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2018-01-01 22:00:03
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A Happy New Year (*´◒`*)



From Morning Musume。’17 we’ve become Morning Musume。’18〜!









For 2018 let’s do our best too Wan Bark!U^ェ^U




Everyone who came to the Countdown Live ventue and the Live Viewing, thank you so much!



Nakano Sunplaza was really fired up, it was very fun!
we did it MeraMera firey! For the live!


When I got to see all the fans, the simmering happiness welled up.
I don’t know if I really should explain it but, geting to spend the moment the year changes together made me happy.



It’s already our 4th Countdown Live though huh (*´◒`*)



The first time Michishige Sayumi-san and I were the only 2 who got to appear at the Countdown Live too, and this time 9 of us appeared!
Everyone’s become an adult huh〜〜



With the dawn of the new year, getting to do the New Year’s greetings to our Morning Musume。 OG Senpai, and contact the other members are happy things too yah ( ^ω^ )
That’s right, Kudou Haruka-chan is an OG too huh〜 lol lol






Today is a day off but, for Iーkubo that’s staying home for the New Year’s


I woke up around 17:00!










Coming home, I took this quickly in my house wear, sorry ( ^ω^ )





Now I’m being WaiWai cheery with my relatives!
I’m finally on the side of giving New Year’s gifts ^ ^!


Comforted by the good parts of youth ♡



2018, it’s my 3rd year of the dog!


I want to spend it cheerfully Wan Bark(*´◒`*)!




Please continue to support the 13 member Morning Musume。’18 too!










Everyone who supported us last year, thank you so much.


If you give us your support this year too, I’ll be happy.



Cause we’ll do our best (*´-`)
Whatever it is or not, we’ll have that feeling (*´-`)





I’m updating my WEAR〜 Look at it KAY!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji














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2018-01-01 21:53:42





Happy New Year門松絵馬花火




It’s 2018 huh…!!!





For the lots of Likes! and comments,
thank you so much alwaysハートハートハート






How did you spend your New Year’s?




For me, it was with my family restfully…ピンクハートニコニコ







For the countdown too I was at home watching the TV with my family but,




Big sis-chan, just before that came out brushing her teeth,




In 15 seconds it’s 2018!!!!




with that timing, she came gargling






It’s in 15 seconds!?
Right! In 10 seconds!!!???
The countdown’s started yah!
In 8 seconds!?
Eh you’re still gargling!!?
It’s 5 seconds!!!? Hurry!!!
In 4 seconds!!!
Aー finally you’re hereーーー』



And with everyone






Happy New Year〜!!!!』👏👏花火




… it was a pointlessly screaming continuously, and rushing countdown (lol)💦







Thsi morning, I at Ozouni💓
And had 1 mochi💓鏡餅



For osechi, I’ve just been eating black soybeansおせちキラキラ








Everyone, this year too let’s support each other for the year照れ






this year is the year of the dog…






Let’s support each other WanWan BarkBark犬犬犬









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2017, Thank You So Much!

2017-12-31 19:38:48




2017, it’ sthe final day huh!!



Everyone, what kind of year was your year thsi year??




For me, it became a very very precious yearピンクハート






Of course coming back to work was the biggest thing.




Doing Michishige Saisei,



Standing on stage once againピンクハート



Getting to see everyone againピンクハート



Writing blogs like thisピンクハート




Really, I’m thankful, these are joyous things, I feel that.



Thank you so muchキラキラ









With DokiDoki heart-pounding things, and days I didn’t have confidence in myself, days I got anxious like is this gonna be okay, I’ve had my fill of those though (lol)




At times like that!!!





I remember all of you who like what I doハート



I believe in what everyone is supporting ❤️




And so,
I’ll believe in me that the all of you I believe in says they like!



and feeling that, I can do my best❤️❤️❤️




Really, always for the lots of strength, thank you.






Happy things, unpleasant things, you always listen to me,



You take the things that aren’t good too,



Thank you.



From here on too, please listen to my stories 💓



I’ll fix the no good parts!… The best I can! lol







Next year too, please continue to support meおねがいおねがいおねがい










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2017-12-31 15:28:48




2017 is ending huh

This year has been a very deep year too.

For me


is what the year feels like.

Not trying anything,
you won’t get it you know.

Making use of this learning

next year too

As an actress

I’ll firmly walk forward.

To you who are always warmly close to my heart, giving support
to all of you I’m grateful.

Today’s last thing is the countdown live!

I feel like I’m gonna burst through it firmly!

There wasn’t much rehearsal so I’m all anxious though ya know💦( ̄▽ ̄;)

In any case I’ll do my bestー!




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2017-12-31 11:08:12





Sheesh really
At night and morning packs are vital,
For me I use this but



Justー, 「Aa, I already don’t have any I need to buy some」

just thinking that

I got from fans at the play the other day



set with all kinds insideー!!

It’s surprisingーー

It’s the first time I’ve seen itー!

And this morning I tried using it!



It’s got a lavender fragrance…

It’s a really good fragrance, it was comforting in the morningー!

I didn’t know there were things like this!

It was very good!

I’m moisturizedーーー



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Camellia☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-12-30 23:01:22


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


It’s already 12/30Emoji
Are you house cleaningEmoji Osechi makingEmoji
Lounging restfullyEmoji Perhaps being WaiWai cheery at and end of hte year partyEmoji


Everyone how are you spending itーEmojiEmoji


Today I’m looking back on December〜Emoji


The fall tour getting to around all the areas
12/11 was Kudou Haruka-chan’s Morning Musume。 Graduation Day
We remember this day preciosulyEmoji
Duー’s graduation felt lonely
but, even now we’re each doing our best so… feeling that way it doesn’t feel like we’re separated you know


Now it’s Hello!Con and Countdown Live
It’s tiem for us to firm up the performance for the 13 of us, we’ll be doing our best!


The 6th’s release Morning Musume。15th Album
『  ⑮ Thank you, too 』


Morning Musume。’17’s 14 member album
the release commemoration event was fun too
Everyone, please listen to the album lots kayEmoji


On 13th FNS Kayousai 2017 2nd night we got to sing
「Jealousy Jealousy」
Katou Hifumi-san × Musume。 collabo 「Fuminai」


I love Hifumin-sanEmojiEmoji
For this as well thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



The 24th’s Christmas Event 〜Puremoni。2〜 was very fun too雪Emoji


And! I looked back at every month but
just this didn’t feel like it was collected together, that’s how much sutff happened, show appareances and all the collabo晴れ
I’m grateful for it allEmoji


Thank you so muchEmoji




And and today to say the least ♬☆*


All of Tsubaki Factoryーー!
Record First Place
Congratulations on getting best new artistEmojiEmoji


As fellow Hello!Project Members it make me very happyEmojiEmojiEmoji


For a bit until I heard the announcement today even Mizuki was SowaSowa fidgety and nervous〜Emoji


Tsubaki’s floral language is fantastic too
from here on keep doing your bestEmojiEmoji



Really congratulationsEmoji


I’m TanoshiMizuki to get to see you at Tomorrow’s Countdown concertEmoji


Warmly ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )◞ Please enjoy your New Year’s Eve kayEmoji



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