Pretty, I Want To Be There

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For today’s afternoon
it might have been a little late






green bar


this cafe





I drank thisー!


Mizuna, apples… various things inside
it was reallly rich
they say there are anti-aging effects!!



It’s full of vitamins
just drinking 1 of these
it’s like I ate a lot of salad
seems it’s highly nourishing✩



With just that it certainly made my stomach full!



Gochisousama Deshita!


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Solo Live Real Soon!!

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In my head



it’s filled with solo live things!




Well you know, it was like that last time too but…


this time too really from the beginning even the small parts
I had ideas coming out for them so,



Organization, production… they took quite a bit of my opinions so,



Thaーt way aーnd thiーs wayー


If we do this, could it be fun I wonderー things like that


I have fun thinking about it




And, the goods you know✩



This time there’s summery things ( ̄▽ ̄)
That I wante everyone to have and shake around you know✩


Moreover and besides… for me it’s pretty much the first time, I’m connected to that…( ̄▽ ̄)”



The Tshirt and towel designs turned out cute too so look forward to it kay✩




Yesterday too, I was thinking about the medley configuration
the WakuWaku excitement won’t stop


It’s gonna be quite interesting.



There’s no doubt to that



And so, invite your friends to come hand out too kay ( ̄▽ ̄)



Have a hot summerー!



at Shibuya duo
Niigaki Risa Solo live
with live band members!!!


14:30 & 18:00



By all means!



アップGet Tickets From Here!アップ







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Good Morning爆笑




It’s morning huh!クッキー Friday yah!うお座 Let’s write a blogー!風船







Looking at the title, for sure you all
thought the topic of the blog is going to be, “I saw a movie” right?? You thought that right??








Really going with the title, I’m writign a blog on the topic of a movie I saw, you know!!!!










Saying, what’s the movie you saw?
It’s 『22nenme no Kokuhaku - Watashi ga Satsujinhan Desu-』 [tl: My 22nd Year’s Confession – I’m a Murderer]!!





It was interesting!!!




But, it was scary!!!💦




But, it was interesting!!!!





During the movie it was DokiDoki heart-pounding all the time!
What’s happening!? The truth!!?? Ehーーーー!!、Ahー!! So then that time!!!!
It felt like thatキラキラ





I want to write more of my thoughts but, it’d end up being spoilers soガーン





It went by in a flash you know〜キラキラキラキラ



Even at the movie theater the same as usual I love cafe latteおねがいハート









And, on this day ハートfrom the movie theaterハートハート
They were selling these Beauty and the Beast stickers so without a thought I end up buying themーーーーー赤薔薇ピンク薔薇ドレス



The top and bottom, the atmosphere? taste? is different with these stickers!!ラブラブ










After that on this day,
I took a PuriKura with my friendーウインク






I love PuriKura💕



Cause I can just stick them places you know!!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ






My desire to sticker things doesn’t stopラブ









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Breaking Into My 10th Year〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today, it’s been 9 whole years since Mizuki first introduced herself at a Hello!Pro Eggs new member performanceEmoji


9 years ago today, while being DokiDoki heart-pounding WakuWaku excited, I was practicing my self-introduction all the timeEmoji


I remember how happy i was with the cheers when I first stood on stageEmoji


For my first performance,
it was ℃-ute-san’s 「JUMP!」ラブラブ


Being selected for the new people performance and Hello!Con
getting fan letters
I knew the happiness of those who were supporting meEmoji
I was really happyEmoji


But even memorizing choreography I couldn’t dance it well, even practicing, it wouldn’t come out for me, I had lots of feelings of frustration but


I felt that from there I have to do my best even more
When I got praise from Tsunku♂san I was so happy it was like I was flying天使キラキラ


What I experience, really all are nothing but precious
I feel like it has an effect one my activities nowEmoji


In any case I won’t lose, to the bad things
I’ll probably persevere!Emoji



Joining Morning Musume。
Since meeting the other 3 9ki the positive appearance of the 3 of them surprised me, Mizuki followed undauntedly
There was lots of the world I haven’t seen!


Today, I’m breaking into my 10th year but
there’s lots of things I feel are things I’ve gotten use to.


But, I have the gratitude from the lots of things that’s have impressed me every day, even now
Those feelings I want to have with me never forgetting them, that’s how I feel


I want to get better at singing, I want to be able to dance.
From small dreams to big dreams I want lots of come forthEmoji



I want to go forth not changing my convictionEmoji
From here, please supporting Fukumura tooEmojiEmoji





For tomorrow, it’s the first concert in 1 monthEmoji


Everyone watching from the live viewing, BS Skypaー!
And everyone who came to the venue


THE INSPIRATION! Nippon Budokan performanceEmoji
Let’s have a fantastic timeEmojiEmoji


Please continue to support meEmoji










Emoji「Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring〜THE INSPIRATION!〜」 6/23(Fri) Nippon Budokan Performance’s
BS Skypaー!-san ☆Live Broadcast☆
Live Viewing ☆Priority lottery application☆


EmojiHello!Moba Membership Registration is ☆from here☆





■Fukumura Mizuki Photobook 『Hatachi』
Mail Order Deadline:7/2(Mon) 23::59


→(Wani Mail Order)


→(Amazon Limited Cover)


→(Amazon Regular Cover)


→(Rakuten Books)


→(Seven Net)


→(Tower Online)


→(LawTicke HMV)






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Fun Sweat!!

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Today once again, with work finished


At 27cosme Ginza-san
the ab machine✩


And at pml✩ gym, I went to move for my healthーー


First off, at 27cosme Ginza!




In this way, it’s not just my abs,
I can forge my arms for this life too



It’s still just a couple of times but, it’s clear
I can tell it’s changing so that makes me happyyy





Machiko-chan’s hand massage
It GoriGori scrapes away the swelling so it’s the best!



She’s kind and the point she has with the way she talks is cute too, it’s comforting ( ̄▽ ̄)



Thank you so much always!!!






And, pml✩



my whole body was PuruPuru soft but
while learning about forging like this
I can do this so, while being firmly
conscious of it, I’ll do it✩




Haーー! I was sweating!



today, from the morning I was BataBata clamouring,


So this was all I could take inあせるあせる




When I finished




I drank a banana flavored protein shake!!







Heading home it’s food preparation!!!







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2017-06-22 07:40:05











Making obentou
I just saw off my husband who had an early morning for work,
and my morning startedー!



For today
✩Chicken thigh and basil
✩Natto fried eggs
✩Kinpira gobou


That’s it





The rain has ceased huh(*^^*)




Thank goodness♡




Today let’s have a fun day too kay(*^^*)



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Cosme Kitchen

2017-06-22 00:25:55



Appearing together on Honky Tonk
the very very interesting
Buri-chan who I instantly became close too, we went to eat♡





Today we went to Cosme Kitchen♡





Organic vegetable mains♡


We got these salads







Vegetables and eggs and all kinds of stuff, it was yummy, a delight!



I drank wine and


The wine too is organicラブラブラブラブ








We had such a fun time, time went by in an instant you know


We prommised to meet again soon,
then we said see you laterお願い



Unbelievably, I didn’t think we could get close like this too♡


I have let another precious friend, it’s a delight




It was fun you know




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2Shot☆Fukumura Mizuki

2017-06-21 23:00:50
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



With yesterday’s earthquake in Kyuushuu
is everything okay?あせる



For Tokyo, today was really rainingEmojiEmoji
Today was also a day with lots of moving around for work so, my clothes got PicchoPicho drenchedEmojiEmoji


And Mizuki’s precious panda patterned umbrellaEmojiEmoji
ended up breaking from the wind…Emoji



Nonaka recently cut her hair drastically but
that is just 〜 reallーy cuteEmoji


From some reason today, I ended up saying NileEmoji lol



Sune…Sara…Good Friends ShotEmojiEmoji
Snefel and Ankensen
These two are squabbling friends since childhood〜♪


Nell sang it but
In the play… Ankensen picks the fightsEmoji


「Not a fragment of kindness towards people」 it’s to the point you’d say that so
when she was small just what kind of unkindness would she have done I wonder huhEmoji


I want to see the exchange between the two of them in childhoodEmoji



Today I saw pictures of the venue we’re doing a concert in in Hong Kong but
it was very big venue, I was surprisedEmoji
Hong Kong performance, I’m looking forward to itEmoji
Please watch for us kayEmoji







Emoji「Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring〜THE INSPIRATION!〜」 6/23(Fri) Nippon Budokan Performance’s
BS Skypaー!-san ☆Live Broadcast☆
Live Viewing ☆Priority lottery application☆


EmojiHello!Moba Membership Registration is ☆from here☆





■Fukumura Mizuki Photobook 『Hatachi』
Mail Order Deadline:7/2(Mon) 23::59


→(Wani Mail Order)


→(Amazon Limited Cover)


→(Amazon Regular Cover)


→(Rakuten Books)


→(Seven Net)


→(Tower Online)


→(LawTicke HMV)


Hello!Ste #224
This time’s MCs are
Koboushi Factory’s Ogawa RenaEmoji
Angerme’s Kamikokuryou MoeEmoji






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It Became A Happy Day (*´꒳`*) Iikubo Haruna

2017-06-21 21:04:56
Theme:Iikubo Haruna










I got it!!!!




NieR: Automataaaaa!!




I totally wanted to play it!!!






But, right now there’s all kinds of things to do so, it”ll be from after I come back form Hong Kong I think (T_T)☆



I’m a beginner with games but, I feel like I want to enjoy this one at ease ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡










Shiotsuki Shuu-san♡


When we meet, I want to talk about games again you know♡



Shuu-san, she said she wants me to wear a PAMEO POSE swimsuit!


If I wores on too, PAMEO would be good huh (*´꒳`*)


Those swimsuits are cute too, and fair.←





Today I had happy work too so it was HAPPY all day(*´◒`*)



What kind of day did you have?♡






For my clothes today, Tshirt I bought yesterday and Katakana Converse are the points♪
Look at it KAYーーー(*´꒳`*)





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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Drastic One!

2017-06-21 16:47:51










I had my hair cut drasticallyーー!



Heading towards the live✩


Then, Maki-san said, 「Since I’m going to the live」
some of Garland is comingー








it makes me happyおねがいドキドキ





Cutting it drastically


it’s refreshing, and neat! I like ittt





Maki-san Thank you so muchーーーー!!!






Well! From here on with a certain girl I love…







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