Eh, Sayu

2022-03-18 18:19:03

Today was photoshoots ピンクハート
It was very very fun, I also learned some things !! キラキラ

And today Tokyo is
cold, isn’t it? ☃️💦
Just recently it was warm so
I thought spring had completely arrived 🌸
Without question I went out in spring clothes
The moment I went outside
Eh, Samu [tl: It’s cold, see below]
that’s what happened アセアセ
By the way,
The title
『Eh, Sayu』
simliar to the words I wrote,
『Eh, Samu』
and when I thought I typed
『Eh, Sayu』
came out but
I just left it as it is 💗💗💗 lol

After this,

I’m gonna make a habit of looking at the weather and temperature when I go outーーー泣き笑い

I’m gonna be careful for typos and forgetting wordsーーーーーー知らんぷり


A happy announcement 💓

My stomach ulcers, they’ve have healed チョキ

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