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2022-04-02 20:37:06

Today is,
Cooking, getting to make stuff bot hday and night makes me happy! 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート

Avocado bacon onion salad 🥗

Avocado 🥑🥑 they were smallish but I used 2キラキラ

Just 1 of the avocado seem like they were at the edge of being underripe but

putting in mayonnaise and seasoning it

hid it 😆😆😆

It ended being a really large amount so

I ended up full just with salad 拍手サラダ

And, between meals 🍪


I had gotten from tocco closet-san,

ECHIRE cookies, which I ate thenジンジャーブレッドマンクッキーのプレゼントくまクッキーうさぎクッキーねこクッキー

The best tea time ジンジャーブレッドマンコーヒークッキージンジャーブレッドマンドーナツ🧸

I progressed with the thing I memorized at home and my work ☺️ハート笑

ECHIRE cookies… they are really so yummy 🥺✨✨

I couldn’t stop myself 😆✨✨

I ate sweets so,

next I’m wanting to eat something spicy,

so at night, for the first time in a while, I made torichiri !!

I put a lot of seasoning in it, it was spicy
It was yummy !!
And for dessert
I but in some black tea
and once again ate ECHIRE cookies 義理チョコ
Joy ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
And, today during hte afternoon
I made picked cucumbers but (I say made but I just added pickling base to it you know!☺️)
It’s rare, the timing cooking matched when I had make up on so, lol
a self-shot before I cute the cucumber 爆笑

Well recently I’ve really been liking cucumbers you know 照れ照れ照れサラダ
Cucumbers are yummy of course
how they feel chewing it is great
cutting it doesn’t need a lot of power
biting into the skin is good
it seems they take away sweeling
Really it’s just good things, amazing !!グリーンハート

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