Laughing too much


LinLin’s laughter making Ai-chan laugh as well♪


Laughing too much,
she had to wipe her tears with a tissue,


Laughing too much,
LinLin fell over,


Those two are really good friends (*^o^*)


Ai-chan’s laugh echoed around very well
at the Chinese restaurant (lol)
































LinLin chatting with Ai-chan♪


Her eyes…her eyes…
Her eyes are…


Perfect cicles


I didn’t take the pic because
I was so surprised though。
I was just taking it like always
and those perfect circles are a bonus!!


Those round eyes are pretty common。





Foods that I like


First up, it’s kinda like a appetizer but,
my standard pic of me (^_-)


I’m eating Peking duck (≧∇≦)


Those eating this Peking duck are


It’s Hawaii but, Peking (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Very original (゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)


Oh by the way, I’m back in Japan at my house,
and I just ate my mom’s cooking☆


And then, my second treat…squid sembei♪


I love foreign food but, I like
Japanese food even more!


But of course, my mom’s cooking will
always be number one! (b^ー°)♪













Tons and tons


The last dinner in Hawaii☆


All of us went to a Chinese restaurant (⌒~⌒)


The food was so good,
I was stuffed at the end (*^o^*)
All of us sat at one table and
ate as much as we could (o^∀^o)


But you know。
It’s at this time that the members of
Morning Musume are the most funny!!!!!!


I’m gonna put sooo much on the blog。


I think maybe, that if everyone who
sees my blog, will go to a Chinese restaurant
and stuff themselves too!


That might be too much ♪


let’s eat so much together
that we can’t even move! (lol)





Putting the ribon to use


At a yakiniku place in Hawaii…


(First pic)
JunJun: 『Kamei-san, I’ll make that
ribbon look cute on you』


(Second pic)
Kamei-san: 『It’s okay. I can do it myself』


(Third pic)
Kamei-san: 『Heh heh heh heh』


※She didn’t have anything to drink!!!!






























The fascinating pair


And then, the last pair was
Leader Takahashi Ai-chan and
Sub-leader Niigaki Risa-chan!


Kouhai Sayumi’s explanation of these two
might seem a little cheeky…


Ai-chan and Gaki-san…
I know that both of them need to be together。
both of these two from the 5th generation
share a certain something♪


I was all ready to give my assessment of them,
but I can’t say it, however…
these two
are really good at singing!
have amazing volume control!
and have really mature voices (//∀//)


Morning Musume really has to rely on
their leader and sub-leader’s singing instructions (*/ω\*)


Sayumi will do her best!


Singing instruction (●´mn`) (tears)
not so much but,
singing is number one!!!!!!! (tears)





Following my partner's example


Continuing on,
Mitsui Aika-chan and me, Michishige Sayumi~♪


Aika-chan is truly bold。
She’s in control until the very end。


Sayumi is a weakling。 I quickly ask someone
what should I do。


Aika-chan and Sayumi are quite
opposite aren’t we (lol)


I’m following her, yep m(_ _)m


So on the way back to Japan from Hawaii,
Aika-chan was in the seat
next to me on the plane (^_-)


We argued about what things in
Hawaii we liked the most。


Sayumi’s was
『The food~(≧∇≦)♪』
and Aika’s was
『The scenery。』


She’s sooo mature~!
So calm and peaceful!!


This is the second time
I’m following her example, yep m(_ _)m




The relaxed duo


So continuing on,
Kamei Eri and LinLin!
Aha! Shortened version!!
Kamei EriLin Team!!!
^ー ^)人(^ー^


Seeing these two together is really cute。
Sayumi’s view for these two is plain-looking♪
They’re posture is always so relaxed so
they always look so peaceful (^人 ^)


The relationship between these two
is a pleasant one。
Eri’s always been kind of a older sister
to LinLin (lol)


She changes up LinLin’s sense a little...(lol)


Eri is always saying
『If you do them like this, it looks better』
and fixes LinLin’s bangs↑
LinLin replies
『a- Kamei-san。 Thank you much』
with much gratitude。
So these two’s relationship is quite pleasant♪


No trouble at all! Very peaceful ( ̄∀ ̄)





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