Cutting My Bangs Story and Cooking

2022-03-20 16:37:55

The day before the instalive….✨
My bangs have grown huh〜
I wonder if I should cut themーーーーーー

and so, a before cutting them, I took a self-shot 爆笑爆笑爆笑

I went with a straight cut 😆

The trimming method, is a mystery 😂

I love curled floaty bangs too though ♡

Of course what’s calming is this here爆笑ピンクハート


an incident that happened that I talked about during the instalive,

I’ll put up a picture of the 『Cucumber and ginger cooking』 パーキラキラ

It was refreshingly delicious ニコニコ❣️

And, with the celery I had left yesterday,

I used the carrorts I had left at home,

and just made some kinpira 乙女のトキメキ

Even thoguh I wanted to sense the celery the carrot’s prominence was too strong 🥕 lol

I put in too many carrots huh 😂 (I put in all the carrors we had at home ☺️

But it came out delicious!✨

Ah, in the same flow, I’ll put up a bit of cooking againーーー!☺️

I saw the recipe on the cooking page for the now on sale Bijin Hyakka April issue and made that,

Slow boiled pork dressed with TomaKim [tl:Tomato Kimchee] 🍅

It was really very delicious❣️❣️✨

I love kimchee!

The other day, I reaーーーlly wanted to eat garlic french bread,

But they weren’t selling any at the super market,

I bought normal french bread and made some コッペパンメロンパン食パン

It was really simple 笑い泣き

It was yummy, I was satisfiedてへぺろ飛び出すハート

Seeing this, now I want to eat bread again too 🥖

I love french bread!

I love things with chewy texture!!!

I put it up on twitter too but,

Current in fashion? In topic?

☆Mayaku Tamago☆ [tl: Mayak Eggs aka Korean Marinated Eggs]

It was yummy so,

I made a second batch too☺️

The sauce is so all-purpose!

On rice

on nattou

with soba dipping sauce

In this style as a cooking sauce you can use it, it’s super good ✨

This is, chicken breast steak !!

For lookign to the end, thank you so much 💗💗💗おねがい

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