About Us

About Nantonaku Blog-Translations
“That isn’t exactly right!”
“That doesn’t sound natural!”
“Who actually says PikaPika anyway?”

It occurs to me that translation is not perfect, that localization and interpretation are the stronger, more common goals of a translation site. Nantonaku Blog Translations currently is not that. As a site for people flooded constantly by Japanese language and Culture, Nantonaku currently desires to provide a viable location for understanding and growth in a speedy response time. It is our understanding that not everything will sound natural, and sometimes there will be error. Regardless of that, we hope that readers of this site can not only use it to understand the Idol’s whose blogs are we translating, but that we provide a medium level between English and Japanese so you understand not only what is said, but how it is said in Japanese.

About Nantonaku Translations
Nantonaku Translations is the result of the new outlook and realistic perspective to the current situation. Now a group of one with the support of many, N!N Translations aims to continue doing what we can. The goals include Blog Translations, and other possible translations. While still a part of the family, we consider fansubs as part of Nantonaku Fansubs close to our original vision. And occasional PV karaoke subs (still considered LDK random subs) may occur as well..

About Nantonaku Fansubs 1.0
A group of people in a chatroom all had different skills to contribute. Nantonaku Fansubs was born in 2008 to sub H!P related content and was lead by irc chatmembers JaeCee and SeVii, including members Ronin, Mangomalte, DarklighT and Invis. With support from and eventual contributions from others on both a temporary and more permanent basis, we existed to provide fansubs to videos we enjoyed and wanted people to enjoy. N!N’s Sub projects included sections of UraUtadoki, Futarigoto, AmeStudio broadcasts, and Variety shows as well as series like Ojigi30do and Q.E.D.

In 2017 Nantonaku Fansubs was reborn through the return of member Ronin, who has decided to try to revive the group through the creation of subs for H!P related video media. We support their growth but will maintain Nantonaku Translations separately to maintain translations projects here and their integrity.

On Hiatus/Retired Blog Translations:
Niigaki Risa: 2018-01-25 20:47 Japan Time (Blog is retired as well)
Mitsui Aika: 2018-12-16 23:46 Japan Time (Blog is retired as well)
Fukuchan Blog Translations: 2019-04-21 21:59 Japan Time (Blog could not be maintained)
Harunan Blog Translation: 2019-04-09 11:34 Japan Time (Blog is unofficially retired as well)

What Does Nantonaku Mean?
Nantonaku pretty much means “somehow or another”. It expresses the core of how we started and how we’ve gotten by over the years. We started as a bunch of people in a chatroom that decided why not, and we played towards our strengths to churn out subs for people. Even though many have moved on we uphold the thought that if we need to, we’ll get through it “somehow or another”

About the Current Staff
Invis – AKA Invisname/InvisibleGuy/Toumei – Invis is currently the 3rd generation Leader of Nantonaku after taking on the role of substitute leader. He is currently the only active member of the Nantonaku team, as a result being responsible for any projects or blogs that need work.


Want to help out? If you think you have some skills you’re welcome to let us know and we’ll see if we can do anything!