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2022-04-03 13:39:35 Japan Time
(I skipped from July to the start of November to give everyone something for the Anniversary times!)

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Sayumi Salad Ingredients⭐︎

2022-03-16 11:01:59

Instalive announcement 照れおねがいラブ
The day 5 years since Saisei day, I though I should do a instalive! ピンクハート
The time will be from 20:00!! トランプハート
The topic is…
Making Sayumi Salad, and eating it 🥗
That’s it!!!!
Sayumi Salad ingredients, have revisions パーハート
・Cooked wieners
・Red leaf lettuce (It’s to lay on the bottom so take it or leave it 👌)
・Salt and pepper
That’s it ふんわり風船星ふんわり風船ハート
My first instalive in a while, I’m looking forward to it yah 🎀
Lately I’ve been cooking a lot but
Sayumi Salad, it’ll be my first time making on in a relative while so
well I’m nervous lol
Well it’s all just the ingredients cut finely and dressed with the salt and pepper and the mayonnaise though yah😉
The 19th, by all means please give me your support ふんわりリボン

Not related to Sayumi Salad at all but…

A little bit ago

I made rice with corn 🌽

Using can corn it’s super simple 🤗✨

It was yummy まじかるクラウン

I made an onigiri and ate it too but,

when it ate it it got all BoroBoro falling into big pieces 😂

I like my rice firm so when you cook it

there isn’t much moisture that’s why huh???

well but it was yummy so it was fine though 爆笑
Well then, laters ラブハートハートのバルーン


2022-03-16 00:14:00

Good Evening〜おねがいうさぎクッキーバレエスター
5/23 (Mon) 〜 6/1 (Wed) Performancesぽってりフラワー
FC Priority application’s
SS Seak application period,
The day has changed, it’s today 🗓
3/16(Wed) until 17:00ー!

SS Box seats,・S seats,・A seats,

that goes until 3/22(Wed) 17:00 ラブレターうさぎクッキー


here’s off shots from the last time, the Kibou performances バレエ

For no particular reason it’s rare? Long hair Chayuuuuuuuu 🐱 photoshoot off shots うずまきキャンディ🏳️‍🌈

This, retro coat is one of my favorites too おとめ座トランプハート

Well then, I’ll update again later〜🎀🎀スカート

Picking Up Speed

2022-03-14 21:07:49


My mouth ulcers have picked up in speed〜😭

I previously said that the pain was less than last time but

At the time it seems it wasn’t at its full power yet 泣き笑い

Now it really really hurts Pien🥺

Food and
brushing my teeth hurt too 〜😢

Eating food, opening my mouth big hurts so
I do it a little
and I’m eating little bit by little bit 照れ

Usually I eat fast so
it feels like I’m going pretty slowly 😀😀 lol

Eating slowly is fine though yah てへぺろ

But I miss eating fasssssst 赤ちゃん泣きびっくりマーク

A picture from some time back! lol

About a month ago? Probably 飛び出すハート

Heart ❣️❤️

Taking lots of vitamins, I’ll heal fast ニコニコ

Everyone please take care of your health sincerely kay!!!♡

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Bijin Hyakka’s April Issue♡

2022-03-14 09:25:20

Good Morning ✨✨
I woke up since my luggage arrived this morning ひらめき おにぎり☀️
Well well♡
In the currently on sale
『Bijin Hyakka April Issue』 I get to appear 花束ピンク薔薇クローバーおとめ座

I have lots of offshots ❣️❣️✨

↓ Cake, it was so very cute 🍰🧁スイーツショートケーキウエディングケーキホットケーキコッペパンジンジャーブレッドマンクッキー

Speaking of cake, recently in my private time,

I ate a sakura cake 🌸


do you like Sakura flavor sweets?!?

I think the like to dis lik would be pretty split? but

for me

I love it ラブラブラブラブラブラブ

(I’m pretty not picky with my food in the first place though 😆)

At the store when they have sakura ice cream,

I subconsciously end up ordering it you know〜ウエディングケーキピンクマカロンパフェ

↑ Well, the sky, it’s amazing here スタースタースター

The Pup-chan was cute 🐶

…This me is just funny lol

So unnatural, in so many ways 😂 lol lol

All the time, Bijin Hyakka-san shoots are very fun 義理チョコ義理チョコ義理チョコ

Thank you so much for looking until the end 本命チョコうさぎクッキーくまクッキー

I’ll update again later♡♡りんご


2022-03-12 20:24:12

Heyーーーーー listenーーーー
I got a mouth ulcerーーーー 悲しいガーン


The pain is less than last time but

It seems like it’s at places I chew more than last timeー

Dangerous !!トランプジョーカー

My smartphone is cuteーー!🐰

Is everyone’s cute too?🐰

At home I have things I have to do but…

I got these scones from the staff-san

[tl note: the bag is labled “SAYUMIN” in katakana as the name]

SAYUMIN is eating it 秘密コーヒーメロンパンナイフとフォーク