Tokyo Sky Tree

The radio show ended ♪


From the radio location,
we could see the currently under construction
“Tokyo Sky Tree” ☆


It’s supposed to be bigger than Tokyo Tower!


Ahh I don’t mean wider, but taller ↑(^_^)v


Here’s a pic of me pointing ♪
The tower I’m pointing to is Tokyo Sky Tree!


And then,
I pinched that really tall tower between my fingers (o^∀^o)


And then lastly,
I’m pushing down on it with my finger (≧∇≦)


Tokyo Sky Tree
I can’t wait for it to be finished (≧ε≦)



Right now!!
On the radio show “Blue Ocean”
Takahashi Ai-chan and I
are appearing as guests V(^-^)V


It’s live ♪


I love doing radio
And in particular, live radio shows (o^∀^o)


Doing the show live is just so much better ♪~θ(^0^ )


Ahh, but you know
You gotta be careful of what you say!


Back in the day, I used to get in trouble… (lol)


I say that but…
even to this day, I still get warned… (^_^;)


Not good!


But before you guys shout
“You should just speak your mind”
My goal for today is
to practice
★ Being calm and thinking things through ★ (^_-)


But of course it’ll still be loads of fun (o^∀^o)↑↑


So everyone
to help me not say anything NG
“Blue Ocean”


Please ☆ listen to the show (≧∇≦)


Sorry this pic looks so similar to the previous one m(_ _)m


Next I’ll upload a pic of cute Ai-chan! ♪♪

A build up

Good morning! ♪


So the reason for the tv breaking
I was talking about yesterday…
(I was reading the comments and
it looked like everyone was curious (^_^;))


Dust had built up inside the TV
and blocked off stuff~!


I didn’t even know that could happen (ρ°∩°)


It looked like cleaning it out with a vacuum
would’ve done the trick ( ̄∀ ̄)


I guess its only natural that after using it for so many years
it gets dirty and random things build up inside
making it break down (-_-#)


I need to be careful about building up my cuteness too
or else I’ll explode (≧∇≦)


And for all those that are reading this blog
you’re probably going to explode soon from the built up irritation


Well then today,
I’ve got a radio show to do ☆★


Together with leader Takahashi Ai-chan (^_^)v

The reason I'm smiling

A few days ago,
just the worst thing happened,
our TV was shutting down every 20 minutes


But today, the repair man came!


When I got home today,
My mom was watching TV and smiling (o^∀^o)


I thought she was like “Ahhh finally the TV is fixed”


but actually it was because “The repairs were free yay (≧∇≦)”


Yep, that’s why the smile!


Well, more importantly.. ( ̄∀ ̄)


She should’ve started off with why the TV was broken (lol)


Anyway, the TV is working again, so I’m glad (^_^)v


And it was free ♪


Watching funny shows on the fixed TV
brings back smiles again (*^o^*)

Peeping out

A self-shot from Gaki-san ↑↑


and a peeping out Sayumi ↑↑


My face is too bent there (lol)


I was trying to peek out from Gaki-san’s face
but ended up with my entire body showing (lol) ♪
Gaki-san’s face is small, so it couldn’t really hide me,
I guess I was forced out? (lol)


As expected, Gaki-san’s face is still small today ~ ☆(*^o^*)

Fashion sense

The magazine photo shoot finished


Today, we’ll be doing costume fitting for the spring tour ☆



They’re so cute (^_-)♪


I hope you can see them soon (≧∇≦)


Also, thinking about the costume fitting


makes me
wish I could have better fashion sense!


To be honest, I don’t really have a good fashion sense (;_;)


I like western clothes, but I also like some flashy clothes


I don’t really know what goes with what,
and whether it ends up cute or flashy


I mean… my sis is always saying “that’s so cute”
when I’m wearing plain regular clothes


For clothes matching,
I’ll leave that to my stylist p(´⌒`q)


But I can just go with my instincts with girly stuff,
and pink stuff = cute, stuff like that that are easy to see, so I’ll be ok
But I’m sort of lost
when it comes to an adult look vs casual and simple
I have no idea (>_<)


Going through the things I like is ok too,
because lately I’ve been trying out some clashing things ♪


I want to be able to pull off many looks ~ (≧∇≦)



After yesterday’s event ended…
Ahh I was so hungry (*^o^*)


was hungry too!


Eating at the event hall


or eating on the drive home


Is what Gaki-san is contemplating here ☆
She ended up snacking a bit at the hall
and then finished up the takoyaki bentou on the ride home (≧∇≦)


As I’ve been blogging, I started to notice something…


Morning Musume…


is full of


gluttons (^w^) !!!!

Just too cute

I got to wear so many cute outfits for the magazine shoot! ☆


All the outfits and accessories
I just loved them \(^ー^)/
I’m so happy (≧∇≦)


Also, today was a bit unusual
because the staff members were all female ↑↑♪


During the photo shoot, all the staff around me were like
“How cute, how cute”
They kept coming and coming, which made me feel so happy o(`▽´)o


I hope everyone can see my cuteness soon \(^ー^)/


Also, at the end, the staff went so far as to get me a present… I’m so touched!
I’m so happy (;_;)


A bunny that converts into an umbrella ♪
It’s so cute (≧∇≦)


If I were to carry it around, I’d be beyond cute (≧∇≦)


It’s too cute and I’m just too happy (≧∇≦)


Thank you so much ♪♪


Good morning!!


Even though I slept a lot,
I’m still sleeeeeeeeeeepy (;_;)


But today ↑


I’m kinda excited (o>ω 

I have a photoshoot for a magazine!


We don’t really work with magazines except when singles and albums come out
so I’m pretty nervous (@゜▽゜@)


But I can’t wait ♪


Ah, and last night
I wanted to eat chocolate so bad
but when I woke up, not so much anymore (lol)


Why (?_?)


I don’t even get my own feelings
I can’t even control myself either


I guess I still have a lot to learn about myself,
so from here on
I’ll have a lot to look forward to in life (lol) (≧∇≦)♪

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