2022-03-31 09:11:24

Good Morning!

Morning blog キラキラキラキラ

Yesterday was shootsー!!!!

I got to be cute, it makes me happy 🐰💓

Even with the interview I’m indebted a lot to them ♪ガーベラ

DokiDoki heart pounding パフェコーヒープリン

And, I had planning meeting too,

talking about all kinds of things with the Staff-san, and in the little break,

I was attack with intense sleepiness…

I got to sleep 5 minutes… 😂😂😴

But, when I’m extremely tired 5 minutes really brings me back you know!!!!!!凝視笑い



I’ll do my best today tooー目がハートラブラブ{emoji:084_char3.png.ラブラブ}

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