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Hello anyone reading this,

Invis here, current main translator for the Nantonaku Translations division, translating technically 5 different UF blogs (Gaki, Sayu, Aika, Fuku, Honey). But as of late things have gotten harder to juggle and so a change had to be made.

tl:dr Gaki blog fan-translations will be going on hiatus as I figure out what to do with things. We’ll be trying something new soon. For details See below (or click the article if you’re on the front page)
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SayuBadge6Latest Michishige Sayumi Blog Translation:
2018-07-16 17:08 Japan Time

Latest Niigaki Risa Blog Translation:
2018-01-25 20:47 Japan Time
(CURRENTLY ON HIATUS: Summaries on Twitter)

Latest Mitsui Aika Blog Translation:
2016-12-30 09:33 Japan Time

Latest Fuku/Bou Blog Translation:
2018-07-14 22:30 Japan Time

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If there’s ever a name that isn’t something standardized there is a chance I got it wrong due to the nature of kanji and readings, I state it every so often but now there’s constant reminder here ^^;

Sayupocolypse Countdown!

Time Since Sayupocolypse!


Translator’s Mood: ____

There was a formatting issue with the last bulk upload, gomen!

675 Days of sayu drought, then a hello! lol
2014-11-27 13:43 (The Drought Began) Japan Time
2016-10-02 12:28 (Day 675: Mi) Japan Time
2016-10-12 17:40 (Day 685: Chi) Japan Time
2016-10-21 21:28 (Day 694: Shi) Japan Time
2016-10-29 13:20 (Day 702: Ge) Japan Time
2016-11-05 12:15 (Day 708: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-11 16:11 (Day 715: Yu) Japan Time
2016-11-16 23:06 (Day 720: Mi) Japan Time
2016-11-20 13:07 (Day 724: Sa) Japan Time
2016-11-23 17:28 (Day 727: I) Japan Time
2016-11-25 13:39 (Day 729: Se) Japan TIme
2016-11-26 12:00 (Day 729/30:I) Japan Time
Note: Day timer here is based on when the concert started, so it is the day it happened, but you know…time.
Note 2: That is Mi-Chi-Shi-Ge Sa-Yu-Mi Sa-i-se-i Or Michishige Rebirth, the same thing on the picture from her graduation and this last entry!

I’m keeping the countdown timer up till she returns <(- -)
Permanent tears T_T


Okay Guys this is it…the Sayupocolypse, the time I’ve saved up some money for…and will probably be the end of me… everyone…your strength for this time… it’s gonna be a ride!

Updated: 2018-07-15 22:42 Hawaii Time


2018-07-16 17:08:58




Sayuminglandoll Osaka pictures,
I’ll be putting up one’s I haven’t put up💓









Osaka performances・the night of opening day






With all the staff, and all the cast,



we went to a kushiage shopニコニコニコニコニコニコ








we ate
alllllll kinds but!!!!



The number 1 yummy one was…



the cheese kushiageイエローハートイエローハートイエローハート









Kitabayashi Asuka-sanヒヨコ  Shimizu Saki-chanハムスター
Aーchan looks so happy♡
Saki-chan following suit♡







Continuing on
Hello!Pro trainee
Horie Kidzuki-chan!乙女のトキメキ
Isn’t this picture amazing???
Isn’t it super cute!?ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
Kiーchan, she’s really a good girl💓 Always laughing cheery, a fantastic girl😍









The last 🧀 cheese picture.


Oh my, the cheese!
It’s so longーーー lol lol








The dessert was yummy too照れおねがいキラキラ


Ice creamー!!!🍨





Speaking of ice cream!
At the Osaka performance’s MC
when we talked about ice cream we like
I went with Milkrea’s melon flavor!🍈
I said that butピンクハート




After that, immediately, the staff bought for us😭グリーンハートグリーンハートグリーンハート


Sayu! It’s yummy! The melon ice cream!




I was told that by Eririn and then ate some and


It’s really yummy, I recommend it!グリーンハーツグリーンハーツ





For me more than when it’s KacchiKachi frosted
eating it when it’s starting to melt is yummy!!!!!





With everyoneトロピカルカクテルマカロンマカロン



The stage is of courseピンクハートピンクハートハートハート
but even in the dressing room it was fun SAYUMINGLANDOLLピンクハートハート













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I Did A Beloved Tapioca Shop Near My Houseー!


2018-07-15 16:13:26








I dreamt that
It’s Michishige Sayumi!ピンクハート




29, my first dream, was that爆笑爆笑爆笑








Birthday celebration comments
I got loooootーs!!! yahえーんハート


Thank youピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


I makes me really happy!おねがいおねがいおねがい







For the 13th’s birthday day
it was the birthday eventうさぎうさぎうさぎピンク薔薇





For the 14th
it was the photobook release commemoration handshake eventちょうちょちょうちょちょうちょ赤薔薇




Waーaー! It was two days like a dream…💞
It was super fun!!!!ハートハートハート




Those who came, really thank you!!!!



♡Confidentially speaking♡
The birthday event,
from the stage as planned, it was totttally DokiDoki heart-pounding lol lol
and so on the day, I was really really talking fast! lol (Well, I always do that too but, more than usual! lol lol)
I was super fast talking! The staff told me that! lol
Really I was DokiDoki heart-pounding but,
even then I thought I’ll do it, because I have trust in everyone!
And it was fun! I’m glad I did it!
I thought that because I saw everyone’s smiling faces!






Thank you for listening to my whatever talk💓
Thank you for listening to the songs to hear like my prayers💓
I love it!!!!


29 year old Michishige Sayumi
please continue to support her too!!!!!!ピンクハート




Birthday event day pictures,
photobook even day pictures,
Sayuminglandoll Osaka pictures,


There’s still plenty I haven’t put up yet so,
I’ll put them up as the occasion calls for it!!!!イエローハートイエローハート




Looking forward to it音符 you gotta wait for itハートハート I thnk soグラサンハート





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Dressing Room Neighbor and Kobushi-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-07-14 22:30:47
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Hello!Con Opening DayyyyEmojiEmojiEmoji
With everyone in the venue we got to get fired up
it was super super super funEmoji


Eeryone who attendedEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



For Morning Musume。’18, with Haーchin’s graduation
it’s our concert with the 12 member formation


And the OG senpai〜EmojiEmojiEmoji
Takahashi Ai-san, and Fujimoto Miki-san appeared


I got to hear Takahashi-san’s 「Osaka Koi no Uta」Emoji
Continuing from that Fujimoto-san’s 「Booge Train’03」 had me shaking天使


Lastly the 2 of them sang
「SEXYBOY 〜Soyo Kaze ni Yorisotte〜」
Morning Musume。’18 got to participate as back-up tooキスマーククラッカー


Rotating in OG senpai…
It’s got us DokiDoki heart-pounding tooEmoji


A happy enjoyable DokiDoki
We’ve gotta show the current us too! The snap tensing moment of DokiDoki heart-pounding tooEmoji



A roughly 2 hour concert.
Coming along with us willingly the venue got really really fired up too
in the end the 「( *¯ ³¯*)E〜〜〜」 voices made me happy too yahEmojiEmoji


After the performance, all the fans going
「Hello!Pro Saikou!」 is something I love tooEmojiEmojiEmoji


Thank you always!


Did you get to enjoy the 20th Anniversary Hello!Con?Emoji


From here on we’re continuing the 7 major metros so
Please keep looking forward to it kayEmoji


We’ll be waiting for you tomorrow tooEmoji


Dressing room neighbors,
Nonaka Chel-chan, HarunanEmojiEmoji



Together with all of Kobushi FactoryEmoji


Odan and Hama-chan’s back and forth is cute♡♡♡






Well! After this!


During the 13 hour live broadcast〜 of
TBS 「Ongaku no Hi」 Morning Musume。’18 is appearing〜EmojiEmoji


Morning Musume。’18 is scheduled to appear on stage around 25〜27:00 so are you planning to stay up late tonightEmoji


By all means look forward to the showEmoji



MoーJo was tonightEmojiEmoji
Listen to it kayEmoji





→TBS 「Ongaku no Hi」 Official Site
(The time table and such is on there)


→Hello!Project 2018SUMMAR 
Goods are from here




「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall Get Set Go!」 Blog Priority Applications are




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#helloproject #ColorMake-up #WantToBePretty Iikubo Haruna


2018-07-14 21:53:47
Theme:Iikubo Haruna










This year’s summer Hello!Project Concert has started too〜〜(*´◒`*)!!!!











My dreessing room neighbor is Fukumura Mizuki-san♡



It’s fun, it’s very fun! lol


The topic was AiNana lots of the time! lol lol



For this year’s Hello!Con, Hello!Project OG senpai are appearing as daily specials (*´◒`*)



It’s very extravagant and very fun!!







Before the show intaking chocolate★









Same as always I like color make-up but, basically I like purple (*´꒳`*)



My eyebrows too have purple on it but, when doing color make-up I put eyebrow make-up that’ll go good with the eyeshadow♪





Lately I constantly, want to be prettier, I’ve been doing various trial and error but, I want to be the me I like the most, that’s basically the feeling or rather, it’s becoming my driving force!


But the me I like most, it changes depending on then and that time you know, and so, when talking about this feeling, 「I want to be the me I like most」 after a little bit of time saying that again, the vision I have for it changes.


I’m always doing my best towards that benchmark but in that way the hurdle is rising too… lol



When my own condition isn’t good, I don’t feel like meeting people I get scared of it, when I look in the mirror I feel like, [Is this okay? Am I being a proper person?] there are times I check with myself.


Different from a narcissist, I’m validating to get rid of my anxiety. lol



There are ways like this right, I should try this and try that, I make new discoveries all the time so, those kinds of every days are fun!


And you know, doing make-up to make my face how I want it to be, my face at its roots changes a little too (*´◒`*) or should I say my look.


Changing with awareness, I think it’s like that.
I feel like I’m steadily changing myself so, more than how I was last year, I can say I like my current me many times more (*´꒳`*)
I want to change steadily!


I want to be pretty, that is the eternal theme yah!






Today on WEAR I’ll put up the blue outfit I wore for the spring tour too〜! Look at it KAY!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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TanoshiMizuki〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-07-13 22:49:18
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Koban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Tomorrow〜 13:00’s live broadcastEmoji
On TBS-san 「Ongaku no Hi」 [tl: Music day], we get to appear


For details  →the official site 
Please give us your supportEmoji




And today is,
My senpai, Michishige Sayumi-san’s birthday〜クラッカー音符


Michishige-san who matches pinkEmoji
Michishige-san who is mature cuteEmoji
Michishige-san who loves PokemonEmoji
Michishige-san who puts in a thousan yenEmojiEmoji
Michishige-san who is KiraKira sparkling even now鏡


Michishige-san who I’ve found has lots of different charm from when we worked together tooEmoji
Have a fantastic year〜Emoji






Well! Tomorrow is at last Hello!Con opening dayEmojiEmoji
Everyo〜ne at the Osaka venue are you readyEmoji



You can only savor 2018 SUMMEREmoji
With this currently Hello!Con you feel an atmosphere that should have you feeling like that for sureEmoji


They’re putting up details about the goods too so
Please check them out kayEmojiEmoji





Tomorrow we’ll be waiting for you at Osaka Orix theaterEmoji



The correct answer to the Mizuki blog quiz one entry ago is…
The scallop plum pasta〜EmojiEmoji


For answering such a whaーtever quiz I gave, thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))Emoji


I feel like the edamame pasta Mama gave me a bite from was super〜 yummyEmojiEmoji



Listen to Tonight’s MoーJo too kayEmoji






「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall Get Set Go!」 Blog Priority Applications are






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2018-07-13 00:34:48












It’s my birthdayーーーーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






Mineeeピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート lol










Really thank you so much always♡





I’m 29 huhー!
It’s gone in a flash!!✨✨





I hop to be always at my peak now
So that you can feel like you like current me the most
I’ll do my best day by day💓
From here on too if you watch over me I’ll be happy💓









It’s an offshot from my photobook releasing today







Getting a photobook release on my birthday, well,
really I have nothing but gratitude!


Thank you so muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






Photobook 『DREAM』 I hope lots of you get it流れ星流れ星流れ星流れ星流れ星






After giving birthday celebration comments get some sleep kay?💓



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#Healing #SmallAnimals #Chii Iikubo Haruna


2018-07-12 21:52:16
Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today for the first time in a bit I did Twintails with bangs〜〜!










Bangs I had reaーlly reaーlly made curled up! lol





It’s been a while since I woke up really early
and since the morning I’ve had my fill of fun work!




I want to surprise everyone soonnnn(*≧∀≦*)



Please wait just a little while for the announcement★






And this morning was early but work ended early too so,


Together with Morito Chiisaki-chan we went to Animal Room〜!!














Which you ask, both!!!





「Small animals and Morito Chii」


If I did a produced Chiichan photobook my wild fantasy title I thought up is that! lol lol




Momonga and chinchilla, hedgehogs and stuff, touching them,
kinkajou and prairie dogs there being rare animals too was very soothing♡




Then going karaoke, taking her along to Animate, eating dinner too, it was very fulfilling, and fun (*´꒳`*)



At Animate a beautiful girl looking around restlessly unsure was dangerous…←



Today too, because of today I like you!



With the grand soothing power of today’s things, I’ll do my best tomorrow on too (*´◒`*)★





For my clothes today I went with the simplicity of a Tshirt and denim short pants!
Look at it KAYーーーーーー





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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It’s Goodsー!!! It’s Birthday Goodsーー!!!


2018-07-12 16:07:58




This year’s Michishige Sayumi Birthday Goods have been releasedーひまわりうさぎトロピカルカクテル花火義理チョコ誕生日ケーキ太陽










How are they?!!!





For me personally…




Aーーll of them are favoritesピンクハート







The outfits and accessories are cute things rightー!?


Summer! I was aware ofr thatバレエバレエバレエ太陽





I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s birthday event!!



Getting to see everyoneハート
That is number oneハート







We’re taking BD event questions too so,
there too!
Please do me the favorハートハートハート












































It’s a put up all the pictures I haven’t put up rallyピンクハート



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2018-07-12 10:03:36




I’m in the currently released 『FINEBOYS』’s
『Knowbodyknows.Boku no Shiranai Kanojo vol.38』’s pagesー!!




Have you already gotten to see theM??キラキラ





Clothes I usually don’t really wear
I wore 2 outfitsハートピンクハート





Shoot offshot!






The shoot was fun yahーー!!!!!!キラキラキラキラ






By all means please watch照れラブラブ







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Whiーcch☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-07-11 21:47:29
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today I had a shoot and interview with Odan
I’ll announce it later kayEmoji





It’s sudden but!
Trivial〜Laughter Quiz〜EmojiEmojiEmoji
Which is Mizuki’s, which is Mama’sEmojiEmoji



It won’t be a hint but… the edamame white miso pasta and the plum scallop pasta were both deliciousEmoji


I talked with Mama about the yummy things Yamaki Risa-chan told me about earlier, and we went to go eat itEmoji


I like the flavors of this shopEmoji
I prefer the main, the dessert, and the TEA〜


Mizuki is changing what she always picks from the menu at shops…???


Girls, with creamy items, I think there’s lots ot pick from the menu that’s limited time or kinda special seeming but
for Mizuki THE simple flavors and fresh things are what she might likeEmoji


Meat too, saying I’ll pick some kind of steak, I picked lamb chops so of course that’s different I thinkEmojiEmoji


For the first 1 hour or so my little bro was there too but, Mizuki was trying on clothes and then he was goneー lol lol
Well… maybe he gave upEmoji



Today I got to buy lots of the things I wanted
eating the meal was also satisfying〜Emoji




「Morning Musume。’18 Concert Tour Fall Get Set Go!」 Blog Priority Application is








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