Maintenance DAY

2018-01-24 18:11:10




Today was
maintenance dayドキドキ



First offー

at Garland!




Hair color & cut

Maki-san always, does fantastic
hair styling, thank you so much!





This time is one of my favorites toooo!!







Light pink and purple
cheek nails

I got small hearts set on them

Converation with Chieko-san is
really nonstop
For the always a time and
the fantastic nails, thank you so muchhh


From tomorrow I’ll do my best again zoi!

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Since This Morning☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-23 23:33:20    Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


My phone’s signal speed? has gotten slow, it’s bad〜Emoji





Today the effects of the snow were scary so I left early
as a result, I stopped by Starbucks with Makino Maria-chan who arrive earl〜yEmojiEmoji



The 2 of us together, had something to drink with relatively BosaBosa messy hair & glassesEmoji
By look, it totally wasn’t elegantEmoji


In line we talked about each of our liked items on the menu
I ate Maria’s recommended Earl Grey tea flavored sconeEmoji


Then we got what Maria and mizuki both said, “I like thisー!” to, the white choco cookie
We ate what we each recommended on the menuEmoji



Taking it easy at a cafe before work is great too huh〜Emoji



Today was all day shoots
I can’t announce it yet but


Just today, the variety of knowledge runs deep or rather
as a person I can my best even moreEmoji


it had that feeling so, the work after that too I put my spirit into itEmoji



Everyone, today are you okay with the snow?
Mizuki’s little bro and cousin together made an amazing snowman Emoji


It’s so amazing I can’t put up a pictureーEmoji




The song we’re getting to show at the current Hello!Project concert 「Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite」 [tl approx:Flowers Bloom, Bathes in the Sun]
Distribution is starting upEmoji


Distribution is 1/28 24:00〜
For details please check the homepageEmoji
Please give us your support♪




1/20 「CD Journal」 (’18 All Members)
1/31 「BIG ONE GIRLS」 (Fukumura, Ikuta, Oda, Haga, Morito)




Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Uemura Akari Guesting is now released☆


Membership Registration Here


The next guest, Angerme’s Sasaki Rikako has been scheduled!
We’ll be waiting for lots of mail!
Deadline: 1/25 (Thr) 18:00




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#WEAR Master #selfie Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-23 23:03:05    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





To put up my clothes on WEAR, the members and Manager-san always take it for me but


There’s that person that I call “WEAR Master” (*´-`)


The one who is often the WEAR Master is Ogata Haruna-chan!


Ikuta Erina-san also takes it for me but Ikuta-san isnt’ regarded as the WEAR Master she’s called “The Safe and Secure Ikuta Pro” ( ^ω^ )



On WEAR, I think if you look up Ogata and Safe and Secure Ikuta Pro pictures they took might come out☆ lol




That WEAR Master Ogata, yesterday too she took at shot of my clothes for me〜(*´◒`*)


Yesterday I already had put up on WEAR but, with that another extra shot was taken too!












A selfie〜〜(=^▽^) with Morito Chisaki-chan



Between taking me in stylish poses, it seems she did this with the front camera lol



The 2 of them are both cute so I’ll forgive them! lol lol





I, like member selfies you know.


To see selfies, you just go to the blog that’s why☆





that said I’ll put up my latest selfie too kay(*´꒳`*)←











A, but speaking confidentially here, I like looking at various people’s SNS too you know〜


There’s lot sof people taking cute selfies!
Mom’s taking beautiful・boys and girls too!


I love Cute・Beautiful things so I pook mark and look at the people I like every day, it’s comforting←



This kind of idol… they EXIST??(*´-`) tehe





Today I’m updating WEAR too〜
Look at it KAY!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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From In Tulle

2018-01-23 21:24:26    Theme:Blog







For this blog
I decided I’ll update by putting up pictures I haven’t put up yet of 『tulle』 off shotsキラキラキラキラ






From in tulle, gaoーしし座




Pushing throughキラキラ



Peeking from in the tulleコアラ
Good afternoonひまわりチューリップガーベラ





MILK clothes are cute…ハートハートハート







A challenge I haven’t done much爆笑爆笑爆笑





tulle, the outfit that I especially liked was this hereラブ
The large ribbon on the chest is cuteー🎀




I have a puzzling upright picture too so I’m putting it up kay (lol)





At today’s work place too,
they said,
『I bought tulle』音符音符音符 




It made me veーry happy 😭ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Thank you so much!!キラキラキラキラキラキラ






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2018-01-23 18:44:33    Theme:Blog



was my little sister Shiratama-san’s BIRTHDAY so
On the day we couldn’t celebrate so
we celebrated with the familyドキドキ




A report from that time, I’ll be doing it again but…

The make-up from that day




I wore a brown one piece so
to match with that





I had it done with a mature feelブラシ付けまつげ


light BROWN style eyeshadow
putting it on my eyeball area
double range, putting on dark BROWN

On top of that
Misha’s KiraKira Cushion Eyeshadow
put on top

For eyeliner with a pencil
I fill in the eyelash area,
with Rigitto, I drawit long in the corner of my eye!


[tl note: video thumbnail, please watch video on her blog]


For the mascara for this day the eyeshadow is
BROWN and so,
with black mascara it did it to make
my eyes look big!



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Snow Holiday..

2018-01-23 09:00:25    Theme:Blog




It’s snowing huh *.❄*⛄

For me who has reached a finale
My body and throat are fatigued so

I went to a 【Yakiniku Lunch】






The meat was veーry yummy
the lunch set’s
kimchi was very yummy too!





The restaurant’s light felt reddish so
it’s kinda moody (lol)






Of course
for a fatigued throat it’s meat you knowww

And it’s snowingggg





Piling on my hair





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Are You Okay?☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-22 23:16:24    Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today Tokyo was harsh…Emoji


The train stations were crowded crowded
the cars end up slipping and stopping
it’s the first time in a while since it was such heavy snow it was hardEmojiEmoji


Are you okay?


Everyone please get home safely and warm upEmoji


…saying that of course the snow is excitingEmoji


The feel of it piling up on trees in a good way is like Christmas
Walking ZupoZupo sloshy too〜Emoji


I haven’t gotten to fluff around on rooftop snow Mofu! yet so I want to go do itEmoji


I’m excitedEmoji
Today I’ve already had another exciting thingEmoji


Ishida Ayumi-chan and Oda Sakura-chan
from today they’ve returnedEmojiEmojiEmoji


Illness will rise with the heavy snow though…EmojiEmoji


Welcome backEmoji
Ayumi-chan took this for us yonEmoji


But still illness is on the rise huhEmoji
At a slow paceEmoji


Today I’m gonna take a yuzu scented bathーEmoji



Please be comforted by warm PuramutanEmojiEmojiEmoji
Going well with paper bags, it’s french bread or just PuramuーーーEmojiEmoji







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#Kuduー #SourceOfEnergy #Sisters #LupinYellow Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-22 22:23:06    Theme:Iikubo Haruna





The snow… it’s amazing huh (*_*)



Today was shoots but, on the way home it was hard〜_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


With the members and manager-san we walked a lot in the snow…



Kind manager-san on the way at the convenience store bought lots of glove sand pocket warmers for us _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


On a cold day such warm kindness. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):




Everyone, are you okay?



Let’s take care not to catch a cold kay (;_;)







Tha tsaid, recently I got an energy charge!













Kuduー, Kudou Haruka-chan!



LupinYellow Kudou Haruka-chan!



My little sister Kudou Haruka-chan!



We had lunch☆
I wanted to eat meat and fish so we shared a round steak and a king salmon steak (*´◒`*)


The 2 of us wanted to eat and drink the same things so, ordering we got two of the same things yahー lol






If we had time to all the time we’d get together but we haven’t really…(´ー`)


We wanted to go to the Doraemon exhibit and the Shinkai Makoto exhibit too though yahー!




Already the talk is inexhaustable, it was fun (*´꒳`*)


What we want to say, Baーーーー, we say it, it’s refreshing yah?


For me that partner is Kuduー yah〜


Always in contact back and forth but, meeting and talking is different you know (*´◒`*)













Hihihi, we ended up eating crepes too (*´꒳`*)♡



Sure enough(?), Kudou at my crepe for me when I got so full I couldn’t eat it to the end.


Thank you, you know to eat it when I say 「I’m full already」! lol






Kuduー new environment seems fun too, I’m glad!
LupaPato, 「Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger」’s members too, for Kuduー they’re “genmates” and that seems mysterious huh (*´-`)



I think I want to meet again soon☆






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji









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Mama’s Hair and Make-up! I Tried Doing It!

2018-01-22 15:15:52    Theme:Blog



I did Mama’s hair and make-up!!





This is made quite a bit flashier though (lol)

Actually it’s like this








After doing her make-up

Mama︰「I’m like Risa huh」

Risa︰「Risa is like Mama






Doing different make-up from usual
it gets fun huh照れ



For today,
I’ll make something at home!


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