Aika blog "11days"

Heya all~ ^3^)/☆
Look!! Look!!

aika blog

This is from when we were filming the PV of Kimagure Princess,
our single that’s coming out on October 28th. (^o^)v☆☆
The weather was so amazing! It was the best ♪♪
Cuz on rainy days, it’s easy to start feeling down about things (~_~;)
Things just feel better on sunny days don’tcha think? \(^^)/☆
I took a ton of pictures during our PV shoot, so I’ll be uploading those next week ☆☆
For the people that came to our Music Japan recording on the 5th,
they got a good look at our Kimagure Princess outfit (^^)v
What did you think???!!! Hehehe ☆
That makes me kinda nervous (^^)
We’ll be wearing those costumes for the single release events too
so please please come check it out (^_^)
Also please also come because your smiles always heal us (*^□^*)!!!!!!

aika blog

Aika blog "10days"

Since the first show, the concert tour has been one big hit after another,
but now we’re taking a little break (^o^)/
You guys are all probably tired too,
thanks for all the energy you’ve put into your legs (*^^*)
And again, thank you very much ♪

Just the other day, I went on a date with Junjun,
something we haven’t done in a while (^з)-☆
We went to a Korean place to have lunch
Junjun ordered spicy stuff again and she pretty much cleaned off the plate herself (^^ゞ
It was the most delicious thing ever! (≧▽≦*)/
And then… Junjun treated me to the meal (>_<)☆ Ahh I'm so embarrassed (~_~;)汗)) *汗 = sweat Thanks (^∀^)>☆☆

aika blog

After that we went shopping, and Junjun bought a lot of stuff ♪♪
After going shopping with her,
I’ve realized that our tastes in clothes are quite different (^^)(LOL)
She pretty much only bought track pants (^^*)
After a lot of shopping we went to a yogurt place to grab some frozen ice cream and donuts..
after that we went back to shopping again!!!!
The next time I go shopping ♪ I’m gonna go to a picture club
It was such a fun filled day ~(^o^)/☆★
The weather was also great the moment I stepped outside and continued when we were shopping
It was just what I needed (*^3^)

aika blog

Coming up this weekend is another concert, I’m pretty pumped up about it (^^)v

aika blog

You probably already know right?!!
Kusumi-san will also be participating in the bus tour this November (^^)v
Looks like it’s gonna be fun doesn’t it? (^з)-☆
As for Kusumi-san, this will be her last bus tour and FC tour…
so I hope it’ll be a bus tour thats super fun and forever embedded into everyone’s minds ~~☆☆

Risa Deco "Episode 2 Part 2"

I’m crafting right now~!!
Look look~!!!

gaki blog

I’m sparkling things up with these simple donut things ~(>∀<)☆☆
Also for the round 2 we have..!!

gaki blog

*thinking about how to praise this* ~~~
Last time I did a cool and stylish design, but this time… it’s like this ♪
I tried to go for a pretty feeling >∀<
For the girls who love sweets
Please look forward to it~

Aika blog "9days"

Finally, Morning Musume’s concert tour has started ~\(^o^)/☆
Even now I still forget how nerve-wrecking the opening day is (>_<)!!!! But... it looked like Kamei-san and Junjun were even more nervous than I was, so I was like "Everything will be alright!!" (^^) and kinda hid my nervousness (^^ゞ (lol) Also, on the first day there was the shocking announcement about Kusumi-san's graduation, Crazy wasn't it... (~_~;) But Kusumi-san had a very Kusumi-ish reply to all of this... at the concert hall she let out a very positive "I'm gonna keep trying my hardest!!" which gave us all a little relief ☆ I want to really treasure the time I have left to spend with Kusumi-san... as well as during this concert tour (>▽<*)

Well, we still have until December to go and I hope to keep in mind these fresh feelings from opening day all the way through
For those people who are planning to come see us, please look forward to it (^з^)-☆♪♪

This picture was taken downtown in front of the
Morning Musume ad truck for this fall tour
If you guys see this truck around, please take pics of it (^∇^)

aika blog

Well then let’s see… just the other day I was walking around Odaiba in the Tokyo Big Sight area ☆★
When I was there, I saw a lot of airplanes ♪♪
It was windy too, it felt pretty good (^^)/
Sometimes walking long distances can be good too!!!!!!

aika blog aika blog

For next week’s concert, I’ll be pretty active again ~~ (*^^*)☆

Risa Deco "Episode 2"

This time for Risa☆Deco… tada!!

gaki blog

The very essential compact mirror ー(o^∀^o)ノ
so then.. what kind of design should I make…(>д<)!!
I’m thinking right now!!
By the way, I have that special space reserved in my room for Risa☆Deco remember?
But even then, preparation and setup still takes a lot of time (^ ^:)
But I’m gonna give it my best to make this

Wait for it yaーーーーーーーーーー

Aika blog "8Days"

How are you guys? (^o^)/☆

Just the other day we recorded Tokyo Friend Park ☆
It was my first Tokyo Friend Park!!!!!!! It was fun (^^)v♪
Tanaka-san really put a lot of effort into it (*^^*)☆☆
Thank you very much ♪♪ All of the members really appreciate it (*^o^)/ (^-^*)★

aika blog

Well, the tour is about to start (>_<)!!!! I'm pretty nervous (i_i)€(^_^) Well, although right now I've calmed down a little about it ☆ At the handshake session, everyone kept asking "What's the concert gonna be like?" Unfortunately I could only tell them "It's a secret (^^)" (^_^;) With this fall concert.. there are a couple songs we're gonna sing that people haven't heard yet... ☆ Be sure to listen (^∇^)/ The costumes are also very cute so pay attention to that!!!! Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Fall ~Nine Smiles~ Even though its a concert, I hope people will be healed by it ♪♪ Please look forward to it~~ (^∀^)☆

aika blog

Risa Deco "Report ☆"

Hello thereeeee \(●>∀<●)/
Right now, I’m prepping for round 2!!
Here is a quick status update ☆
Some how…
One part of my room has turned into a Risa Deco exclusive use corner!!

gaki blog   gaki blog

We’re in business now ↑Fu↑(●>∀<●)ノ
And.. and..!!
During the handshake session..!
Everyone kept saying “I’m looking forward to your Risa Deco!!”
I also got so many e-mails.. I’m so happy!!
Right now the staff is organizing all the emails
so I can slowly read through all of them
Anyways, the item for round 2…
ヾ(o^□^o) hehehe
Please look forward to it~

gaki blog

I’ll have it uploaded pretty soon so wait for it ☆
I’ll be working my hardest (●>0<●)q))ぉー!!

Aika's Blog "7Days"

Good job everyone (^-^)☆
Starting again this morning, today was another full day of dancing!!!!!!
Man I wonder how many T-shirts I went through… ( ̄▽ ̄;) LOL
But in a little while, the other girls, dance senpais, and staff members will all be trying their hardest ☆☆
The Morning Musume concerts this time are going to be really wild (゜-゜)!!!!!
Please look forward to it

Last weekend was the HaroPuro Meeting and release event for our single ☆☆
Every time.. every time… my heart was beating so fast
when we were doing I WISH (T-T)(T-T)
During the release event for our single,
these 5 here shared the same dressing room!!!!
We all got along great while eating ice cream (^3^)/ ☆

Aika's blog

As for me, every time I see this youthful picture, it really rejuvenates me (∨ε∨*)☆
Right now, students are supposed to enjoy youth, and I just hope they can enjoy it to the fullest ♪
Everyone’s different though… (^-^)
The dark hand next to me is a friend ♪♪
Lake Biwa is in the background (^^)v☆☆

Aika's blog

Aika's blog

Aika's blog

Risa Deco "Announcement of Episode 1's winner"

At this time I would like to thank everyone for their
numerous applications and comments in regards to the one of a kind Risa Deco’d card holder!
Also, I would like to announce the winner of the card holder!

Pen name


We plan to ship the item out around the middle of September.
Please look forward to it ☆彡

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