Did your Birthday DVD♡ Arrive??? Maybe???

2021-12-04 16:09:10

うさぎ花束 Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2021 花束うさぎ
They’ve started arriving right〜☺️
Are there those of you still waiting???
There are those of you who haven’t gotten their hands on it yet but
look forward to getting it チョコがけハートハートのプレゼントうさぎクッキー
Here’s pictures of Asuka-san from the day❣️
For this year too she MC’d the event for me 💚🍵
For this time’s birthday DVD…
As a special feature, the after event after talk is on it too 💕
In any case it’s a memory of me laughing a whole lot…❣️❣️❣️
Aーchan is so funny yahhhh 😆
By all means ❤️ I want you to watch the special features too!
I have my filly of pictures with Aーchan〜 グリーンハーツラブラブグリーンハーツラブラブ
The birthday DVD has 2 discs
The 2nd disc is
on location!!! バーベキュー左バーベキュー真ん中バーベキュー右
I’d like to actually try doing things I want to do ステーキ
it was on location for that plan❣️ コーヒー

The location…. it was really very fun so…
These too, I want you to watch them for sure !!!!!!ハート
I’ll put up pictures from when on location later too kay!! ハート
For today, I’m still putting up pictures from the event day 本命チョコバースデーケーキショートケーキスイーツピンクマカロン
For the birthay event
Oomori-san and Aribobo-san came too ハート
Thank you so much, always 💓
The 2 of them each
gaave me such wonderful, fantastic presents too 😭💓
I love them 💞💞💞
With that, I’ll update laters バレエダイヤモンド傘{emoji:406.png.リボン}

Pictures Filling the Limit♡

2021-12-02 19:25:02

July performances♡
I still have pictures I haven’t put up yet so I’ll put them up ピンクハート虹鏡ダイヤモンド
Cotton Club-san’s trash boxes…!!!
They’re so cute ❣️
To the finest detail you can feel the love from Cotton Club-san
Really, it makes me happy 💞✨💕✨
Entering the dressing room the day before the July performances first day they had set it up like this for me 🌸
[tl pic: “Sayumin, welcome back”]

On the opening day

coming down from the stage

they had it like this for me 🐰

On the last day I got lots of presents 🎁

and color pages with messages from the staff-san 😭♡

I’m so happy 😭😭😭
Thank you so much really, always 🎀
I love Cotton Club-san!
Hearing and seeing all of my fans saying how they love Cottom Club too really makes me happy 💓

SAYUMINGLANDOLL you know, everyone everyone

I feel like it’s a space were we all like each other a lot you know〜!!

That’s really a good mood 💓💓💓💓💓 a space of love!

Lots of people who like me

I love all those people and so

SAYUMINGLANDOLL of course is the best ❣️💓

With Hikaru-san and Momoko-san ❣️❣️🐈‍⬛🐈

Ah…. I reached the limit 😆😆😆
I’ll update later kay❤️

♡Sayuland ♡Blu-ray

2021-12-01 20:52:50

Well you know🍃
it seems like the Blu-rays have started to arrive yah!?🍃
I’ve gotten mine just recently tooー

By the way the general release is
going to be 12/15!!! 虹

For me,
I watched it the day that I got it 爆笑

Sayuland at Cotton Club…
It’s so much the best 😭😭😭💓💓💓

It just feels my chest with emotions… えーんピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

This time for the Kibou performances
Tapioca Mode
Chocolate 🍫 Mode

we have 2 discs❣️❣️❣️

For both of them, we have audio commentary from Azuka-san♡

For sure by all means at all,
even with the audio commetnary!
I want you to watch both of them 🥺

Here’s pictures I took from the audio commentary recording day with Aーchan 💓

The 2 of us you knowー,
for audio commentary, every time,
I fill out a notebook with lots of things I want to talk about, I bring that notebook to the booth and open it but
in the end we talk without barely ever looking at the notebook! lol
Well I have to write them down for this!
I write for that but
but as is the case, we’re nervous so
the 2 of us doing it well we bring noteboosk filled with things 📔😆
After we talked about the 2 performances
we got so hungry
so it’s snack time バナナ
On the audio commentary recording day Aーchan’s birthday was near
I gave her GelaPique MokoMoko fluffy roomwear as a present 🎁
Aーchan, you have more pictures of her right???🤣
When I’m with Aーchan it’s really laughing all the time ☀️
I love love her!!!
Today I wrote it on Insta too but…
for pictures I took this year, that I still haven’t put up on SNS
I have relatively a lot? and so…
I think for December, I should put up a lot ❣️
Hikaru-san and Momoko-san 義理チョコ黒猫しっぽ黒猫あたま猫しっぽ猫あたま義理チョコ
The pictures,
immediately, I put posted my fill until I hit the limit ❣️😆
Well then laters❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


2021-11-30 16:01:57

The other day, with Big sis-chan
I went to teamLab ✨✨✨✨
For Odaiba’s teamLab this is the 3rd one ピンクハート流れ星
Going together with Big sis-chan it was our first!!
It was really fun ルンルン
It felt like we were there for quite a long time! lol
They let you draw what you like with crayon
then they take that picture and project it, this is the one I made 下矢印下矢印下矢印

It projected 下矢印下矢印下矢印
Big sis-chan went
『Sayuchan’s. more than say a pollen spreading butterflyー it’s a moth yah!』
that’s what she told me 笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き
Before I had gone with my dad, the 2 of us,
I have pictures from then tooー ピンク音符ピンク音符キラキラ
On the way to teamLab
Big sis-chan went
『This wallpapers pretty cuteーーーー!!!
Sayuchan lets get a picture!!!』
Saying that she took this picture 下矢印乙女のトキメキ
For sure it’s cute
Let’s look for Wally [tl aka: Waldo for people in the U.S.]!
It felt like that yah!! 照れグリーンハート
It was fun ヒヨコヒヨコヒヨコちょうちょ

#MSMW Yamaguchi

2021-11-29 10:28:58

Good Morning〜 ラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Lying down😀😀😀
This is
#MSMW live
from the Yamaguchi performance dressing room pictures🤗✨
My hometown Yamaguchi prefecture live❣️❣️❣️
It was really a delight 💗💗💗
Seeing everyone from the stage I really really love everyone!! This space is precious〜!!
I’m feeling that now !!💗

Everyone who came!
Everyone giving your support!
Really thank you so much ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
Yesterday my lashes came out really well too ✨ 目
Recently, maybe setting my eyelashes have become my forte!? lol
Well, for me, I’ve thought, my eyelashes droop down so that’s just unpleasant you knowー.
But recently if I,
setting up my eyelashes with a curler,
and after that putting an undercoat,
After putting the undercoat I don’t immediately put on the mascara,
I give it ample time to dry and after that apply mascara,
I noticed it doesn’t really drop 付けまつげ付けまつげ付けまつげ
These pictures, they’re pictures from after the 1st performance finished in the time until the 2nd performance when I was lying down but
my eyelashes, even though I didn’t fix them with a curler, aren’t they amazing?❤️
My nails are RMK❤️
Nail polish
EX-46 Dazzling Silver ゆめみる宝石
KiraKira sparkling nails are so cute!!
easy coating マニキュア 乙女のトキメキ
Stage and stage wing pictures were taken for me by Manager-san so I’ll put them all up 爆笑爆笑爆笑
Inbetween, I put in a self shot 😂
Ah〜 it was fun yah〜〜〜♫✨ まじかるクラウン
With Yesterday’s members❣️✨
Eveyrone’s cute〜〜〜〜〜
KiraKira sparkling 🤩✨
Ah! And my hair’s grown and it’s gotten easier to put into a ponytail, that makes me happy 😆
Well then 💗
Laters kay 💞💞💞💞💞 手

Thank You♡

2021-11-27 09:17:22

Good Morning♡
Yesterday was an Instalive, everyone who saw it
thank you so much 😊
Those who haven’t there’s still the archive on Insta
The isn’t any scheduled plan for it to disappear so
Please see it when you have free time too 猫ラブラブラブラブ
Convenience store sweets 💗
I love them ❣️❣️❣️
Having lots like this is a joy〜〜〜 照れ 義理チョコ
For always giving warm support, thank you so much✨
I’m doing an Instalive on Christmas Eve too 🎄
It’s a cake stream ❣️❣️❣️
Oh no, a MuchiMuchi plump stream❣️❣️❣️
Look forward to it 💝


2021-11-26 10:28:39

It’s been 7 years since I graduated from Morning Musume。
and 5 years since I announced my return
that much time has passed!
For alwyas giving your warm support, thank you so much!!
What I ought to do for such an occasion tonight is…❣️❣️❣️
from 22:00 doing an instalive ♡🍰🍪🧁🥮🍮🥧
Watch kay🎀
I feel like eating covenience store sweets 🥺


2021-11-25 15:33:39

Hai, here you goー ピンクハートピンクハートうさぎプレゼントラブレター
[video, please see on her blog page]
The gelato pique pajamas, they’re really cute and warm 💗💗🥺
Today I’ll do my best with rehearsalsー♪✨

Happy yah, Cute yah

2021-11-23 13:57:17

The other day yah… ♡
Kobayashi Hikaru-chan and I went to eat 照れピンクハートピンクハート
It was really very yummyーーーーっ❣️❣️❣️✨
More so
Hikaru-chan, even celebrated my birthday
for me〜🎂✨
Happiness 😭💓
Hika 『When I called to order the birthday plate they asked, 『What about the name?』… I wondered if 『Sayumi』 would be okay, I was so unsure and worrying that I didn’t put anything ☺️』
Me 『Ehー! Noーthing, even 『ANGEL💓』 would’ve been fineー!!🥺』
Hika 『Of courseー! That’s right huh 😲』
that was the conversation lol
Hikaru-chan took pictures for me ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Hikaru-chan the same as always was cute
really for me she has a comforting♡ existence♡♡♡
Starting with lunch
we moved on from that place and went for tea too
before we knew it we had been together for a pretty long time and were talking the whole time ☺️💓
We talked about how we want to see each other again soon yah〜
that makes me happy〜〜〜
爆笑 爆笑 爆笑 ピンクハート ハート


2021-11-20 11:35:19

The other day
with my Big sis-chan
we went to my favorite place to eat ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
The salad here…
or rather, the dressing is!!
The best, the strongest, it’s,
delicious ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
↑ A picture before the dressing is on it(lol)
The dressing is put in a separate bottle
and you can put on as much as you want so
I pour it on heavy DobaDoba てへぺろキラキラ
You pour it on DobaDoba heavy and eat… it!!😆
What ever is fine
No, it’s not!?😂
It’s a whatever is fine kind of story! lol
Isn’t whatever fine?❤️
Other than that is also
my loved!
I ate
all kinds of things 🧀🫕🍄
Well, here❤️
after a very
long time
she appears❣️✨
Seーra-chan ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート猫
Her eyes are so KuriKuri big and round!! KurinKurin-chan
cute right? 😍
Seーra you know…
She’s a biーーーt shy with new people, in any chase she’s timid
Whenever anyone other than Big sis-chan comes to her
Pyaーーーー she runs and hides somewhere in the house
And she won’t come out until that person goes home!
For me going to see her for the first time in a while
she remembered me
and didn’t run
she even showed me her belly right away!!!!😭
Such a cutieーーー😭💓
Seーra saw me! like this. lol
Bag rummaging-chan 🛍
At the time I was taking video,
thinking maybe she’ll do something interesting yah? Maybe Seーra will do something funny?
I watched over her rolling video but
All she did was look through the bags
she didn’t go in, and of course she didn’t do anything funny, Seーra got bored and went,
the end😂
That said, I took around 3 minutes of video of Seーra looking at bags 😂☺️💕
Seーra is cute huh
animals really are comforting huh💕💕💕