Eggplant Bowl⭐︎

2022-04-03 13:39:35

Today’s lunch was
using eggplant 🍆✨

An Eggplant Bowl!

I made it スプーンフォークおにぎり

Cut the eggplant (For me I used 1.5 big eggplantー)

soak in water

dry out the water

use potato starch



shoyu, sugar, mirin, water, garlic tube.

Putting the eggplant on the rice

putting egg

sprinkling onion

and, completeー❣️

E、A、S、Y 🍆🍆

I had extra eggplant so, I should make something huhー

I wonder what I’ll make yah〜〜


The taste was very yummy!

I was really full!

Rice 🍚 I might have served too much, midway through I regretted it but I ate it all 照れ

[tl pic: I’m really full | It’d be great if someone cleaned up the kitchen for me yah- | Cooking eggplant and eggs, after that just seasoning but, how’d the number of things to clean in the kitchen increased a lot like this, they got dirty suddenly. | For now I’ll avert my eyes and sing-]

This monologue story, I put it on insta, lol

Averting my eyes form the kitchen,

singing, writing my blog ルンルン

A picture from a little bit backー!

On this day, I put on new hair oil, and my hair got soft💗

Waーi Waーi

My feelings about my hair now

I want it to grow faster even if it’s just by 1 second〜爆笑爆笑爆笑

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