Today on TV

Today, March 2nd
at 8pm~ “Minna no katei no igaku”
at 9pm~ “London Hearts”


Both are on TV Asahi,
so please change to that channel
and watch both of them ♪♪♪


Thanks for your support 八(´∀`*)



I’m actually pretty nervous right now (lol)
I get nervous whenever I go on air.
Just anxious for some reason ↓


I hope I’ll be ok (>_<)


Especially on London Hearts (lol)

Right now

I just finished chatting ~~ (≧∇≦)


The job I’m at right now is


a recording for CBC Radio’s
“Morning Musume Michishige Sayumi’s Konya mo Usa-chan peace” ♪


I love radio ♪


I have learned a ton of things from doing this Usa-chan peace radio show
and I think it has taught me quite well ↑


Writing via blogs,
Talking via radio,


For all my everyday happenings
for all my thoughts and feelings
I have a place where I can convey all the things I want to
I am such a fortunate person (;_;)


But I guess that’s obvious


Because there was a time when I had nothing


No radio, no blog


So my thoughts,
my writings,
my words,
It was rough not being able to share them (>_<)


For this reason,
I feel strongly about appreciating these things


I mean, being able to transmit things via blog in real time
As in not tomorrow! But today!
And I can always share what I’m thinking of that very same day


So from here on, please continue to accept my thoughts and feelings ♪



Well then, without any further delay
I’d like to share my
“feeling as of right now”!


Since when did my bangs grow this long~!
How come only my bangs grow this fast~!


I want to cut themmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

This morning's behavior

The messy hair Sayumi from earlier this morning
has now transformed into silky smooth hair Sayumi ☆


Thanks to the quick and amazing effects of
the hair dryer and hair straightener iron!


I’ve also put on a good amount of face lotion as well!


And reaaally brushed my teeth hard!


I should put on a one-piece dress
and my coat and boots to look stylish
because that’s what I always do when I don’t have time ♪ (lol)


I had to jam all the documents I need for work into my bag!


And I also turned off my laptop


And then lastly… I took a pic… (lol)


All of that above


took roughly 15 minutes (lol)


The pic from earlier, and this one here


Are 15 minutes before-and-after (lol)
But even though snoozing like that feels good


It makes you rushed and messy ↓


But still,
thinking back at how quickly I moved this morning
it was is pretty funny ( ̄∀ ̄)

Back to sleep

Good Morning!


Well ☆ I keep getting up and then lying back down (∋_∈)


And my hair is all over the place (゜∇゜)。。


I wasn’t planning to, but today I just kept going back to sleep ↓


You know, when you go back to sleep


You can end up super tired still


or you can end up super refreshed


it’s one of those options right


Today’s going back to sleep…


I ended up super refreshed (≧∇≦)


So I’ll ride that momentum and head off to work with it o(`▽´)o


Earlier I blogged about a to do list…


I pretty much haven’t done any of those things (>_<)


But what I did afterward was


eat dinner (lol)


It wasn’t even on my list to do though (lol)


But well, eating dinner is
rather than just something I want to do
It’s something I have to do \(^ー^)/


Besides, rather than specifically putting it in the to do list
Dinner is something I’ll never fail to do, you always gotta eat (*^□^*)


Because if I get hungry, I won’t be able to do anything
except idle around and be lazy ♪


I had dinner at home with my mom
and we had salad and carbonara ☆


We watched a variety show I recorded while eating dinner
I finished 1 thing from my to do list ↑


After that…


I checked up on my rehearsal videos from today…


Because If I don’t watch the daily videos, I get worried (;_;)


For this as well
Is not so much something I want to do
but rather something I must do


So I watched them on my bed ☆


We added some new dance moves,
and I got them down better than I expected! (lol)


I’m so happy ☆


Perhaps I’m still a little too naive?
I mean, I’m complimenting myself way too much!!


it isn’t that cute after all (lol)

To do list

Today, rehearsal ended early
It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve
been able to relax at home like this (≧∇≦)!!


And I have a ton of things I want to do at home


☆ Watch my piles of recorded TV and drama shows
☆ Read
☆ Take a bath
☆ Play games
☆ Play with my laptop
☆ Write in my diary
☆ Tidy up a bit
☆ Stickers and hair accessories
☆ Idling around
☆ Acting lazy
☆ Being sleepy


I have a ton more just like these ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


But getting all of these done is just impossible (〇>_<)


So for now I think I’m just gonna focus on getting these done
☆ Idling around
☆ Acting lazy
These two (´ω`)


Idling and acting lazy doesn’t require any changing up,
so I can get both of those done at the same time (οдО;)


That’s nuts huh w(°O°)w


Well I should be efficient with my time then b(・∇・●)


Alright, I’m gonna go watch some TV ♪


While idling and acting lazy (^_-)♪♪


I’ll go on til I get sleepy, but I’ll be careful
not to get to the point where I master it (aka fall asleep)

A snack ♪

Our rehearsal ended earlier than expected~!


Kyaa we are just too good (≧∇≦)


So I went home and first thing I did was get a snack ♪


I got a cream puff (^_-)


This cream puff is huge!


But, my face is huge too
So the size of the cream puff can’t really stand out (>_<)





Things I want to graduate off (get rid of)
That would be



[My huge face (lol) (cry)]

Pair dance part 2

(first pic)
Reina: “Ok let’s do a wave together!”


Eri: “Okaaaaay”


Me on camera: “Hey can’t you guys give me a little more camera love?”


Reina: “Ok”


Eri: “Alright let’s do this~”


(second pic)




As expected of Reina! She never fails! (≧∇≦)


As expected of Eri! So sloppy! (=゜-゜)lol


The dance of these two
and my camera’s shutter timing


Were perfectly timed! ♪


As expected from the 6th gen, very impressive ☆


As always ♪

Pair dance part 1

“Alright we’re gonna do some paired dancing right now”


is what we were doing before the rehearsal
with the energetic same gen members Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina, and myself


We were seriously setting up when



(first pic)
Reina: “Eri! Sit here!”


Eri: “Okaaaaaaay”


(second pic)
Eri: “Ahahahaha~ this is so funny~”


Reina: “Oi do this right”


To be continued…


The event rehearsal just finished~~


I’m on the move now
and after I grab a bite
I’ll be practicing for Morning Musume’s spring tour until night ♪♪


When we’re working on the old dance moves
I’m always like “I’m sure it’s this way! I’m positive!”


but then when we go check out the video
I find that I often remembered it wrong (lol)


Here are my goals for the rehearsals this tour ☆


To not have any unwarranted confidence!


Well I do have basis of confidence for my cuteness


I mean, just one look at a mirror and you instantly know ↑(≧∇≦)


Hey, you guys over there


Stop acting annoyed! (lol)


Now, for these tour rehearsals


“To not have any unwarranted confidence”


I wonder if I can do it


Well in the meanwhile, I’ll try to keep at it until opening day (lol)


Alright ♪ See ya (^◇^)┛

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