Eggplant Bowl⭐︎

2022-04-03 13:39:35

Today’s lunch was
using eggplant 🍆✨

An Eggplant Bowl!

I made it スプーンフォークおにぎり

Cut the eggplant (For me I used 1.5 big eggplantー)

soak in water

dry out the water

use potato starch



shoyu, sugar, mirin, water, garlic tube.

Putting the eggplant on the rice

putting egg

sprinkling onion

and, completeー❣️

E、A、S、Y 🍆🍆

I had extra eggplant so, I should make something huhー

I wonder what I’ll make yah〜〜


The taste was very yummy!

I was really full!

Rice 🍚 I might have served too much, midway through I regretted it but I ate it all 照れ

[tl pic: I’m really full | It’d be great if someone cleaned up the kitchen for me yah- | Cooking eggplant and eggs, after that just seasoning but, how’d the number of things to clean in the kitchen increased a lot like this, they got dirty suddenly. | For now I’ll avert my eyes and sing-]

This monologue story, I put it on insta, lol

Averting my eyes form the kitchen,

singing, writing my blog ルンルン

A picture from a little bit backー!

On this day, I put on new hair oil, and my hair got soft💗

Waーi Waーi

My feelings about my hair now

I want it to grow faster even if it’s just by 1 second〜爆笑爆笑爆笑

Today’s Food ♡

2022-04-02 20:37:06

Today is,
Cooking, getting to make stuff bot hday and night makes me happy! 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート

Avocado bacon onion salad 🥗

Avocado 🥑🥑 they were smallish but I used 2キラキラ

Just 1 of the avocado seem like they were at the edge of being underripe but

putting in mayonnaise and seasoning it

hid it 😆😆😆

It ended being a really large amount so

I ended up full just with salad 拍手サラダ

And, between meals 🍪


I had gotten from tocco closet-san,

ECHIRE cookies, which I ate thenジンジャーブレッドマンクッキーのプレゼントくまクッキーうさぎクッキーねこクッキー

The best tea time ジンジャーブレッドマンコーヒークッキージンジャーブレッドマンドーナツ🧸

I progressed with the thing I memorized at home and my work ☺️ハート笑

ECHIRE cookies… they are really so yummy 🥺✨✨

I couldn’t stop myself 😆✨✨

I ate sweets so,

next I’m wanting to eat something spicy,

so at night, for the first time in a while, I made torichiri !!

I put a lot of seasoning in it, it was spicy
It was yummy !!
And for dessert
I but in some black tea
and once again ate ECHIRE cookies 義理チョコ
Joy ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
And, today during hte afternoon
I made picked cucumbers but (I say made but I just added pickling base to it you know!☺️)
It’s rare, the timing cooking matched when I had make up on so, lol
a self-shot before I cute the cucumber 爆笑

Well recently I’ve really been liking cucumbers you know 照れ照れ照れサラダ
Cucumbers are yummy of course
how they feel chewing it is great
cutting it doesn’t need a lot of power
biting into the skin is good
it seems they take away sweeling
Really it’s just good things, amazing !!グリーンハート

Became Pink ♡

2022-04-02 07:16:29

Good Morning ピンクハート
Yesterday you knowー!
At night, at home doing my writing…
I realized I had fallen asleep !!!!!!ピリピリ
Eh, I slept!?
I said to myself
I was really surprised 😂
It’s the first time for me 星流れ星
Moreover you know, I was writing on an electric carpet but…
The pen I was using since I had fallen asleep, it wasn’t on the desk,
it seems like it had fallen on the electric carpet,

The electric carpet, had been colored pink ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Cute ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート笑い泣きキューンガーン

Temporarily, unexpectedly between sleeping,

after restarting my writing

I finished it without problems ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

By the way, what I did yesterday was not writing for Sayuland

I still haven’t done 1 bit of writing for Sayuland things うさぎ

I wonder what kinds of illustrations I’ll do for Sayuland〜???おねがい

Pictures from the previous time’s Kibou performances,

I have some I haven’t put up yet so…

it’s ended up late but

I’ll put it up ニコニコ飛び出すハート

Hikaru-san 星

Momoko-san うずまきキャンディ


YOSHIKO-sensei まじかるクラウンと!

Even for the Mirai performances starting in May we’ll be together so,

I’m so looking forward to it おすましペガサス乙女のトキメキ

↑What’s with the blank space on topーー?? lol カメラキラキラキラキラ

Well then, I’ll update again later kayーーーピンクハートハートピンクハートハート

tocco closet♡

2022-04-01 22:43:17

Good Evening ❣️✨🌠
Today was,
tocco closet-san’s web catalog shoot ぽってり苺ふんわりリボンハートのバルーンハイヒールアイシャドウカメラ

The clothes, they were veーry cute 💗💗💗

I’m now looking forward to summer event more 🌻

The weather was good too,

doing shoots outside felt great カバン鏡リボン

From tocco closet-san

I got lots of presents ❤️

This much like this!

Really thank you so much 💓

First, when I entered the waiting room,

there were Eevee’s on the desk, 『cuteー!!』 that instantly raised my moodラブ

On the opposite side, a message from tocco closet-san…❣️💌

Really makes me happy!

Coming home I put them beside my pokemon calendar 花火

From today it’s April huh 🌸

With the spam I got at the shoot

they even wrote my name on it ❣️❣️❣️

That makes me so happy おねがいおねがいおねがい

And it was delicious おにぎり爆笑キラキラ

For the web catalog, it seems it’s scheduled for the second half of April so, please look forward to it ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

The clothes is all so cute 💗
Well then, laters ピンクハートピンクハート{emoji:083_char3.png.ピンクハート}


2022-03-31 09:11:24

Good Morning!

Morning blog キラキラキラキラ

Yesterday was shootsー!!!!

I got to be cute, it makes me happy 🐰💓

Even with the interview I’m indebted a lot to them ♪ガーベラ

DokiDoki heart pounding パフェコーヒープリン

And, I had planning meeting too,

talking about all kinds of things with the Staff-san, and in the little break,

I was attack with intense sleepiness…

I got to sleep 5 minutes… 😂😂😴

But, when I’m extremely tired 5 minutes really brings me back you know!!!!!!凝視笑い



I’ll do my best today tooー目がハートラブラブ{emoji:084_char3.png.ラブラブ}


2022-03-30 00:23:32

Today for shoots my nails were done in orange🧡

Cute ❣️

For the shoots, they were very fun!!ラブラブ

Tomorrow I’ll do my best tooー!!!!

Well well then, Oyasayumin ハートハート

I’m sorry for the short blog…!


2022-03-28 14:57:21

Today from this morning I made salad ✨✨

Avocado, cucumber, and tomato 🥑🥒🍅


Garlic tube

Sesame oil

Chicken broth base

a little salt

I seasoned it with that !!

It really came out deliciousー!!!

For lunch, I toasted some bread, and put this salad between it,

I made it a sandwich 🥪 and ate it星星星

The salad had kinda strongish flavor,

generally it seems like it’d go with rice too 😆🍚

I still have lots left so I look forward to eating it for dinner too 🥗

Well thenー♪

I’ll do my best with work ❤️✨

Yesterday I planned to properly take off my make-up and sleep but today for some reason when I woke up my eyes had gotten swollen…

Taking care of my skin it’s gotten pretty good❣️😌


2022-03-28 00:52:41

Today was all day photoshoots 💗

I got to be BachiBachi cracklin’ cute, happy❣️❣️❣️

Really all day was fun

I was WakuWaku excited 爆笑ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

From morning to evening it was all funー♪

Accordingly, coming home, now I’m exhausted though ☺️

But it’s a joy!!!☺️


I’m going to properly take off my make up and sleeーp ピンクハート

Poke Bowl

2022-03-27 07:32:17

Yesterday 爆笑爆笑爆笑

[tl pic: Poke Bowl | I made a yummy one]

[tl pic: I had a relatively big amount left I wanted to eat it again | I want it for early tomorrow mornings]

And today,

I woke up within 1 hour before I left the house

and made sure to eat what was left of the poke bowl ひらめきピンクハートグリーンハート

It was yummy…!

I ate a lot and so today too I’ll do my best with the dayーキラキラ


2022-03-25 15:46:03

M-line club FC2nd applications
Hello! Project FC NEXT Priority applications
are starting !!ハート
The performance days 右矢印 2022/5/23 (Mon) 〜 6/1 (Wed) ※5/25・5/26 are performance-free days!
M-line club FC2nd applications りんご

Hello! Project FC NEXT Priority applications ぶどう

The application period is until 2022/3/31 (Thr) 17:00 !!イエローハートピンクハートイエローハートピンクハート
Please give me your support うさぎ