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SayuBadge6Latest Michishige Sayumi Blog Translation:
2014-11-27 13:43 (The Drought Began) Japan Time
2016-10-02 12:28 (Day 675: Mi) Japan Time
2016-10-12 17:40 (Day 685: Chi) Japan Time
2016-10-21 21:28 (Day 694: Shi) Japan Time
2016-10-29 13:20 (Day 702: Ge) Japan Time
2016-11-05 12:15 (Day 708: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-11 16:11 (Day 715: Yu) Japan Time
2016-11-16 23:06 (Day 720: Mi) Japan Time
2016-11-20 13:07 (Day 724: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-23 17:28 (Day 727: I) Japan Time
2016-11-25 13:39 (Day 729: Se) Japan TIme
2016-11-26 12:00 (Day 729/30:I) Japan Time
Note: Day timer here is based on when the concert started, so it is the day it happened, but you know…time.
Note 2: That is Mi-Chi-Shi-Ge Sa-Yu-Mi Sa-i-se-i Or Michishige Rebirth, the same thing on the picture from her graduation and this last entry!

Latest Niigaki Risa Blog Translation:
2016-12-03 10:57 Japan Time

Latest Mitsui Aika Blog Translation:
2016-07-04 20:00 Japan Time

Latest Fuku/Bou Blog Translation:
2016-12-02 22:58 Japan Time

Always Disclaimer

If there’s ever a name that isn’t something standardized there is a chance I got it wrong due to the nature of kanji and readings, I state it every so often but now there’s constant reminder here ^^;

Sayupocolypse Countdown!

Time Since Sayupocolypse!


Translator’s Mood: I don’t know how long I can do these extra translations about this…

675 Days of sayu drought, then a hello! lol

Gaki Congratulations AGAIN! HAPPY SUMMER WEDDING! *throws breadcrumbs cause people don’t use rice anymore*
(Also did a translation for Kotani-san’s blog too)

I’m keeping the countdown timer up till she returns <(- -)
Permanent tears T_T


Okay Guys this is it…the Sayupocolypse, the time I’ve saved up some money for…and will probably be the end of me… everyone…your strength for this time… it’s gonna be a ride!

Updated: 2016-12-03 02:34 Hawaii Time

16/12/02 Translation for Sayumi Announcement


Michishige Sayumi Restarting Activity Announcement

Thank you so much for always giving your support.
On 11/26 the announcement was made on the her blog but,
it has been decided that Michishige Sayumi, in the spring of 2017 will be restarting her activities.

Having been in Morning Musume。 for about 12 years, she has been moving quickly with barely any rest.
Since graduating in November of 2014, she has devoted herself to overhauling and refreshing herself but,
Reviewing herself up to now, and thinking about herself going forward,
Coming into this year, she had taken to the intention of standing in front of everyone once again.
After that, she and the staff, discussed what she should be doing form here,
and in what way she should present herself in front of everyone.
And, different from lives and musicals,
It was decided that she will go forwarding aiming to express herself on stage in new feeling performances
In order for her change towards embodying that, in addition to uping her core physical strength,
she’s once again taking up training like vocal and dance lessons as well.
To live up to the expectations of everyone who waited a long time for her, she feels she wants to make even more effort.

As soon details like a tangible schedule have been decided there will be an announcement.

From this point forward as well, please give Michishige Sayumi your support.

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Illuminaーtion☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-12-02 22:58:44
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
Getting up this morning was hard〜Emoji


On the next day of muscle pain after moving a lot
a shoot in the intense cold…Emoji


But you know! It was funー! YesterdayEmoji


With everyone we were WaーKyaー fired up
getting all NukuNuku snugly in front of the heater (∩´-`)∩
Dancing Koi Dance〜♡Emoji


In any case even though it was cold the site was warm
I feel like I wnat to show everyone soon you know〜EmojiEmoji
TanoshiMizukiEmoji wait for it kay!



Today was dance lessonsEmoji
With a big mirror there, I feel like you can notice things rapidly and get better; Mizuki likes thatEmoji


It might just be a feeling but it’s that kind of feeling I haveーEmoji


Watching my kouhai doing their best, Fukumura seems like she might cry


Do your bestーEmoji




The Christmas Tree I found on the way homeEmoji
Have you decorated a Christmas tree?
Seeing trees makes you festive huh


The Fukumura household hasn’t done it yet〜Emoji


The other day, at the shoot I wore red and blue clothes but,
with it being like Kiki-chan from Kiki’s Delivery Service I got excitedEmoji
I did it with the Neko-chan hair I did at the ZDA the other day♪




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With Duーchan Iikubo Haruna

2016-12-02 22:49:13
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






Today, with Kuduー and my mom, the 3 of us went out〜〜!










Our current first illumination ( ^ω^ )♡



After Yantan finished, we ate yummy soup curry♡


Took satisfaction in the illumination♡


And went to the Haikyuー‼︎ Okay♡









It’s their Triumphant Return to Tokyo, until the 4th〜!


I was glad I could go again (*^^*)



While I was talking about how it was so interesting, Mama who doesn’t know Haikyuー‼︎ got an interest in it too


With that the 3 of us went♪



Today too was very funny, the best stage!


Last time I was watching it with story at the center but, today I had my eyes on the detailed adlibing being done, I also got to enjoy that too ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



And so for my opinions from when I went last time


You see it from here
[tl note: Or translated here]






Having companions to talk about our impressions together after we finished watching it is just fantastic you know


That there was funny, here was funny, getting fired up, it was fun!


Having fun watching, having fun talking about it, I got to experience the whole fun of plays (*⁰▿⁰*)





Giving all your power up on stage, So that I don’t lose to that too, I’m gonna go all out so much at tomorrow’s Shizuoka performance!!!


It’ll be Nonaka-chan’s triumpant return too so, from here you can imagine her happy looking face you know╰(*´︶`*)╯♡





For my clothes today… it’s just like the above picture ( ^ω^ )Tehe


I’m putting up a different pattern, look at it KAY〜〜



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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☆「Eomancing SaGa THE STAGE」 Appearance Scheduled!☆

2016-12-01 16:00:00


An announcement from the staff.



For April’s play next year,
「30-DELUX SQUARE ENIX Special Theater
 Romancing SaGa THE STAGE ~Roaーnu ga Moeru Hi [tl approx: The Day Loanne Burns]~」
Niigaki Risa is scheduled to appear!


With M-line club, they’re currently accepting priority applications for tickets from today!
【Application Time: 2016/12/1 (Thr) 16:00 ~ 15(Thr) 10:00】



「30-DELUX SQUARE ENIX Special Theater
 Romancing SaGa THE STAGE ~Roaーnu ga Moeru Hi~」


High art and classical action play
Taking in vlaues from overseas 30-DELUX and
Square・Enix joint collaborating,
It’s the SaGa series first play adaptation!!


It’s been tens of years since the calamity called the Death Eaters have struck.
Because of the resurrection of the Four Devil Lords, the world is cowering in despair.
But now, those fighting against the fate of destruction, are coming together in the land of Loanne!


【Supervisor for World View・Original Script】 Kawadzu Akitoshi (Square・Enix)
【Script】 Tochibori Moku (Square・Enix)
【Director】 Yoneyama Kazuhito
【Starring】 Shimizu Junji (Harid), Ozuki Toma (Katrina),
    Nakamura Seijirou (Mikhail), Baba Ryouma (Thomas),
    Murase Fuminori (Julian), Hasegawa Kasumi (Eren),
    Yamamoto Hikaru (Monica), Niigaki Risa (Sarah)


    Kasamatsu Haru (Fatima)


    Satou Atsuhiro (Sharr)


    And more


<Tokyo Performances>
【Venue】 Sunshine Theater
【Dates】 2017/4/15(Sat) ~ 4/23(Sun)


<Osaka Performances>
【Venue】 Sankei Hall Breeze
【Dates】 2017/4/28(Fri) ~ 4/30(Sun)


<Aichi Performances>
【Venue】 Aichi Prefecture Arts Theater Grand Hall
【Dates】 2017/5/3(Wed Holiday) ~ 5/4(Thr Holiday)


<Fukuoka Performances>
【Venue】 Kurume City Plaza The・Grand Hall
【Dates】2017/5/6(Sat) ~ 5/7(Sun)


【Ticket PRices (With Tax)】
S Seat: 8,800 yen (With special 10,800 yen)
A Seat: 7,800 yen
※All seating assigned ・ Admission of preschool children is not allowed.


☆Special Contents☆
Game Original Illustration Pamphlet (Including Performance Script)
※It is not illustrations of the performers.
※Sales are scheduled at the venues, venue seeling price will be 3,500 yen (estimate)
※S seat specials will not be sold on the day.
※S seats are the same seating, you can choose general S seats or sepcial included S seats.
※For the special, the will be given in exchange on the performance day at the venue


【Ticket General Sale Day】
※For details related to the special priority sale, please check the performance official site.


【Performance Inquiries】
J’s Produce
TEL : 03-3980-2415 (10:00~18:00)
E-MAIL : info@30-delux.net


【Performance Official Site】http://saga-stage.com/
【SaGa Official Site】http://www.square-enix.co.jp/saga/



We’re awaiting everyone’s attendance!!



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It’s December!!

2016-12-01 10:35:36



We’ve gone into December huhドキドキ




This year is over in a little bitttt😳


It kinda went by in a flash huhびっくりあせるあせる



Let’s have fun with the 1 month leftー照れドキドキ




Well Well!!



My husband is starring in


the play! Paraiso no Umi☆


I went to see itttt




Sachi and Yocchi☆
These two were funny.
I ended up laughing out loud you know (lol)









Job Well Doneee☆
It was very fantasticccお願いドキドキドキドキドキドキ
Do your best today too kayー!!!



Until the 4th, at Shinjuku Village live, they’re doing it so!!



By all means for sure!!






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Muscle Pains☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-11-30 22:59:55
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


For today you know
it was all day shoots with all the Hello!Pro MembersEmoji


For what we might have done… look foward to thatEmoji


Work for 2017 becoming Morning Musume。’17Emoji


Already work for next year〜Emoji
…well now it’s already become that time huh‼︎


With today November is over
From tomorrow it’s December!


And the 11 Member Morning Musume。’16
there’s just 12 days〜What should we do〜Emoji


What stories will come up tooEmoji


13ki Welco〜me
The anticipation is going up too huhー♪Emoji


Who will be the 13ki?!
I think there’s things on our minds but please wait until 12/12EmojiEmoji


Please don’t miss out on us changing kayEmoji


For today I feel like our team connection has gotten deeper〜EmojiEmoji



And the Hello!Mem I got to see for the first time in a while!
Kobushi Factory’s Nomura Minami-chanEmojiEmoji
With a birthday present and letterEmojiEmoji
It made me happyEmoji


Today is, Kobushi factory’s First Album 『Kobushi Sono Ichi』’s release day huh!!!
「Kobushi no Hana」 is a great song huh〜Emoji



I’m already at my limit…
It’s been awhile since I’ve been so tired I feel like I could collapseあせる







Kobushi’s New Song MV! Moーmusu。’16 Live/New Member Decision MC/Biology/Dance Lesson, ℃-ute Live, J=J Miyazaki Hair Arrangement
MC: Hamaura Ayano・Onoda Saori





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Orange Sweet Potatoes Are Yummy〜〜 Iikubo Haruna

2016-11-30 21:06:29
Theme:Iikubo Haruna






today was a fun shoot with all the members of Hello!Project (*^o^*)



With lots of members I haven’t seen in a while too♪



For the off-shots I’ll put them up on another day, along with details〜〜




For today, I’ll give you Ikuta-san sleeping next to me as we were heading to the shoot location( ^ω^ )










Sleeping soundly on my shoulder yah〜〜!




You gotta get sleep when you can sleep!



It seems tomorrow is a hard day too so, I’ll firmly eat and sleep














Ministop Orange Sweet Potato Soft-serve♡



Intensely delicious♡



With things you eat too, when you can eat it♡!






Eating when you can eat, my stomach is full so


I’ll go to sleeーーーーp (*^o^*)♡ Huhu






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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Cold~ Event

2016-11-30 10:13:00






It’s cold


so cold…







the futon


I don’t want to leave it now you knowぐすん



At 12/17’s event


There were will be corner like


音譜Riーsa’s Trouble Solving音譜 ( ̄▽ ̄)



Usually, I think about question corners but,


This time it’s everyone’s troubles!!!


So then, we can take dicussion about everyone’s troubles
and give answers
something with that kind of feeling but…



Coming to the venue, I may be able to think up anything if it’s suddenly said so, let me get them on the blog before hand



Think of lots of things to discuss kay!!


Because for the discussion I’ll get them written on paper before the event☆




Look forward to it kayニコニコ



Please come see us☆




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Fanclub Event

2016-11-29 23:34:53



Doing it on 12/17



Niigaki Risa Fanclub Event☆



Right now I’m thinking about all kinds of things but,



It seems like it’ll be funーー!


This time you know…



I thought I want to have a conversation with everyone, I’m thinking up a plan for it ( ̄▽ ̄)




And you know…


for goods…



This time with my own handwriting (Not printing)
Each and every sheet designed by myself
with my handwriting, we’re planning to sell written goods♡




This is, oh my, really I’m writing each sheet by hand so



It’ll be limited number and so, it’ll be first come first serve ( ̄▽ ̄)




Look forward to it kay!!!



There’s still timeー



By all means!



Let’s have a fun last meet up of the year with meーーーー!


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Ii Fuku Day☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2016-11-29 22:57:22
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki
[tl note: 11/29 is known as II FUKU/Good Clothing Day, pronouncing 11 as II, and 29 as fuku. Fuku can also be the word for good fortune though.]


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


A happy announcement for everyoneEmoji


11/23 released
Morning Musume。’16  
62nd Triple A-side Single


「Sexy Cat no Enzetsu」
「MUKIDASHI de Mukiatte」


Has earned the Oricon Weekly Charts 1st Placeドキドキドキドキドキドキ


About 1 year since our last 1st placeEmojiEmoji


The first coming from the 11 of us as a group
And the last of our singles like that too


As Morning Musume。’16
As the current 11 of us, more than anything I’m happyEmojiEmoji


To everyone who is always supporting us I’m filled with feelings of gratitude Emoji


Really truly thank you so muchEmoji


Sexy Cat no Enzetsu


MUKIDASHI de Mukiatte





I want you to unintentionally harmonize with it
hum together with it
want to listen to it fixatingly
love it captivatinglyEmojiEmoji



Mizuki is like that that’s why〜Emoji


Yesterday with the dance lesson finished
as a surprise the MezamashiTV people came
and congratulated us, 「Congratulations on the Oricon 1st Place」……EmojiEmoji


It made me very happyEmoji
Truly thank you so muchEmoji


I hope getting treatment from a show like this, that many more people will get to know these 3 songs, that they’ll get to like itEmojiEmoji


On Ii Fuku Day
Getting to report something good also makes me happy〜


Everyone ヽ(*´□`*)ノ Really thank youEmoji




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Oricon 1st! Iikubo Haruna

2016-11-29 22:09:53
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Morning Musume。’16

62nd Triple A-side Single

「Sexy Cat no Enzetsu/MUKIDASHI de Mukiatte/Soujanai」

Weekly Charts

We got 1st place!!!


Everyone who gave us support, thank you so much!



It’s been a year since a 1st place ( ;  ; )♡



For those of you who watched MezamashiTV this morning, I think we got across how overjoyed the members are. (I’m sorry I couldn’t make an announcement for it!)



Not being satisfied with the result, we’re carrying on to achieve even more growth!















It makes me happy you know (*^^*)♡




Please let us go with the situation with all we have just for now♡










Before the MezamashiTV shoot


Mezamashi-kun made in the picture unexpectedly





With the 3 new songs, we’re showing them in the nationwide tour we’re doing right now too so


By all means please come to hang out kay♡



What’s left of it is Shizuoka・Hokkaido・Tokyo!!






for my clothes today, I’m using the bag I got for my birthday from Fukumura-san♡


Look at it KAY〜





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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2016-11-29 21:02:39



For December’s play







I got my hair done darkerrrウインク



I got treatment so
my hairs revitalized!!!





Maki-san thank you so much always!!



And, Maki-san, Garland’s staff-san♡
Tin-chan and Mana-san


Came to my wedding partyyyお願いドキドキドキドキ




All the staff with love♡



When they came to my wedding party,


For my good friend Hitomiー of the Entou at Garland before the party



set her hairーー!





Like this♡


For me too, next time I have a party I should ask Maki-sanーラブ


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