Shoe blister #2

During the photo shoot I was blistering the entire time ~(^_^)v


The one I got when I was over seas…
had healed
but for today’s outfit, I was wearing pumps so it kinda… backtracked (ノ△T)


But in addition to that, I got a brand new blister


Blister #2, on my right foot


Well, on the bright side
I guess the blisters can keep each other company (゜∇゜)


But please don’t stay too long!

In a hurry

I’m afraid I can’t show you today’s outfits
so my apologies for these pics from last night m(_ _)m


Today it feels like everyone around me is quite busy rustling around..


But for me, I’m just calmly sitting here blogging ♪
or so that’s what it looks like from other people’s point of view


But at this studio
I don’t have good reception!!


I’m low on


With that double, it’s not looking good for my blogging!!


So that’s why I’m in a hurry (」゜□゜)」


I’m actually not calm at all


I need to find a place with good signal
and I need to find a charger!!!!


Well, back to the photo shoot!

Cramped up

Ahh I am loving my hairstyle today (_´Д`)ノ


But you know what!


This morning, my foot cramped up (;^_^A


My feet tend to cramp up easily… I wonder why (゜U。)?


During yesterday’s event too, my 4th toe on my right foot cramped up


and then this morning the middle toe of my right foot ↓↓↓


I wonder if the 2nd toe will be next?


Although it’d be nice if it didn’t…(T_T)

Sleepy sleepy sleepy ~ sleepy

Good morning!!!!


I was playing with my laptop yesterday on my bed
and looking at everyone’s comments


And before I knew it, I fell asleep ~~~”(ノ><)ノ


On my bed
I fell asleep on my futon
So my mom put another futon over me


I fell asleep feeling my mom’s love
and from the comments, all the love from you guys


is what I want to say,
but I was sooo sleepy yesterday
that nothing else really mattered
except falling asleep right away (lol)


But, when I woke up this morning
I did remember to be thankful to my mom and to all of you


Well~ there is a photo shoot today!


Actually… I kinda feel like I didn’t get enough sleep (゜∇゜)


Well, I’m off ↑


Morning Musume’s event just ended~!


The fan club events this time started in Nagoya,
then to Osaka, and now today in Tokyo ☆★


There were 9 events altogether


Although all the stuff we did were generally the same
Each event still had its own unique fun
I had a lot of fun no matter which event it was o(^-^)o

There were some down parts…


But but ♪
People said so many nice things at the handshake event
So many kind words


Everyone’s hands and feelings
were so warm


To all of you who came!
Thank you!
To all of you who couldn’t come!
Please come to meet us some time (^∀^)ノ


Also, I ate this mikan before the event started ♪
The staff-san gave them to us~☆
They were a little sour!
But also a little sweet ♪
They were delicious (⌒~⌒)


Morning Musume also has a song named “Mikan”


I love it


The lyrics are just great (‘o‘)ノ


The part I like in particular is
“Today, tomorrow, and every day is 24 hours,
no matter the time, you’ll be covered in the morning sun”


It’s only natural that everyone will have unpleasant situations and worries
And nights when you can’t sleep because you’re worried about tomorrow
And everyone tries to escape reality every now and then


But even with all that, the morning still comes


Everyone is on equal footing


Also in the Mikan lyrics
there is “People gather around those who smile”


We’re all passing through the same time together
so doing it while smiling is better isn’t it


Keep yourself and everyone around you happy ♪♪
Mikan is that type of warm, positive song
and that’s why I love it!


At today’s event
I was so happy to see soo many smiling faces (≧∇≦)


Smiles are definitely number one ↑↑


Ok now, everyone let’s smile ♪




Smile (^_^)v




Did you smile?
if you smile while staring at your cell phone or your PC
I guess everyone around you will think you’re weird (lol)


But everyone ♪ don’t worry about it (lol)

Weird pose

Today’s Kamei Eri…


Has been acting funny all day, since this morning


Like with this pose


She’s kinda lost in her own world


You kinda wanna see a little of it, but she is letting it all show


She did a very grand weird pose


Eri’s dancing is very good


but with those weird poses like that


it’s just unfortunate (lol)

Morning Musume

Introducing everyone one by one is important but


to end things, I’ll introduce Morning Musume as a whole ♪


I mean
we are Morning Musume after all!


When the 8 of us gather together…
we become the group known as Morning Musume!!


It is not something a single person can do


And, if there is any one person missing, it is no longer Morning Musume


It is only when everyone is there that it is Morning Musume
There is a big significance to when there are 8 of us together
I love Morning Musume
and I love the 8 of us in Morning Musume


We’ve had events in Nagoya, Osaka, and now heading to Tokyo today
There is only 1 left


Morning Musume’s sole fan club event


It’s because of you fans that we exist
No matter how much I love Morning Musume
if there were no fans
then Morning Musume would not be possible


Every single one of the 8 members of Morning Musume and
every single fan out there are all important


I love you all!!


Please look forward to the 3rd event (*^o^*)

Michishige Sayumi

And lastly,
Michishige Sayumi


Today I introduced all of the members…


and everyone was overflowing with their individual charms from their personality!


of course, the cutest one of all is

Mi-chi-shi-ge Sa-yu-mi ♪


Right? (*^□^*)


No complaints from you guys right? o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Ahhh good boys and girls! (≧▼≦)


to wrap things up


I’m cute today as well!

Niigaki Risa



Here giving a lecture to Eri!!


Looking slightly upset (lol)


Or so you think
She has a big ↑ smile ↑↑ (o^∀^o)


In the end, Gaki-san and Eri are very good friends

As expected of
GakiKame ☆★


What a good balance (o>ω





A person with strong determination, Junjun


After pointing out something near her hat
She is steadfast in her determination
And she won’t change her hat position, Junjun


She does not really take in the opinion of others


But she pushes onward, forging her own road, Junjun


Best of luck \(^ー^)/

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