PiyonPiyon☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-22 21:46:24
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Passing in front of a small-time candy store…don’t you end up wanting to drop in!?


Mizuki’s gotten that way音譜


If I buy two candies it’d come with 2 chances to win something
going to exchange htem
I’d win another 2 candies!
and nother 1 chance〜ラブラブ


That kind of stuff has happened天使音譜


Thinking, I wonder how I’ll do?! I tried buying someラブラブ



……I didn’t win anything笑い泣き笑笑



That’s right I simply couldn’t draw any yah 😅
Everyone too if you have the time please try testing your luck yahドキドキドキドキ





Pictures taken with BEYOOOOONDS-chan who were guests at yesterday’s concert from back during the winter Hello!Concert音譜





The one who has a leader like pull on everyone?! Takase Kurumi-chan 💚
Yesterday taking pictures she got close and went, Hya〜, Nishida Shiori-chan 💗
Having a Doraemon Secret Tools pouch, Yamazaki Yuhane-chan ❤️
Moving her arms fast without holding back Satoyoshi Utano-chan 💙


Yesterday too, we really did our best ❣️


11 + 11 standing on stage
It was bustling you know ☺️✨


Next time will be HinaFes yah
let’s support each other kayドキドキ





Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


The Nomura Minami-chan guest episode has been released〜ドキドキドキドキドキドキ


This episode too MinaMina is full on with her worldクラッカー


There’s parts you think are like MinaMina is cute yah
when she’s confused with her choices
「Fukumura-san what did you do?」
she’d ask and then answer
「Well, I’ll go with thisー♪」 her doing that ❤ lol


Well, that talk isn’t happening on the radio though yah lol


On the radio
we talked about MinaMina’s gen mates, and how many members
and once again talked about cooking too
We got letters about like what kind of bread we’re like? and stuff too, it was fun ☺️❣️
And tour talk too 💕




By all means listen kay〜!



theo ther day, we recorded the Akanechin guest episode too so please look forward to it coming 4/2 kayラブラブ





We got to do an interview with U-NEXT-san音譜
Morning Musume。’19 Fukumura Mizuki × Makino Maria Interview
We get to be pubished in the guide magazine, U-NEXT’s special banner too ピンクハート






Now Mizuki is watching
「Yuube wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne」ラブラブ
Watching it on TV was fun so I’m watching it again爆笑


Honda Tsubasa-san is so cute YAH照れ音譜










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♡Clothes Changing Stickers♡

2019-03-21 23:51:22




Aーー Again, coming home I slept for 1 hourジンジャーブレッドマンジンジャーブレッドマンジンジャーブレッドマン*cry* lol





Today too, for
Thank you so much!!✨











💐Clothes Changing Stickers💐


and into the Sayu logo!


The clothes changing stickers too, Aoyagi Kaoru-san deisgned them for me and…


They’re really cute 😭💖
『Clothes Changing Stickers』 the letting, and the colors! It’s got an old school nostalgic feeling 💖 It’s veeery cute!!!!












And yesterday,
I tried playing with these clothes changing stickersうさぎ






WellI already loved them


These scenes, I put them up as an insta story but (They’re already erasedー💦)
for real
that took more than twice the time 2







Ehー? How is thisー?
Cuteー! I feel like this combination might be good!
sayuTshirt you know!
Matching it with the pink pants it’ll be like it’s a seal!
I’m not sure yah
it’s cute yah






I felt like I was talking to myself without being silent constantly


When I get silent I’m too serious or my face is too scary I’m told lol
In any case, it was pretty long it was cute lol lol














After coming home
I pasted it into my notebookウインク


Oh mーーーy 💖
It’s cute isn’t!?💖





The 🌼 Changing Clothes Sticker 🌼 part
the bottom flower line part
I cute it with a scissor and stuck it in!!!!!✂︎









I love stickers!!!!!ゆめみる宝石まじかるクラウン乙女のトキメキふんわり風船星











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Ho〜〜〜t ot ot☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-21 23:00:47
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today was concerts at Ibaraki prefecture Yuuki city!
Since the spring tour started it’s our 2nd cityラブラブ



Today’s rehearsal wear〜
It’s azides🐟



My big bro-chan bought it was a souvenir, it was probably Big bro-chan’s Tshirt!?lol lol
(I wore it for no particular reason ウインク)


The popularity from the members was great so it made me smile more than I thought it would!! lol



In Tokyo they announced the day of sakura blooming and, when the sakura bllom it’s already spring桜


Mizuki in that,
is nervous and won’t be letting go of her jacket though… lol


When the concert starts the temperature change is amazingあせる
the warm heat of last week and this week’s venues were totally different!!!


It’s getting steadily warmer but
I wont the lives ahead to get increasingly fired up you know!! That’s how I feelラブラブ




Today as guest, all of BEYOOOOONDS rushed over♪


Everyone was fresh, it was cute yahチューリップピンク


In the MC we touched it a little bit, 『Megane no Otoko no Ko』 is fun too yah〜照れ


♪「Yuhane, you’re loving it right?!」
I wanted to try saying it in front of herチューキラキラ



I took this picture when the performance finished too♪




The depth of today’s venue was deep but
I think we delivered our feelings to the whole venue right?!♪



Getting to see everyone’s support and colors it brought out my energyおすましペガサス乙女のトキメキ


I felt like this is great powerふんわりリボン




Everyone in Ibaraki did you get to have fun? (*´˘`*)♡
For your support today too thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))


Please be careful with your body rattling kayニヤリキラキラ





This weekend
in NHK Osaka Hall there’s 2days of concertsブルーハート


I’m looking forward to it〜キラキラ






It’s returned






ピンクハート3/25’s release, 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
We got to do concert main interview & shoots.
Please check it out


ピンクハート3/23 (Sat) 21:00~
Fukumura Mizuki, Ishida Ayumi
Haga Akane, Yokoyama Reina got to appear♪♪♪



ピンクハート3/23’s release, 「Up To Boy」
All of Morning Musume。! We’re appearing in various combinations❣️










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Yesterday’s Meals

2019-03-21 13:06:55




Good Afternoonうさぎ






March performances


every day is funちょうちょキラキラ





I don’t want it to endーーーー…
I have those feelings




In any case I’ll enjoy itハート
with everyone, togetherーーハート











Yesterday’s Cotton Club-san meals was so yummy too!


Crab curry 🦀🍛



Oh myーー!
So yummy
I ended up eating 2 portions!! lol




Ah, not all at once!


I split it in 2 sets kay!?




Yummy, it’s a joy you knowふんわりウイングふんわりウイングふんわりウイング






The drinks and dessert too
cute and yummyぽってり苺ピンクハートぽってり苺ピンクハート






Well then, latersバレエダイヤモンド











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3000 Days☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-20 22:00:17
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today 3/20 (Wed)


「Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary」


It’s now the release day〜♪キラキラ



For this kind of day…キラキラ
we had an event at Tokyo Dome City LaQua-san赤薔薇


Everyone who rushed for us
thank you so muchドキドキ


Today, the afternoon had PokaPoka warm weather but
at night it was cold, that how it felt to meショボーンあせる


Everyone who waited until the handshake event was over, it had gotten chilly hadn’t it??


Around now it’s meal time right?
the little ones waited for us too〜あせる
please warm up and head home kayビックリマーク




Today you knowラブラブ
in front of everyone we got to do a happy announcement♪


Well!!!Daily 1stルンルン


Getting ot share the joy with everyone makes me happy〜ハートハート
Thank you so much👑
We aim for weekly now!!!!!!




And 1 more thing
today… Mizuki and Eripon
it’s been 3000 days since we joined Morning Musume。 I heard.ゲラゲラルンルン


Eripon had the anniversary function set on her phone so, today, she told me, “Today it’s 3000 days〜”♪♪


Amazing huh, 3000 daysクローバー
Thank you for 3000 days of support too天使グリーンハートピンクハート


We got told “Congratulations!” from all the fans tooハート


It made me happyお願い恋の矢





at last I got to go to the salon
my hair got TsuyaTsuya glossy too 流れ星
I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone more than usual tooラブラブ





Tomorrow is concerts in Ibaraki so
I want to properly deliver firmly, 3000 days worth you know (*´˘`*)♡


We’ll be waiting at Yuki Civic Culture Center ACROSS星





3/25 Release 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
got to do concert main interviews & shoots.
Please check it out!










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Cotton Club-san

2019-03-20 13:59:31




Yesterday after the show finished
exiting from the stage…






















From all the Cotton Club-san staff
a message…!!!!花束




I was generally surprised!!!!!


And, very
happy 😭💖



Everyone at Cotton Club,
they’re always really cheery, kind, and funny, all just people with loveキラキラキラキラキラキラ




Really thank you so much!
Getting to do my Saisei at Cotton Club
and from here getting to do lots of performances at Cotton Club, really it makes me happy!
From here on too please continue to give me your support ❣️









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2 Years Since Saisei Day

2019-03-20 00:38:59





[tl: Video available on her blog]







Today too
Thank you so muchピンクハート



And today, 3/19 is (The day changed so, it was yesterday though 💦)
the 2 years since Michishige Saisei Day!!!!!!!



2 years ago today
I made my comeback at Cotton Club-san!
At the time, it’s somehting I won’t forget in my life!!
To that extent too my nerves and passion I hadn’t had a taste of that all in one go before!!




2 years later today too,
A delight 😭💗







These 2 years, lots and lots
all kinds of things happened yah
for the lots of love forever and ever, really thank you…ハート
For giving me my fill full of joyous feelings, thank you




I’m glad I got to see everyone
I’m glad I had my Saisei
It’s a joy!!






Even more and more
“I’m glad I’m supporting Sayu yahー”
“I’m glad I love Sayu yahー”
I’ll do my best so you can think that!💗


Everyone here, I can do my bestー💗💗💗




It’s love!







Michishige Sayumi










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Releasing Tomorrowー!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-19 22:00:03
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Yamaki Risa-san, thank you so much
for letting me look at your blog.


It was my first time seeing that kind of fantastic sparkling celery.
the cutest celery in the world




And, Angerme, Country・Girls’s Funaki Musubu-chanイエローハート


Congratulations on your graduation from OhaGirls 🎓㊗️



「SAYONARA no kawari ni」 [tl: Instead of Farewell]
without crying, properly until the very end you sang it with a smile yahおねがい


Eager, energetic Funakiー!!!
I think lots of people felt like you gave your all all day today tooドキドキ


You were very cuteラブクラッカー
Congratulations on your graduation from OhaGirls 🎓㊗️




And today
at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’


was a 【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】 release commemoration event流れ星
Today was pre-release getting day! And so
everyone who GOT it first


you long awaited GETTING it so〜
please listen to it soonコスモス



At last tomorrow is release day!!!
Tomorrow there is the event at Tokyo Dome City LaQua音譜音譜


I want everyone to GET it soon yahニコニコ恋の矢



Mizuki GETting the source, the thing I’m looking forward to the most…
listening to it in the car!
listening in the car, saving it for that
I could listen to it foreverドキドキ Joyドキドキ


Everyone’s favorite songs
at your favorite places, please listen to it kay!!乙女のトキメキ


The memory album songs with Eripon is


「Maji DesukaSUKA!」
Cause it’s our debut song yah音譜
Now of the original members it’s just the 2 of us but, I say we can singi t forever the freshest キラキラ


「Oh My Wish!」
The first song with dance members and singing members split
We’re dancing?! we got like that, I remember really doing oru best and practicing! lol


「Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki」
There aren’t many parts where we sing, the 2 of us yah 〜 We aren’t compatible maybeー? We said things like that
With this song suddently we got parts with the 2 of us.
From here, we were in high spirits that the 2 of us go together yah!


Now… I feel like parts with the 2 of us have increased. lol lol


What are everyone’s memory songsー?





ピンクハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる [tl approx: Supporting Hello!Pro Has Enriched My Life] 〜Hello!Member Edition〜」 Now distributing!
MC is Ooshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san
Yamaki Risa-chan, Fukumura Mizuki
get to appear!





After the recording, the interview we did is publishedキラキラ
by all means please look at itおすましペガサスピンクハート


「It’s Fine If Morning Musume。 Isn’t the Peak of Your Life」―― Moーmuus。 Lreader Help Peoples








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Mano Erina-san☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-03-18 22:00:24
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today I was totally looking forward to it
going to Mano Erina-san’s event…♪*゚


「Mano Erina Debut 10th Anniversary Live ~my precious treasure box~」


Just how much did you enjoy today?!


Whenever Mano-chan updated her blog
going, In so many days〜♪
I waited UkiUki cheery♪


I’m really glad I got to go〜えーんハート


Once again
Mano Erina-san Congratulations on your debut’s 10th anniversary 👑



Mano-chan’s 10 years!!


For me these 10 years even being there in a moment is something I take pride in.


And!! I didn’t think I’d see Sawayaka Gorou-san as a rival like this 😠 lol


Mano-chan delivering such a fun live, I have nothing but gratitude キラキラ


Really really thank you so much (*´˘`*)♡



The feeling that Mano-chan treasures all her fans also come across
I love Mano-chan too, and I love the ManoFriends too…


I’ve got these feelings


I got to watch from the authorized seats so
I always watch peacefully but
today I can’t say that!!


I wanted my hands moving
my voice out
waving my towel


Too bad too bad!! lol


Well please make it together! and
Girls? fanning themselves gotta say 「kyaー」!


Your hearts and bodies moved too yah!!



All the Mano-chan songs were fantastic too


Of course I have lots of memories packed of myself as back dancer


The moment 「Haru no Arashi」’s intro played
I teared up so I surprised myself 😱💦



The new song
「Kakegaenai Anata he [tl approx: to my irreplacable you] ~my precious treasure box~」 was really a fantastic song too


Being present for the first showing too
and getting to hear it twice in the same live made me happy too 💕


Nakajima Takui-san’s chorus is fantastic too❣️



All the band
and Sawayaka Gorou-san as the energetic one too


it was really the best!!!


My heart ✨ My ears ✨ My eyes ✨ the day is fully burned into all of them
Mano-hcan, thank you so much for today





Tomorrow’s Morning Musume。’19 are
at Kawasaki CLUBCITTA’
we have a Best Album Release Commemoration Mini Live & Handshake Event!


The event is scheduled to start at 18:30


If you have the time by all means please come by kay
we’ll be waitingキラキラ





ピンクハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる [tl approx: Supporting Hello!Pro Has Enriched My Life] 〜Hello!Member Edition〜」 Now distributing!
MC is Ooshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san
Yamaki Risa-chan, Fukumura Mizuki
get to appear!





After the recording, the interview we did is publishedキラキラ
by all means please look at itおすましペガサスピンクハート


「It’s Fine If Morning Musume。 Isn’t the Peak of Your Life」―― Moーmuus。 Lreader Help Peoples










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Please Check It Out♡

2019-03-18 16:42:27





We did it at yesterday’s broadcast
On FujiTV’s 「Love music」-san
Oomori Seiko-san’s new single


リボンZettai Kanojo feat. Michishige Sayumiリボン




we showed itぽってり苺




Everyone who watched
thank you so muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート












2 interviews with Oomori Seiko-san went upふんわりウイング





Line Newsふんわり風船ハート






Yahoo! Trend Newsふんわり風船星






Please check both of those outうさぎ







The tapioca juice I got on interview day!
It was yummy!!ジュース




Oomori-san, so cute赤薔薇赤薔薇赤薔薇













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