

Here is a continuation of yesterday’s
“My sis and dad”


Ah and if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I think you’ll still get it
so please don’t stop reading


This is what I heard from my sis


So when my dad went to visit my sis, who is living by herself


Apparently my dad bought a ton of snacks and a 2 litre bottle of tea


According to my sis, my dad was looking very cute


Anyway, when my dad got finished with what he had to say to my sis
he was like
“let’s go eat together”


but my sis was full so she said
“Nah, don’t want”
then my dad was like
“well, I’m gonna drink some tea then, hand me a cup”
while holding the 2 litre bottle in his hand
but then my sis was like
“ah I only have 1 cup at home, oh and I don’t have any tableware either”
so my dad gave up and just went to work



So yeah, sis!
It’s not like you just moved in you know
You only have 1 cup and no tableware …(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


And you say you’re really good at washing dishes…


And then,
you tell dad to
“Shape up”

Broken electronics

Sorry about these 2 pics being the same expression (>_<)。。


but after this long already… (lol)


I guess it’s always been the same expression hasn’t it (lol)



Just now, when I got home, my mom was like
“The TV is acting weird”


Like, for some reason after 20 minutes, it turns off (;_;)


As a TV-junkie
I was super shocked Σ(|||▽|||)


So tomorrow, the TV repair man is going to come over!


Speaking of broken electronics
our washing machine broke too
so we had a repair man come over as well


The repair man came and looked at our washer for about 1 minute and…


“this is the problem”


he was holding in his hand…


something holds up hair, 1 hair pin..


that blocked everything up ↓↓↓


how does something so small make something so big as a washing machine stop moving (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


I guess any item, regardless of its size,
when it wants to show off its power, it can seriously show off it’s power


You can’t underestimate
anything in this world


We’re done~!


Since it’s past 9pm, Mitsui Aika could not participate because of her age,
but it was still fun ♪


During our waiting time, GakiKame and Shige
were having a blast


We were probably very loud and annoying too (lol)


We were just very energetic and laughing our heads off (lol)


I’m glad my muscle pain has gone away for the most part ”(ノ><)ノ


Had it not, I think my stomach would’ve been in a lot of pain!


That’s how hard we laughed ♪


As to what we were laughing about



It was just
crazy talk from the 3 of us (lol)


While we were waiting,
we were
just laughing it up with our wild ideas the entire time! (≧∇≦)


In the end, the 3 of us were enjoying ourselves again
when the manager-san came and said
“Ok enough Kamei”
in a slightly serious tone


The 3 of us
thought ahh we were too loud and we made him mad
we straightened up immediately, and quieted down
but then started laughing again (lol)


In the end, we ended up saying our bye’s while laughing hard (≧∇≦)

It's raining (;_;)

The 3rd event
ended safely ♪♪


But when I went outside, it was raining (;_;)


Everyone came, even in the rain (;_;)


Thank you!


At the handshake event,
there were people who read my blog


and 3 people in a row asked


“were the crepes good?”


and to those 3 I said


“Yes they were!”


But then to the next person, I was supposed to say a normal “thank you!”


but I said


“It was delicious!” m(_ _)m


That guy had such a shocked face (・◇・)?


Sorry ~ !


I was just feeling so thankful (^人^)


Forgive me for that…


But today’s event and the handshake event
was fun O(≧∇≦)o
I was so happy O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you so much ♪


Right now we’re on the move, we’ve got 1 more job to do (^_-)☆★


Watch your step on your way back home!


And for those of you at home


Careful of things behind you (lol)

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