Sense of Accomplishment

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Good Evening





Oh myーーー!!!!
Now you know










the sense of accomplishment




is amazingーーーー!!!!!!




Now I want to show everyone right away but









I gotta hold on!!!!!!







It might be self-satisfaction though yah, lol




I want to show everyone soonーーー💗 Look forward to that time, (I’m looking forward to it! lol













Me today.
Today was HaroDora recording tooー!!キラキラキラキラ




With Kasahara Momona-chan, Funaki Musubu-chan!!照れ



The excitement from the 2 of them was higher than usual!? it was funnyハート
Listen to the broadcast too kayハート










And, and, video from yesterday’s Viva la Pop!
is being distributed for free on GYAO!ハートハートハート






ピンク音符Loneliness Tokyoピンク音符




I got to sing the collabo with Oomori Seiko-san






The live,
it was fun yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





By all means please watch it over and over kayおねがい












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Viva la Pop!2019

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Yesterday was,
Viva la Pop!2019 ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






The live, it was veーーーry








really, really, thank you so much 😭❤️



To those who came
and those who cheered for me
I’m filled with feelings of gratitude…!!ラブラブ










Oomori Seiko-san and Pie-ru Nonaka-san, I got pictures with them!!
Getting invited to Viva la Pop successively from last year! Thank you so much!!✨
For the 2 of us too, really the amount of kindness was amazing 😭









With Oomori-san, I got to take a two shot too 💗
Yesterday, in the morning, entering the dressing room,
On the desk from Oomori-san
a letter and, stickers…!!!!!ピンクハート
The stickers, there were 4 of them too…!!!!


I can split them between ones for sticking and ones for going in my file😭




I love her ❣️❣️❣️

















Yesterday, I spent the day eating lots of food that was yummyトロピカルカクテルトロピカルカクテルトロピカルカクテル


For around that time,
with Juice=Juice’s
Inaba Manaka-chan and Danbara Ruru-chan
we at crepes together at Ocha Time…ショートケーキ
The whipped cream
it wasn’t the kind that melts in your mouth
it was the type that swirls around your mouth, it was the best!!
It was yummyハート




Talking with Manaka-chan, and Ruru-chan while eating was fun yah〜
The 2 of them, they’re really, cute… it was soothingおねがい








with the day over
I ate a meal together with Oomori-san next to meハート



I ate a loーーtハートハートハート


(The pile of plates aren’t all mine! lol
I only ate 3!


The soup curry was yummy 🍛✨








All day, really, it was fun!
I’m grateful…ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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Heisei’s Final Blog

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Heisei’s final self-shot






For Heisei’s final day



I did Viva la Pop! rehearsals♩









The WakuWaku excitement and DokiDoki heart-pounding is amazing!!!!!!!!







Please give lots of supportピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










For today, other than Viva la Pop! rehearsals
I got to drink tapioca too!!ジュース




I didn’t have my Suica though (Please look at the instagram story!)



It was a day with lots of smiles!!!!!!





Those born in the first year of the Heisei are 30 this year!!!!!
Michishige Sayumi, from here on too will do her bestうさぎ





For Reiwa too, please give your supportピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート








For the 1st day of Reiwa, it has to start with buying a Suica〜笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き














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5 Years Since My Graduation Announcement!

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The day I announced my graduation!!



Since them it’s already 5 years huh〜?







I announced it at the live at my home area, Yamaguchi prefecture yah〜



No matter what I wanted to announce it at my home area you know
because it’s the place I was born and raised of course,
Always for my home area lives looooots of fans rush in for me, and the whole venue is in pink so, I wanted to do the announcement in that atmosphere.



Of course I feel like there are lots of you who couldn’t come no matter hwat but…
I had the feeling that even for just a bit I would want to tell an important announcement for myself to lot sof my own fans directly.






It was DokiDoki heart-pounding doing it yah…
But well everyone firmly listened to my words, it was calm or rather it felt reassuring, even now I remember it.





And, now too,
everyone’s existence is, really assuring!!!


Everyone is here so, I can do my best at any time too!!!









Those of you who have liked me from Morning Musume。 time
thoes of you who since I graduated, and since I came back, and recently have come to like me too
everyone, everyone, really thank you 💗💗💗💗💗
Getting to meet everyone, it really makes me happy! It’s a joy! I love it!











I wanted to put up this recent picture but,


I still can’t put up the outfit so,


it’s done this way 😘











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How are youuu???うさぎ



Recently for me, it’s personal book shoots and
Viva la Pop rehearsals and stuffピンクハート




Wearing the Uniqlo and Splatoon 2 Collabo Tshirt I did rehearsals
it made me really very UkiUki cheeryラブラブラブラブ




I didn’t get any pics so…





A screenshot from the rehearsal vids…






You can see the Tshirt at aーll yahトラ




When I wear it again, I’ll take some self-shotsカメラ




Getting to see everyone, I’m looking forward to that yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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HPAS!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnふんわり風船星


Hello!Pro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event’s 2 Days are finished〜ハート
Everyone who participated
did you have fun?〜照れ


It was lots of fun, I’m worn outー lol
Even as performers we participated as entraints too that’s why~音譜 lol


Handshake event
mini games
escape game


We got to participate in it all爆笑キラキラ


In that, we took video for Insta too♪


Throughout the 2 days we really got to have a fun time, it made me happy♪



The mini live we did at the day’s end too


With 「YEAH YEAH YEAH」, we thought we should sing lots of YEAHs! so
The plan the members brought up came trueルンルン


To start with 「YEAH YEAH YEAH」
「Say Yeah!〜Motto Miracle Night〜」
「HAPPY Daisakusen」 sing those


Yesterday was a total 29 times
and today for a total of 21 times
we got to say YEAH〜チョキチョキチョキ



Getting to say more YEAH! than usual was the best〜ラブラブ


For the end everyone sang with arms on each other shoulders too
it was the supremely fun!


It wasn’t our concert but
after we finished
I could hear the 『Musume。 Saikou!』 call


Everyone is the bestキラキラ That’s how I feltチュー



The 2 days really
thank you so muchドキドキ




For these 2 days
Morning Musume。 ’19
Juice= Juice were together in the dressing room and


Directly to Sayuki whose birthday it was today
I got to say, congrats〜ゲラゲララブラブ



Akari-chan said she wanted Gaokkiー! so
I got her the pouch as a presentドキドキ
We’re matchingさくらんぼ


Her using it right away made me happy〜グラサンハート
This is her perfectly making it her favorite right?!


The deep pink Gaokkiー too
I hope lots of you love it (*´罒`*)♡


→Voting for Gaokkiー is hereハート




Speakiーng of you know!!
The character bomb I bought at the Sanrio Shop…



Kudetama came out!!!!!!



It wasn’t the prediction I wrote on the blog at the time
it wasn’t MyMelo butひらめき電球


I like Kudetama so it made me happy!!ラブラブ


yesterday I had forgotten to write about it sorry yah lol
Thanks for waiting lol












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I Want an Escape Success!!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


【Hello!Pro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event】 1st Day!!


Everyone who attended
did you have fun〜!?


I looked forward to it like, how will this turn out?! but, it became a fun event beyond expectationsピンクハート


Thank you so muchラブラブ


Entering into Makuhari messe it’s at first about 100m
In a ro〜w split left and right are the Hello!Member handshake boothsおいで


With just that it was different than usual, it’s DokiDoki heart-pounding but
Fukumura’s both was even amongst them is the edgemost so
please do you bestグラサングラサン


Going even further… is the minigame corner!
Ring toss and roulette, putting and such… In total 10 kinds of games are prepared!
I hear all of BEYOOOOONDS went〜ラブラブ


Tomorrow if the times match up Mizuki wants to go tooチューハート



This time, our first 【Escape Game】
Everyone, did you participate〜?


We haven’t had this kind of precious opportunity before yah!!!
I think you gotta do it for sure for sure.


Why you ask huh,


Becuase it’s really fun that’s why!!!!!!lol
It’s just fun that’s why yah, do itー lol


With escape game loverハートKaga Kaede-chanニヤリ
perhaps it’ll be Fukumura’s first time challenging one!!



I know Kaedi is skilled at it but
I’ll do my best not to fall behindー! Thinking that


I felt like I got wiser〜ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


For this escape game
[Before the curtain rises for our concert
mic trouble happens, if you can’t get the mic in time the concert can’t start!] it starts with that.


For sure the members have to do the concert! Thinking that(Here acting like new staff member) we did our best 音譜







Without problem, with Kaedi I escaped
at another attraction on the way back
I took a purikura with members?♪



I got to take it with the members I likeラブラブ
Mizuki wants to take it, this, again tomorrow tooラブラブ



It’s just 2 days don’t let it go to waste!


Really the games are up until tomorrow so
everyone let’s do it for sureチュー!!




Today was handshake event→Live→escape game
it was lots of moving, I’m HetoHeto exhausted lol lol


Tomorrow too I’ll be doing my best all day so
everyone participating
please have fun with all your power kayーーー照れもぐもぐ







There’s a limited time sale for Live concert video production with commentary おねがいチョキ


The 2019 Winter done Hello!Con
【Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!!
Hello Project 2019WINTER~YOU&I~/NEW AGE~】’s YOU&I Version!


With Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san
→WIZY’s site is here左差し

By all means please purchase it from WIZY kayピンク音符



Just DVDs purchased from WIZY have the special featuer so please be careful yon





For everyone who came to the event tomorrow and the day after
Please look hereウインク左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印


It has things written for how to purchase and the sales of CD on the day so, please check it out!


星星星4/20&21 Being Held HaroPro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event (Makuhari messe) Announcement星星星星


Let’s have a fun 2 days kay爆笑クラッカー






星Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!! Morning Musume。’19 Diner Show 『Happy Night』 DVD Pre-order Start Announcement!!


Pre-order period is…2019/4/19 (Fri) 18:00 ~ 2019/5/13 (Mon) 23:59!!










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Gachapon Discovered!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-04-19 21:59:13Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnふんわり風船星


Today while in transport
there was a gachapon, casually looking at it…目








that was written there wasn’t it?!!!


I did it right away (*´﹃`*)ラブラブ


Together with Manger-san we did it GachaGacha!!



And finally!!!!


We got them allーーヾ(*´∀`*)ノ♪




With signature key holders and
With Minimo-chan keyholders


GETting them makes me happy笑い泣き笑い泣き


In my bag I had lots of gachapon
After that I headed to work lol lol


I’ll treasure themーラブラブ音譜ドキドキ




★☆An announcement☆★


WIZY Exclusive!!
Live concert video production with commentary being sold for a limited time


Doing it for the 2019 winter HaroCon
【Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!!
Hello Project 2019WINTER~YOU&I~/NEW AGE~】’s


YOU&I version流れ星


Together with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san
we talked while watching the videoハート


It was really funクローバー


Gathering with friends watching live videos
「Aー this time~♪」 talking about it while watching is fun yah


This time Fukumura was together with Wada-san
while watching concert video we got to talk about all kinds of things
at the time there were lots of things we found out
it was really funチューひらめき電球


I feel like I’m watching with everyone♪


→WIZY’s site is here左差し



By all means please buy it at WIZY kay!


Only the DVD bought from WIZY will have the special feature so please be aware yonグラサンニヤリ




Today I got to go home early so
from now I’m going to take a bath
and use the character bomb I took in yesterday’s pictures 🛁


I wonder which will come out???


Predicting it is fun too照れ


Mizuki’s prediction is…I think it’ll be someone from the MyMelo-chan group0 yahドキドキ



I totally think that but you know…
The color from the current Sanrio Grand Prize Character arrangement? Design?
The spring tour good’s outfit really does match it〜お願い


I think so.


I couldn’t get that response from my family thoughー…
Why is that?? lol



Tomorrow is the HaroPro・All Star Event!!
Makuhari messe happening音譜




For everyone who came to the event tomorrow and the day after
Please look hereウインク左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印左下矢印


It has things written for how to purchase and the sales of CD on the day so, please check it out!


星星星4/20&21 Being Held HaroPro・All Stars Single Release Commemoration Event (Makuhari messe) Announcement星星星星


Let’s have a fun 2 days kay爆笑クラッカー






星Hello!Project 20th Anniversary!! Morning Musume。’19 Diner Show 『Happy Night』 DVD Pre-order Start Announcement!!


Pre-order period is…2019/4/19 (Fri) 18:00 ~ 2019/5/13 (Mon) 23:59!!








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Everyone how are youー!?



I, you knowー!
Yesterday I had a dream and
it was a dream about going into a game world, it was extremely fun!
I don’t really have fun dreams, so it was so much funピンクハート
From today Splatoon Fest has started
It’s so much funnnnn!








As such
today is Friday yah!!!!!おねがい


It’s HaroDora Friday day花束





From last week
we had new members joining too








I’m always
really getting pictures taken!おねがいおねがいおねがい










Today’s broadcast is with
these 3!↓


Kawamura Ayano-chan and Ise Layla-chan!!



Looook forward to itttラブラブコアラ















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I Tried Voting At The Sanrio Shop☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2019-04-18 23:26:52Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星



Currently in session
【2019 Sanrio Character Grand Prize】


The other day at the Sanrio Shop
I went and voted for Gaokkiー❣️❣️
(I got the shop permission and got to take pictures for it)



I thought I should go to the shop and vote and heading there…
There were lots of cute things, lots of things I wanted.



The method of putting in chips is fun
I put them in 1 by 1ー爆笑爆笑爆笑爆笑ラブ爆笑グラサン



The bill was 1080yen, they give 1 chip for ever 540 for voting〜〜音譜


Lately, as mom and child, we’ve been into Bonbonribbon
I got the toohbrush set and lip productラブラブ


I ended up waiting the ice cream spoons you know
of Kiki Lala and my Purin-chan who my little bro-chan likesイエローハーツ


The designs were cute for the Cinnamon-chan spoons too
I was thinking when we eat anything we should use them〜チュー


ANd you knowー!
A Mewkledreamy name holderドキドキドキドキドキドキ


This one, the colors and the cutness, for Mizuki it was 100 points, a perfect score流れ星
I’ve already decided where I’m going to put itハート



Really there were lots of more I wantedー!


The alarm clock and calendar were cute too
The tableware was super cute yah〜😚✨


It was so overflowing with cute it was hard


Aーsheeshー! Now if Mizuki was an elementary schooler she’d go with this pool bagー!!! I thought that


This character, Mama used it when she was small too! and


Sanrio is amazing huh〜
They have this kind of cute things that all generations can use!流れ星







Sanrio Grand Prize, there’s all kinds of ways to vote yah!!
Everyone else too, please give Gaokkiー your vote yahラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Today in the car
「What’s Up!~Ai wa Dou nano yo~」 was playing!


I love this song, love it (*´꒳`*)゚*.・♡




Today is 4/18, good teeth day [tl note: 418 = yoi/good + ha/teeth]!!
Everyone are you maintaining your good teeth〜??


Mizuki is ( ̄ー+ ̄)kiraーn


Zero cavities~♪





Current Morning Musume。’19 collabo characters


Entry No.75
Carbonix (Gaokkiー)



It’s still going, pleasevoteウインクラブラブ




星Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Tsubaki Factory’s Niinuma Kisora guest episode is now distributing!
By all means listen kay〜キラキラ










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