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2017-05-15 23:00:23
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


From today Fukumura, returns to work!
Everyone, for the trouble and making you worry I am sorryEmojiあせる
Thank you so much for the lots of commentsEmoji




Today, the moment I had met with Yokoyama-chan at hte beginning
she said, 「Waa〜 Fukumura-saーn! I missed you〜」♡


Ah, this morning I went to the hospital and with the examination I got from the doctor I got permission to comeEmoji
After that I apologized to everyone, and listened to storiesEmoji


When I met with Eripon, she gave me a 「Yoo」 kinda feel butEmojiEmoji


Getting to see everyone again for the first time in a while made me happy♡


Theater Girl Troupe 「Pharaoh no Haka」
For the first time in a while it was play practice.


It felt like how many days delayed
it really ended up being scary.


From today sets are getting set up just like performances too
Props are being gathered too, all in full preparationsEmoji


Mizuki also needs to follow along soon tooEmojiEmojiEmoji


From tomorrow I’ll focus all the more on practice too and do my bestEmoji






Yesterday 5/14 it was suspended
the 「Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring 〜THE INSPIRATION!〜」 Okayama Performance


The make-up performance date is scheduled for 8/13 (Sun)Emoji


Metting lots of your circumstances as much as possible makes me happy but…
Please do continue to give us your supportEmoji



クリップThere are refunds too so either way please take care of your tickets.


☆Okayama Performance Make-up Performance Notice☆




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Honky Tonk Sweat

2017-05-15 19:55:26



Practice finished✩




Honky Tonk





I sweatedddd




Reaaaaallllly sweated!



It was fun







There’s still a ways to go so, tomorrow on too with Mizuki-san as a base,



I’ll do my best!!!







Before I knew it, today I hadn’t eaten anーything
either you know.






I’m hungryーーーーもぐもぐもぐもぐもぐもぐ




I want to eat meat



that said, I’ve talked quite a bit so



for today it’ll be meat nyaラブドキドキ








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Mother’s Day

2017-05-15 11:32:13


Yesterday was Mother’s Day huh♡







After work dinner♡





Mama thank you always.


From here on too stay healthy kayyy♡



For my husband’s mother, I emailed her but
we couldn’t meet so I want to meet up soon you know 💓☺️


Kazu-san Mama♡


Truly thank you so much for always being kind (*^^*)


I love youドキドキおーっ!ドキドキ






I want to see you soonお願いお願いお願いドキドキ







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Comment Field

2017-05-14 23:10:24




The previous blog, I made a little mistake? and you couldn’t write comments but…



I fixed it so, to celebrate please comment lots kayハートハートハートニヤリ




Things you want to convey, well not just that though…





It’ sa long awaited update so, I’ll put a picture here too kayてへぺろ




Me after a performance from some timeピンク音符
〜With the Usachan I got from Yamaki Risa-chan on me〜






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Okayama Performance☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-14 21:00:04
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Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring


Yesterday’s Osaka performance, due to influenza, Oda, Fukumura, were not able to participate.


With the members, I checked with them before the performance with my phone, and after the performance, I got contacted by everone too.。


「I’ll do my best so please rest well.」
「I’m off to have fun!」


There’s frustration not being able to perform too but
all the fans supporting us, and the members and the staff handling it, I’m very thanksful.


In that
The announcement of the cancellation of the Okayama performance that was suppoes to happen today….


Since it was announced just before the starting time
I feel like there were already gatherings at the venue.
We’re greatly sorry about this.


Everyone who were waiting for us with anticipation
everyone who had worked hard to schedule time for Morning Musume。’17
It was after Kudou Haruka-chan’s graduation announcement so, everyone’s looking forward to Kudou Haruka-chan’s performances too


Really I’m sorry.


Even though everyone was waiting for us
I feel like there were those of you who could only make it today


I couldn’t be there myself either so I couldn’t do anything but


Contacting Oda-chan, we gave our support to the venue



Now, everyone in front of the Okayama venue, they’re hoping to get to see a performance with the 13 of us
Everyone, until that happens please wait for us no matter what.


Everyone please take your health seriously too


Fukumura Mizuki


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2017-05-14 20:57:49





I got clothes that are a collabo of Takahashi Aichan and WEGO-san!!ハート




I immediately tried wearing them乙女のトキメキ





A shirt with frills attached, it’s cuteラブ
and, it feels good when wearing it too, that makes me happy照れ


Aichan thank youーーーラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ







And then you know!
I bowled for the first time in a really long timeーボーリング




The store you’re interest in wasー!!??EmojiEmojiEmoji











Well I said it’d been a while手手手





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Solo Live!!!

2017-05-14 14:16:27



I’m preparing for July’s solo live!!



Did you get your tickets?



I’ll say it clearly
additional performances




are not happening!




I wonder if they’ll be additional performancesー?


People thinking that
There might be some of you like that too but…



There won’t be any so,




We can only do it that day!








By all means please come!



I wonder if we should start body building for it huh.



Together you know ( ̄▽ ̄)





we’re at the stage of picking songs now but,


This time it’ll be interesting too.




We’ll make that way for sure kay (*^^*)










Let’s make good memories together kay (*^^*)♡



In any case please get tickets soon✩




“I want to hear this song!” and
“I’d be happy if you did this corner,” if you have things like that
BanBan fill the comments please!



I’ll use it as reference kay!








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