Bread Festival♡

2022-03-20 22:45:36

In the previous blog I wrote
I ended up wanting to eat french bread (I was influenced seeing what I ate in the past. lol)
I thought I have some at home so I should eat it
I was unsure, “what should I eat it withーー?” but
I ate it with celery and carrot kinpira in it
it was yummy 爆笑爆笑爆笑
Bread’s gyuーーー soft feel
the kinpira’s ShakiShaki crisp feeling
the difference in food texture was great!!
And I made it wiht dry-cured ham in it too
2 kind ニヤリ コッペパン 🥖🥖
And the bread was so delicious
leaving it to the dry-cured ham I made more and ate it
I’m really very full ❣️❣️❣️☺️
Today without thinking about it, it ended up being a bread festival 食パンスイーツロールケーキ

I don’t have any pictures from today but〜
from a little bit back, a day where my make up was relatively solid 💄✨
Well then, laters kayー💕

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