Aika blog “16days”


This cake, it was made for when I was with Risako-chan and Kumai-chan, for the PARTY TIME promotional video~(*^^*)♪♪
Under the whipping cream is actually, bread crust!!!!!!!!! It was delicious(^ー^) During the filming, I occasionally snatched bits from it, it was comforting(’∨^*)/

From here on, I’m going on a trip(^∀^)>♪♪
Breathing in the clean air can cleanse your heart(^^)v
I’ll be meeting with everyone~\(☆◇☆)♪♪PuPu
Please come and see Aika’s smile(-∇^*)☆

Risa Deco "Episode 3"

Did you all checked out episode 2??(^O^)/
It was an item that all girls need!!
This time, I’ve put in a lot of love into decorating as well!!
I’ve read all your messages as well!!
Thank you★
Reading everyone’s messages has given me more power★★
I’m storming into episode 3~~~~~!!(゛^∀^)/
The third item will be this!![Pen Stand]
This time it can be used by both male and female, it’s going to be a flashy design by Risa★Deco♪

Look forward to it★
I’ll be doing my best

Aika blog "15days"

Helloooo (^∀^)>☆

aika blog

This is a puppy (*^^*)
Can you figure out whose puppy it is? (*^∨-*)/ lol
She always hides her face when she sleeps ☆
Nobody wants their sleeping face to be seen right? (”) lol
Whenever I’m in the area I’ll stop by because seeing
her sleep always rejuvenates me ♪♪
I wonder why animals have such a powerful healing effect? Hahaha (∨▽∨*) lol

And then, since there weren’t a lot of pics uploaded from the
Kimagure Princess music video filming.. take a look at these!!!!

aika blog aika blog

More of this next time… ♪

Aika blog "14days"

Mornin (*^O^*)☆

Starting Saturday we had another session of getting to know our fans better (^∨^)
It’s been a while since we had our last outdoor concert ☆★
Reminds me of Hawaii… (^^) The fans think so too!!
It was like ahh let’s do a Hawaii FC tour again o(>ε<*)o
Well I definitely wanna do it!!!!!!!
I mean, there’s a special feeling to those FC tours and the scenery is just beautiful

Anyway… the Sendai concert!!
It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last been to Sendai ♪
Ahh cow tongue is definitely the best.
And.. and.. my first Hello Shop event!!!!!!!
I had a great time together with Kamei-san (*☆∇☆*)↑↑
I’d definitely like to do that again ♪♪
Plese call me over again \(^-^*)
I wanna hear all the questions you have to ask!!!! (^^*)
But, please don’t ask any questions that puts the members in a tight spot ok? Promise me (^□-)/

If everyone was healed from Kamei-san and my talk session, I’ll be very happy (∨▽∨*)♪

Well.. til we meet again (!▽!)☆

aika blog

Aika blog "13 days"

Hello again ~(^^)d☆

It’s gotten pretty cold hasn’t it, are you guys doing okay? I’m doing fine ♪♪
My throat has been a bit parched lately..
but I bought a new humidifier recently, so I’m OK now (^∇^)v

That reminds me.. Guardian 4’s 3rd single “PARTY TIME” is
now being shown as Shugo Chara Party’s opening song \(^∨^)/
The four of us are really excited about this song ☆☆
Parts of the video clip have been shown too!!!
This time, we have a green version of the uniform (^^)
This pic is from the PV filming session \(^V^)(^U^)/
The final thing ended up being really cute (*>▽<*)♪
I hope everyone can watch this soon ♪♪

aika blog

Also, a little while ago, I had sukiyaki~!! It’s winter after all..
so I was thinking “hmmm some hot pot would be nice, let’s do some sukiyaki”
In the bowl, we have a pair of eggs ☆★

aika blog

(☆∇☆)(☆□☆)(☆◇☆) Also, lately I’ve been having pairs in everything!!!!!
Like in yesterday’s sukiyaki, we had meat and tofu and stuff…
and in it, we had pairs of everything ♪
It feels like its a sign that something lucky is gonna happen ☆
I hope all of you guys have something lucky happen to you too (*U▽U*)
What a great day… ☆

Risa Deco "Announcement of episode 2's winner"

At this time, I would like to thank you for all the applications and precious opinions submitted for the one of a kind mirror decorated by Niigaki.

And so, allow me to announce the lucky winner on this card!

Pen name:
Much respect to Gaki’s papa-san

We plan to ship out the item in the middle of November.
Please look forward to it ☆彡

Risa Deco "Episode 2's present"

One fan club member will recieve the one of a kind mirror decorated by Niigaki Risa by answering the following questions below!

1. What do you want Niigaki to decorate next?
2. What do you think about Risa Deco?

I’ll be waiting for all your applications ♪

For cell phone users, submit the above questions with the requirements listed below to the follow email address <〇〇〇>

Subject: Risa Deco Episode 2 Present
Fan club member id:

※ The winner will be announced via the pen-name given
※ One entry per person

☆ Deadline for application ☆
October 26 – 6 pm

Aika blog "12days"

Wow it’s already October, and only 3 weeks left of it too ☆☆
By the way… hasn’t it gotten really cold all of the sudden!???
Please try not to hurt your bodies (>_<)!!!

Right now, I’m in the middle of doing some stretches ♪
Tryin to get my body flexible and limber (^-^)
But.. I’m pretty much only flexible in stretching my legs apart (^▽^)v
Right now, I am stretching my legs apart (^^)

aika blog

Just the other day, I went on a date with my beloved beloved older sister (*>◇<*)☆★
We went to a buffet for lunch
and then we went to an indoor theme park \(^-^)/♪♪
Originally, we had plans to go to a place I’ve always wanted to go to…
But with the weather and all, we had to give up that idea (;_;)
But I wanted to go to the theme park also, so it was still fun~ (^^*)!!!!
I’ll be back to giving it my all starting tomorrow (^□^)v

aika blog aika blog

Risa Deco "Episode 2 Completed"

I’m dooooooone!!!
Here is the 2nd item ♪
Risa☆Deco ♪
I call it…
“Gakisan’s sparkly sweets!”
(o>∀<o)ノ Here is what you’ve been waiting for!!!!

gaki blog

gaki blog gaki blog gaki blog

All of the fans at the handshake sessions and release events kept asking
“Are you going to update Risa☆Deco?!”
Thanks for all that! It was in the works f^_^;

As far as decorating goes… even working quickly, it takes about 7-10 hours (>_<)。。 But it's like.. in the process you start thinking "Ahh but it doesn't have this" or "Ahh it doesn't have that" or "Ahhh I wonder what the fans would like" or "I wonder what color they like" etc... The staff members have been relaying messages to me from all the Risa☆Deco fans I've read them all! There were sooooooo many messages, I was so touched After reading them I was like "I need to hurry up! I need to hurry and present this to the fans!" Risa☆Deco has only just started but I hope to continue to make cute, one of a kind, Gaki-style decorations to present to all of you (ノ>∀<)ノ I'ev been empowered by this... really, thank you all very much Among those fan messages, there have been a lot of requests and stuff like "I'd like a customized bicycle lol" or "A glowstick!!!", it just makes me laugh out loud f^_^; I mean!!! I mean!!! Stuff like glowsticks are fine by me... adding jewels and stuff to a pretty glowstick lol.. But a bike... how many months would that take... lol There even was a "Put Omame-chan(her bean drawing) in it" request! I'd like to respond to everyone's request to the best of my ability so I hope to continue to be active!! I'll be waiting for your messages <(__)>

Also one message that got me all teary had this line in it
“You absolutely give it your all in everything you do, but please don’t work
yourself too hard. I am looking forward to all your future works”
I was so happy I cried (●>ロ<●)
You guys are always thinking about my well-being..
I will really try my best at everything!
Really!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Also, this happens to be the 5th update p(^^)q and this last one
happened to take a really long time…
I’m so sorry about that

But yeah.. I wonder who’s gonna win this (●>∀<●) I’m so excited! Til we meet again!!

P.S. this last shot is my “sense of accomplishment” face lol

gaki blog

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