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Always Disclaimer

If there’s ever a name that isn’t something standardized there is a chance I got it wrong due to the nature of kanji and readings, I state it every so often but now there’s constant reminder here ^^;

It felt like time for a clean slate here ^^;

Updated: 2020-03-29 13:54 Hawaii Time


2020-03-26 18:11:14



4/4〜4/12’s scheduled 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 performances held at COTTON CLUB,
due to circumstances related to harm from infection by the novel corona virus have been postponed.



The exchanged dates are 6/27〜7/5.


For details please look at the SAYUMINGLANDOLL official homepage. Please give us your support.








The bus tour, continuing into the two-man with ZOC,
it’s really unfortunate, I’m filled with loneliness.


The exchanged dates are scheduled but, depending on your schedules there might be those of you who can’t come then too.
Thinking about that of course is sad but, I’m hoping for the timing to be able to meet again at ease, away from the current state of things.




I want to stand on stage soon yah
I want to sing and dance yah
and more than anything I want to see all my fans yah 😭


Even separated I’m always seeing everyone’s comments, everyone’s presence is supporting!


Really, thank you always…!!!












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3 Years Since Michishige Saisei!

2020-03-19 18:04:54




Today, 3/19 is


Michishige Saisei






That’s right.
3 years have passed since I came back〜キラキラキラキラキラキラ







I want to see everyone!
I want to sing and dance again!
with those feelings, I came back 3 years ago,
and even though 3 years have passed,
I get to do my beloved singing and dancing in a space with everyone I love.
I really feel joy you know.
thank youラブラブラブラブ





Really it’s thanks to everyone,
My days are filled with fun things, happy things!



At times I think it’s hard yah or times I get all “Waーー”,
but, when I see everyone it aーll turns out ok♡ amazing!



Even when we’re separated that’s the same, I remember everyone’s faces, I think about when we get to see ach other again,
and I can feel it, “All right, I’ll do my best!” It’s so amazing!!






Really, I’m glad I came back♡
I’m glad I met everyone♡
From here on too, please give me your support♡♡♡
















Michishige Sayumiうさぎ









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Wild Fantasy Bus Tour!!!

2020-03-15 22:22:33



Note: This is a wild fantasy.






The bus tour is finisheddddd〜



really, thank you so much!!!!!!



Through twitter I went tweeting Sayumin at any time so those who haven’t seen it yet by all means look kay!







At the bus tour〜〜
I had BBQ♩
Ate donuts♩
Did a handmade craft event♩
Had a mini live♩
Did 2 shots♩
Did this and that, all sorts of things yah 💓💓💓



Really really it was very fun!!!




I took memory photos baーーtto I’ll ptu them up kay!!!!































and, that said,
it came time for the end of the wild fantasy bus tour but…
did everyone get to have fun???





The scheduled bus tour got postponed but,
I really enjoyed this bus tour, I heard people voice they enjoyed it too…




Even as a wild fantasy.
Separated, I want to see everyone! I want everyone to feel me! Everyone together is fun yah! I wanted to make a space that felt like that! Thinking that I did a wild fantasy bus tour!


Of course I wanted to see everyone’s faces directory too but…
Even then it’d be great if everyone had a little bit of fun yah💓



The wild fantasy bus tour, it was really fun!!
I don’t know when the actual bus tour will be but, based on this wild fantasy too, I’m fixated on it even more, I’m thinking up things that could be fun yah!!!



Until then, look forward to it 🎀🎀🎀





now the days we can’t really see each other continues but,
looking forward to the day we can see each other again, let’s properly take care of our health together!!




Everyone, really thank you so much!
I love you❤️






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2020-03-12 23:03:10



Note: This is a wild fantasy.
Everyone together let’s wildly fantasize freely!


Well then, let’s start!❤️










Hey everyone!!!!


From tomorrow


It’s the bus tourrrrr!!!!!






From tomorrow for 2 days…


I wonder if it’ll be clear skies…!?♩




Lately I’m totally going


『Weather Yamanashi』『Weather Tokyo』


I’ve been looking it up ☀️🌞☀️🌞




Yah that’s right!
A bus tour custom hashtag, this time
it’s like what’s in the title
let’s go with 『#さゆ妄想かわいいバスツアー』 [tl: SayuWildFantasyCuteBusTour]!?







I’m looking forward to tomorrow onーーー!!!
Please give me your support ❤️








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♡Blooming Sakura Do Donuts♡

2020-03-06 12:23:26






It’s an announcement!!!!🌸




Mister Donut-san’s new product
『Sakura ga Saku Do Doーnatsu』 [tl: Blooming Sakura Do Donuts], I’m appearing in the CM!!




Since I was small I’ve frequently gone to and eaten lots of it, Mister Donut❤️
Beloved Mister Donut❤️
Unexpectedly just getting to appear in the CM…
It really makes me happy!!!










🌸🍩 Blooming Sakura Do Donuts 🍩🌸



Springy texture, special batter, giving the image of sakura flowers 「Sakura Mocchito Donuts」, 3 kinds
Apart from the standard donut, to the popular french cruller batter, sakura flavor powered is kneaded into it, 「Sakura French」 3 kinds
Donut pops, Sakura flavored 「Sakura Donut Pop」






I got to eat it during the shoot♡


It was yummyーーー!!!✨


First, from the look, from the pink part it’s the best yah 💕
It’s cute that’s why!!!💕


And, in any case it’s mocchimochi springy!!!
My beloved texture 😍💓






At Mister Donut-san nationwide, from today until the beginning of April, it’s a limited sale


For sure I want you to eat it!❤️❤️❤️








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April Performances

2020-02-29 10:22:32





Good Morning









April Performances 🌸



Today, from 10am general sales started up!


(P Code:499-290)
※WEB only sales.


There’s new songs
The other day I had a recording♩




The bus tour was postponed but,
I want to see everyone soon.
I’m looking forward to the day I get to see everyone at Sayuminglandoll!






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♡Michishige Sayumi’s Room♡

2020-02-28 23:03:29


Good Evening



From today, OCN Mobile ONE’s Spring Campaign is starting up!!




The special site is being renewed too




On that site!
You can experience a peek at my day
『Michishige Sayumi’s Room』 is being released











Based on when you look and the timing, the movie changes so…





Over and overand over!




Going to access it I want you to aim towards the complete Sayumin❤️❤️❤️







For OCN Mobile ONE users✨
A present campaign for those who win drawings Michishige Sayumi Original Goods is going on too!



It seems they have a OCN Mobile ONE’s Voice SIM and smartphone set selling as a special you can purchase too!!






There’s all kinds of things to enjoy yah





Heading towards this spring campaign 🌸
when we did the lots of fun shoots,
for the last I got these flowers
Cute 💓
Thank you so much 💓💓💓







2 new scenic movies are going up too so!!
Don’t miss them




GoroGoro rumbling slide, I slide down it
For sure, it was a first thing in the morning shoot but I was really in high spirits







Laters kay!♡






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2020-02-27 21:30:16



3/14〜15’s scheduled 『Michishige Sayumi Fanclub Tour 2020 in Yamanashi ka・ra・no ♡ Kawaii TOKORO!!』, due to the effects of the Novel Corona Virus contagions has been postponed.
For details please look at the fanclub official homepage. Please give us your support.







My first bus tour in a while…
everyone overjoyed, looking forward to it, shouting out,
I was very much looking forward to it too so it’s unfortunate.


Speaking of the postponement,
depending on the scheduling there might be those of you who end up not being able to come too, thinking about htat is painful but…
I want you to be waiting until then.


In any case, I want to see everyone soon……


I’m looking forward, to the day I can meet again with everyone smiling energetically!!!








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2020-02-20 11:24:02



『YOSHIKO-sensei HaroPro Choreography 20th Anniversary Celebration
team445 Damiー Fes.
〜20 Years Since 「Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM」☆
Episode Digests From All 494 Song’s Choreography〜』


Yesterdya, I went to see it!!!! 









was cool 😭💕💕💕




The stage, YOSHIKO-sensei,
and all of team445’s love, it was overflowing
My goodness, that really came through,
I was moved to the core!





The choreography that change and got shelved…



For sure in progress there were lots of changes so,
I thought, I had seen it once but I wonder if I’ll see choreography I couldn’t do for the first time in a while〜??…



There was lots of choreography I didn’t know too
Ehーー!!?? There was more even before that!? Really it was originally this!?!?
I was surprised‼️




all of team445, it’s really amazing!!😭





After that you know,
when they were explaining the choreography that ended up shelved
『For me, these choreography parts were some of my favorites you know♪』
YOSHIKO-sensei’s playfulness when she was talking about it is something I really liked ❤️
really, everything was fantastic…❤️






There lots of performances by Sayuland members too so, I couldn’t take it all in〜!!!


Kitabayashi Asuka-san!
Horie Kidzuki-san!




My Birthday live Dancer!




The moment we meet we got all Kyaーkyaー💕
I love everyone so much yahh💕💕💕





All the guests were quite fantastic ✨



All the guest Morning Musume。’20 too,
of course they were cool!!
All of them doing LOVEpedia was especially cute〜!!!
That intro where the members go Baaaa and drop with just the 3 new members dancing is amazing you know😭
It was cool, got me kyun!💕💕💕




And… as a surprise Tsunku♂san!!
I was surprised‼️
From Tsunku♂san’s provision song, Tsunku♂san’s entrance…!
Handing out chocolate… seemed so fun! lol
And of course it’s Tsunku♂san! The way he enters until the moment he leaves he shines, it was amazing yah〜✨✨✨







A〜 really


I’m glad I got to go!!!


YOSHIKO-sensei, 20 years, really congratulations!!!


And, from here on too, let’s support each other!!ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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2020-02-11 22:48:59




Good Evening!!星空




It’s still quite cold but,
everyone are you okay!?



You haven’t caught a cold right!?!?



I’m doing goodピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






A little bit back
I did a shoot for bus tour goodsピンクハート星ピンクハート星






It felt great!!!


I’ve been getting bus tour related documents one after another too


It felt like I have to go buy even more stock of the stock pens!!










Well well well
It’s that kind of bus tour though!
The application deadine is tomorrowうさぎ








Take care kayかに座うさぎかに座うさぎ




Look forward to itーーーーーニコニコニコニコニコニコ




















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