Rebirth 5th Anniversary

2022-03-20 07:21:05

Good Morning 💗

Yesterday, 3/19 was,

The 5th anniversary of my rebirth! and so,

I did an instalive !!!!!!

5th anniversary pose パー



On the instalive,

I made ✨✨

☆Sayumi Salad☆🥗

The wieners, I fried at home グラサンハート

On my rebirth 5th anniversary day,

it was through an instalive but

I’m really happy I got to interact with everyone!!!うさぎピンクハートリボン

It was my first instalive in a while so I was just a little bit nervous though lol

Of course it was fun, I like it you knowおねがい

I wonder what I’ll do next time ??

What do you want me to do, got anything like that!?

I’m thinking of all kinds of things too 照れ!!

For the Sayumi Salad leftovers,

I put it in the bentou box I brought the wieners in and brought it home ピンクハートハートピンクハートハート

Of course, Sayumi Salad is really delicious 🥗✨

The person who thought it up, genius!!!! lol

And and

The bear apron is cute, it’s a favorite 🐻✨

I loーーーve the bear pattern 🧸💓

I’m totally in a bear boom❣️❣️❣️

Lookie lookie 💓 This is my eye shadow from eysterday, I wanted to show it so I took this picture…

In the mirror,

Sayumi Salad’s reflecting😆😆😂🥗

I did this pattern too↓爆笑爆笑笑い泣き🐰

SNIDEL BEAUTY-san’s Eye Shadowアイシャドウポーチダイヤモンド


The 5th anniversary of my rebirth…

Really it’s gone by in a flash ☺️

I talked about it on the instalive too but…

All kinds of things happened in these 5 years but,

No matter what happened what didn’t change is my feelings that I love singing and dancing 💓

I’m bad at it but you know, that won’t change either lol

And, all of you fans are here, that hasn’t changed. Cause you haven’t change and are still strange people.

That makes me the most happy. Really happy…☺️☺️💗 Thank you so much always!


5 years ago I got to do SAYUMINGLANDOLL,

5 years late even now, I’m preparing for SAYUMINGLANDOLL series’ 5th entry…💓

I’m so delighted ピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符

The space known as SAYUMINGLANDOLL is what I love most in the world so I’m really looking forward to May ☺️💝

For always supporting me, thank you ✨

For my 6th year too, please give me your support !!!!!!うさぎ

Michishige Sayumi

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