Wakame Consumption☆

2022-03-23 23:42:16

[tl picture: I wanted to consume Wakame, Today
I made Wakame rice!
I love basic white rice so it adds a light flavor]

It’s just as I put up on an Insta story before ❤️

I made it looking at the recipe but

I made it with a rare light flavor キメてるキラキラ

[tl pic: It was very delicous | I wonder if my hair will grow faster with this-!?]

I want my hair to grow fast you know

By my birthday I want it to reach to my chest…笑い泣き

I like a bob too though you know てへぺろ

But now, I feel like I want it to grow so much ❣️ lol

By the way

wakame rice

The 3rd cooking! lol

I ate a lot I’m hoping for the Wakame to be effectiveおにぎりおにぎりおにぎりおとめ座おとめ座おとめ座

Ah, of course, I didn’t eat the 3rd one in one go!!! lol lol

I made a side dish with just bell peppers being the only ingredient other than seasoning ✨✨

I like bellpeppers

bitterness is great yah!

I basically like the taste out of habitー.お茶

This is so yummy, I made it a second time.

Cucumbers 🥒

This and, wakame rice 🍚 they’re being eaten constーーantly yah ☺️🙃

Lately cooking is fun

Looking at cooking apps,

Since I sleep while watching cooking videos

my dreams are overflowing with food too 🍚🍚

And with that

Oyasayumin ステーキパスタカップラーメンジュース焼肉

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