Different From Usual☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-24 22:46:19
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was the 66th Single’s
last eventEmoji



For today’s event


the first half was  12〜14ki
The later half was  9〜11ki


we formed those 2 groupsEmoji



I handed over Yokoyan’s birthday present too


Then from the next room
I could year 「Yay~♪♪ I wanted this~!!」Emoji


It seems I got the perfect present, I’m glad I’m gladEmojiEmoji


After 12ki 13ki 14ki-chan all said their byeby〜e the 2nd part startedEmoji


The cheki and handshake was in 2 groups so
it was half the time as usual so


it was like, eh?! It’s already over?!


But you know, it was short time but we got to have a fun talk 💓
Thank you so muchEmoji



Lots of talk about the Dinner Show
everyone said they were impressed
I heard lots of other happy words tooEmoji


If we get to hold another one again, by all means
Those going again too, I want you to come going, “this time…” yahEmoji


Everyone felt it was fun, there were those who felt they wanted to go too ー and so
Getting to hear that directly is motivating


Really thank you alwaysEmoji
In that mood I’ll do my best with spring tour rehearsals tooEmojiEmoji



Gaokkiー faceー☆ lol lol


Being told I’ll leave it to you! at the Cheki event without thinking about it at all I immediately went with thisEmojiEmoji





From the fans, lots of you told me, 「The atmosphere is different than usual yah〜」 and
before the event we had shoots for magazines!


And so, my make-up and hair was different than usual tooEmoji


Getting told, “Fukuchan is your hair wet?!” was funnyEmoji
Wellll, it’s wet but…? You know? it was like that〜EmojiEmoji


The hair the make-up artist did for meEmojiEmoji


I don’t erally do it like this myself so
it’s significantly rare?!EmojiEmojiEmoji


My nails were green too! It’s rare!
Such a rare color, it’s not my own hands?!Emoji it came out so many times 😗Emoji



For 66th single events, today was the lastEmoji


The next time we get to meet isn’t for quite a bit yahEmoji


There’s the spring tour and
album events so
by all means please come to see us kay♪


And, with next week’s Hello!Project Concert’s last performance in Gifu I’ll do my best too♪





And speaking of, a story from the day before yesterday!
We met with Kudou Haruka-chan!!!


“I wanted to go to yesterday’s event〜Emoji” she cried about it


Even meeting for the first time in a while her reactions were casual Duー.
Conversely happy??Emoji


Comparatively we’re frequently in contact so
it might not feel like it’s the first time in a while though yah!Emoji


(We need to make plans yah〜. I want to talk yah〜.)


With Maria♪Emoji





my coat and outfit buttons easily come off but~Emoji


I feel like it’s so much so that the spirit of the buttons that came off are haunting me too…


But a miracle, all the fallen buttons had come back, it happened at the same time.













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Again…☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-23 21:22:59
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today at Hokkaido
Hello!Project concertsEmoji


The Hello!Members, we’re filled with Hokkaido nativesEmoji
In Morning Musume。 there’s Satou Masaki-chanEmoji


For the members who newly joined Angerme, 2 of them are from Hokkaido tooEmoji


With those today
it’s their first venue!


We could hear everyone’s cheers even in the dressing room〜Emoji
It was really amazingEmoji


Everyone who attended
thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


For Morning Musume。’19, Nonaka Miki-chan’s returned from her short term study abroad, it was our 2019 winter concert with everyone together!!!


How was Morning Musume。’19’s performance?Emoji
Could you see our spirit?Emoji




For our OG guest it was Fujimoto Miki-sanEmoji


Her beautiful voice engulfed the venue…Emoji
It was reallllllly prettyEmoji


The venue was overflowing with 「Beauty」!Emoji



Moreover I got to dance as back up for 1 songEmoji


Mizuki you know…
actually… actually you know…



The song was the first song I did back up dancing for in my life


Fujimoto Miki-san’s own, Romantic Ukare ModeEmojiEmojiEmoji


On stage at the time,
while walking through the passage ways through the audience, I got to dance.


My memories of the time, even now remains precious always, it’s a precious time I won’t forget in my life.


It’s been about 10 years since then… I think


This time, as a member of Morning Musume。
I got to do the danceEmoji



Of course I was overflowing with joy…EmojiEmoji


For getting to participate againEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



Fukuchan let’s take a picture〜
she said that to me (*ノД`*)・゚・。Emoji


I felt like an idol I’ve always admireEmojiEmoji




today was fun tooEmoji
Everyone, thank you so muchEmoji




February birthday Musume。 Members


Makino Maria-chan’s 18
Yokoyama Reina-chan’s 18th
Morito Chisaki-chan’s 19th


Happy Birthday〜Emoji


Once again we celebrated with everyoneEmoji


Let’s have a fantastic year kay〜Emoji





Tomorrow is the various meet-ups for the 66th Single’s release commemoration!
We’ll be waiting for youEmoji




ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星







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Yabai Tshirts Ya-san


2019-02-23 12:03:10




Yesterday, I went to a Yabai Tshirts Ya-san live!!



It was reaaaally fun!!!
It was coolll



The songs I wanted to hear live, they mostly did them so I was super happy!!!



MC too it was super fun, I laughed a lot!
I totally wanted to see the 3 go back and forth!





I didn’t want it to end〜
It was fun yah〜〜
Really, I wanted it to go for at least 2 more hours〜〜〜
I totally gotta go again!!!






Aribobo-san, went from KawaE to KawaF…♡
I, really liked Aribobo-san’s moves!
I couldn’t hear the words well but, I got the 『steps and the rhythm points』 I think?
I wouldn’t say it well but, in any case I love that, yesterday getting to see a lot of that kind of Aribobo-san, that made me happy♡


And… Thank you for alwasy wearing the Tshirt ♡♡♡











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NyanNyanNyan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-22 21:55:48
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Konban ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Nyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


It’s Puramu ~ᗦ↞◃ 
Today is 2/22 (NyanNyanNyan day) and so


I feel like Puramu-tan should occupy Mizuki-chan’s blogEmojiEmoji


Today’s Mizuki-chan was bad Emoji



Every time after she comes home she gives me snacks but…
even though she says no, I persistently give her hugs but…


Uu… It’s lonely-nyan…



You come home


You say it loudly so Puramu gets surprised-nyan


She soon after pats Puramu and raises her spirits-nyan


Like that, today Mizuki-chan was a bit cranky…EmojiEmoji


Puramu couldn’t see through anything-nyan ^ↀᴥↀ^




But today, a Happy thingEmojiEmoji



Morning Musume。13ki member
Yokoyama Reinyan…No not that


Yokoyama Reina-chan’s birthdayEmojiEmoji


Reina-chan is always superー cute, that’s what Mizuki-chan was sayingEmojiEmoji



Taking self-shots
they were cheek to cheek-nyan〜
Oh my nyan, so cuteEmojiEmojiEmoji


But between you and me
even though Reina-chan is a sexy cat I hear she’s a dog person


Honestly for Puramu・・・


A secret from Reina-chanEmoji笑い泣き


Well, if she met Puramu I think Reina-chan would change right away though you knowEmojiEmoji








Cute EmojiEmojiEmoji


Yokoyan, Happy 18th BirthdayEmojiEmoji


Her birthday outfit very much matched her
Idol Yokoya〜n is cute yah~Emoji that’s how it went.


Recent Yokoyan, she’s gotten mature feeling I think?? There are times that feel like that too though


Mizuki’s current atmosphere and
Yokoyan kinda bringing out her idol swiftly and fiercely, I like it tooーEmoji


And, I know she’s a hard worker too so
the parts that Yokoyan has taken from her senpai, how she’ll think about how to sing it?


Getting to see that is something to look forward to in the tour tooEmoji


I hope you have a fun filled yearEmojiEmoji



Tomorrow in Masaki-chan’s home area of Hokkaido
it’s Hello!Project ConcertsEmoji


Were you okay with the earthquakes?
We’re going tomorrow so, please do me the favorEmoji


We’ll be waiting for youEmoji






ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星
Next episodes guest has Satou Masaki-chan scheduled!
We’re waiting for your lettersキラキラ


The next corner is 「Solving troubles with a Kiraーn!」









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Cat Day


2019-02-22 17:50:47




Cat Dayラブラブラブです❤️









Laying on my stomach Seーra, cuteラブラブ




↑I think it’s a picture from more than a year agoー!♡










And, the cat book offshotsおすましペガサス
I think they’re ones I haven’t put up yet so, I’ll put them up kay爆笑爆笑爆笑























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#WritingLateNightWithExcitement #IikuboHaruna


2019-02-22 09:18:58







What I thought about the responses to yesterday’s blog and tweets that I saw.
First off for this talk, I didn’t have anyone in particular I was writing about, I feel like I’m fine with those that get it. It’s fine for those who haven’t experienced this kind of thing before so, it’s okay if you can’t understand or you can’t sympathize.
And so for those who can’t sympathize, you won’t have to have such troublesome talks like this you know! lol lol
But, I feel like it’d be good to bring it across for whose who “understand” even a little, and with those feelings I’m writing this.




The comments from thoes who are worried and sympathize, I feel like they’re very kind.
The people who are there looking at this from here on too, that becomes power for me!
Of course the opinions from those who don’t sympathize, that’s true too, those thoughts, and considerations that exist too, I plan to learn from them!




Here and there, “I’m sorry I be helped when I’m crushed,” and, ‘I’m sorry I’m powerless,” I get those kind of things but, please don’t think of it that way. That kind of stuff isn’t even 1 milli of it!
For me, constantly, it’s the fans that support me!
I said it when I graduated too but, for me, I love my fans!




More than everyone feels too, from my perspective, I don’t see my fans are a big lump sum, they are each individual people.
I don’t know if I can get across the bit I want to say though lol
You aren’t a bundle! Is it.
Each and every person is important!





And you know, when it’s tough, what I immerse myself into is make-up but, with that, the make-up techniques I’ve obtained up to now, even now it’s been useful, I like doing make-up, and I like doing deep make-up myself!
And for me, I don’t particularly like looking at my own videos and pictures from the past but, since I’ve begun to do research in make-up, I’ve seen the things I like from those times myself!
And so the result is that this stuff becomes a plus for me〜☺️


My fixation with make-up too, I feel like that’s something I want to write a blog about at some point later!






Regarding 「Are you okay?」 and 「Do your best」, you might be thinking well what other thing should you say instead?
But, for me at those times, the thing that saved me the most are the positive words, 「I love you」 and 「I’m supporting you」.
The words I take in myself, the positive things made me very happy. It’s because it felt like you’re watching me like this.
The other comments I felt like, ah I see were, those saying 「Is this bad?」「Does it seem impossible?」 stuff like that.
If you realized you were close to someone who seemed like they were gonna get crushed, in what way would you try to take care of them, I think about that. That they say is something easy to say regardless of how good or bad your relationship is.



But the number one thing, the thing that up to now we haven’t fallen into.
This is, I think that it’s not the people around you noticing you that’s important.
You have to be careful that you yourself don’t get to that point.
Badly depending on others, badly relying on others, I think there’s lots of people like that. For those that realize it, I think there are people who think about it happily while people act like they’re okay.
And so venting gas is important.
For me who was weak, I feel like I couldn’t do that well but, gaining experience, I want to convey it.


And so, if the people around me are worried, I myself probably get the saddest?
So up to now I’ve acted in a way so that wouldn’t happen. you know ☆





That’s what I’ve thought about since I woke up this morning!





A, that thing I thought was important talking with Sanma-san earlier on Yantan was



Things that aren’t interesting, if you can’t take them in interestingly, it’s no good. With life or with anything.
There’s lots of uninteresting things, that’s living.
How will you live with that uninteresting stuff?
Cause leaving aside the interesting parts is interesting.



We talked about that kind of stuff.




And so, building up your strength changing in yourself, living I feel that can make it a little fun.
It’s a wise saying〜〜




That’s all!

















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#WritingLateNightWithExcitement #IikuboHaruna


2019-02-22 01:21:45








I tweeted it earlier but,
Starting to write I end up wanting to supplement it with all kinds of things, but I thought that would lead to even more tweets so, I’ll write a blog kay! lol


This blog, a lot of my fans can see it this way so, it’ll be fine for just people who know about it!







Right now, I’m in a very good mood but
there’s things from when I was an active member that’s gotten to me too.
All kindsof things have gotten me kinda down, I end up thinking about things I shouldn’t think about, and I get in on myself



Ah, that’s the influence of putting on really dark make up that one time! lol
Why did I bring out that make up! lol lol







Someー time ago yah, I was told at handshake events.
From here on I’ll be a 〇〇-oshi kay, they said.
Harunan, you seem like you’ll be okay solo but, 〇〇 is weak so we have to protect her, they said.
But that member has lots of people around them.
I had thoughts that like, even though I need that support from you too.






I’m the type who’s own feelings could crush them. Since I started SNS, I it seems like I might not be like that though. lol
I tend to put emphasis on things that come across well, and that’s not just with work, it’s how I spend time in the dressing room too.
It’d be great if everyone could have fun, that’s number one.
And so I end up going with it in a “that’s okay” style.



But I felt like those kinds of people, there’s probably lots of them in around yah.
Cause I feel like it’d be bad if I let it worry me.


If anything my self-affirmation is low, and for that I feel like I’m sorry for making you worry about it yah.




And so, for the people around me that I want to treasure, I felt like without exception, taking on the things you know is important.





And you know, the 「Are you okay?」 when I’m crushed is troubling,
Really close good people, and people who want to listen, people asking me that isn’t bad though.



For people other than that, and people who usually don’t talk about things that deep, getting asked that, I feel like I end up feeling like they’d be worried about it now. It’s not something that’s okay.
If anything at times like that it become menial so, with those words, “it’s surely enveloped in kindness,” or that they’ve thought so far that it’s hit the bad things.
You end up thinking about it like that too much, so much so there’s no extra room to breath.



It’s that same way with 「do your best」 too.



But, I know, my companions are worried about me too, there’s times you can only say things like, “Are you okay?” and “Do your best” and I get to the point where it’s like, I know.





Work gets hectic and my schedule ends up getting closed off, it steadily crushes me so, if it seems like I’m being crushed, and if I can I’ll make the time and spend it with people I like and friends having fun, please let me vent that gas.
Please let me do the things I like most.




The first thing is not to be driven to that point so, everyone everyone, if you think about the other person’s feelings, and do what you can, it can be a kinder world you know。




That’s all!










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Baby Castella☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-21 23:16:16
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji





with Maria & Chiichan
we went to eat baby castella yonEmojiEmojiEmoji


With these 2 it’s cute you knowEmoji


And it was yummyEmojiEmoji


It’s a shop I wanted to try going to constantlyEmoji
We were on the move so time was short but


We really went and really enjoyed it (*´ч`*)♪
While saying yummy yummy
We finished eating and licking it up 😍😚🤔Emoji



Today was a long way out so
midway through we took in some sweetsEmojiEmoji



The memories, it’s yummy (*´ч`*)Emoji getting to do it it was yummyー. Ah ー Yummy.EmojiEmoji



Of course after that I did my best with work tooEmoji


Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san
Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan, we were togehter but
I ended up conscious of the 2 of their graduations so, while doing the interviews and shoots, I got that lonely feeling too.



During the transport and breaks, I was with Wada-san all the time so
we really really talkedEmojiEmoji


The talk wouldn’t stopEmojiEmoji


I’ll be announcing this later so please check it outEmoji





This morning when I woke up my hair was all UneUne wound up〜 it was amazingEmojiit Emojiwas EmojiEmojiEmoji


And you know, when I told the make-up artist
「Please give me curls」
They asked if it was okay to add to the look of the waves??


You could see the waves in my hairEmojiEmoji


That’s how it was.Emoji


I had it arranged making use of the bedhead? or the frizzy hair♪
FuwanFuwan fluffyEmojiEmoji
I had more curls than usualEmoji


I took the above picture after work finished so, it’s weakenedニヤリEmojiEmoji




Yesterday in the comments, there were lots of yahs to Fukuchan being a can-do girl♪
Tomorrow too I’ll do my best with the day ( *¯ ¯*)ゞ








ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
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LIKES☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2019-02-20 22:03:25
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Maybe because I was with members that I met with today that I hadn’t been with for 2 days, but we ended up clamouring in the dressing room EmojiEmoji



Speaking of dressing room, it’s Hello!Project concert’s dressing room talkEmoji


While it’s waiting for our turn we’re changing our hairstyles and stuff and,


Mizuki changed her hairstyle〜
Eripon changed too〜
Ayumin fixed hers〜


While going between it Odan went,
「Eh, I want to change something too」


Mizuki and Eripon went with twin-style so Odan too, in high spirits


went with Usachan twinsEmojiEmoji


It’s not my character but I just want to do it!!! Saying that


It really suits herEmoji Odan.Emoji


Odan you know
the high twin
it suits herEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Even though it suits her more than usual
it’s somehow not her characters??


In the end a different hairstyle Odan so
I supplied a pictureEmoji


Fukuchan is a can-do girl ( ̄ー+ ̄*)kiraーnEmoji


Ayumin wanted to be matching with us too yahsEmoji






The menu when I went to the Kingdom Hearts cafeEmoji




The protagonists appearing in the story,
Sora and Riku, it’s drinks matching their imagess♪


Sora’s is sweet and sour…Emoji
Riku’s is clear and refreshing, it was yummyEmojiEmoji


Both has KiraKira sparkling stars in it, it was cuteEmojiEmojiEmoji


Drinking it up seemed wasteful Emoji



In KingdomHearts there’s countless Disney worlds but, from them I got this image


Pirates of Paella 🥘Emoji


This is from the part one menu so, I ordered itEmoji


The squid was yums~EmojiEmoji



The part 2 Pooh-san image drink was cute so, I’m looking forward to that in the futureEmojiEmoji


I hope I can go〜Emoji


I felt like if I get a whole day free I want to start up the game but…
If I even get a half day free I’m gonna do it!!






ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
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