Chinese Nabe?

2017-09-23 18:10:44






A little while back I ate sama, mackerel pikeーーグリーンハートブルーハート




The fall appetiteイチョウ



that, even though it’s really properly handled



The fall readingイチョウ



recently that’s calmed me down……




No good



I need ot properly read books!!!!



For now just the amount I’m buying!



Just the amount I’m borrowing from friends!!





And, I’ve already had onabe, hot pot, a couple of timesー!
Fall, I past it and went to winter foodブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ




With my friend, sesame soymilk nabe鍋
With Kamei Eri-chan, Kimchi nabe鍋
With my family, Chinese nabe鍋






What, what is Chinese nabe!?




You thought that?




I thought that




When my mom said
『Tonight we’re having Chinese nabeー』
to me




I went, “What, what is Chinese nabe!?”!




Hearing Chinese nabe,


The only thing that came to mind was those big chinese frypan🍳 things!!
[tl note: Chuukanabe, the word Sayu’s mom used, also means a wok]



Isn’t it just normal cooking!?
That’s a wok.




I didn’t know so,
and so you know, I wonder what it could beー, being WakuWaku excited about it dinner happenedハート







In the soup, sesame oil was plenty apparent
and ample vegetables
And not at the end, but from the start, there’s raーmen in it!!



… Chinese raーmen!!!????





But well, the taste was light ish…



『Well try putting shoyu in itー!』



and so



I ate shoyu raーmen



The taste was still light I thinkーー and so



『Well put miso in it tooーー!』



and so



I ate miso raーmen too




The result, eating various flavors of raーmen, it was really satisfyingハートハートハートハート




Onabe is the best!!ハート




This winter too let’s eat our fill〜ラブ



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The Moments I Shook

2017-09-22 23:41:49



Today on youtube, on the up’ed 『UpComi』ニコニコ
















The other day’s Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary event’s



『Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!』



you can see it thereーラブラブラブラブラブラブ



By all means, please watch itニコニコ






At that event



『Ookii Hitomi』 『Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai!』



hearing when I sang these two songs




Getting video from the past, it seems I remembered the choreography too…








I mostly remembered it!!!!キラキラキラキラキラキラ




My body



my bodyyy



remembered it huh 😭❤️




And practicing at home, going with friends, I practiced at karaoke too!



At karaoke



This is the real show!! think of it like htat with the real show in mind, I did it, and the hand I held the mic in was shaking… lol lol




Next to me not realizing I was shaking
my friend, just ate pizza next ot me the whoーle time, I’m gladddピザ





The day before the event, there was a placement and stuff rehearsal,
meeting with Reina for the first time in a while



Waーー how nostalgiiiic!! OtsukaReーna! Are you energized? Waー! You seem energized! I am too!



That’s how it went



Before when we did rehearsals, peaking at the rehearsals of all the current members, I was impressed, “everyone is amazing huh, they’re cool huh,” Maria-chan eating her obento is cute, 『Michishige-san is always cute!』 Harunan gave me leveling words of praise, we safely finished rehearsals, the 6ki 2 remain and got to sing loーーーts, to get use to the shoes for the show from the rehearsals I wore the show shoes and, the kinda cramped feeling had me DokiDoki heart-pounding (lol) No I couldn’t laugh about it though! After rehearsals finished, I talked with Reina for the first time in a long time a loーーーt, of course I went with the mood, then when we said byebye, I I watched hte video of practice that day, all right! From now it’ the show! thinking htat I practiced, and I was shaking… I enjoyed it! I shook!!!
And taking in that kind of feelings, that was the event!!!





During it I really ended up pushing through itびっくり
Even in composition it was rapid talking (lol)
Thank you so much!!!





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Food Talk

2017-09-22 14:16:53



Continuing from 2 blog entries ago, an ice cream updateおねがい




Did you know this?


★Black Montblanc★


Kyuushuu’s ice cream…ハート



My home area, in Yamaguchi prefecture, at convenience stores and stuff they sell them too so since I was small I’ve loved themラブラブ



Just recently
you can even find it Tokyo so it makes me happy, I ended up buying itラブ




Of course it was really yummyーーー!!







Speaking of Kyuushuu exclusive…★★★



With potato chips, I really like the kyuushuu shouyu flavor too!!!!!



When I go back to Yamaguchi I buy it for sureニコニコ







The world is overflowing with yummy things yahー♡♡♡♡





My Big sis-chan made this
negitoro, tuna and onionsグリーンハート
this is really yummy tooーーラブラブラブラブ
The one up front yah! Negitoro!!



This negitoro,


I put it on French bread and eat it







I like Big sis-chan’s hamburger steak pictured in the back too〜ハート








Speaking of… with hamburger steak,



I can make it tooニコニコ


A sudden self-shotニコニコニコニコニコニコ





I don’t have a picture of the hamburger steak I made so
with self-shots you’ll forgive me?ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





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2017-09-19 18:34:58



I’ll out up a two shot with Tanaka Reina-chanラブラブブルーハーツラブラブブルーハーツ






The 2 of us
in a 20th anniversary pose星星星
The 6ki members. The same gen. The same age.
Are characters are completely opposite but, well, well it goes together huh ピンクハートブルーハートvery muchピンクハートブルーハート




On stage,
our first 6ki MC in a while was really fun too
It was comfortable you knowーーキラキラ









It’s blurry but I’ll put this upーーハート







Our outfits were redラブラブラブラブラブ
For this day, the stylist-san made them for us!!!!キラキラキラキラ





Lots of KiraKira sparkles!!ハート
Thank you so much!!ラブラブラブラブ











From that….




Reina-chan solo shotsピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





It’s really cute so please prepare your heart for itハートブルーハートハートブルーハートハート













Reina, even in the dressing room she was talking the whole time!爆笑
She’s reaaally funnyーーー!!!!てへぺろハート




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♪Yukimi Daifuku〜♪

2017-09-19 11:55:28



Last night



I at Yukimi Daifukuハート









The point it melts was the best…おねがい









Personally, mroe than in the summer I’m the type that wants to eat ice cream in the winter♡



Now, it’s not summer or winter thoughーーー♡ lol





And, from my friend
I got a souvenirー爆笑





Momiji manjuu








Today’s breakfastニコニコ




The Hiroshima wind is blowing



that’s what my friend told me (lol)









Gyarados was there (lol)










Sayumi’s here too (lol)


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Tsuji-san♡ and, Outfit♡ (Lots of Pics)

2017-09-18 21:45:53



I was together with Tsuji Nozomi-sanラブラブラブラブラブラブ
It’s the first time in a while I’ve gotten to see Tsuji-san too
it made me veーry happy!!



ピンクハートピンクハートUs matching in pink made me happy tooピンクハートピンクハート




I’m always looking at her blog…チューリップキラキラ








For my outfit it’s a 『TOCCA』 one pieceドレスハイヒール






Usachan peaceハートうさぎ


上矢印上矢印上矢印 For these 3 full body shots


I still haven’t put on lip make-up in these picturesくちびる







下矢印下矢印下矢印These next ones are full body shots after I put on my lip make-upくちびる口紅
How is it?
You get the impression from it right!?ラブ WakuWaku excitingラブラブラブ



(That feeling like either would look fine is in full)










I got a kind of rare shot too so, I’ll put it up kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




With that, I’ll update again laterハート音符






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Music Station

2017-09-18 17:32:10





TVAsashi 『Music Station Ultra FES 2017』
Morning Musume。’17、was coollllハートハート



I too, got to appear in the form of a supporting guest.
Thank you so muchキラキラキラキラ




上矢印上矢印In the 2nd pic, on the near left, I was into Ishida Ayumi-chan’s pose and did the same pose猫うさぎ



Morning Musume。’17’s performance, it was really cool!
KirekKire sharp KirakkKira sparkling爆笑キラキラキラキラ





LOVE Machineハートハートハートハートハート





Tamori-san, it was my first time seeing him since my comeback but, he remembered me and my character too, the same as always he was really very kind…😢


During the CM we talked too, it made me really really happy!!!!!!



Thank you so muchキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ





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2017-09-17 16:13:18





9/18 12:00 in the afternoon〜
on TVAsahi 『Music Station Ultra FES 2017』 with Morning Musume。’17 I’ll be appearing too in a supporting guest fashion!!



Together with Tsuji Nozomi-sanハートハートハート





I’m happy I got to see all of Morning Musume。’17 recentlyラブラブ



cause everyone’s cuteピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





Eating the Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary cake, it’s all of Morning Musume。’17ショートケーキウエディングケーキハートハートハート


From this day,
I’ve had Morning Musume。’17’s new song 『Jamashinaide Here We Go!』 stuck in my headーー!!!!



I really like itハート



I want to hear the proper direct sound source soon (lol)









Lastly, Satou Masaki-chan恐竜くんハート


Wearing Tanaka Reina-chan’s hat, she’s overjoyed (lol)



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2017-09-16 18:12:20





For today, I went to the TOCCA✖️Nicolai Bergmann special event!!
From today TOCCA-san and flower artist Nicolai Bergmann-san are selling collabo itemsハートガーベラハートガーベラ



At the event,
I got to see Nicolai Bergmann-san’s improvised bouquet creations and stuff!



When making it he had no hesitation, he really quickly just made a fantastic bouquet, it was amazing!!キラキラ





I got a picture taken with Nicolai Bergmann-sanキラキラ






I got flowers too🌸
Very cute…💐
Thank you so much キラキラキラキラ





The clothes I was wearing too, it’s a TOCCA✖️Nicolai Bergmann one pieceエプロン



The flower print is brilliant, it’s really cute花束
Wearing it I always end up UkiUki cheeryピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


Thank you so much!!✨



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2017-09-15 21:43:28





Pictures with each Morning Musume。’17 member, though I didn’t get one with all of them…💦


I took pictures with some of them so I’ll put those up kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






first off,
Makino Maria-chanバレエキラキラキラキラキラキラ







Ishida Ayumiーnお願いキラキラキラキラキラキラ





Iikubo Harunacchiハムスターキラキラキラキラキラキラ





Oda Sakura-chan🌸
Her Joining Morning Musume。 5th Anniversary!!!
So matureーーーーハート


I like Oda-chan’s voice!
Her singing voice too of course but, when talking!!




With that, see you later爆笑パー




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