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2019-02-13 17:03:43













Morning Musume。’19, they’re recruiting new members!


The application deadline is soon 😮💨



For me too 2 months ago, I was acting as a current member but, I think our strengths are our individuality and our earnestness!


Not a single person is concealed!
Everyone is everyone, finding what is different from each other, looking for solutions while doing our best, but to make it in our performances, we tightly bring it together (*´꒳`*)


Having the same goals, the power we come together means we won’t be defeated anywhere!





You might feel uneasy but, the members will save you!



By all means please try and challenge yourself ☺️💓









A picture being saved from falling down stairs 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol










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Hello!Con Memory Pictures


2019-02-13 11:16:13





I still have pictures from
when I appeared as guest at HaroCon so!!!!



I’ll put them up!!!!!!ピンクハート






Morning Musume。’19
Ikuta Erina-chan💚





I have a video with Ikuta too!!
[tl note: video thumbnail, please view on her blog]


Looks like fun… lol
it was fun….!!






Morning Musume。’19
Ishida Ayumi-chan💙
Her cat ear hair is cute!😽 It suits her!
Being able to do it herself is amazing!!!!





I got pictures sent from the show too so,
I’ll put them up kay!




💙The screen💗
A two shot with Ishida!!!



With this going, how many shots!キラキラ












Katsuka Rina-chan流れ星
She’s a very fashionable oneピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符
↑Her hands are claspedハート





Takeuchi Akari-chan流れ星
Takechan’s singing is cool!!✨






I still have some but, this time I’ll stop hereおねがいおねがいおねがい
Look forward to next time’s HaroCon pictures too〜照れ照れ照れ









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Juice=Juice’s☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-12 21:49:14
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




義理チョコMorning Musume。’19LOVEオーディション開催中!義理チョコ


The deadline is in 3 Days!!!!!!



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


First off please look here目音符



Tomorrow, 2/13 release of  Juice=Juice’s NEW single 「Bitansan / Potsurito / Good bye & Good luck」


from among them I got to do the narration for the 「Potsurito」 CMマイクキラキラ


This is the work I said was fresh earlierEmoji


…it was funEmojiEmoji
I felt like I want to try doing it againEmoji


On the blog the other day
I asked if there was anything you realized watching 「The Girls Live」?, it was thisEmojiEmoji


For being indirect, GomennachaiMizukiEmojiEmoji


There were those who realized it in the comments and stuff too, and at the handshake event there were thoes of you who had watched it over and over but didn’t know too〜Emoji


It’ll be the last single for Juice=Juice with the 8 person formation
Everyone please give your supportEmoji




Here, it’s TomokoーーEmojiEmoji


I got this taken with Kanazawa Tomoko-chan〜EmojiEmoji
I like how in 「Potsurito」 Kanatomo sings in a pained way during hte interludeEmojiEmoji
And now, her hair color is dark, it matches her, I like itEmojiEmoji





Today was dinner show rehearsalsEmoji


That said, yesterday, from all the fans,
Lots of you boasted about going to the 6ki-san’s dinner show before ( ・᷄ㅂ・᷅ )Emoji


I got all frustrated〜EmojiEmoji



The 6ki-san with those member color outfitsイエローハートピンクハートブルーハート
there were raw pictures with them holding member color drinksカメウサギネコ


It was supremely cute!!!Emoji
I totally caught my eyeEmoji



Mizuki for the shoot wore a purple one piece♪
Everyone’s wearing all kinds of colors so member’s colors?? it’s different than that you know〜EmojiEmoji




Pondaー’s warm color feel andEmoji
Kaedi’s light color feelEmoji
Odan’s sakura color you know〜Emoji


The goods details are still not released so
Mizuki is looking forward to it tooラブラブ





To Those Customers Coming to the Dinner Show



→General applications go until tomorrow 2/13 (Wed) 18:00! Those who haven’t yet hurry kay



MC and staging has been decided too
We’ve steadily been looking forward to the showー流れ星


It seems it’ll be a Morning Musume。’19 like
bright dinner show天使キラキラ









Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Kasahara Momona-chan guest episode now distributing〜星



Next guest is
Ishida Ayumi-chan!!!
(With this episode she’ll have the most guest appearancesグラサン)


The trial new corner
「Hello!Pro Whatever Best 3」


The theme is… Liked Goods Best3ハート



We’re waiting for your letters12031.gif
Deadline is 2/14 10:00!











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#RedStone #HataGumi #NiigakiRisa-san #IikuboHaruna


2019-02-12 12:25:02








The other day, I got to go see the play Niigaki Risa-san is performing in, 「Tsuki no Tani Akai Ishi」 Part Akai Ishi [tl approx: Moon Valley, Red Stone Part Red Stone]!








It’s been a while Niigaki-san ♡




Niigaki-san’s intensity is amazing.
No, it’s not just Niigaki-san the fire from all of the cast was constantly overwhelming!!!!


The story was very interesting…
I cried so much for reasons I don’t know!



Really, it was cool…!!!


My goosebumps wouldn’t stop from that coollness, I was nothing but impressed!!




The play continues until this weekend!
Everyone, by all means please try go to see it.
You should totally go see it!



And Niigaki-san, please take care until the finale 🥺








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In 4 Days!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-11 22:00:19
Theme:Fukumura MIzuki




義理チョコMorning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition Now Being Held!


Deadline is in 4 Days!!!!!!





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Coming home, in a car, there was
TBS-san 「Uta no Golden HitーShowa・Heisei no Rekidai Utahime Best100ー」
[tl approx: Golden Hit of Songs – the Showa and Heisei generation’s Best 100 songstresses]


I was watching thatEmojiEmoji



Mizuki since she was small had only watched Hello!Pro!!! She was that kind of girl but


Since joining Morning Musume。, doing voice training and stuff
I’ve ended up listening to various artists so, once again when there are features like this again
I realize I generally know songs from the years I wasn’t born in too


For kids born recently too
I want to get them to hum along when 「LOVE Machine」 playsEmoji


Even with Morning Musume。 from here, we gotta get them to say, that’s a hit song! too you know


I have those kinds of dreams too⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝⋆*


Even while having that dream
I want make it so that for those who are supporting us now they can have fun and so
they can feel like they were glad to be supporting usEmojiEmoji






Today too was various meet-ups in ShibuyaEmoji


For today too, everyoneEmojiEmoji
thank you so muchEmoji


We got to talk about the spring tour and dinner show starting from here too, I really felt like I want to sing soonEmoji


Today we wore the ’18 fall tour outfit and
lots of you said, 「I really like these outfits〜Emoji」‼︎


Mizuki likes these outfits too so it made me happyEmojiEmoji


And you know, because it’s valentine’s day soon?!
The handing over and getting chocolate (pose) was fun tooEmojiEmoji


Now my pollen allergy has started but
Eripon’s the same, we’re saved by Manuka HoneyEmojiEmoji


Thank you! Manuka Honey!!!EmojiEmoji



Because the back of my hand got bad
I gave my left hand the day off… Sorry yahEmoji
I’ll do my best so it gets better soon ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و




Eripon did today’s announcement freely.Emoji
It seems like the sleeves of her clothes is a favoriteEmoji


Really everyone thank you so much for todayEmoji


Today is really cold too huh…
From tomorrow, let’s do our best for the week tooーーEmojiEmoji










Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Kasahara Momona-chan guest episode now distributing〜089.png



Next guest is
Ishida Ayumi-chan!!!
(With this episode she’ll have the most guest appearancesグラサン)


The trial new corner
「Hello!Pro Whatever Best 3」


The theme is… LIked Goods Best3ハート



We’re waiting for your letters12031.gif
The deadline is 2/14 10:00!











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Umika-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-10 22:14:58
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




義理チョコMorning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition Now Being Held!義理チョコ


Deadline is in 5 Days!!!!!!






Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


This morning’s broadcast of TVAsahi-san
「Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」


The final episode
did everyone get to see itEmojiEmoji


Mizuki hasn’t seen it yet though yah…Emoji



Anyway! LupaPato
 Hayami Umika/ Lupinyellow played by Kudou Haruka-chan
her first job since graduating from Morning Musume。
in any case, I was really rooting for her, I recorded it every week


it’s like parential love you know, worrying about her too
she performed Umika-chan strong and cute cute


On TV, seeing Duー’s work really made me happyEmoji
Duー, really a job well doneEmoji


My favorite lines are… of course
「It’s all messed up」 I thinkEmojiEmoji
I like 「Are just my memories missing?」 too though❣️


She gave both to lots of sayings you knowEmoji


Until the day we meet again, adieuEmojiEmoji




And today was
the 66th single’s various meet-upsEmoji




We had a fun dayEmoji


With the mic announce from Nonaka there was a greeting too you knowEmoji


Today too we talked about all kinds of thingsEmojiEmoji


I’m reaalllly sorry but
with the pollen my eyes, ears, and nose were all PoyaPoya and GuzuGuzu runnyEmojiEmoji


My throat hurt a bit too
I couldn’t get my voice out as much too…


It was hard to hear what I was saying yah, I’m sorryEmoji



Thinking off all kinds of cheki event poses
and all the fun and interesting things at the handshake event
it was the first time we got to talk with you this year too ♡


it was fun for MizukiEmojiEmoji


For everyone too
if you had a fun time I’ll be happyEmoji


Today too, lots of you got to participated
thank you so muchEmoji




Tomorrow is also various meet-ups tooEmoji
The venue is the same Belle Salle Shibuya GardenEmoji


Please respond to Eripon’s loud announcement kayーーマイクグリーンハーツ




And today was〜
Country・Girls’s Ozeki Mai-chan
and Kobushi Factory’s Nomura Minami-chan’s birthdaysーブルーハーツブルーハーツ


Yesterday I took a picture with MinaMinaEmoji
Happy Birthday to both of youEmoji







Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Kasahara Momona-chan’s guest episode now distributing〜星



Next guest is
Ishida Ayumi-chan!!!
(With this episode she’ll have the most guest appearancesグラサン)


The test new corner
「Hello!Pro Whatever Best 3」


The theme is…The goods you like Best3ハート



We’re waiting for your lettersEmoji
Deadline is 2/14 10:00!









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2019-02-10 12:40:15






This year





















Not even once












Did I get to go to
🥩Ikinari Steak🥩!!!!!!







I felt like my meat mileage hasn’t increased at all so I needed to hurry 😭







We’re in February! Just the other day!
I went thereー!!!!
Waーi!! Waーi!!
My first 2019 IkiSte!ラブ
I wasn’t sure but
for this day, I went with the rib roast steakてへぺろ
It’s as yummy as alwaysー!!









Ah, with this timingニヤリ




I’m gonna put up
the not put up up to now
IkiSte shots I haveラブラブラブ




↑ I really like this pictuerー!❤️








Think what do they have, I order the standard 300gー!!!


I’m really full yah!
there’s days I gotta feel like that


Ehー I totally could go again yah!
there are days I feel that tooー!💗















I got the Ikinari Steak book ❤️
Looking at this I get even more of a IkiSte feverーー!
I’m going to get my fill this year too yah ❤️















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Fuku Day☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-09 21:58:04
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




義理チョコMorning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition Being Held Now!義理チョコ

Deadline is in 6 days!!!!!!


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today, 2/9 is?
Fukuchan Dayーーー?!?!?!?!?!


There’s nothing special to it…Emoji


For now
let’s give a banzaーi to all the 「Fuku」-san in the world ( ˙꒳​˙ )/Emoji


「Fuku」-sans in the world
Congratulations 🎊 Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



For that Fukuchan holiday…
Mizuki got a picture with Anpanman yoーn♪♪♪


Ayumi-chan, when she came back to Sendai with recordings of 「Araara Kashiko」-san
went, it’s Anpanmanー! and had sent me a picture


Today Mizuki took a picture too ♬Emoji




Today was Hello!Project Concerts in SendaiEmoji


MIyagi prefecture natives
Morning Musume。’19’s Ishida Ayumi-chanEmoji
Angerme’s   Sasaki Rikako-chanEmoji



The dance section outfits shown at the concerts, they’re like uniformsEmoji


Ayumin and Rikako
today they wore Rakuten Eagle-san uniformsーーーEmojiEmoji


Seeing it made me happy!!!
I saw it from the back but, I’m glad for the amazing smilesEmoji


Everyone was together in the dressing room so
today I got to take lots of pictures♪


Today of course it’s these 2!


Seeing these 2 being close
it’s warm and fluffyEmojiEmoji



A good combi♪




Well! Tomorrow Nonaka Miki-chan is participating in it too,
various meet-ups〜Emoji


We’ll be waiting for you at Belle Salle ShibuyaEmoji












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Zettai Kanojo♡


2019-02-09 18:29:10




Oomori Seiko-san’s new single releasing 3/13キラキラ 『Zettai Kanojo feat. Michishige Sayumi』
The jacket pic and artist shot has been released!!!!!!














I’ll put up 1 off shot…❤️




Isn’t it dangerous!❤️ This distance!!!❤️
It was oh my!
I was startled…💗💗💗










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