I’ve gathered some coral!


They are pure white!!


In Japan, you’d probably only find them with price tags attached,
but here, these pretty coral are just lying around all over the place!!!


While the coral are just lying around,
you can kinda see it as just money lying around (lol)


Juuuuuuuust kidding (^m^) (lol)


I’m not that bad \(^O^)/

Shoe blistering

The day before yesterday, I got a shoe blister


Have you guys had that before?


The wound is small, but it hurts so much (;_;)


But my stylist gave me a really good band aid ☆


This is a really good band aid \(^O^)/


Until my wound heals, it won’t come off
it won’t break apart, I can even wear it as is into the bath!


We live in such an amazing time ↑


Medical science is great ↑↑


I think I’ll carry these band aids with me from now on!


With these band aids, I’ll be able to handle most injuries (≧▼≦)


So if I get hurt, I don’t have to worry!


Because thanks to these band aids, I can feel more at ease ☆☆


I can even get shoe blisters now (^.^)b

Donuts ☆

Good morning ♪


I’m very much enjoying being over seas,
but I’m also starting to miss Japan (>_<)


But today will be another fun day (≧▼≦)


I fell asleep right away yesterday and got plenty of rest!
And then this morning I had a lot to eat
including a hamburger and 2 kinds of donuts!
My sleep craving and appetite are completely satisfied!!


And now, my blog craving!


I’ll be updating a lot \(^O^)/

Aika blog "27days"

Thank you guys \(^^)/☆


Before we had the Izu Fan club tour, I went down to check out Izu myself.

The clips from that time are gonna be put into the DVD for sale!!!!!!!!
Waaaaaai \(*>◇<*)/ Please look forward to it ♪♪

Aika blog Aika blog

These pics are from that time ☆
I was riding the train (^^)
The seats were made differently than the Tokyo and Shiga trains!!!!
They were so comfortable and spacious ♪♪
Also, I was riding up in the first car and
it really made me feel like a train conductor
gazing out at the scenery was so nice (^^)d

AIka blog

Also, I had soba (^▽^)!!!!!
It was delicious ~(*uωu*)
The wasabi came on the side, so I could put however much I wanted
It was very refreshing ★☆
I wish I could have it again some time ~(^^)☆
Also, I got to practice my camera shooting skills
and went to try out a lot of different foods
Please look forward to seeing that (^^)v
Look forward to it ~(^◇’*)/


Ahh I wanted to sleep the entire day today!


I was sleepy yesterday too
and today I was feeling even more sleepier than yesterday! (>_<)


Ah I’m pretty worried, if I keep going like this
at this rate, I’ll be completely asleep all day tomorrow (-_-)zz


But anyway, now that I’m back at the hotel
I’m going to bed right away!


I’ll probably pass out as soon as I get in bed (><)


Sharan Q
Batan kyuu
* her joke about passing out again… aka *thud clonk*


Ah, and even though I’m in the south, it’s cold ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


I’ll need to balance that out ♪

Not in India either…

Today for dinner I had Indian curry ↑


I also had some strawberry lassi to drink ↑↑


It comes with a straw,
but it doesn’t really work well with a straw
cuz I mean I suck and suck but it barely reaches my mouth


But I didn’t tell anyone,
and I just drank it that way til I finished it ☆


I think I really improved my straw sucking skills in that short time \(~o~)/


After this, I’ll be hoping
that my straw sucking skills come in handy somewhere (≧▼≦)

An idol's oil

I am a Morning Musume girl


I am an idol


but, sometimes I get oily skin too


So sometimes, I use facial wipes to clean the oil


I am Morning Musume idol Michishige Sayumi
and I am in the middle of using a facial wipe \(^O^)/

Dog (female)

Continuing from yesterday… I ran into a dog just a while ago


She didn’t have that initial cute impact as much as yesterday’s dogs


but her cuteness slowly grew… that’s the kind of dog she was (^・ェ・)


She looked so happy, sticking her tongue out
while watching us the entire time
In watching her,
it just naturally made me smile
and feel as happy as she did (^皿^)


She was very energetic ↑


The puppy really liked one of the guy staff members ♪


but whenever I or another female staff member approached her, she ran away!


Hearing that, I think it was a female dog


Well, her personality was pretty easy to figure out (lol)


Nicely done (≧▼≦)


Sleepy Michishige Sayumi here (ρ_-)ノ


Every time I’m traveling in the car, I fall fast asleep (-_-)zz


Even for short trips,
it’s not a nap for me, I completely pass out (-_-)zz


The moment I get in the car, my eyes start to close ( -_-)


Feels like
I’ll be sleepy the whole day today


And I don’t really
think I can fight off that sleepy feeling


So today I’ll do my best and be sleepy at the same time!


Good morning ♪


Last night, I was able to read everyone’s comments
using my manager’s laptop (^O^)!!


I was reading the comments from 2 days ago
and they were so warm and touching, they made me so happy (*^_^*)


thank you


Also, it seems like a lot of you have noticed
that I’m somewhere in the south (≧▼≦)
* this includes hawaii and guam, darn no specifics yet! =P


I suppose it’s easy to tell once you see the blue skies ↑


Where I am at today, the weather is also clear and very warm…
let alone hot~ (*´∇`)


But I won’t lose to the weather! I’ll try my hardest to be just as hot today!


…so much that you can’t even call the weather hot anymore (*^_ ’)☆

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