Chocolate ★★

I love chocolates ★♪


My mom loves chocolates too,
so we buy chocolates very often


And if there are chocolates around
even if it’s midnight, or even if I’m full
I’ll just go ahead and eat chocolates carefree


So my mom started thinking about that
and so for the chocolate at midnight
she goes to buy ones with a lot of alcohol in them,
which I really hate


By doing so though, I end up not eating them


But lately, I’ve started to get used to the taste of alcohol a lot better
so I can kind of taste the goodness in those alcoholic chocolates


So with that,
I’ll go ahead and enjoy some of that goodness at this hour (≧∇≦)



Mom here.
Before I knew it, my daughter has turned into an adult (lol)


I’ve put together an outfit!



I looked in the mirror and
I think somehow I look better in it today than usual ♪
I’m pretty giddy right now


But the mirror makes me look more calm
and more skinny than reality…


Ahh I thought the mirror was my close friend
but it tricked me…


I’m still naive I guess


You learn something new every day in life!

Cured of being tone deaf

I just finished my radio show!!
It was MBS Youngtown Doyoubi


Today Akashiya Sanma-san again made me laugh so much (≧∇≦)


Sanma-san’s play is starting soon so I’m looking forward to seeing it ↑↑


Today, Sanma-san was like
“Michishige, this is your 8th year in Morning Musume
and yet you’re still tone deaf”


Well kind of \(☆o☆)/


But Sanma-san
I’ve been cured of that!


“Your tone deafness is cured”
is what they told me in my 8th year
and I believe it
So now, my tone deaf is being cured
I’ll also need to put in a lot of effort
and from here on out, be sure to get lots of treatment for it!!


So that some day
I can be the singing center in Morning Musume


I know I know
That’s not gonna happen..
But it’s been my dream since I’ve entered Morning Musume
I mean,
big dreams are good ya (^_-)↑


Well, I’m off to fix up an outfit ~♪♪


I’m on the move with Ai-chan right now (*^o^*)


Today, when I was at the airport, I was talking to a foreigner ☆


It went like…
“Where do you live?” he asked
“Yamaguchi!” I said


Then the foreigner’s face went blank (◎o◎)


I should have said “Japan”


The foreigner was like
“Yamaguchi?” with a curious look on his face
I thought I’d give him a more general easy-to-understand answer
so I said “Kyuushuu”


Then the foreigner’s face went blank (◎o◎)


Saying “Kyuushuu” was a sad attempt at trying to be more general,
I should have been more general and said “Japan”


Anyway, continuing on
“What do you do?” He asked


“Idol ♪”
I said and then did a cute pose to try to convey that…


In the end,
I just said “Dance ♪”
and did some gestures and simple dance moves


Then the foreigner was like…
“Oh Ya! Dance!”
Ho (^。^;)
He finally got it


So my occupation while at this airport
ended up being a dancer ( ̄∀ ̄)


After getting back to Narita airport,
I went straight back home ♪


I haven’t been home in 5 days ♪
There’s no reasoning behind it
Ah but I have this feeling! Of happiness!!


I definitely feel more relaxed at home (≧∇≦)!


Well then ☆
This is a good time for me to check out everyone’s comments
so I’ll face my laptop and…


The laptop is blinking…


Laptop! It detected my presence and turned itself on ~ ↑
The laptop was waiting so impatiently for me to return that it magically turned on ↑↑(≧∇≦)




…..that’s not possible




for 5 days…


left my laptop…




what a waste ↓


I wasn’t even using it, but the laptop was working it’s hardest the entire time
I feel so bad for it (;_;)


Sorry ↓


Ok then!
I’ll be sure to fully use you laptop \(^ー^)/


But right now, I’m off to my radio show (≧∇≦)


Laptop-chan, please wait until tonight for me ok ♪


Right now I’ll be sure to properly turn you off so you get plenty of rest (-.-)


And then tonight, I’ll be using you a lot so be sure to get fully rested~!

Meat ♪

On the last day over seas, I had chinese food (≧ε≦)♪♪


Ahh, but I wasn’t in China ☆


Chinese cuisine has it’s own yakiniku too, so I had some yakiniku ↑


So guys, when you guys go out to yakiniku
are you the type to grill the meat for everyone?
or do you let someone else do the grilling?


I like to do the grilling!


And that’s just what I did yesterday!


We didn’t put any seasoning either
We just had some plain grilled tongue
But I really liked the feeling of serving everyone (lol)


It was quite satisfying (≧∇≦)


That’s how it was ~♪♪♪♪♪

Sooo cute

These pics were from the night of the last day over seas!!
You know, when I was overseas, I took a tooon of pics ♪


The landscape over there was sooo pretty (^o^)/☆


Also, when I was over there,
my cuteness I always have together with the scenery
was so beautiful o(^-^)o (lol)


This is just my usual cute gag,
so don’t get so worked up alright? (lol)


When I was taking pics over seas,
there were a lot of pics where I couldn’t show the outfits


But when the timing is right, and I can show you
I’ll upload them for you guys (o^∀^o)


Oh right!
At the airport today
I was talking to this foreigner
who said “You’re so cute”


Ahh I knew it
Today is a good day for my cuteness (^_-)キャッ♪♪


Is what I thought, until I looked at what he was pointing at
which was at my hand…


the “cute” thing he was talking about was
my keychain attached to my cell phone (ρ°∩°)


It was nice that he thought my keychain was cute
but at the same time it was also a little sad (-_-#)


I guess having a keychain that’s too cute can be problematic


Next time,
I’m going to look for a keychain that makes me look cuter!

Back in Japan

I’m back ~(^o^)/
I’m back in Japan now~!


Sorry to keep you guys waiting (^_-)☆


Eh, you weren’t waiting!?


Ahh well no need to say that ♪
Cuz you’re all good little kids aren’t you (^_-)☆♪


I bet you were all waiting anxiously for me to return weren’t you??


Ah, I knew it ♪♪


I was a bit homesick for Japan too (;_;)


But being overseas was very enjoyable as well but…


…yeah I couldn’t use my cell phone ↓↓↓


It was rough not being able to blog from my own phone (>_<)


But I can now blog the way I’m used to again,
and I’m very happy about that ♪


And when I get home, I’m gonna read everyone’s comments too (≧∇≦)


I guess the blog is really important to me after all o(^-^)o


When I couldn’t blog…
Well I’m just glad I was able to using my manager’s phone ♪


But up til I found out I could blog with my manager’s phone,
I really hit rock bottom (;_;)


I hated seeing those words – “Cell phone out of range” (lol)


I was hoping for a miracle where signal would some how get through
so I was staring at it, trying to force the signal to go




no matter how much I wanted that miracle to happen, the signal wouldn’t come
until on this 5th day
my cell phone finally broke past “Out of range”!


Right now it has signal!!


I’m so happy o(^-^)o


It’s been 5 days since my cell phone has had signal,
it’s quite touching to see it connecting again (;∇;)/~~


And for me, that means I can have my blogging life back again ♪♪


I’m gonna stop here for now,
so from here on, please continue to support me again! (人´∀`)


Please continue to support me lots and lots!! (人´∀`)


Good work!


I just finished work today ☆★


Today, a lot of foreigners


said to me “Michishige number one cute!”
I knew my cuteness was commonly known world-wide
and this just confirms it (lol) +。(*′∇`)。+゜


Although, I think more than half of them may have been forced to say it
But still, I never feel bad about being called cute
It just makes me feel so happy ヽ(´▽`)/


Being put in such a good mood today,
I bet I’ll be able to fall fast asleep today as well ♪


Shikyuu (Pressing)
Sakkyuu (Urgent)
Batankyuu (Thud)


Oh come now, don’t make such a bitter face (^o^;


I’m just going along with the mood overseas
please forgive me m(__)m♪♪

Raining in the pool

Today was sooo hot~!


I wanted to go to the beach or pool soo bad!


But for some reason it started raining,
I was so sad I had to give up on going (;_;)


And then, when night came,
all the lights went out and it turned pitched black ↓


Despite that though, my make-up artist
and stylist still went into the pool in the rain (^O^)/


My make-up artist and stylist are the ones always helping me out,
but they are also very funny, I love them (≧▼≦)♪


Ignoring the rain or the darkness, when I’m poolside looking at those two
I think, wow I guess there are a lot of different types of “adults”


At the same time
my wonderful staff members, who I’m able to be so open to, came up to me too
seeing them made me feel grateful for having them ☆


By the way, the pool looked really cold


I was thinking secretly that I was right
in giving up going to the pool (lol)

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