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Hello anyone reading this,

Invis here, current main translator for the Nantonaku Translations division, translating technically 5 different UF blogs (Gaki, Sayu, Aika, Fuku, Honey). But as of late things have gotten harder to juggle and so a change had to be made.

tl:dr Gaki blog fan-translations will be going on hiatus as I figure out what to do with things. We’ll be trying something new soon. For details See below (or click the article if you’re on the front page)
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(Featured) Nantonaku Status

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SayuBadge6Latest Michishige Sayumi Blog Translation:
2018-05-18 08:14 Japan Time

Latest Niigaki Risa Blog Translation:
2018-01-25 20:47 Japan Time
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Latest Mitsui Aika Blog Translation:
2016-12-30 09:33 Japan Time

Latest Fuku/Bou Blog Translation:
2018-05-16 22:07 Japan Time

Always Disclaimer

If there’s ever a name that isn’t something standardized there is a chance I got it wrong due to the nature of kanji and readings, I state it every so often but now there’s constant reminder here ^^;

Sayupocolypse Countdown!

Time Since Sayupocolypse!


Translator’s Mood: ____

There was a formatting issue with the last bulk upload, gomen!

675 Days of sayu drought, then a hello! lol
2014-11-27 13:43 (The Drought Began) Japan Time
2016-10-02 12:28 (Day 675: Mi) Japan Time
2016-10-12 17:40 (Day 685: Chi) Japan Time
2016-10-21 21:28 (Day 694: Shi) Japan Time
2016-10-29 13:20 (Day 702: Ge) Japan Time
2016-11-05 12:15 (Day 708: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-11 16:11 (Day 715: Yu) Japan Time
2016-11-16 23:06 (Day 720: Mi) Japan Time
2016-11-20 13:07 (Day 724: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-23 17:28 (Day 727: I) Japan Time
2016-11-25 13:39 (Day 729: Se) Japan TIme
2016-11-26 12:00 (Day 729/30:I) Japan Time
Note: Day timer here is based on when the concert started, so it is the day it happened, but you know…time.
Note 2: That is Mi-Chi-Shi-Ge Sa-Yu-Mi Sa-i-se-i Or Michishige Rebirth, the same thing on the picture from her graduation and this last entry!

I’m keeping the countdown timer up till she returns <(- -)
Permanent tears T_T


Okay Guys this is it…the Sayupocolypse, the time I’ve saved up some money for…and will probably be the end of me… everyone…your strength for this time… it’s gonna be a ride!

Updated: 2018-05-17 15:08 Hawaii Time

The Fourth of July

2018-05-18 08:14:34





Michishige Sayumi
Original Soundtrack CD’s general sales day has been scheduled









that’s whenちょうちょうさぎガーベラ







▼Official Homepage Announcement



▼UFW site Goods Page














I’m doing my best with shoots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️





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OyasuMizuki☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-05-16 22:07:38
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today’s play practice


「Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu〜」 There’s not much left until opening day


We can’t let practice time get taken like this so
We gotta cram in as much as we can!!!


With that feeling,
I’ll practice treasuring the time.


Today there is the 2nd run-through practice but
With the free time and breaks we’re discussing it
and checking everything with all the castEmojiEmoji



Run-through practice,
Aa… This girl feels like this I think… I end up thinking about all kinds of things
Even though we’re on the acting side, there’s times when I feel like the watching side too.


Doing that kind of GusuGusu sniffling
Song teacher Ecchan-sensei
Like that?! so much that it’d make us cry, it’s cuteー♡Emoji



With appearing together with us this time Shimizu Saki-san, and Ayumin♪♪
Today just for a little bit we talked about Berryz Koubou-san〜Emoji



Tomorrow is a break from practice so
I’ll make it a day to sort it out in my headEmoji


Yup that’s right… earlier when I going home
They said Job Well Done




I made a mistake and ended up saying OyasuMizukiーーEmoji
Thinking about what I should write on my blog and stuff
naturally saying OyasuMizuki was part of it!!!Emoji


After that the older sister group laughed
When going home it was OyasuMizuki〜 as saying byebyeEmojiEmojiEmoji



Today’s breakfast


As NemuneMura [tl note: Nemu/sleepy + Fukumura] I’m not opening my eyesEmojiEmoji


Well then OyasuMizukiEmojiEmoji






MC Uemura Akari植村あかり
Memory Dictionary (Morito Chisaki)
Oshiete 〇〇-sensei (Kaga Kaede・Morito Chisaki)
Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Audition Being Held


Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
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・Lawson Ticket
(L code: 33707)




・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled
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#PlayPractice #PharaohNoHaka #EventAnnouncement Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-16 21:35:26
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Today too was all day play practice!


We did practice once through from beginning to endー!



I realized it’s just 2 weeks until the show…!



There’s still a ways to go so I want to pack in what I can to the time limit!





This time the Ankensen-hime I’m supporting is Makino Maria-chan!









With all I got, this Nella is already thinking of her adoringly (*´꒳`*)




Rue played by Yokoyama Reina-chan too, she shows good style, it’s cute!









Oh my, everyone each has their fill of good points so, for sure those who come to watch I think they’ll feel like they don’t have enough eyes☆


But I want to do that kind of play yah…!





Well you know, talk shows commemorating the shows has been scheduled☆




5/25 and 30 at the Hello!Shop Tokyo Akihabara Shop, 2 a day, doing 4 in total



I, Iikubo, Fukumura Mizuki-san, Makino Maria-chan, and Morito Chisaki-chan, we’re appearing on the the 1st show on the 25thー!


MC is Kitabayashi Asuka-san ( ^ω^ )!



New and old Ankensen and Ari!
I’m looking forward to itー!



By all means we’ll be waiting!





Speaking of Akihabara, I can’t forget it, my visual photobook release commemoration handshake event☆



At last it’s the day after tomorrow!



For details go here





Getting to hear everyone’s voices directly makes me happy (*´꒳`*)


And I’m thinking I get to talk about this visual photobook’s shoot stories and under-themes so by all means please come and meet with me kayーっ(*´◒`*)!!







I updated WEAR, look at it KAYーーー!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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3 Great Vegetables☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-05-15 22:01:33
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Yesterday, I ended up saying up late too…Emoji
Saying what do you do everyday, there’s reading with pleasure too ya know…


It’s, it’s manga though yahEmojiEmoji


And like Yakimochi-san I’m doting on my pet doggy, kitty, and crabbyしっぽフリフリネコかに座


I have lots of pet ○ーーーEmojiEmoji


Today I’m gotta go to sleep soonーEmoji(lies




Yesterday while on the move for work,
Ayumi-chan, Yokoyan, and I went to procure some Crisp Salad Works for evening meal though yahEmojiEmoji


Mizuki always orders, as a hipster,
beloved celery and raisins,Emoji
with romaine lettuce and applesリンゴ in it but


Substituting the nuts with brocolli and basil dressing added onEmoji


It’s become Mizuki’s all over the place salad〜Emoji




You can customize it the way you like so it’s fun, and yummyEmoji
It’s a salad but there’s grain rice and chicken tooEmoji


Next time I want to get it with raw carrots yah♪♪


There isn’t anyone who can’t eat carrotsにんじ rightー😏?


Looking at yesterday’s comments, I was surprised but,
Mizuki made a mistake with the character she’d want to beーEmoji


Who Mizuki wanted to be was
Not FAIRYTAIL’s Natsu but Lucy!


I write it on fainy memory and made a mistakeEmojiEmojiEmoji



That said I thought but…
Mutual trust with Zen and an honest heart
able to summon all kinds of things, extending limbs, fighting strongly, MoteMote popular with the accompanying convoy
Lastly there’s the three hero protecting
I want to be that kind of heroine!EmojiEmoji


Mixing all kinds of things they’d end up the strongest huhEmojiEmoji


Ah, of course weapon wise I’m with bows ( ̄ー+ ̄*) kiraーnEmoji



Everyone what do you want to be〜EmojiEmoji


For tomorrow’s practice too I’ll focus and do my bestーEmoji





Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Auditions Being Held
Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
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・Lawson Ticket
(L code: 33707)




・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled
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Celebration☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-05-14 21:53:51
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday I ended up staying up late
so waking up this morning was bothersome〜(✘д✘๑;) ³₃


Everyone, aren’t you tired?ーEmoji
The temperature difference is intense so please take care of your physical condition kayEmoji
and muscular pain too maybeーEmoji


Arriving at the play rehearsal hall I thought I wanted to stretch my body ya knowー so
in the free time I did calisthenicsーEmoji



There are days when I don’t move my body much with play practice and stuff so I gotta be proactive and exerciseー!




Today you know, during practice for that scene
Snefuru played by Ayumi-chan put out plenty of presence


With her elega〜nty voice
♪Happy Birthday to you〜♬ 



Coming out carrying a birthday cake
we surprised Horie Kidzuki-chan who’s birthday is today and
5/7 birthday, Masaki-chan〜EmojiEmoji


This year we are celebrating with Masaki-chan a lotEmoji
That feeling all the time we bursted out laughingEmoji


Congratulations to the 2 of themEmojiEmoji




Mizuki, Kokoro-chan, Kurumi-chan, Kidzuki-chanEmojiEmoji


Everyone, Kiraーn( ̄ー+ ̄*)Emoji





Recently among the members we’ve been talking about If ○○ then? a lot so
If you became a manga or anime protagonist then? I tried taking a ’18 survey♪


Took I tried taking it with the 3 trainee’s appearing in the play too-yonEmojiEmoji


Ikuta  Koiwazurai no Eriー [tl aka: Ellie is lovesick]’s Ellie
Iikubo Koi wa Ameagari no Youni [tl aka: After the Rain]’s Tachibana Akira-chan
Ishida Meitantei Conan [tl aka: Detective Conan/Case Closed]’s Mouri Ran-chan
Makino  MAJOR’s Ryouko and Minnie-chan
Satou  Ittanmomen
Oda  Akagami no Shirayukihime [tl aka: Snow White with the Red Hair]’s Snow White-chan!
Ogata  The Simpsons!!!
Nonaka I’d be Doraemon’s Nobita using all the secret tools!
Haga Mariー&Gariー [tl aka: Marie and Gali]’s Marika-chan
Kaga Uchuu Kyoudai [tl aka: Space Brothers]’s younger brother
Yokoyama  Kamen Rider
Morito Hana yori Dango [tl aka: Boys Over Flowers]’s Tsukushi’s friend circle



Horie Kidzuki-chan Hana Nochi Hare [tl aka: Sunshine After Flowers/ Boys Over Flowers Season 2]’s Edogawa Oto
Maeda Kokoro-chan ONEPIECE’s Luffy
Noguchi Kurumi-chan Hagane no Renkinjutsushi [tl aka: Full Metal Alchemist]’s Edward Elric




OdaOdango!!! I get it〜
I love Snow White-chanーー(ノ)*´꒳`*(ヾ)Emoji


Masaki-chan instantly said an ittanmomenEmojiEmoji
It surprised meEmojiEmoji
Recently the Gegege no Kitarou TV started didn’t it? Scary!
Quite scary yah!Emoji



Mizuki you know〜
FAIRY TAIL’s Natsu or
Inuyasha’s Kagome or
BLEACH’s Rukia


Action style or thrill styleEmojiEmojiEmoji


 Girls on the battle field are cool I like them so I want to be that kind of protagonistEmoji


Appearance has nothing to do with itEmojiEmoji


A, and Dokin-chan♡





6/19(Tue) Budokan Performance
「Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert 2018 Spring 〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜 Final」

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・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled
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#MemberMeal Iikubo Haruna

2018-05-14 20:11:42
Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today after play practice and outfitting and stuff, with Ogata Haruna-chan we got to answer an interview for the 5/24 release of 「B.L.T.」-san!



Cheery talk and serious talk, we talked about all kind of things so, by all means please check it out ( ^ω^ )!




A meal picture after the other day’s shoot〜☆










We went to a yummy oyster place!



shell fired oysters, raw oysters, sea urchin risotto, potato salad, rolled omelette, shishamo spring rolls…


We at our fill of yummy things〜!!



It was a joy (*´꒳`*)



While eating Ogata went and said, 「I’m really happy」.


I didn’t really get it but it was warm I felt like I was gonna cry! lol lol



Such a good girl 〜Ogata〜〜






And today, between work I had tea with Makino Maria-chan (*´꒳`*)



Putting as much marshmallows in sweets, it was exciting〜!









On the pink cute strawberry sweets, she picked heart marshmallows, that Maria was cute.



Maria, she’s really using the mmts backpack she got from Nakagawa Shouko-san’s Mama, that is also her being a good girl (*´꒳`*)




We talked a lot about memories when we were small, it was fun and comforting〜!





Tonight I’m having a meal with Ikuta Erina-san and my Mama☆


Let’s eat lots of yummy things〜!




For my clothes today, with my new asymmetric skirt, AMERI shoes.
Look at it KAYー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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Just Don’t Get Iーt

2018-05-14 15:23:10












The other day,




Sayuminlandoll’s 4 stage outfits,
birthday goods
and various other things…ピンクハートピンクハート




I took lots of raw pictures照れ


I want to go to SAYUMINGLANDOLL Osaka soonー!!!!!!



I’m looking forward to the birthday eventーーうさぎうさぎうさぎ



Everyone, I want to see you soon!!!!ピンクハートラブラブラブラブ








And then, there was a completely different, recent all day shoot day
It was that!
That day with the amazing lightning and heavy rain and stuff!!!
The shoots, we did lots outside but,
When it’s cold, it just drains your stamina like this doesn’t it!?
to the point, I understood my own stamina was being lost steadily. lol
Hold on me. That was how i felt 💦
That evening, to get back the lost stamina (!?)
After I got home around 12:00 at night
I ate a pork bowl and a cream-roll instantly. lol lol






But the next day I wasn’t puffy at all!!!!




Even though I ate during the night the next day unexpectedly I wasn’t puffy at all
Even though when I’m hungry in the middle of hte night I’d do my best and hold back but the next day I’d end up puffy…
I just don’t get iーt/(^o^)\















And and from today for shoots
I’m going off for a bit飛行機













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Kagawa〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-05-13 22:14:59
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was concerts in Kagawa prefectureEmoji


Yesterday I reached the major point of my 500th performance but
for me, all performance is a special performance.


Each performance, I want to make you feel like I’m glad I came todayEmoji



Today you know, it was a high excitement laugh out loud performance I think?!Emoji


Pon(O)daー’s MC was so funny my stomach hurtEmoji
I thought their stamina is amazing yahEmojiEmoji


And, all of the upper level were waving their cyalume and uchiwa appealing to us
Seeing them feeling like “they noticed us waving our handsー” made me happy tooEmojiEmoji


The 501st performance also ended up a special performanceEmoji


Shikoku’s 2nd day,
it was super〜〜〜〜 funEmojiEmoji


Thank you so much for your cheersEmoji



It was 2Days 1 performance each but
when we can do the next concert I want to get even more excited
and if possible I’d like it if I could ride the Anpanman trainEmojiEmoji


Dreams for when I’m in Shikoku, I want to make lots come trueEmojiEmoji



The 12ki were talking about if they had or hadn’t rode the Anpanman train…


Spekaing of, I remembered I got to hear the Anpanman announce from Akaneshin at the timeEmojiEmoji



That’s right!
For lunch I got to eat UdunEmoji


Chikuwaten toriten
Ginger with onions, tenkasu


The warm udon was yummyEmojiEmoji



Aa〜 the concert’s finished
I feel lonely nowwwwEmoji


Or rather already there’s 10 performances left…
This tour, we can only do 10 performances huh…


I gotta enjoy it!!


Everyone who attended
for today Thank YoUdunーEmojiEmoji


With Ponpon drinking PonPon juice tooーEmoji
This year too, with hte members we sent video messages to our mothers-yonEMO/2607.gif,”Emoji”>


6/19(Tue) Budokan Performance


「Morning Musume。 Creation 20th Anniversary Commemoration Concert 2018 Spring 〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜 Final」


Blog priority application has started!


It’s Until 〜5/14 (Mon) 23:59.
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・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 

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2018-05-12 23:14:39









Starting with 2 pics that aren’t much different
it’s the blog猫




Looking at the camera or
looking at the screen, that’s the question流れ星









What I have in my hand is
the flake stickers I got from




Flake stickers, I have lots of like these😭
Other stuff too, I got lots of cute goods!!


Letters tooお願い






It made me very happy!!!
RyuRyu-san, thank you so muchハートハート











My recently bought RyuRyu-san stickers
summer stickersやしの木バーベキュー左バーベキュー真ん中




The right most bug sticker’s bug faces are FunnyCute 😍












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The 500th Performance is Ehime Prefecture☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-05-12 21:59:54
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was concerts in Ehime prefectureEmoji


Our first solo here in the Ehime NaruChika!



It makes me happy yahEmoji happyEmoji



On that kind of happy day it’s Kaedi’s 100th performanceEmoji
And Fukumura, her solo tour 500th performance!!



I didn’t have my eye on 500 so
More than it being a thing I reached at last, it felt like, already like that…!!!


Everyone here who celebrated for us too, it really made me happyEmojiEmoji
And so I did my best 500% yonEmojiEmojiEmoji


Up to now I worked so hard to not stumble my words at all but today’s MC I ended up all stumble stumbledEmoji


Maybe 500% is too much spirit in itEmojiEmoji


From here too let’s do our best so I can pile up performances together with Kaediー kay! we made a promise


Once more determined!


Today there were lots of cheers
for the 「first time people〜」 people put their hands up for us with lots of energy


Ehime is fun and it was a HAPPY time, thank you so muchEmoji


The venue was big too, the venue itself is wide it’s overwhelmingEmoji
Next time we do concerts at Ehime, please come down for sure kayー(*´∇`*)ノ


オレンジMikyan and Daーkumikyanオレンジ




For tomorrow at Kagawa prefecture Rexxam hall
We’ll be waiting♪♪


Aiming for her 501st performance ot be a fantastic fun Morning Musume。’18, Fukumura Mizuki will do her best




Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Audition Holding ScheduledEmoji

Pharaoh no Haka 〜Jaou Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



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・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performance) 



Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Handshake Event》 Scheduled
6/19(Tue) Budokan Performance
「Morning Musume。 Creation 20th Anniversary Commemorative Concert 2018 Spring〜We are MORNING MUSUME。〜 Final」


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