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2019-03-02 22:27:15
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnラブラブ


Hello!Project Concerts


in Gifu〜〜〜星星星


The 1st day is finished!!


Today was the end of the NEW AGE performances流れ星
It was funー thank you so much天使


With the NEW AGE version
there were shuffle unitsハート




Yamaki Risa-chan


イエローハートHello!Pro Trainee
Matsunaga Riai-chan


We sang with the 3 of us音譜


Riai-chan as Angerme’s
Kananishi Kana-chan’s proxy, joined usぽってりフラワー


Every time she sang with a cute smile
Riai-chan’s charm, I feel like it came across even more didn’t it?ドキドキ


Risa-chan, she hurriedo ver, “How was the highest partあせる” but
everytime she had a pretty singing voice, I felt like, as expected of her〜キラキラ


Mizuki, singing this song at a Hello!Con, it’s her 3rd time!!!
From the beginning of rehearsals, she’s put in choreography and stuff perfectly-yon lolキラキラ


But, it’s a song I love so, getting to sing different parts made me happy赤薔薇赤薔薇


For NEW AGE speaking of new years? we sang 「Mikan」, everyone got fired up a lot, it was funお願い



Tomorrow is the last YOU & I performance雷


The winter Hello!Con


Wada Ayaka-san
Miyazaki Yuka-chan
Yanagawa Nanami-chan, for the 3 of them it’ll be their last!


For Wada Ayaka-san
Up to now as Hello!Pro leader the whole time
With the cirlc before the start of the concerts, the call, she pulled all of Hello together!!!キラキラ



With Yukanya during the performances every time we gave each other high fivesキラキラハート
Tomorrow is the last one, 1 more〜あせるあせる



For Yanamin it’s already really her last spurt you know.
I want Country・Girls and Juice=Juice to enjoy it音譜クラッカー



Tomorrow too with all the HELLO!PROJECT members
with full power we’re bringing up the stage〜〜〜おねがいクラッカー




Ichioka Reina-chan, Nishida Shiori-chanラブラブ
Today when we were lined up at the catering place
Icchan took this for us音譜


The other day, asking train loving Icchan
「What train station would you compare Mizuki to?」
What do you think she answered???



The answer was… Ginza lol lol


Seriouslyーーー lol 
Is that so?? lol lol



With Shiorin we talked about the songs this time,
「Getting told that they have high hopes makes it so I can do my best」 She said that so, Mizuki said it too ⤴︎


Then, Shiorin at the show bursted so much it was amazingショック!
Even with her mature looking expression she was surprisingly intense! lol
I like that! lol


Ahー today was fun too
I’ll do my best tomorrow as wellーーーー






I get to appear in tiny tiny#69♪
ピンクハートPlease watch it hereピンクハート
(Because there was a flaw in yesterday’s release of tiny tiny#69
they release a revised version of it.)








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Urusei Yatsura Cafe☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-03-01 21:12:12
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
The other day after work
Oda Sakura-chan
and Kaga Kaede-chan, the 3 of us went to karaokeEmoji
Kaeedi and Odan had been waiting it seems
Mizuki finished around the same time, and we met so we joined up and went togetherーEmoji
Both them are such easy targets, they laugh right away so
being with the two of them Mizuki seems like a really funny personEmojiEmojiEmoji
We were on the move laughing as we walked←
And so well, we walked just a bit until we separated at the train station but, we felt totally close EmojiEmoji
Kaedi picked 「Kanashiki Heaven」
and we ended up singing it together you know.
1st Mizuki Emoji 2nd Odan Emoji WAO!! from MizukiEmoji
We sang it♪Emoji
For Harmony Oda went 「Up☝️ Down👇」 pointing as she sang! It was funnyEmojiEmoji
Matsuura Aya-san’s 「Omoi Afurete」, singing that
doing the last hook, she grabbed the mic from Odan!!Emoji
Kaedi’s been into it recently
just memorizing artist-san’s songs??
getting intensely close to the lyric monitor singingEmoji
Kaedi is amazing!!!
To go that far singing with her natural voiceEmoji I felt that as well yah.
From here it’s the spring tour practice starting up yah~I felt that but
The result, it became funny, noisy karaoke🎤EmojiEmoji
Well, having days like this is great too yah!!
I realized it’s March〜Emoji
Looking at the calendar it being the 1st kinda surprised meEmojiEmoji
In transport on the train I found groups of what seems like graduating high schoolers
That’s right yah, it’s graduation season huhEmoji
Everyone how was your day today〜?
Mizuki you know!!
I went to the Urusei Yatsura Cafe I wanted to go toーーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji
I went with Mama the 2 of us but
I filled my stomach with such volume (๑´ڡ`๑)Emoji
The things that appeared in reality that were in the manga
and the cute design latteEmoji
I got one of the randomly distributed star shaped coastersEmoji
Umeboshi・Cocktail (Non-alcoholic)
It was superー yummy!!!
The Moonlight Kitsune Tsukuji-nabe (Soup Curry) was really spicyーEmoji
But the vegetables and meat were both yummyEmoji
What was cute was
Ten-chan’s Flame French ToastEmoji
Having failed at cooking it came with a 「Sorry」 Memo attachedSo cute〜ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
By the way, the characters Mama likes are Lum-chan, Ten-chan, and KitsuneEmoji
We split between the 2 of us so
At once we tasted at last 4 thingsEmoji
In this way, getting to share it with anyone who would like going is funEmojiEmoji
Morning Musume。 did a cafe about 2 years ago too but, I wonder if all the fans felt like thisー?!Emoji
I felt like thatEmoji
I want to do the Morning Musume。 cafe again too yah…Emoji
I couldn’t draw it well but I had written messages with it tooEmoji
I’ll gather them up and deliver them to Takashi Rumiko-sensei♬。.
It’s the celebration of Urusei Yatsura’s 40th anniversary since it’s creation!
…I wonder if I can go again??Emoji
Now you know
♪Anmari SowaSowa shinai de~♪ won’t leave my head…Emoji
Well tomorrow is Hello!Project concerts final dayEmoji
Everyone in Gifu prefecture, thank you for waitingEmoji
I’m looking forward to the 2daysEmoji
Everyone attending too, let’s have fun together kay
From your homes too, send us your cheer power kayEmoji
I got to appear on tinytiny as guest音譜
Please watch it here
※From this episode a new corner 「tiny World Journal」 has joined in.


Regular MC:Makoto, Katou Noriko
Tiny World Journal Narration, Hamaura Ayano
Tiny Relaxation Ogata Risa







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Becoming the final
雛人形it’s the March additional performances雛人形











Oomori Seiko-san


for the March performances
have written up 2 new songs for me too
I’ll be showing them!!!!!!














By all means!


Please look forward to it kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート














The window light, gave a rainbowy KirraKira sparkling
it’s lame like sparkling
it’s really very pretty!✨ and so
I took a picture but下矢印
The picture is just the windowーー💦


Of course there are some things that aren’t physical that you won’t get yah











That said
I want you to really come see it yahハートハートハート





I’ll be waitingハート










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NabePa☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-28 21:53:01
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


I hear everyone’s Birthday Event DVD have arrived at their places〜EmojiEmoji
Have you gotten to watch it yet?〜♡


This time, it’s a set DVD with Nonaka Miki-chan’sEmoji
Mizuki hasn’t gotten her hands on it yet though


I visited Nonaka’s 2nd Birthday performance so
watching the changes from the 1st performance will make me happy〜 that’s what I’m thinkingEmojiEmoji


Getting to hang out for Mizuki’s birthday
Hello!Pro Trainee’s
Kanemitsu Ruru-chan, Shuttou Anna-chanEmoji
I got to get stories out of the 2 of themEmojiEmoji


By chance when we met out side the dressing rooms
we got a picture taken too〜Emoji


Eripon took it for usーEmoji


And then,
yoyo champion TOMMY-sanEmoji
Host Suzuki Keita-san!


Loーts of people
celebrated with me♡


Ahー, Mizuki wants to see it soon too yahーEmojiEmoji






Today from the evening we gathered and at dinner〜Emoji


An onabe partyEmoji



While watching DVDs and stuff everyone was in high spirits〜Emoji


We saw Morning Musume。’17’s D-maga too lol
The reserved 4 strawberry Janken we did〜EmojiEmoji
seeing it again on TV〜 it’s like that yahEmoji




It was fuーーーn♪





ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星








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Lum-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-27 22:33:23
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


#リンツかっこよく持てるか選手権  [tl: Cooly Holding Lindt Champion]
The 1st rank is… top left流れ星
It was the favorite by far〜


Continuing 2nd place was bottomr-right, 3rd was top-right
Unfortunately bottom left was in dead lastーEmoji


The champion was to-left Lindt MizukiEmoji


Everyone for voting for the Lindt-loving-mura Mizuki, thank you so much!
Everyone try doing it too kayキラキラ



「bpm」 recording♪


Mizuki wearing a cap, strong!!
it tugs at your emotions too!! ☺️EmojiEmoji


Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi, Oda SakuraEmoji
Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina, the 5 of usEmoji


The host is EXILE’s Kuroki Keiji-san ✨


We talked about the best album and
and talked while pulling random cards♪


It was my first time talking with Kuroki-san but
during the recording he asked us for unreasonable things too?!?✨


Thank you so much!


Getting to talk about the difference in each dance performances madem e happy too!


The key laughter too…Emoji


Whenever it’ll broadcast, I’m looking forward to it lolEmojiEmojiEmoji


For details I’ll announce it the day after tomorrow!




What we had in our hands is
 bpm-san original candy〜😆✨


And at the lessons after that too
together with Abema Water we got, we did our best💕


The lesson T that’s been one of my favorites to wear lately ✨


I Got it as sales counter goods from the Urusei Yatsura Cafe〜😍EmojiEmoji


Lum-chan. You’re cute yahEmoji


Probably from Mama’s influence I like Lum-chanEmoji


Her voice and dialect
the sexiness & cuteness
her earnestnessEmoji


her appearances tooEmoji
All of it is cute〜Emoji


There were hother Tshirt illustrations I want too but they were sold out💦Emoji
I went 3 times but they didn’t have any so… I wonder if a shipment arrived?


At the moment, I don’t have time I can’t go to the cafe so…
I want to go eat there another time yah〜♪ I feel that way 👍




Spring tour rehearsals are startingEmoji


Today it’s a day wherei t’s all suddenly stuffed in my head!! so, (My head is PanPaーーn packed🙃)


For pallen, it’s rained sooooo〜♪
It’s settled down a little hasn’t i〜t?Emoji





ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星









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Yuーーーーーi☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-26 22:00:24
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki
[tl note: Last post “Ka” + this post “Yui” = Kayui/Itchy]



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


On Today’s broadcast of 60TRY Bu-san, it seems they announced it huh!!
Takeuchi Akari VS GunPla


Akari-chan’s work in progress
Mizuki was watching over ?? (Hindering??) it, I kept it close the whole time〜Emoji


Coach KaediEmoji
Kaedi as expected~♪


Mizuki got to watch but, the feeling of accomplishment when she finishedEmoji
it was funEmoji








Today was interviews & shoots solo for 「B.L.T」(May Issue) Emoji


It’s been quite a bit since I appeared solo?!
Thank you so muchEmoji


About the best album release
Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project
about being leader and the state of my private time
we talked about all kinds of thingsEmoji


For the shoot I got to take pics in what felt like a cool atmosphereEmoji


The use of light was coolEmojiEmoji
Even more after the cameraman-san finished talking picks they said their soul was on fireーEmojiEmoji


I’m looking forward to what kind of way it’ll be publishedEmojiEmoji



It was the people who we’re indebted to for the Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary Book so
it was an interview where I felt the kindness and the nostalgia~Emoji


It’s a 3/23 (May Issue) release so
Please check it outEmoji





I wrote a little about it in an earlier blog but
I’m published in the 「Up To Boy」-san releasing the same day tooEmojiEmoji




☆9.10ki’s Fukumura, Ikuta, Ishida, Satou


☆12.13.14ki Nonaka, Haga, Kaga, Yokoyama, Morito


☆The Photobook’s another shot
Oda, Makino get to published inside so


For the May Issue, it’s Morning Musume。’19
All appeari〜〜〜ngEmoji


I’m really happyEmojiEmoji
We’ve had chances where we’ve been taking with all of us but


Each of us being split up but all of us there is rareEmoji


Shoots each having their own themes
it was fun♡


And so, all of you Morning Musume。 fans
you totally gotta GET it〜EmojiEmoji



It’s late but
「TVfan」-san’s also on saleEmoji
Fukumura, Ishida, Haga,Yokoyama, the 4 of us did interviews & shoots!!!
Asking each other things we want to know about each other
and we talked about album songs tooEmoji




We’re scheduled to appear on NHK「Utacon」-san!


As Hello!Pro AllstarsEmoji


Show homepage



Appearing this time makes us 「Utacon」’s most frequent appearanceEmojiEmoji


3/5(Tue)7:30~ 8:43pm
Utacon 「Shouwa VS. Heisei~ Spring Song Matching Contest~」


Please give us your supportEmoji




I got the Lindt’s from Tsubaki Factory’s Manager-sanーーーー♡


I didn’t go to the event but I got some-yoーnおねがい


#リンツかっこよく持てるか選手権 [tl: Cooly Holding Lindt Champion]
(Already eaten)


Let me know which you picked as Mizuiki is cool kay!!





ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星









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Handmade is Fun Yah


2019-02-26 12:42:39






 Radio NEO「HELLO! DRIVE! -HaroDora-」


During the broadcast the other day


Sayumin Artist Corner








Eevee, of course it’s awful 😭😭😭😭😭
I love it though!! I haven’t seen it properly maybe!! Sadness









And, during that HaroDora,


『Before, I had made Eevee with hardening clay, I made it while watching videos of Eevee so, at the time I saw everything about Eevee!』


I feel like I said something like that though.












THe clay at the time, it was these 下矢印







How is it!??????
Not just Eevee, I made Pikachu tooラブラブラブ









The things my Big sis-chan made,
it’s the sushi under the Pikachu 🍣下矢印
They’re really miniature, they were cuteーキラキラキラキラキラキラ








By the way this, I made these while I was on break from workー!!
Handmaking is fun yahー♡










Pikachu, I made an eraser too!
During the final hardening, you boil it!


The sushi is once again Big sis-chan.
↑I thought the chuutaro marbling looks greatー!






Clay and eraser,
I made them on completely different days but
Big sis-chan always makes sushi. 🍣










From here on too,
please give you support to HaroDora Radioウインク




The 2 cuties❤️ Angerme
Kamikokuryou Moe-chanラブラブKawamura Ayano-chanラブラブ
Kamiko and













yesterday we did HaroDora recording too!!



Kamikokuryou Moe-sanぽってりフラワー Kasahara Momona-chanおすましペガサス
Kamiko and Kassaー!
Even trying to do a small face pose I coudln’t hide it completely.
My face is a perfect circle, Sayumi-senpai 手












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Kaa☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-25 23:07:25
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


I danced a lot, I’m worn out〜EmojiEmoji
Now I’m stretching〜😚


…I ended up getting a little tiredEmojiEmoji




Today was Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」 recordingEmoji


My partner was…
Satou Masaki-chan!


Continuing from last time the 10ki appearingEmoji
For Masaki-chan surprisingly it’s her 2nd appearanceEmoji


Each other’s performances,
how we practice, different point of views
birthday events
and talk about Baseska from about 3 years ago tooEmojiEmoji


Masaki-chan the same as always is free spirited but
she said it was easier to talk than last time too so I’m glad〜♡


I wonder if you can get it from the pictuerはてなマーク
Since today I’m Fukunura-san I had to dress right
so I had clothes of a completely different style than usualEmoji


By the way right up to leaving the house
I was thinking, would these clothes come close to Masaki-chanか?? that’s whyEmojiEmoji


I laughed at the unbelievable favorEmoji




Masaki-chan and Mizuki
Ayumi who finished other work
and BEYOOOOON’s Mirai Miyo-chan, the 4 of us went to eat〜Emoji


An interesting combinationEmojiEmoji


Miyo-chan’s responses were each cuteEmoji


Mizuki, she loves Miyo-chan’s facial features〜Emoji
Her big eyes
and her mouth too, I like them〜♡


Well you know, after we met I like that she clung to Mizuki♡
This is a picture we took the other day yah♪




Pollen allergies…… the worst thing right now is…
My eyesー They itchー.
So itchy, the swelling, the itchingーーEmoji *cry*





ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星








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Hey Listen!!!!!!


2019-02-25 19:29:13














Lately you know


















I’ve mysteriously gotten plump but!!!!!!ハッ

























I’m lying!!


It’s not a mystery at all!!!!!










I’ve eaten too much…..














Even though I’ve come back once from my New Year’s weight gain…..



The new year was great right…


I was saved y the words 『New Year’s weight gain』








Now what what!
I’ve gained weight what!!!!
what what!!!!!


















Go back!!!!!!!















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2019-02-25 13:04:37




Good Afternoon! Is everyone well!?✨
I’m the same as always……

























It’s days drinking tapiocaジュース









After drinking tapioca,
my mouth is sweet so



I ate yakitori爆笑爆笑爆笑
it’s the best!!!照れ






I replenished my stickers tooーハートハートハート
For the first time in a while, I feel like I’ve bought them like this….




I felt like I bought them with a light level of reflection but


Homeing home
I end up filing them and
I should’ve bought more…
that’s how I gotバレエバレエバレエ












Again, I want to stick them on everyoneードレスおすましペガサスハート鍋たこ焼ジュースおすましペガサスハートハートラブトロピカルカクテル花束


Everyone seemed to be overjoyed being stickied yahニヤリニヤリニヤリハートハートハートラブラブラブピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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