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2021-07-01 16:30:39 Japan Time

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Last Updated: 2021-07-03 15:03 Hawaii Time


2021-07-01 16:30:39

I have a very
happy announcement!!!❤️
Michishige Sayumi’s…
new solo album has been scheduled for release〜 !!!!!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
The title is
That’s it!!!
The jacket picture is….
here 💁‍♀️
🐟🐠 うお座金魚 🐟🐠 うお座金魚
How is it?💓
For me,
I really like it a lot!! ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The fish are cutie-chan🐟🐠💓
For the album this time
I recorded the songs performed in the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 performances but,
in the 12 songs included, there’s a plus 💓
July performance’s, scheduled for showing new song
『Otome Slump』
『Ta・ri・na・i♡LOVELY』 [tl appox: I . can’t . get . enough. LOVELY]
with those included it’s a total of 14 songs recorded !!!!!!
The release day is
Even in the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 starting at Cotton Club from 7/16, we’ll have pre-ordering at the venue!!!🐰
Even more the detailed release notes are here!!
(You can see them after today at 18:00)
Anticipation 😭💓💓💓💓💓
I’m so happy!!!😭💓💓💓
The Sayutopia album❣️
By all means! Please look forward to it !!!!!!{emoji:char3/084.png.ラブラブ}

It’s Julyー!

2021-07-01 12:54:10

It’s July… huh ❤️
July calendar off shots!
It’s not much but…
if you like 🐰
Please give me your support in July too 🥺💓🍰
And…being held in that July!
FC2nd Applications have started ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
🐰M-line club FC Pre-order Applications 🐰
Application period: 2021/6/30 (Wed) 12:00〜7/6 (Tue) 23:59
And, just recently!
General pre-order has started too!
🎟 General pre-order applications 🎟
Application period: 2021/7/1 (Thr) 12:00 〜 7/6 (Tue) 23:59
Please give me your support さくらんぼピンクマカロン
Different day shoots 😂
Wearing tapioca patterned clothes drinking tapioca🧋
I’m looking forward to getting to see everyone at Sayuminlandoll 💕

Question Submission!

2021-06-26 13:59:16

I wrote it 1 blog ago,
Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021’s Question submissions.
Thi time, we’re doing the questions as always and close to NG questions, there’s 2 kinds but,
『One person, one answer』
that way of saying it makes it a little hard to understand huh 💦
Questions as always,
Close to NG questions,
It means 1 of each so
In total 1 person can do 2 things that’s what it means!!!!
Sorry if that got confusing 💦
If, you are someone who’s already send in just one, by all means please send in your question as an addition kay!
The submission Web site’s guide text has been made easy to understand too!
Again, please give me your support ✨

Lucky Cookie Sentakkiー

2021-06-24 16:43:06

Good Afternoon!
Yesterday, bubbles were overflowing from the washing machine
Big sis-chan and I had to frantically keep it under control!
I dreamt that! 🛁🧼
Washing machine
I’ve always thought it was “Sentakkiー” you know
Well you know!
There’s that good thing
Lucky Cookie Sentakkiー!!!!!
Don’t they say that often???
They say that right???
When I was small and stuff it was often said (For me or rather for my family we said it so we say it together)
There was that saying so
it sounded similar so I’ve had it mistaken as 『Sentakkiー』 😂😂😂
I’ve forgotten when I learned that but I was surprised〜 lol
ピンクハート Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021 グリーンハート
Question Submissions started yesterday!✨✨
Questions you’ve wanted to ask me like always 🐰🍵
This time, there’s a new one!
『Close to NG questions』
we’re taking those too!😲
Submission time is, until 2021/7/7 (Wed) 12:00!!!!
I’m waiting for lots of questions ラブラブグリーンハーツラブラブグリーンハーツ
With the desire to cute my hair more (Cutting just a bit more than when I cut it the first time lol)
seeing pictures when it was long
I get the feeling, “Ahー long is good too huh!” It’s conflicting!😆


2021-06-22 11:58:37

An announcement!!!!💓💓💓
In a state of constant postponing….
Is scheduled for July〜〜〜 おねがいおねがいおねがいピンクハート
The days of getting to go to Cottonclub are coming huh 😭
First off, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude being able to perform!
It’s been since January of last year…
about 1 and a half years!!!!😭
Happinesssss ❤️
For the Kibou performances, July will be the final so
by all means I want you to come うさぎピンクハート
But we’re still in a situation where we can’t relax so I want to go but can’t go… there are those of you like that too huh…
thinking about that really it’s frustrating… and lonely…
but no matter what, no matter what, please don’t do anything unreasonable kay.
Really. Rally. I want things to get back to a more relaxed situation if even a day sooner. I hope things to go back to normal…
FC Priority Applications,
were starting up yesterday ピンクハート
【M-line club FC Priority Applications】
The deadline is, 6/27 (Mon) 23:59 ちょうちょマカロン
※This time’s FC Priority applications, unlike the usual application method, it’ll be application through ticketpia’s application form.
Ticketpia membership (Free) is required.
Please proceed to M-Line official fanclub Web site’s
『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 FC Priority application announcement post, 【Apply from here】.
Please give me your support チョコカップケーキチョコがけハートキラキラ