・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)

2022-03-16 23:03:58

In my shopping list
・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)
I have that written down but
what did I want to make?….
I don’t remember it at all you know ☺️☺️☺️
For the time being, trusting in myself for when I remember
I bought shimeji ニコニコ乙女のトキメキ
Well even if I don’t remember,
shimeji goes with stirfry, soups, anything you know 立ち上がるキラキラ
I wrote this blog a bit ago but…
in the end with that shimeji…

I put it in a ingredient full soup 🍄

Ah, but,

『・Shimeji (Tomato Ingredients)』

that I wrote, I remembered what it was too !!

I haven’t made it yet but that’s ti 泣き笑い

Lately cooking’s fun… 😆
Cooking books,
cooking videos, I’m making things looking at all kinds of things びっくりマーク

Cooking up to now

A line up 照れ

I’m putting in things from relatively back and the order in time is completely in shambles though… lol↓

Mentaiko Shirataki ハートくちびる

In the end, I love mentaiko ピンクハート

The mouth feel of the cucumbers was 🥒 wonderful too!

Kimchee natto tofu キラキラ

Cutting through the egg yolk〜

It seems healthy so

when I’m hungry in the middle of the night, I’d occasionally end up making stuff like this too 爆笑笑

Korean nori is gives a good flavor to it too yahー!

The sauce is, shoyu, yakiniku sauce, and a little sesame oil mixed together 飛び出すハート


Since I started cooking,

I really like cucumbers I’ve come to realize 笑ううさぎスター

The mouth feel is somehow the best!

Moreover it seems they take away swelling!

maybe I’ll graduate from being Mukumin [tl: Swellimin] 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハート lol

Kamatama Udon !!キラキラ

It’s so simple it’s the best lunch スプーンフォーク

Eggplant stew 🍆

Eggplant too, I really like it!!

And this is so yummy, I eat it all iimmmーediately 😉💓

I want to make all kinds of other things cooking with eggplants!!

Miso soup ハート

Otsukemono 飛び出すハート

Today I ate,

Full of energy breakfast !!

And for dessert, fruits ラブ

I got full in the morning 🍓🍇🫐

A proper feeling salad 🥗

I didn’t get a picture but, I at it with some french bread that had dry-cured ham inbetween 食パンメロンパンコッペパン

The next day, and the day before the same salad 🥗

Looking at it, not having avocado is a grade down 🥑😂

That’s it for this time ハート (I’ve reached the image limit 😂)
I’ll put up my cooking again laterーーーー !!!ハート

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