2022-03-28 14:57:21

Today from this morning I made salad ✨✨

Avocado, cucumber, and tomato 🥑🥒🍅


Garlic tube

Sesame oil

Chicken broth base

a little salt

I seasoned it with that !!

It really came out deliciousー!!!

For lunch, I toasted some bread, and put this salad between it,

I made it a sandwich 🥪 and ate it星星星

The salad had kinda strongish flavor,

generally it seems like it’d go with rice too 😆🍚

I still have lots left so I look forward to eating it for dinner too 🥗

Well thenー♪

I’ll do my best with work ❤️✨

Yesterday I planned to properly take off my make-up and sleep but today for some reason when I woke up my eyes had gotten swollen…

Taking care of my skin it’s gotten pretty good❣️😌

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