March Performances Opening Day

2019-03-18 14:58:31





Yesterday was


March Performances


Opening day!






It was very very very very




Those of you who came
those of you giving your support
really thank you so muchキラキラ





March, it is the final part…
it’s already kinda lonely feeling…
the stage is so fun
I love everyone so much
it feels lonely….
I don’t want it to endーーーーー😭
that’s the feeling I have



In any case I want to enjoy the stageハート




For the March performances, one part has been renewed!
From March there’s new songs too,
we’re evolving in various waysキラキラキラキラキラキラ
getting such fantastic songs really is a joy!
I gotta evolve myself much much more! I do!!


Today too, please gie me your support!!!

















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Hachiouji 2days☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-17 22:55:23
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


「Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜」
Hachiouji 2days 4 performances have finishedキラキラ


Everyone who came to the venue
did you get to have fun?


If you gave me your thoughts I’d be happy yah照れドキドキ


In any case for Mizuki it was a joy〜流れ星


Everyone giving your support
thank you so much音譜



Really it made me happy天使ドキドキ



Today I used up my power!!!!!!


But there’s still about 30 performances in this tour
and we just finished 4 performances you know!



Even on the bus home, I when home while talking about things like that with the membersビックリマーク


While look back at clips of the concert with the members a lot
you guys look great there yahー and ah cute!
we often give each other praise
of course we’re reflecting on things too though.
I feel the time mutually agreeing and praising with everyone is important


I believe all kinds of things are connected to the performancesヒヨコ




My feet and eyes are PanPanPan bursting so I’m massaging them and resting… lol
I feel like everyone’s fatigued too so, please take a bath and rest your bodies kay音譜




Yah that’s right…
At Satou Masaki-chan’s MC she talked about pollen yah


Thinking back to it I ended up really getting itchy… lol


But, the majority of days in this season I’m troubled by pollen-chan appearing!
During the live I forget about it!!
That’s amazing isn’t it?! lol


That is just some of the amazing power coming out yah


Those in the back of the venue
and the 2nd and 3rd floor seats, did we reach you?!キラキラ


With your reactions when we’re waving I get it you know


At those times, getting to communicate with all the fans makes me happyビックリマーク



After the performance finished you know…we have established customs


we did gelato janken〜キラキラ


I GOT the flavor matchign my own member color yoーn♪♪♪











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The Curtain Rises☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-16 23:17:13
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星



We finally started…♪*゚


「Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring〜BEST WISHES!〜」


The opening day curtain rise〜音譜
For the lots of cheers and support, thank you so muchルンルン


The cheers unique to opening day
made me so happy yah流れ星


Plentiful 「Oooー!」 and
The kind that seems like it has the 「?」 mark on them 「Oo?」 lol


Just even OOoOー has variation yah 笑い泣き


Opening days always get me nervous but
today too of course but
today was different than usual.


That sense of tension, it was a tension with the trust of the members!!!!. It seemed something like that♪



This is a story from the night performance but
three cheers for what I saidキラキラ


At the time I felt like I got a lol lol~ kind of reaction but
We members were all UruUru teary eyedぐすん


It felt like it seemed precious you know? That feeling made me happy


Like this you know, it’s something you could only feel in that moment
I feel like there’ll be lots of it from here.


That from today until the tours final day
with each performance, I want to feel the feelings in those places you know!!!




As the opening act and challenging act was participation by all of Kobushi Factory♪
we get to see them tomorrow too yah♪


Hamachan (Hamaura Ayano-chan)’s turbo story
Her changing outfits in back was really heartbeat skippingハート


Hachiouji 1st Dayキラキラ
Everyone thank you for your supportキラキラ
It was fun⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝⋆*






Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Next guest is Haga Akane-chan!


Next episode’s corner is
「Solving troubles with a Kiraーn」
Please send us your troubles!


Deadline is 3/18 (Mon) 19:00!




It’s been updatedー!!!
ピンクハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる〜Hello!Member Edition〜」 Now distributing!
MC is Oshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san


Yamaki Risa-chan, Fukumura Mizuki get to appear!





イエローハート3/23 (Sat) 21:00~
Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi
Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina get to appear♪♪♪











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Best In Japan☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-15 23:33:52
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


At lastーーーー!!!!
tomorrow isーーーー!!!!
the spring tour performance dayーーーーーー!!!!!!!



【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】



For the tour, there’s stairs and the stage width has gotten longer so, the movement is intense!!


And so
we gotta do our best so that the songs don’t get off!!
that’s the challenge of this tourハッ


And the expression of each song
we’ll do our best with that in our aim too kay雷




When the tour starts, the days we stay overnight increase but


Mizuki loves her home!!!
More than anything not being able to see her beloved pets makes me lonelyえーん


But you know, now my phone case has a Ty Beanie Baby attached照れピンクハート


The feeling of that penguin-chan is supremely goodブルーハート
And, it’s eyes are KuriKuri big and round, it kinda reminds me of Puramuラブラブ


I feel like when I’m feeling lonely I want the Penguin-chan to sooth meラブ音譜



The outfits for our goods this time are pastel colorsキラキラ
What was it in this that we’re doing…? lol
Maybe it was before the start of the TT jokes! lol




Until the best album release
it’s 5 days!!!


My memory song with Ayumin is〜.


「Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke」
「HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?〜Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?〜」!


Wagamama, a lot of the time we have that part where we always push our bodies ot the limit in the set list but
with Ayumin we lock eyes and there’s a part we go「We gotta do our best!!!」ハート


Say yeah!! and Comen!! It feels like we fight each other with these, I like it (*´〇`*)



Tomorrow, we’ll do our best in Japanーーー!!!!
PenPen Juーmpドキドキ It’s practice〜








Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Next guest is Haga Akane-chan!
Her 2nd appearance〜


This time we’ll be waiting for lots
of letters about Akanechin♪


Next episode’s corner is
「Solving troubles with a Kiraーn」
Please send us your troubles!


Deadline is 3/18 (Mon) 19:00!









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It’s New Goodsーーー!

2019-03-15 17:21:46





From March’s performances
we’ve announced additional goodsssチューリップ





Idid shoots with new outfitsひまわり



For my hair it’s an odangoコアラ
Have one off shotーイルカ





And more than anything what I want you to take notice of is
Clothes changing stickersバレエバレエバレエ



Whole heartedly!!!!!!!






Everyone, matching together the top and bottom clothes, and accessories you like,
please look forward to all kinds of patternsダイヤモンドダイヤモンドダイヤモンド








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I Did a Lot of Rune Talk!

2019-03-15 13:23:52




Josei Jisin-san web interview, yesterday went upうさぎラブラブラブラブラブラブ







About my beloved Naito Rune-san
I got to talk, lots!!ぽってり苺ドレス
Getting time to talk about something or someone I like is really fun!!!ラブラブ



For yesterday’s clothes
With Rune ピンクハート in mind!✨
It’s a ZARA one piece!!!!
The moment I found it I thought, 『Rune!』 and bought itハート


(The flowers match the flowers on a certain Runegirl’s cap 🌼)




I talk about this Rune pen case too!ハート





By all means look at it kay!!!!ハイヒールハイヒールハイヒール











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At Water Fountain Plaza☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-14 21:59:59
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today there were, events at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Water Fountain Plaza⛲️♪


【Best! Morning Musume。20th Anniversary】 Release Commemoration Mini Live & Handshake Event乙女のトキメキ


Everyone who came
Thank you so muchドキドキ



Recently it’s been aーーーll spring tour rehearsals so it felt like it’s been a whileハート


360° view and, matching with the songs, a water fountain! lol


During the talk when we talked about the water fountain
It gave a hi〜gh spray
we got showered by light water lol lol


It was a fountain with superb support power ⛲️ラブラブ lol



Matching with the 20th Anniversary
from all the fans the 20 questions 20 answers was fun音譜


Thank you so much for your cooperation キラキラ



6 days remain until the release〜ルンルン


For everyone who likes Morning Musume。
It’ll have topics that I want you to get your hands on for sure you knowドキドキ


Listening to it for sure


Get Close


I think it has various sentimental songs packed in it 流れ星


At the time it was Ahーー things I’ve looked back on myself and
memories with members at the time
listening to us recollecting that kind of stuff makes me happy yah おすましペガサス流れ星






My memory songs with Yokoyama are
「 BRAND NEW MORNING」 and 「Jealousy Jealousy」 I think恋の矢


Yokoyama going forward just after her debut
there were lyrics thta were like her yelling
at that part while feeling Yokoyama’s back, I flet her really giving her best singing, that’s whyビックリマーク


For 「Jealousy Jealousy」
there’s a part where Yokoyama and I always met eyes, that’s why that one目


With those feelings, listening to the album, Mizuki remembers all kinds of things too!
I feel like I want it to arrive at everyone’s homes soonードキドキ




For the album release event
we’re doing it on the 19th at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
and the 20th at Tokyo Dome City LaQuaゆめみる宝石


Mini Live & Handshake Event
We’ll be waiting音譜



Now it seems like I might have forgotten something that’ll put me in a panic when I suddenly remember it…
So for a little bit, well, I’m gonna review!!


Ah, before that… 3.141592653(Copy-Paste) lol lol
and, today is White Day yah天使ドキドキ






It’s been updatedー!!!
ピンクハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる〜Hello!Member Edition〜」 Now distributing!
MC is Oshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san
Yamaki Risa-chan, Fukumura Mizuki
get to appear!




イエローハートThis week Mon〜Fri 6:30〜7:00 
Morning Musume。’s Guest Episodeis until tomorrow!!!
Don’t miss it!!!


イエローハート3/23 (Sat) 21:00~


Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi
Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina get to appear♪♪♪











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Waiting for Tomorrow〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-13 21:59:49
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki






Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Spring tour final rehearsals are finishedキラキラ
I did my best up to todayーー


No, even though the spring tour hasn’t started yet
I’m feeling this sense of accomplishment!?!? lol


No, until the end of the Hachiouji performance I can’t feel out of it!!!


I must preciously spend the time until the performances流れ星


Resting my body is important too
collecting my mind is important tooメモ




ゆめみる宝石The spring tour’s title is BEST WISHES!ふんわりウイング


The goods have been released ♪


[tl note: youtube thumbnail – ]


[tl note: youtube thumbnail – ]


You can get it at the Venue too so
please check it outリボン



Right now my body is HakiHaki crackling os
I want to go to get a massageeeeー lol



Sometimes with rehearsals
When our body’s at their limits and everyone is HeroHero completely exhausted
we go 「Ganbatteikimasshoi!」.


Usually before the show we put our spirit into it but
really, we’re thinking 「We gotta do our best!」 and did it with everyone lol


Even though it’s not something we’ve done before during rehearsals
thanks to that we were able to do our best more than usual照れキラキラ


Ganbatteikimasshoi is
a magic word流れ星






Tokyo today was a warm day
and so, Mizuki for the first time in a while went to rehearsals without a coat口笛


But! Then!
Tomorrow with coat and stole it seems like it’ll get colder so
everyone please take care with your attire when you head out kayブルーハーツ




Tomorrow at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Water Fountain Plaza
It’s the Best!Album release commemoration eventルンルン


17:00〜 The mini live starts!
There’s handshakes too!


We’ll be waiting流れ星




Watch them kayーー下矢印下矢印下矢印


イエローハートThis week Mon〜Friday 6:30〜7:00


イエローハート3/23 (Sat) 21:00~


Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi
Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina got to appear on them♪♪♪


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Satou Masaki-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is hereふんわりウイング



ハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる」 Now distributing!
MC is Ooshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san
And, Yamaki Risa-chan and Fukumura Mizuki
also get to appear!




ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua
















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Zettai Kanojo♡

2019-03-13 13:04:37




Today it’s released!
Oomori Seiko-san’s New Single花束



I got to sing it together with her too!!!✨





リボンZettai Kanojo feat. Michishige Sayumiリボン






From recording, MV shoots, show recordings and interviews…



I got to spend a lot time together with my beloved Oomori-san, that made me happy…ラブラブラブラブ
Oomori-san,whenever we meet you’re kind, and talk about interesting things, you’re a really very cute personおとめ座







Zettai Kanojo
Zettai Zettai Zettai, for sure listen to it please!ポーチ
Please listen to it lots and lots and lots!!ハイヒール

















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On The Eyebrows

2019-03-12 22:34:16















My bangs are shortー!!!
Doing rehearsals I sweat, it’d roll at the base, and my bangs would life up so,
I’d laugh at my On The Eyebrows look seeing myself in the mirrorー lol








For rehearsals you know,
It’s the March performances!!


Look forward for it〜













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