Recent Chopitan

2017-11-14 12:11:36



Our pet dog




Chopi pretty soon it’s his
birthday too yahーーー




He’s gotten a little bigger♡





He’s always inseparable from us
right next to usハート




Fawned upon Chopitan♡





For his birthday we’ll celebrate it as a familyーyahーハート





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Starting Today☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-11-13 23:00:35
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was strict rehearsals♪
What could the RH be this time〜〜 huhEmojiEmoji


For lesson wear, I wore a Chip and Dale red hoodie but
when we moved to a different part of the studio I put on a strongly yellow coat of mine…… it’s like I became an 13ki oshiーEmojiEmoji


Mizuki with Chip and Dale
and Eripon wearing a Minion’s hoodie


We ended up seeming like people who kinda have their fun going to amusement parksEmojiEmoji



From today on AbemaTV-san
The 「Shoujo-tachi no Ketsudan Micchaku!! Hello!Pro 20 Shuunen OーDishon」 [tl: A Girls Determination, Total Coverage!! Hello!Pro 20th anniversary Audition] startedEmojiEmoji



I’ve only esen the preview but!
Audition clips Mizuki’s never seen before too are……ee…………
what could end up coming out |゚Д゚)))EmojiEmoji


From today every monday from 9:00 for 1 hour the showEmojiEmojiEmoji


Hello!pro Members are being picked who can celebrate the 20th anniversary together with soEmoji
I won’t miss itEmoji


My future kouhai maybeEmoji


Hello!Pro members videos from their auditions and going to the studio
Yaguchi Mari-san, Yasuda Kei-san
Kumai Yurina-san, Wada Ayaka-san
Kanazaewa Tomoko-chan, Takagi Sayuki-chan talking
and Michishige Sayumi-san’s narrationEmoji


It’s fully loaded with highlights and bullet points yah!
Mizuki’ll check it tooEmoji


Show details☆here☆




And tomorrow is Hello!Moba original show
「Fukumura no Heya」 release dayEmoji
The guest Takeuchi Akari-chanEmoji
Akari-chan are the same generation of Hello!Pro Eggs
now we’re in different groups but we talk a lot and go hang out
with our moms and us kids, the 4 of us go out to eat and stuff〜Emoji


The other day when work finished riding in Papa’s car, 「A little while back Akari-chan was waiting」 he said!


Moreover in the drink holder… from Akari-chan and Akari-Mama was a drinkable yogurt!


I love both the parent and child ( *´艸`)Emoji





Hello!Moba Membership registration is here♪
Please continue to support usEmoji




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Things I GOT✩ At Disneysea♡

2017-11-13 11:27:48



Things I GOT at Disneyseaハート


First off hereee




Duffy Candyキラキラ




This candy is superrrr


Already it’s all gone ( ¯﹀¯ )


And then you know, I wanted this can-can so
I ended up buying itハート


Now I put medicine in thereキラキラ







Shellie May-chan pouch♡


This is cute tooooくちびる


This is FuwaFfuwa fluffy, it feels greatハート




And lastly




A three set of pouches宝石赤宝石ブルー宝石緑



This size it’s very easy to use



Disney Goodsピンク音符


Just carrying them makes me happy yahキラキラ





I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooピンク音符











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Determined Seriousness!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-11-12 22:59:13
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is the a 64th single
「Jamashinaide Here We Go!/Dokyuu no Go Sign/Wakaindashi!」 Release Commemoration Event♪


Tge 3 performances were all funEmoji


Everyone who applied♪Emoji
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



this time the setlist has more songs than usual!


In the 14 of our "lasts" that’ve been a lot recently
in front of everyone, we’re singing while reflecting on ourselvesEmojiEmoji



It was a venue with a vast space so, it was like we could go to all the audience〜〜♪Emoji


With the feel that we gotta deliver all the way to the back〜 we danced grandlyEmojiメラメラ


Conversely the back of the stage front to back was lined upEmoji It was tough like thatーEmojiEmoji
There’s Morning Musume。 there is there isEmoji



Araken-san as progressing MCEmojiEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



We split into rise from the bottom team VS select team and foughtメラメラメラメラ


The members that experienced time as Hello!Pro & Trainees and the members who debuted from auditions
It’s exactly 7 each split yah〜EmojiEmoji


The rise from the bttom spent time at the bottom so they couldn’t lose!
The select team have it happen like a miracle!


Ranking QuizEmoji
Choreography QuizEmoji
Win Pass Quiz BattleEmoji


It was superー funEmoji
But among those, I couldn’t lose at the choreography quiz! I was fired upEmojiEmoji


And so the 3 performances were all very fun
Maybe it was that I got to get fired up with everyone huh〜Emoji


Eripon, Yokoyan, Maria, MizukiEmoji





Fukumura Mizuki Birthday Event 2017
 Original Goods Mail Order Start! 


Morning Musume。’17 15th Album
「⑮ Thank you, too」 Release Commemoration Talk & Handshake Event
2017/11/24 (Fri) 19:00~
Tower Records Shibuya Store Rooftop Announcement


11/27 Morning Musume。 Formation 20th Anniversary Commemorative Concert Tour 2017 Fall ~We are MORNING MUSUME。~」 at the venue
 12/6 Releasing 15th Album
「⑮ Thank you, too」 Reservation Handshake Event Announcement



20th Year’s Morning Coffee 20th Anniversary Cafe Ticket Purchase is Here


→11/19 (Sun) 23:00~24:30
Space Shower TV Plus
「Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Special」


Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.)/Morning Musume。20th Version Distributing Now!

【mora Hi-Res】






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After 6 Couple Link Up✩

2017-11-12 20:31:53



For the evening getting fantastical pictures taken




Places like this are really amazing!!!!!






Even though it’s night, Sunglasses (lol)





I very much like Mermaid Lagoon at night tooハートイルカ







After 6 we linked up with our couple friends✩





Of course




Sea’s bone in sausage is
so good that you’ll get addicted to it
everytime I come I end up eating it ハート



Afternoon’s at Disney
and Nights at Disney



I love itttttt!!!!!


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A Bad Day Like From A Dream

2017-11-12 14:48:10


Good Afternoon!!




Yesterday, on Instagram,


『Today was a bad day like from a dream』


I had written that but,
there lots of voices of worry from everyone in the comments…


For causing you to worry, I’m sorry 😢😢





Well, and I’m even more sorry.



For me it was a serious thing but
it was completely private, just for myself
if it happened for everyone else, it might be trivial 💦












What was it, I’ll explain it.




“PetaPetaYaki” that is, vinyl pained on glass panes and stuff and then baked to images? You get it???



Originally, you aim for shapes
You hand make it, using ink or rather something more akin to paint, and add in color to make a thing but…



That PetaPetaYaki, during my break hand making things was one of the things I was into, I really loved it ハート






And I, with this kind of hand made projects, get really obsessive making things you know爆笑ハートハートハート




and, yesterday, together with my friend, I challenged myself to doing PetaPetaYakiキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ










With Pokemon PetaPetaYaki,
I picked Kiteruguma [tl aka: Bewear],


Allーright!! I did it!!!



With this feeling I was in high spirits
Looking up images of Kiteruguma, so that I wouldn’t get the colors wrong or anything I did it precisely but…





Can you get it?




These parts
the parts I drew the arrows in red.



They ended up a little burred, it was out of bounds huh.




I couldn’t let that stand 💦



Sheesh I was very, very frantically using toothpicks and stuff freely, correcting it but,
I wasn’t really that good at it…
even then I did my best somehow and hid it






to my big sis-chana, to show her I did itー, I got a pic taken
My friend is a really obsessive type too but,
they did it much better than I did
and so with this pic, it’s
『So niceー, you totally didn’t go out of bounce.』
that’s my jealous face looking at my friend’s PetaPetaYaki





Say everyone




Did you notice?

















It’s melting 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。




















Not just
the problem of going out of bounds or anything





This is oh my…


















Oh no really, when I noticed it you know,




It, felt like, a dream you know.






At any rate, it didn’t seem like something happening in reality!





I didn’t want to write it out and so you couldn’t get anything but,
in any case it was a kinda strange sensation💦
It became a strange sensation that I couldn’t express in words💦.




My whole body, had gotten hot




After that,



Aaa… that is, maybe it’s a real escape from reality kind of thing huh.



That’s how it felt (lol)





even saying it myself…but…
I, have things I get obsessed over like this but,
I’m the type that doesn’t really fail!?




And so, it ending up with results unlike me or rahter… well you get it right!?
It’s kinda strange! Weird!!
It’s that kind of sensation though…








Moreover yah! Big sis-chan laughed a lot so
I also ended up laughing together with her
even though it was sad it was fun
I already don’t even know what kind of tears they were but, tears came out (lol)






Already from this there’s no fixing it, from here doing anything to it, it seems like it’d get even more like that so, I let it harden just like thatニヤリ









Well lastly



After this, not knowing that tragedy happened
with the blurs, and out of bounce, pictures of me frantically fixing it, here you go!笑








Personally, it was a big thing but,
it’s not that big of a deal yah💦💦💦💦



For causing you extra worry, I’m truly sorry 🙇‍♀️
I’ll be careful 😣





Everyone is so kind, it really made me happy 😢
Always, thank you so muchラブラブラブラブラブラブ











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✩Extra Edition✩ What I Found At The End of The Treasure Hunt!!! And Shipping Off!

2017-11-12 15:01:55




I discovered a mysterious place👀







But the treasure wasn’t found






Maybe I should give up~?









And then!!! Shipping Off!!!!!







NoriNori in high spirits lol

I played around like thisキラキラ宝石ブルー宝石赤宝石紫



Everyone try treasure hunting too kayブルー音符



I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで










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✩Extra Edition✩ Photogenic Pictures✩ Considerably Unfound Treasure

2017-11-12 11:13:47


Treasure Hunt宝石赤宝石紫宝石ブルー





Where could it be~?





Here maybeー?






No reply…




I’ll try opening itー




Mm~… it won’t open huh




I give up.




Like that yah (lol)



There’s moreーーーー



I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで








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Today’s Morning☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-11-11 22:54:48
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Various Meet-ups at Shibuya Garden♪♪♪
Everyone who came!
Thank you so much〜EmojiEmoji


my “beautiful voice” couldn’t help being a “nasal voice”?!
that ended up coming out〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


The condition of my voice wasn’t really that ggood but
I had fun talking a lo〜tEmoji



For the cheki event, we had a Tanaka-san birthday special, tha tis
For the leave it to us! choice we did an 「OtsukaReinaー」EmojiEmoji



That’s right〜 Today is Pocky & Pretz day yahEmoji


This morning I had totally forgotten.


Then Oda Sakura-chan said,
「Oh noー! I forgot to buy Pockyーーー!!! Aaaaa Now I’ve done ittttt」


Getting pretty shocked, that feeling was pretty strong today I thinkEmojiEmoji


For that Oda, with the broken up OdaNona combi from the other day (at the Fukumura Birthday Event) we had a Pocky GameEmoji


Whose Pocky you ask…
That’s right, when Oda shouted she had forgotten,


「Huhhuhhu!!! I have someーEmojiEmojiEmoji
said Ishida Ayumi-chan Emoji


For everyone, Ayumin brought some so we could do the Pocky gameEmoji
Thank youーEmojiEmoji



For Mizuki…
Just in case, the two seeming to catch a cold together PonPon did it〜EmojiEmoji



The pictures are NG! lol







And andEmoji
11/7 Birthday HarunanEmoji
and, 11/5 joining Hello!Pro 3rd anniversary for Chiichan. we celebrated wtih everyone〜Emoji




Today’s Morning Musume。’17’s casual clothes
among the 14 of us, 10 had pants styleEmojiEmoji






11/12  13:25~13:55
ABC TV 「Panel Quiz Attack 25」
We get to appear on the 「Guest Quiz」 VTREmoji



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High-Strike!!!!! iPhone Case♡♡

2017-11-11 12:49:14




So cute宝石赤宝石紫


I GOT this iPhone case











宝石赤宝石紫宝石赤iPhone Case宝石赤宝石紫宝石赤





Sheesh you know…
It’s such a high-strike…

The heart-throbbing doesn’t stop宝石赤





I want to go to Disney yahハート



I’m currently updating my redone Instagram tooおいで







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