Morning Musume。'17

2017-05-27 12:36:08



I went togo see the Morning Musume。’17 Nippon Budokan Performance音符



Since I graduated from Morning Musume。,
yesterday was my first time going to see a Morning Musume。 live.




First let me say….





It was fun~!!!!ハート





Of course I love Morning Musume。ー爆笑ラブラブ






First I love the songs!!流れ星



Except for the new songs I was humming along with aーll一 of themむらさき音符
For the nostalgic songs, there were lots of parts I wanted to dance together with too~バレエ






I really love all the songs thoughハート


『Watashi no Nanimo Wakacchanai』
I really love it!!!
Getting to hear it live made me happy照れ





『Tokyo to iu Katasumi』
Listening to the CD, I loved it but!
Shining like that in a liveーー I was impressed! reallyーーーキラキラI’m really fired up you know! The best!!
I love it even moreハートハート







And the members照れラブラブ
I got that they enjoy Nippon Budokan Lives from their hearts, their magnificent performances were cool!!キラキラ




There were lots of good points on stage for each of them, my eyes couldn’t keep up~!💦





For me at the time, I didn’t have much song ratio (solo parts), there were times I was worried about not having much parts to show myself in lives but…
At the time, I didn’t have my own parts to show but,
“I’m glad you say that partーっ!! I’ll make places like htat!! for people seeing me in those moments I’m center!!!!” I remember challenging myself in lives thinking about stuff like thatニコニコ





And so for yesterday’s Morning Musume。 life, there were lots of highlights in various places on stage, it’s amazing, I naturally felt that ニコニコキラキラ






And for yesterday,
the parts and stuff that I originally sang
I wonder who and in what style they’ll be singing it~???
I watched with stuff like that in my mind but
more than
just handing it overキラキラ
There’s a new style in it from those girls, that was really great!!
Heー! That part, there’s a way to express it like that?!
I learned!!!!



Really they’re always evolving星
This is Morning Musume。!!!!! I felt that, I was impressedピンクハート






This year, it’s the 20th anniversary of the formation
Even more their aiming higher with vigor, I want them to get much more cooler!
And I didn’t know, I want to see even grander scenes!!!
Yesterday, seeing everyone doing their best, I felt that from the bottom of my heartハート






After the performance ended…
I met up with everyone乙女のトキメキ
Everyone, for Nippon Budokan, a Job Well Doneぽってり苺ぽってり苺ぽってり苺





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What I Believe

2017-05-27 11:38:52



Honky Tonk!



Practice is going okayyyラブアップアップ





it’s just the senpai I respect
every day practice is fun!!



Next time I’ll write mroe details of that on my blog kay (*^^*)



Just I firmly believe in Suzuki-san’s words
we’re firmly advancing ahead




It’s just that.




For sure, we’ll show you a fantastic production!



I’m waiting for you!







Only for Aren-kun, it couldn’t do it huh (lol)






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Coming For Us (*´꒳`*) Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-27 10:15:07
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Good Morning!


It’s Iikubo Haruna heading toward high praised play practice ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



Since waking up this morning, I’m still enveloped in the echoes of yesterday!
Wanting to hear everyone’s voices, waking up, I just looked through the blog comment section NiyaNiya grinning…(*´꒳`*)♡ Huhuhu



Thinking about how we get to do the live again in a month has me really happy, I’m looking forwardd to it!









And yesterday’s concert, lots of you came to see it but…








My beloved beloved Michishige Sayumi-san also came to see it!






Her coming in, I didn’t know about itー! Surprise!



And so backstage when we met, I was very surprised, I didn’t really get close! lol




Michishige-san, she came to see the current us, told us we were cool, and once again encouraged us to keep working from here on!(*^^*)




Michishige-san too, and all the fans as well,



So we can show you even grander scenes we’ll do our best!!!!










Yesterday arriving at home, I did my nails.









For me, a way to raise my own mood is doing my nails.



Even when I’m really busy, doing my nails makes me want a change of pace!



This manicure, I got it from Matsuoka Mayu-san who came to see us yesterday!♡



It seems she picked them based on each members image (*´꒳`*)



She came together with Itou Sairi-san too.
Matsuoka-san, Itou-san, thank you so much!




And we didn’t get to meet but, Uesaka Sumire-san also came it seems, I heard she was swinging honey colors (´;ω;`)!
Thank you so much!☆




Uesaka Sumire-san, you’re cute yahhhh!!!!
Voice, look, attire, all of it is cute,
we haven’t seen each other in a while so, I feel it’d be nice if we got to work together again (*´-`)♡






Nippon Budokan, the amount of all you fans made me happy too, and getting praise from those in the same industry also made me happy too,



It was the best concertーーーー☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆






Well then! I’ll go do my best with play practice!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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Standing in Budokan Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-26 21:43:59
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







The Nippon Budokan Performance, it’s finishedーーーー(*´꒳`*)!!!











Oh myーーー, I was nervousーーー!!




Well you know today, I felt a different kind of nervousness from up to now.


Recently doing performances is very fun, conveying the confidence in that fun to everyone makes me happy, I thought that…


And so it might have made me nervous!




Reflecting on the joy of standing on the stage with the current 13 of us, we did our best with the Budokan performance!




Our senpai were there so we can stand in Budokan.


But our senpai graduating, beoming the members we are now and still standing, I feel that I want the confidence that we’ve done our best up to now!!







Between the play, there’s a Budokan performance in a month too,


And in August there’s the make-up performance for the Okayama prefecture so it’s still not done!!


Until then I feel we’ll keep running with all our power (`・ω・´)!!!!





For the present, a Job Well Done〜〜!!




And again from tomorrow we gotta do our best with play practice.














After Ogata said 「NEW Triple A ya〜」


Kaga-chan’s face was that.










For my clothes today, a kind of elegant one piece♡
Well WEAR Followers this morning, I got 230,000 people〜!
Thank you so much(*´꒳`*)




Fashion Coordinate App
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Just a Little Practice Left Tooooーーー

2017-05-26 16:57:26


My cute little brothers


Aren-kun and Yakuya-kun





The 2 of them are both very honest
hard workers✩



In Honky Tonk they bring out a very good flavor





Aren-kun is from Okinawa!


My grandpa-chan is in Okinawa
from long ago Okinawa was like a second home so
hearing Okinawa dialect
it has me warm and fluffy.






Just a little until the show!!



And for today from now it’s a run-through!!!




I gotta do my bestー!










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2017-05-26 10:25:16



Already, I love Monitoring so much…




For sure we’re seeing it as a couple but


Lately the thing that makes me laught the most is






Sheesh you know… I like Miyazon-san soo much it’s so good you know





hit the spot so much I’m watching while cackling with laughter but,



Monitoring’s Miyazon-san was so good!!



It gave me energy笑い泣きアップ




For Monitoring, laughing and crying
giving you various emotions, it’s a fantastic program



I love it so much








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My Personality

2017-05-26 08:17:23


It’s like this.


My personality


[tl note: top to bottom, left to right: Slightly Delicate, Careless, Likes New Things, Obstinate To The Point Of Annoyance, Risa Composed From 8 Personalities, Rationalist, Reserved-ish, Prone to Worrying, Straight Talker]


What about that



Am I like thatーー




My husband tried it too and



Plenty of 「Ahー that’s youーー!!」



happened a lotビックリマーク




This kind of stuff is funー huh(*^^*)



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Group Viewing & For Tomorrow☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-25 23:00:18
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is a group viewing!
people interested in the Play 「Pharaoh no Haka」 came to see itEmoji


Oh my, the nerves…


I’m nervous but
song, dance, sword fighting, acting
we got guidance from lots of instructors
We got to find points of reconsideration we haven’t noticedEmoji


Today once again the props, lighting, sounds, outfits, we kept those activities in mind


Things not going well in the first half of practice, each seen sinks in butあせる


At the group viewing I think we were focusedひらめき電球ラブラブ


But there’s really still a ways to go


The feelings heading towards 「Pharaoh no Haka」 are high too but
Tomorrow at last is the Nippon Budokan performanceEmojiEmojiEmoji


Started on 3/18


Tomorrow the 13ki members’
For Kaga Kaede-chan, Yokoyama Reina-chan, I think it’ll be their commemoration dayEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


The debut stage for the 2 of them joining Morning Musume。


For Mizuki it’s DokiDoki heart-pounding tooEmojiEmoji


I wonder how the 2 of them are now?EmojiEmoji



And the 12kiEmoji





Pictures from the 12ki first Budokan performanceEmoji
It’s been 2 years since then, and noticed the 4 of them have become senpaiEmoji


But I don’t think we’re pulling alongEmojiEmojiEmoji


We’re putting spirit into itEmoji


Tomorrow, we’ll be waiting for you at Nippon BudokanEmojiEmojiPlease give us your support, and support powerEmoji




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Sono Aidoru Kyuuketsuki ni Tsuki Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-25 21:40:16
Theme:Iikubo Haruna





5/27 release


Natsu Samako-sensei’s 「Sono Aidoru Kyuuketsuki ni Tsuki」 [tl: Regarding That Idol Vampire]


It’s really really interesting so I recommend it!
Please please call on me!!
For sure!!




The reason I recommend it is it’s not just interesting!







I got to write the endorsement obi〜〜╰(*´︶`*)╯♡









Large, Harunan!!



Happiness, it makes me very much happy♡



I like the set up too but the character introductions are so on point for me, it’s uncanny!


Those of you who like idols, everyone supporting Morning Musume。 too I feel like you’ll totally be into it (*´◒`*)




That said the other day something surprising happened,
On my pixiv new arrivals the announcement illustration for this 「Sono Aidoru Kyuuketsuki ni Tsuki」 came in,
I thought 『!?』 and well I unwittingly followed Samako-san it seems♡ lol



Seeing the Pocky Game original manga I followed you know〜〜!
Unbelievably getting to write for the obi of the manga I by chance had seen…! lol




This is also somehow connected huh
By all means everyone please get it too kay〜〜♪







Speaking of things I want you to get, the DVD Magazine vol.94 going on sale tomorrow too ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



The video of us being detectives going around in a school, actually continuing from that, it’s an extra piece☆



See the CM from here♡










The outfits were cute too you know…♡



I feel like you get to see cute, funny, comforting member appearances (*´-`)


By all means!





And then…. I announced it the other day



TV Asahi 「MoMo Girl.」


6/12 26:00〜26:25(Scheduled)
6/19 25:56〜26:21(Scheduled)




Please check it out too kay!


Well everyone was dreaming about MaーDuー that’s why!!!!!!!




Punn \\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶////





Tomorrow at last it’s the Nippon Budokan performance!


Today we went though the play with outfits and make-up, tomorrow is the Budokan performance! It’s raging waves!


From here it’s Budokan reviews, and preparing for tomorrow (^_−)−☆


Those of you coming, let’s have fun kay!!





For my clothes today, I’m wearing a snidel cute skirt♪
Look at it KAYーーーー!




Fashion Coordinate App
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Iikubo Haruna’s First Photobook 「Haruiro」
e-LineUP! Mall inside Odyssey publication’s official shop
Concert venues,
at each Official Shop
It’s on sale with rave reviews♡










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Arm Wrestling☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-24 23:00:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday coming home, once again
my big bro-chan and little bro were awakeEmoji


In the living room GoroGoro in a ruckus, something was going on
an arm wrestling match startedEmojiEmoji


My big bro-chan is severely strong so Mizuki as a handicap got to use both hands but it was a total loss…あせる
For my little bro with both hands I won爆笑Emoji


and, little bro and Mizuki using both hands
in shot speaking of hand numbers 4vs1
overwhelmingly Mizuki and little bro were at the advantage but


we lostEmojiEmoji


Fukumura-big bro’s arm strength isn’t something to underestimate笑い泣き
Cause he could take Mizuki and little bro you knowEmojiEmoji



Some day we’ll win maybe!
It might be totally impossible thoughEmoji



But in terms of dreaming about it
I think it’s a reallーーーy precious thingEmoji



And so for Mizuki
I have lots of small dreams and big dreamsEmoji


Even though I’m thinking I wonder if it’ll come true〜
when those come true the happiness and surprise to itEmoji



And so the moment Mizuki’s various dreams come true
if we’re there together it’ll make me happy you know (*´罒`*)♡



Arm Wrestling talk
I just wanted to talk about it thoughEmoji









At 5/26’s Nippon Budokan
it seems Marukome×Morning Musume。’17 『Morning Misoshiru』 Budokan Ver. Limited Tote Bag included Morning Misoshiru is being soldEmojiEmoji



☆Okayama Make-up Performance Details☆
『「Hello!Pro Special」~Hello!Project × CD Journal All Interviews Gathered!~』 now on sale!






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