Finished yo〜n☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-11-05 22:22:32
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


On TBS-san’s 「CDTV」-san
Morning Musume。’18 got to appearEmojiEmojiEmoji


Twitter too…Emoji


「Furari Ginza」
it perfect picked isn’t itEmojiEmoji



And BS Skypaー!-san
「FULL CHORUS 〜 Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜」, did you get to see it?EmojiEmoji


We got to perform 「Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」 Emoji


The length of this song… it goes to the 2nd key change!EmojiEmoji
In that keychange we showed the “Freedom” formation so
it getting to play on Full Chorus TV, made me really happyEmojiEmojiEmoji


Morning Musume。 got lots of performances (*´˘`*)♡
Thank you so muchEmoji





In total, 100 books!


Fukumura Mizuki latest photobook
「Makana」 signing is finishedーー!!!


A picture dancing for joy without my face capturedEmojiEmoji


Reaching everyone’s home’s soonーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji








At last tomorrow
the birthday event goods


the towel with the hood


From 18:00, mail order applications are startiーngEmojiEmojiEmoji
Please look at the Hello!Project Official Fan ClubEmojiEmoji
For sureーーEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji



On NHK Group-san’s 「UtaCon」 we get to appear!


Don’t miss the live broadcast〜♪











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#Jigokuraku #OriginalImageExhibition #UtaCon Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-05 21:52:37
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Today before work I went with my family’s second daughter to the manga 「Jigokuraku」 Original Image Exhibit!










It’s open at Shibuya’s Manga Salon Trigger and well it was free admission



For the first time in a while I went to Manga Salon Trigger! Previously I had visited for a Honcierge interview yah〜(*´◒`*)



「Jigokuraku」, I’ll be introducing it in this week’s Yomiuri Middle-High Schooler Newspaper too〜!!



I properly answered the survey too!(`・ω・´) Doyaa



Those with time by all means please try going kay〜!












Tomorrow 19:30 on NHK Group’s 「UtaCon」 we get appear live!


We get to be on together again with DA PUMP-san, the happinessー!



By all means please watch kay (*^◯^*)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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2018-11-05 21:18:28




Good Eveningニコニコ星空



Today is,
ABC Radio
『Takeda Wakako no Pitatto.』


I got to appear liveーーピンクハート




It was fun!!!!!!
It went by in such a flashー!
I wanted to talk even moreキラキラ
Everyone who listened, thank you so muchピンクハート
Everyone who gave letters, thank you so muchピンクハート






I’m indebted to them
Takeda Wakako-san, Echizen’ya Hyouta-sanキラキラキラキラ


Thank you so much!!





Today, other than the radio


In Kobe〜Osaka


I did lots of interviews キラキラ




I drank this between, it’s tapioca☆


It’s the bestー!!!!!!ラブ
Thank you so much!




Anpanman was thereラブ
Cute 💓






The interviews I did, the article,
It seems it can come out at any time so, by all means please look for them kay!!!!✨











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Soy Latte ❤︎ Rune-panda

2018-11-05 11:47:48






This morning
went to Starbucks
and bought this for me!!
Christmas style, cute 😍





It’s the first time in a while that I drank a hot soy latte but


Of course it’s so yummy yahー!


When it’s warm, when it’s cold, it’s yummy, that’s amazing yah!!!






Well wellハート


The additional performance’s FC2nd stage・NEXT pre-order application deadline is




It’s until today!!✨



M-line clubハート2nd stage

Hello! ProjectグラサンハートNEXT Pre-order



Until 17:00ー!!!









Rune-panda is so cute yahー!!!




The 2nd shot holding the tulip 🌷
especially so!
Oh my 💓お願いお願いお願い
It’s kyun, got my heart skipping a beat 💓









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Mitsui Aika-san☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-11-04 22:38:33
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was various meet-ups at Iidabashi


For today’s event we were split between the senpai group and the kouhai group for the time difference event so
When Mizuki and group started, the kouhail group parted saying 「ByeBy〜e」, and started!!



Everyone who participated
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


It was half the usual time so it was short but, it was funEmoji
I liked the announcement before the handshake too〜EmojiEmoji


🍜 For the raーmen shop Mizuki wants to recommend, it’s Kagurazaka do your own way shio raーmen♪Emoji




Talk about my birthday event, thoughts on the tour, and my photobook
talks about hair color and make-up
we got lots of yells saying do our best in Mexico and NY! tooEmojiEmoji


I haven’t packed yet so
I think I’ll be gradually packingEmoji



We were so exicted for the group cheki event it was strangeEmojiEmoji
The theme most people picked was 「Please Go Wild WIth All Your Power」, we went wild with full power


Since we’re talking about full power〜EmojiEmoji
But it was fun, thank youEmoji


By the way, full poewr was like thisEmoji
Why is it like thisー!?!?Emoji
Occasionally there are days like this too… yah!





And yesterday
Morning Musume。 senpai Mitsui Aika-san
announced her graduation from Hello!Project, and retirement from the entertainment industry.


Mitsui-san, when we 9ki member joined, immediately she really taught us a lot
The only one to scold us like that was just Mitsui-san.
After graduation, she watched us and pointed things out to us too
Since becoming members we’ve always been grateful.




Walking to pancake shops, sweets paradise, Harajuku
Going around shopping together without parents, with Mitsui-san it was my first timeEmoji


After she graduated the time we got together when we went to Houston together made me really very happyEmoji
I stuck to her the whole timeEmoji
Mitsui-san interpreted for usEmoji
Getting to work together felt like a joyEmoji


Her coming to see Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project concerts,
she cheered for usEmoji



Since joining, Mitsui-san has always felt like a mature person but, thinking about it she was younger than Mizuki is now
That teen taking us along to all sorts of places, giving us guidance you know…thinking that, I’m filled for feelings of true gratitude and apologies.


When we meet, Mitsui-san powers me up, she’s really amazing, that’s how I feel.


I love Mitsui-san’s cooking tooEmoji
It’s really yummy



What I learned from Mitsui-san, I remember each and every thing firmly.
That I’m passing on to my kouhai now as well
I’m inheriting in what I learned Mitsui-san.




For everything up to now, thank you so much.
I look forward to what you’ll be doing from here even moreEmoji
From here on as well please continue to support me


Fukumura Mizuki




BS Skypaー!san 「FULL CHORUS 〜 Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜」


Space Shower TV Plus-san 「Morning Musume。’18 Special」



By all means please watch kay♪♪♪











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2018-11-04 22:22:41




Good Evening!! It’s an announcementラブラブ







ABC Radio
『Takeda Wakako no Bitatto.』
I’m appearing at the 15:00 spot!!!!!!流れ星





Live broadcast!
DokiDoki heart-pounding &
I’m very much looking forward to itーーーーハートハートハート






By all means please listen kay!!パー



MV, Offshots!
















Look at insta too kayチューリップチューリップチューリップ










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#Living #HighSchoolGirl #search Iikubo Haruna

2018-11-03 21:20:07
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Today was various meet-ups in Osaka.
Everyone who came, thank you so much!


The lot sof supportive words, they made me happy!



There, the thoughts were a little vague but, do my best after graduating too yah, I got lots of happy words but
My endurance after graduation, right now I can’t imagine.



For me now, I’m doing my best every day yah, and well thinking about it is a daze.



Now at this hour, this minute, this second, how I live, I’m doing my best you know.


Living, it may seem like an exaggerated use of the word though. lol



But I have to do my best , if I were to relax my attention I might disappear that’s why!



I’m at the root a negative-tarou and so, even do whta I can and having confidence in myself is difficult. And so, I’m frantically working in my head during handshake events to constantly work to make the words of thanks from everyone into positivity for me. lol



Among thoes feelings, taking the action to come see me, and the members, that makes me happy.
Changing things to actions, depending on the person that takes a lot of effort. To take a chance for that action that makes me happy so, really, for coming to see me, thank you so much! I want to convey that ( ^ω^ )!









It’s trivial but showing high school girls doing this kind of ritual like this, it’s scary and fine right.









Feels like a mystery circle.










It seems like Furuya Usamaru-sensei feel.


You get it don’t you? lol








Yesterday with me friends I went to go see the movie 「search」 but, it was really very interesting.


The move from beginning to end was clips from a PC screen, it was ground-breaking but, that was hard to get use to, it was narrow and scary.


Even for that kind of movie, it was new, and interesting and, even for suspense it’s quiet interesting.


First time watching the movie I was frozen with fear. lol
I went all, Hii!



Comparatively, it’s limited to the movie screen but, it’s the best so by all means please watch it (*゚▽゚*)





For my clothes today it’s a new red pants in shirt style.
Look at it KAY〜〜(^^)




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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[Takahashi Ai’s Blog] Aika

November 04, 2018
Theme:mY friend






Mitsui Aika-chan
has announced her retirement.


It feels very lonely but
seeing Aika living in New Zealand
it was a very convincing decision
I felt it, I want Aika’s dreams to come true for sure


I met Aika as my kouhai but
for me she is an irreplaceable precious friend!
Even right now
to see Aika
I want to go to New Zealand!


Of course I like Aika in Japan too but
Aika in New Zealand
I love her all the moーーre!!!!!


For Aika New Zealand is
it freely draws out the good in Aika
it’s that kind of fantastic place
She’s found that kin dof place
For Aika, it’s really amazing!
That’s how it feels




The picture is
when Abe-san and Aika met
a picture when we went to New Zealand!






We went along with her to
all kinds of fantastic places (^^)


This is at Aika’s homestay place
eggs born from the chickens they raise♡




Just born eggs are warm
I must be grateful
once again I realized it


And, at her home stay
Aika treated us to
to her homemade cooking too♡






It was supremely yummy yah (^^)


Some day in New Zealand
I want to bring up a shop!
Aika’s fantastic dream
I want to support that with all my power!!!




At that time
I’m going to go to New Zealand
to eat Aika’s cooking for sure!


Aika, I love you totally and completely!!!



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2018-11-03 18:00:05


Everyone, it’s been a while. How have you been?


It’s sudden but, I, Mitsui Aika have decided that I’ll be greaduating from Hello!Project and entertainment industry work.


Hello!Project’s 20th Anniversary Commemoration is a special year, and for not being able to make a chance to meet with all the fans like this is something I’m truly sorry for. Everyone the support and cheers from everyone is something I’m very much grateful for.


Thank you so much.


I feel like I should properly convey to everyone with this chane how I came to decide to graduate, it’ll be a little long but I want to write it out.


Even while thinking I’m inexperienced in danec and singing, and that average me would probably not get accepted, it was an audition that dreamed of. That me, in 2006 at age 13 joined Morning Musume。. Me who didn’t know my right from my left, who at first had lot sof things she was uneasy about, but the members awlays were close, in times of kindness, they gave me strict guidance. The members were of course lots of supportive people, they gave me support, and I got to learn a lot from them.


For my time in active duty there was musicals and overseas concerts, I got kouhai too and all kinds of experiences, every day was very fulfilling.
In May 2011, whle I was feeling that way, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my left ankle. It was a longer leg injury than we had though, and at the time, I caused a lot of you worry and trouble.
I felt a lot of things while I was on break from my injuries, I remember what I thought about even now. more than thinking of myself, it was of all the support I got from the lots of you, I realized I existed you know. And at hte same time, whether to return to the stage in front or, if I should continue like this in morning Musume。, even graduating, standing on stage the final time, could I enjoy being together with everyone?…not knowing the answers every day was uneasy. Even then, I believed I could perform in front of you in full again some day, I did my best keeping positive! When I could walk again without support, just that had me very happy.


However, I learned that unfortunately my bomes were weak from birth, and in April of 2012, I was diagnosed again, and if I continued to dance intensely like we were, then I’d be in the same situation again. The result of thinking about it over nad over, with the feeling that it’d be bad to cause trouble to those around me again, though it wasn’t my intention, on May 18th 2012, I graduated from Morning Musume。.


When thinking aboutmy future after graduating, I thought about what I wanted to do first most, and it was “I want to work at a small restaurant in Kyoto.” I think a lot of people probably didn’t know about that huh?
I’ve loved cooking from long ago, when I was a student it was my hobby, I made things often. Graduating when I returned to my home town, my cousin went along with me to a shop, it was very fantastic, in that moment I thought “I want to work at this shop!” I discussed it with the office, and I had no outside experience, for me who just graudated standing in a store would be troubling so, for now I took the advise that I should pile up more experience in the outside world, I could continue my work in the entertainment industry a little, and at hte office I’d get to study for 1 year. And in that time my interest in English has gotten stronger and I decided to study abroad. For 1 and a half years I studied abroad in New Zealand. Before returning home I got a TOEIC760 score, Me who could barely speak English reach a point i could be confident, I found a new me.


After coming back to the country, I felt like I wanted to do work using my English, through UP-FRONT LINK I got to deliver new to all the overseas fans, the MV lyrics I got to do work providing the English lyrics. And in February of 2016, when I went with Morning Musume。’16 to America, Houston, I realized I didn’t have hte level to do work in English still, and I decided once more to study abroad.


After returning to New Zealand in June of 2016, it’d been about 2 and a half years. The Homestay was only me and Grandma-chan so, for food every day I made things. There I once again realized how fun cooking is, I decided to enter a technical school for cooking in New Zealand. That technical school required a IELTS 6.(IELTS is an internationally commonly used English ability test) That level isn’t that high but, for technical schools in New Zealand, it seems you can study at universities by topic.


I was able to enter the schol I hoped to go to without issue, and every day for 2 years I studied cooking. Actually I go to do work in a kitchen too, every day I studied a lot, days and months passed in a flash. In addition to cooking I learned about nutrition, serving customers, being a barista, costing, and how ot think about menus and stuff too. And I graduate in November. Cooking is really fun, at home and at school, doing work as well and, even still I don’t get tired of it. Going through all kinds of courses, I was able to find someting I like that suited me. I even feel like it’s my life’s work ^ ^


I feel like New Zealand doesn’t have an image as a gourmet region but, for me New Zealand is a plaece I love. the warmth of the people, the majesty of nature, there’s things you can only eat in New Zealand, there’s things you can’t get served, I strongly felt that I wanted to do what I could from here to walk the path of cooking in New Zealand.


After graduating from school, I can get a working visa for a while so, I feel like I want to do what I can with that. Some day it’d be nice to have a shop of my own yah~ I kind of have dreams like that too? When that happens I’ll announce it to everyone so please come and hang out kay!!


The love I’ve gotten from everyone up to now, the kindness, the especially harsh opinions, the importance of making one thing with lots of people, the fun… I felt lots of it, I got to experience it. It’s something I won’t every forget. Getting to me be a member of Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project I feel pride in that,
From here on too I’m not stopping enjoying things in my own way, continuing to walk my way of life form here, I feel that.
Everyone please take care of yourself too and please do your best kay ^ ^


Really thank you so very much.


Mitsui Aika

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Sayumin Special!

2018-11-03 18:00:54





Home Run Dome presents
『Michishige Sayumi SAYUMIN SPECIAL!』


Radio Kansai open recording has been scheduledピンクハート




The open recording is 11/11(Sun)星18:30~20:00星



It seems the viewing area will be first come first serve, (Thank you so much❣️)
I heard you can watch it the usual way too!
If you like please coe kay!





My assistants will be, Lovelys’s Miyazaki Rio-chan and Yagi Saki-chanおすましペガサス


I’m looking forward to getting to see the 2 of them too!!ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート






For details




↑From here 💁‍♀️ please look at itハート




We’re taking in questions too so
I’m waiting for lots of questions…ニコニコぽってりフラワーぽってりフラワー







The recording radio on air is,


Don’t miss it〜ハートハートハート

















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