Music Station

2017-09-18 17:32:10





TVAsashi 『Music Station Ultra FES 2017』
Morning Musume。’17、was coollllハートハート



I too, got to appear in the form of a supporting guest.
Thank you so muchキラキラキラキラ




上矢印上矢印In the 2nd pic, on the near left, I was into Ishida Ayumi-chan’s pose and did the same pose猫うさぎ



Morning Musume。’17’s performance, it was really cool!
KirekKire sharp KirakkKira sparkling爆笑キラキラキラキラ





LOVE Machineハートハートハートハートハート





Tamori-san, it was my first time seeing him since my comeback but, he remembered me and my character too, the same as always he was really very kind…😢


During the CM we talked too, it made me really really happy!!!!!!



Thank you so muchキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ





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From Among The Hello!Pro Songs☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-17 22:43:42


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today too we did fall tour rehearsalsEmoji



It’s sudden but a question for everyoneEmojiEmoji


Girls that appear in the lyrics of Hello!Pro songsEmoji
Which song’s which girl do you likeEmojiEmojiEmoji


If you give me a reason too that’ll make me happyEmoji


Tomorrow is 『MUSIC STATION Ultra FES 2017』


Morning Musume。’17 gets to appear on the 12:00〜 partEmoji


Our senpai


In front of Tsuji Nozomi-san and Michishige Sayumi-san
We got to show 「LOVE Machine (up dated)」Emoji…I was nervousEmojiEmoji


Everyone please support us kayEmoji





64th Single
「Jamashinaide HereWeGo!/ Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakaindashi!」10/4(Thr) Release


キラキラMagazine Information流れ星
9/20 (Wed) release 「non-no」
9/20 (Wed) release 「CD Journal」
9/30 (Sat) release 「Gekkan Entame」 Fukumura Morito
9/30 (Sat) release 「BIG ONE GIRL’S」
10/6 (Fri) 「Young GanGan」 Fukumura
10/24 (Tue) 「release Gekkan The Television」





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At My Husband’s Parent’s Place✩⚾️

2017-09-17 16:30:32




Yesterday playing catch for the first time in my life⚾️




My husband’s step-father took the pictures for me ( ¯﹀¯ )
Kazu-san Papa♡ Thank youuuu so much💞





And, my husband’s sister’s kid
baseball game, we watched it!




The sight of everyone giving their all shouting,
I teared up.
me geting all messed up crying there


What’s up with youー?? (lol)


I got like that!


I thought it would happen
so I kept it in (lol)




And, playing I got tired and slept


My husband took a snapshot (lol)




Chopi got to play a lot too
it was a joy you knowー☺️


I’m glad I’m glad✩





In the evening at my sister-in-law’s house
we got dinnerrr



With three kids too, it’s really bustling
big sister’s husband is also ery very
what an ideal family♡



Of course kids are comforting yah♡


Thank you so much for the fun timeー!!!




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2017-09-17 16:13:18





9/18 12:00 in the afternoon〜
on TVAsahi 『Music Station Ultra FES 2017』 with Morning Musume。’17 I’ll be appearing too in a supporting guest fashion!!



Together with Tsuji Nozomi-sanハートハートハート





I’m happy I got to see all of Morning Musume。’17 recentlyラブラブ



cause everyone’s cuteピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





Eating the Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary cake, it’s all of Morning Musume。’17ショートケーキウエディングケーキハートハートハート


From this day,
I’ve had Morning Musume。’17’s new song 『Jamashinaide Here We Go!』 stuck in my headーー!!!!



I really like itハート



I want to hear the proper direct sound source soon (lol)









Lastly, Satou Masaki-chan恐竜くんハート


Wearing Tanaka Reina-chan’s hat, she’s overjoyed (lol)



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2017-09-17 12:22:10




Yesterday going out
I met up with my husband’s family✩





We took Chopi too, and running aorund in the large natural setting
he seemed so joyfulキラキラDASH!DASH!DASH!ドキドキラブ




Taiga-kun was playing baseball too✩







It’s comforting yah
Kazu-kun’s big sis’s baby-chans♡





The first time in my life playing catch with my husband⚾️


I got praised by Kazu-san Papa for being good at it ( ¯﹀¯ )waーi



It was fun!!!!




I played a lot, today
just the right side of my body has muscle pains (lol)



It’s a happy muscle pain✩




Aー it was fun



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Absorbed In Rehea! Iikubo Haruna

2017-09-16 22:03:39


Theme:Iikubo Haruna







For today, in the morning was MSt rehearsals then fall tour rehearsals!




For MSt, we’ll appear in the outfits from the 20th anniversary event we had on the 14th〜〜(*´◒`*)♡


Red・White・Black, it’s cute.












My earrings are cute too.




By all means the 18th’s 「Music Station Ultra FES 2017」


Please watch it kay〜〜♡



For Kaediー, Yokoyan, and Chiichan, it’s their first MSt!






There was fall tour rehearsals but, for the tour this time, the setlist is special sand so, even with rehearsals somehow like we’re putting our whole body into it, there’s this mysterious sensation(*_*)



Already from theo pening to the ending, the staging is done so, after that is just doing it over and over!



Tomorrow is all day rehearsals too, I’ll do my best ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄◇ ̄)┘













Find the 10ki members.







For my clothes, it’s all white♡
Look for it KAYーー(*´꒳`*)


Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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2017-09-16 18:12:20





For today, I went to the TOCCA✖️Nicolai Bergmann special event!!
From today TOCCA-san and flower artist Nicolai Bergmann-san are selling collabo itemsハートガーベラハートガーベラ



At the event,
I got to see Nicolai Bergmann-san’s improvised bouquet creations and stuff!



When making it he had no hesitation, he really quickly just made a fantastic bouquet, it was amazing!!キラキラ





I got a picture taken with Nicolai Bergmann-sanキラキラ






I got flowers too🌸
Very cute…💐
Thank you so much キラキラキラキラ





The clothes I was wearing too, it’s a TOCCA✖️Nicolai Bergmann one pieceエプロン



The flower print is brilliant, it’s really cute花束
Wearing it I always end up UkiUki cheeryピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


Thank you so much!!✨



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Immersed☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-09-16 10:00:00


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


The 20th Anniversary event finished
we’re going back to fall tour rehearsalsEmoji


Lessons, my head and shoulders get stiff you know… feeling htat, everyone seems to be the same too
At the 20th Anniversary Event, singing 「Shabondama」 shaking my head around might be what made my muscles soreーEmojiEmoji


Althought it was just one night
of course it’s ShabondamaーEmoji


…it hurtEmojiEmoji



Turning towards our feelings for the fall tourEmoji
And speakign of it I wanted to talk more about the eventEmoji
And so… it may be with trouble so
along with the ranking I going to write all I want to say about it so please come along with me Emoji


7: 「KoiING」
A song that was planed to be released as an A-side
Actually the choreography uses chairs
At the time they didn’t show it but, for the event this time it was the first showing of the choreography
I memorized the choreography watching videos and, Mizuki actual sitting position… was Kamei Eri-san’s placeEmojiEmoji


6: 「I WISH(up dated)」
updated verion is the 9ki10ki11ki original song you knowEmoji
The sing I WISH I LoLoLove it tooEmoji
When Mizuki joined Morning Musume。, I elt I need to advance like the lyrics of this song.


5: 「Shabondama」
Tanaka Reina-san’s GradCon.
Michishige Sayumi-san’s GradCon, I remember we sang it there too.
For 6ki-san it’s a precious song, as the 9ki being the oldest, I was nervous singing itEmoji
The 「Mizuki」 call made me very happyEmojiEmoji


4: 「 Resonant Blue」
The symbolic number of the Platinum EraEmoji
Takahashi-san’s part to Sayashi’s part
now Fukumura’s
there’s happiness and at the same time pressure with it tooEmoji
But in my own way I expressed it right? I think so!
Rehearsals or I should say up to right before really, I was shouting Help me〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


3: 「One.Two.Three(up daded)」
Even in tours it’s a song we sing every time, and as such it ranking in… honestly made me really very happyEmojiEmoji
The intro sound Fu〜〜〜! hearing it is nostalgic huhEmoji


2: 「Fantasy ga Hajimaru」
Sun at 9ki’s first tour and, Michishige-san’s GradCon, it’s a song with beloved and precious memoriesEmoji
When Maria was picked for Michishige-san’s part, she looked so very happy with the with itEmoji
At the performance, she studied up and presented itEmoji
When Maria and Nonaka started singing, the OOO! voices.
That made me really happy, it felt like power going forward


1: 「Say Yeah!-Motto Miracle Night-」
In this ranking, the number 1 was a older song from 2001!
The year 2001 you knowEmoji
It seems obvious to know this but, when this song released I was in kindergartenEmojiEmoji
For this world view, it’s all I have for this song you know!
Well… that intro that gives you expectation for the future…?! From that it’s WakuWaku excitingEmoji
I feel like it’s an intro packed with that kind of expectationEmoji
And yet the lyrics that come out, the gap, I just love it〜 you know
Mizuki love it tooEmoji
「Say it to all those celebrating youth!」
There, that really builds it upEmoji



The comments from everyoneEmoji
The event was fun. and
We’re following going forward too! I’m rooting for you! etc.… they make me really happy


I’m enveloped in the giant love for Morning Musume。 you know, I feel itEmoji




64th new single
「Jamashinaide Here We Go!/Dokyuu no Go Sign/Wakaidashi!」’s events have been scheduledEmoji


★10/3 Tokyo Dome City LaQua
Mini live & handshake event


Mini live & handshake event


★10/5   Kawaguchi Culture Center Riria
Handshake Event


It’s just in a month it’ll be on sale huh


…Do’s last singleEmoji


It’s lonely but, they’re 3 fantastic single songs
I want lots of you to listen to it!
14 colorsEmojiEmoji


Morning Musume。’s 「M」Emoji
Morning Musume。 41 members in MacaronsEmoji







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Konno Asami-chan

2017-09-16 07:04:10





My gen mate, Konno Asami-chan finally!!



became a Mama…笑い泣きドキドキドキドキドキドキ



Sheesh, well, I’m moved. I am.



I got to touch her belly,




「The baby will be born healthy huhーーー」



Right when I was gonna voice it…


Already the baby was born…照れドキドキドキドキ


And oh my goodness…



The baby is so cuteドキドキドキドキ



happy new is really happinessラブドキドキドキドキ




I want to meet KonKon Baby-chama soon♡



I’m looking forward to it照れドキドキ



KonKon, really congratsキラキララブラブクラッカー



Please rest your body kayラブラブあせるあせる



A Job Well Done照れドキドキぐすんドキドキ笑い泣きドキドキラブドキドキ


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2017-09-15 21:43:28





Pictures with each Morning Musume。’17 member, though I didn’t get one with all of them…💦


I took pictures with some of them so I’ll put those up kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






first off,
Makino Maria-chanバレエキラキラキラキラキラキラ







Ishida Ayumiーnお願いキラキラキラキラキラキラ





Iikubo Harunacchiハムスターキラキラキラキラキラキラ





Oda Sakura-chan🌸
Her Joining Morning Musume。 5th Anniversary!!!
So matureーーーーハート


I like Oda-chan’s voice!
Her singing voice too of course but, when talking!!




With that, see you later爆笑パー




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