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While thus far Nantonaku in its entire lifetime has been about subbing things mostly with Morning Musume。 members in it, that doesn’t mean they’re the only group we like in H!P. I, InvisNantoka, would like to take this time, as we are approaching the end of the C-ute era to talk about my experience with them, and what they are to me. This is gonna have stories and stuff from my experiences so…it might be fun? (This will be multiple pages)


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(Featured) Nantonaku Status

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Sayupocolypse Countdown!

Time Since Sayupocolypse!


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675 Days of sayu drought, then a hello! lol
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Note: Day timer here is based on when the concert started, so it is the day it happened, but you know…time.
Note 2: That is Mi-Chi-Shi-Ge Sa-Yu-Mi Sa-i-se-i Or Michishige Rebirth, the same thing on the picture from her graduation and this last entry!

I’m keeping the countdown timer up till she returns <(- -)
Permanent tears T_T


Okay Guys this is it…the Sayupocolypse, the time I’ve saved up some money for…and will probably be the end of me… everyone…your strength for this time… it’s gonna be a ride!

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AnimateTimes Article: Sayumi Now Voice Actor!

Title: Greatly Popular Anime 『Henkei Shoujo』 Final Episode Voice Actor is Decided to be Former Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi! Comments After the Dubbing Too!


World-wide totally over 8,300,000 views, greatly popular series 『Henkei Shojo』 [tl aka: Transforming Girls] On 2017/10/24 (Tue) the final releasing episode, Arisa Edition’s voice actor has been decided to be former Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi! We’ve gotten the comments from Michishige-san after finishing her dubbing.


And, on the same day there seems to be a must-see important project announcement for fans of 『Henkei Shojo』 so, let’s hope there’s news here too!


[picture set 1: Arisa/Sayu]


Michishige Saymi-san’s comments are here


―― Please tell us your impressions when you got the offer.


Michishige Sayumi-san (Henceforth, Michishige): I’ve had interest in voice acting work so getting to talk about it, I was really happy!  I saw the first 1 episode clip, from the beginning I was impressed watching it, 「it’s really pretty video huh.」 But from that there was that “Unbelievable development!” as the title says……(lol). My older sister and friends knew abobut it too, 「It’s the talk of the net」.


―― Acting as a character, how did it go?


Michishige: I admire girls like Arisa, girls who are always cheery but, I myself, actually I’m indecisive and pretty negative in places so, I was nervous like, 「Could I do this well?」 I was nervous (During my time as Morning Musume。 leader, I did my best thinking I need to pull the group together!).


And, Arisa’s fashion is cute yah. For me personally I had a sailor-fuku so I have an admiration for blazers, I hadn’t worn loose socks either so, this look, I wanted to try it.


―― In 『Henkei Shoujo』, who do you think matches you?


Michishige: The pampered character 「Rin-chan」 yah. I myself am the youngest too, and I like pink. Her drinking gasoline looking like it’s yummy is cute too.


―― What do you think of 『Hankei Shoujo』 from here?


Michishige: 5 people suddenly transforming has the whole town in uproar! it’s that kind of panic movie isn’t that right?


―― Please give a message to the fans.


Michishige: I acted to my best while I was nervous but, it was different from things up to now, I felt like I got to feel a little bit of a stronger me so please look forward to that. I’m saying things like, 「Urya~!!」 (lol).


For lines like 「Ha!」 and 「Uu!」 there’s expressions you can understand even if you don’t understand Japanese so, I want people all over the world to see it too you know. When you’re worn out during breaks at work and such, by all means please watch it!


●Scenes from the day of dubbing


[3 pictures of Sayu working]


●Michishige Sayumi Profile
Date of Birth: 1989/7/13 (28 years old)
Bloodtype: A-type
Place of birth: Yamaguchi prefecture


>> Official Blog: Sayuminlandoll
>>Character Introduction & Michishige Sayumi-san’s Comments Here


●Arisa’s Profile


[pics of Arisa]


Age: 17 Years Old
Height: 155cm
Three sizes:81・59・80
Birthday: 8/10
Zodiac: Leo


About 『Henkei Shoujo』


It’s the concept 「What would you do if girls you were familiar with suddenly transformed?」 and beautiful girl characters that up to now you’ve never seen perfectly transform. The currently revealed ones are, the girl looking good in a sailor-fuku 「羽瑠(Haru)」 and girl with the trademark backpack 「Rin」, the shy girl 「Itsuki」, and cool beauty 「Nana」. What kind of girl will appear next?, and what kind of transformation will be shown? For the details for those interested it could happen any time on their official site and Twitter!


>>Official Site
>>Official Twitter (@henkeigirls)



(C)2017 Henkei Shoujo Production Committee


Original Article in Japanese

Wakaindashi!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-10-17 23:04:06
Theme: Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


NHK System-san’s 「UtaKON」 did you get to see it?Emoji


Morning Musume。’17
From the 64th new single, 「Wakaindashi!」
We got to show itEmoji



EmojiIshikawa Sayuri-sanEmoji JUJU-sanEmoji
EmojiFuji Ayako-sanEmojiKurokke-sanEmoji
EmojiAustin Mahone-sanEmoji
EmojiBlouson Chiemi-sanEmojiwith B-sanEmoji
EmojiHosokawa Takashi-sanEmoji Matsusaka Yuuki-sanEmoji
EmojiMiyama Hiroshi-sanEmojiFresh Kaneko-sanEmoji


And hosts
EmojiTanihara Shousuke-sanEmojiKogo Tomoko-sanEmoji


Thank you so much!


Fantastic singing voicesEmojiFun productionsEmoji
It was really funnily fantasic you knowEmoji


Lots of interesting things came together too
really it was funEmoji


For we Morning Musume。’17
in any case energetically! Cheery! Cute♡
Wakaindashi! with power we gotta do our best you knowEmojiEmojiEmoji




With 12ki Maria &13ki Yokoyan HugHugチューイエローハート
It felt like it was two blessing at once, cuteハート



After the live broadcast finished
Blouson Chiemi-san, with B-san
said let’s take pictures in formations!Emoji


Blouson Chiemi-san
was humming Wakaindashi!〜Emoji
with B-san was dancingEmoji
with Austin Mahone-sanEmoji


First time hearing just the raw songs, it was upliftingEmoji
In hte dressing room while we were on standby, the songs in total
「35 hundren mil!」 everyone saidー!Emoji




Everyone who saw the showEmoji
everyone who cheered for usEmoji
thank you so muchEmojiEmoji




BS Skypaー!san 「FULL CHORUS 〜Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜 [tl: Music is a Full Chorus]」, did you get to see it〜?


FULL CHORUS-san broadcasting their 100th episode, congratulations(ノ´▽`)ノEmojiEmoji
From here on please continue to support Hello!pro and Morning Musume。’17Emoji




10/19(Thr) Late Night 1:59〜
YomiuriTV-san 「音力-ONCHIKA-」


Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi, Haga Akane, the 3 of us get to appear!




Hello!Moba original show 「Fukumura no Heya」
The next guest is, from Juice=Juice, Miyamoto Karin is appearing! Taking in mail!


Deadline: 10/18(Wed) 14:00



①「Mizuki-senpai’s Hello!Pro Course」 Fukumura and guest have a fired up talk together making Hello!Pro Themes!
②「General News」 Questions・Impressions・Suggestions, anything OK!
③「New Corner」 New corner plans open any time!
#ハロモバ #譜久村聖#宮本佳林 #morningmusume17 #juicejuice





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UtaKON! Iikubo Haruna

2017-10-17 22:13:55
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Today we got to appear live on NHK「UtaKON」〜(*´◒`*)♡








↑「Famous Song Collection of tears and laughter karaoke sets」 Iikubo karaoking that.





We got to show Wakaindashi!★





Our 2nd UtaKOn, I’m happy we got to appear on it again ╰(*´︶`*)╯!














With Blouson Chiemi with B-san♡!



and with Austin Mahone-san!




We got to talk a little with Blouson Chiemi-san (*^^*)



I, look like a teen she said〜!! Huhu
Kudouー, Chiichan and I, she thought the 3 of us were the same age〜!! Huhuhu




Happiness… honest happiness…♡ huhu



Lately I, started PAO!
That face motion thing…! lol


Well and then, it makes me face feel in great condition〜♪



… I’m simple you know ( ̄∇ ̄)tehe







Tomorrow is Nippon Broadcast 「Myu〜Komi+Plus」 Day!


From 24:00, please listen kay〜(*´◒`*)!!





For my clothes today, a dressy one piece, and caplico. lol
Cause I like caplico♡
Look at it KAYーーーーー^o^




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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At Last Tomorrow!

2017-10-17 22:04:59


Tengoku no Kyakuhonka [tl: Heaven’s Scriptwriter]


The on location run went through without problemss✩





At last tomorrow!



It’s opening day!






With lead Kacchi (*^^*)





This time, the dressing room is a double room for girls ( ¯﹀¯ )






Kacchi is so cute, high in girl power you knowニヤリ


Next to me after eating having dessert and stuff, so cute
eating ( ¯﹀¯ )




I should follow her example








I think I can sleep





I want to sleep you know




















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『Henkei Shoujo』

2017-10-17 14:50:10



I get to play
Anime 『Henkei Shoujo』’s 『Arisa』’s voice!!




[tl link text: Last Episode 『Arisa Volume』’s voice actor, Former Morning Musume。’s]










The Afureco, the dubbing…
I was nervous of course but, more than that it was really funピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






For me, I was indecisive, really soon after, I get into a negative mode though (lol)
Arisa is, always bright and cheery so it was very much encouraging!!!!!!キラキラ




I admire girls like Arisaハートハートハート





Getting to do the voice acting for that kind of Arisa makes me very happyラブラブイエローハーツ











『Henkei Shoujo』 [tl: Transforming Girls] official site
you can see the character introduction and my comments!











Arisa’s self introduction voice,


you can hear all kinds of vocals at randomキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ






The video release is still a little ways away…ハート
It’s DokiDoki heart-pounding…ピンクハート






Please look forward to it kay!!



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Mentaiko Story☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-10-16 22:57:04
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Even though today was work from the morning
I couldn’t sleep last night…


telling the story
lots of the members were feeling the sameEmoji


Last night, lying down going to sleep Papa turned to me
「Heyー! In those 2 days you did 8 hours of concerts?! Isn’t that amazing?!」
「Putting it all together you sang like 90 songs?! Isn’t that amazing?!」 talking it singularly, Mama laughed♪Emoji


And then
I handed over the souvenirs I bought in Fukuoka tooEmoji


A variety pack (small) of mentaiko &
As always it’s the Fukumura family’s beloved kazunoko and mentaikoEmojiEmojiEmoji


Saying that, breaking the seal…
there was ikamentai in ittttttt!!!!!!




Uuuu…I cried… I worked so hard to buy souvenirs and still…EmojiEmoji


but the ikamentai was yummy too so it’s fineEmoji


Yurushitenyan(ΦωΦ) [tl: Yurushite/ forgive me + Nyan/meow]





All the time Oda doesn’t let out her dabbling side but, in Fukuoka she got hungryyyyyy


  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ I’ll wait for the next change!!Emoji





Tomorrow, 10/17 (Tue) Evening 7:30〜
On NHK System-san’s 「UtaKON」
Morning Musume。’17 gets to appearEmoji


It’s a live broadcast soEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


in front of the TV, or perhaps at the venueEmoji
please give us your supportEmoji





And evening 9:00〜
on BS Skypaー!-san 「FULL CHORUS〜 Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜 [tl: Music is a Full Chorus]」we get to appear♪
For Chiichan it’s her first appearance as Morning Musume。EmojiEmoji
We get to sing the new song with the full chorus音譜
by all means please watch kayEmoji






10/19(Thr) Late Night 1:59〜
YomiuriTV-san 「音力-ONCHIKA-」


Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi, Haga Akane, the 3 of us get to appear!




Hello!Moba original show 「Fukumura no Heya」
The next guest is, from Juice=Juice, Miyamoto Karin is appearing! Taking in mail!


Deadline: 10/18(Wed) 14:00



①「Mizuki-senpai’s Hello!Pro Course」 Fukumura and guest have a fired up talk together making Hello!Pro Themes!
②「General News」 Questions・Impressions・Suggestions, anything OK!
③「New Corner」 New corner plans open any time!
#ハロモバ #譜久村聖#宮本佳林 #morningmusume17 #juicejuice





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Pon×4☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-10-15 23:14:26


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Fukuoka 2daysグリーンハート
4 PerformancesEmoji


ヽ(*´□`*)ノ it was funnnn♪


You’re out of adrenaline huh?? You’re okay huhEmoji
that’s how much strength we used up!Emoji


Did you dance too much?? That’s how much you dancedEmojiEmoji



One of the goals of the tour this time OshiechaiMaria [tl: Oshiechau/I’ll tell you + Maria]〜Emoji


That is…
The intensity of dancing with the upper level!


because Morning Musume。’17 has 14 people too!
it should be with dancing on the on the stairs tooEmoji


In that, I feel like I want to dance so it has the same sense as dancing on the flat stageEmoji


This was one of the goals of Mizuki in concertEmoji
I’m careful not to fallEmoji




Actually you know….
Fukuoka for 2days 4 performances, for Morning Musume。 it’s a firstEmojiEmojiEmoji
The current members could make it happen like this makes me happyEmoji


Eripon smiling tooEmoji


The nervousness in front of everyone and stuff, it’s different than usual in your own home area, it’s HaraHara heart pattering〜Emoji
Eripon for show did it in a way that didn’t show that kind of stuff at allEmoji


But today during the concert we felt that full on〜EmojiEmoji


The words 「I’m glad I’m a Fukuoka native」
that made Mizuki pretty happy too🌟


NikoNikoNikoNiko smilingEmojiEmojiEmoji
Eripon was smiling full on you knowEmoji


With everyone at the venue doing Call and Response
「Pon! Pon! PonPonPonn!」 doing that was really fun tooーグッド!Emoji


Everyone who came in the rainEmoji
thank you so much for the fun time (*´Д`*)ノ))


So you don’t catch a cold
please properly warm yourself up in the bath and sleep kayEmoji


It’s pretty coldーーEmojiEmoji


At the airport going home!
(We got to buy souvenirs〜 Waーi(*ˊᗜˋ*)/)


While saying it’s cold and stuff we ended up drinking cold stuff as well  EmojiEmoji







NHK Systems 「Utakon」 appearance has been scheduled!
We get to appear for the first time in about a year💕


With energetic power we’ll do our best!!


10/17(Tue) Night 7:30〜 Love broadcast!
By all means please watch💕
Please do use the favor of supporting us




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2days 4 Performances☆ Iikubo Haruna

2017-10-15 20:34:49


Theme:Iikubo Haruna








Fukuoka 2days concerts are finishedddd!








OtsukaresaMamboー! [tl: Otsukaresama/Job Well Done + Mambo]




Getting to do 2days 4 performances in Fukuoka prefecture, it’s a first!



It’s really happiness ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



Doing it like this, usually we go to an area for just a day for concerts, steadily getting to do 2days 4 performances, it’s great that the circles expanding huh(*´◒`*)



Then if it’s happy for me, it’s happy for you,
it’s a win-win thing you know ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎ huhu








Here it’s sudden but, I’ll put up a picture with Akanechin kay♡











She’s Cute Cute, Akanechin (*´◒`*)♡









For my clothes today, a silver lame topwith a pure white chester coat (*´꒳`*)


Look at it KAYーーーーー





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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Disney On Classic

2017-10-15 20:08:33





The other day, at the Tokyo International Forum



『Disney・On・Classic ~Mahou no Yoru no Ongakusai [tl: The Magical Night Music Festival] 2017』



I went to see it!!




It was really fantastic….ハート
Of course Disney is amazingキラキラ Disney songs are wonderfullllキラキラキラキラ
I was ve, very moved.





Furthermore the 2nd part,
My beloved 『Tou no Ue no Rapunzel [tl: Rapunzel of the tower top, aka Tangled]』 main!
Live music performance and singing voice of the Rapunzelピンクハートグリーンハートピンクハートグリーンハート
It was the best!!







At the venue, it was GachaGacha clattering so, I tried it…ハートハートハート



Their 15th anniversary, the ribbon things for it are great!


Thinking that, I took a spin at the Gacha…





Yay爆笑 the 15th anniversary ribbon 🎀
Morover, it’s Minnie-chanリボンリボンリボン
Without thinking, I let out a 『Yatta!』 (lol)
With this on, I want to go to Disney you know…ハートハートハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




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