To All The Fans Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-14 13:57:17
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For yesterday’s Osaka performances, thank you so much!


Fukumura Mizuki-san, Oda Sakura-chan due to influenza were absent from the performances this time.



There were various pinches but, with the intention of changing it in to a chance, the 11 of us members did our best!


Doing our all with the current 11, I feel we delivered an awesome live.
Everyone who warmly watched over us, truly thank you so much.


On stage was the 11 of us but, in the audience we saw the Fukumura-san, Odashi member color Tshirts and cyalumes
This space where people gathered who like the 13 Morning Musume。'17 made me very happy (o^^o)


For the concert, not just the members and staff,
it was all of the fans that came too that just make it all up you know!!



It’ll be performances that will very much remain memories for me.






And today is the Okayama performance but,


Kudou Haruka-chan’s health has declined so, she will be on leave.
It might be influenza too so, she’ll being always to take care of herself.


Everyone looking forward to her, we are truly sorry.



Really, we’re sorry.



Really, it’s sad,
those feelings I don’t know how how best to express them.


Please, please don’t give the blame to Kuduー…




I don’t know when it might be but, I think we if we could do an make-up performance.
At that time, the 13 of us will be together!











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Wedding Ceremony♪

2017-05-14 13:44:45



I attended my cousin’s wedding ceremony and receptionウエディングドレス結婚指輪ウエディングケーキ



My cousin, when we were small,
for summer vacation and new year’s we’d always hang out togetherピンクハート




We lived far from eeach other so we couldn’t meet often but
they’d come over to hang out, or I’d go to hang out…
it was fun yahルンルン





At the wedding ceremony, my cousin,
was pretty, had a cute smile, and look very much filled with joy照れ




Congratulations on your weddingラブラブラブラブラブラブ
may you have unending joy…ハート







During the reception, My big bro-chan was sitting next to me, and took this picture for me ピンク薔薇











And then,
The day before the wedding reception, when we were staying at the inn close to the ceremony hall, my big sis-chan took this pictureウインク


I got to see lots of my relatives, that made me happy too yahーキラキラキラキラキラキラ







And then, the other day you know!
I went to a very enjoyable business meeting〜お願いラブラブ


WakuWaku excitingうさぎハートハートハート




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This Weekend’s… Fukumura Mizuki

2017-05-12 22:30:29
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From the other day, my health had collapsed, and the results from the examination we got at the hospital, we were diagnosed with influenza type A.


Our fevers won’t go down so, for tomorrow and the day after’s
Morning Musume。’17 Concert Tour Spring
★5/13(Sat) NHK Osaka Hall
★5/14(Sun) Okayama City Meeting Hall
performances, Fukumura Mizuki and Oda Sakkura will not be able to perform.


Everyone always supporting us
everyone waiting for the concerts with anticipation
we are really really sorry.


We’re filled with emotions of apology



2 days of concerts
I think there’s lots of changes for that


we ended up burdening the other members too.


Everyone attending the Osaka, Okayama performances
please continue to give your lots of support to the 11 members.


Fukumura Mizuki





5/13(Sat) NHK Group TV 22:20〜


「Banana Zero Music」
Fukumura Mizuki, Oda Sakura, Ogata Haruna get to appear.
By all means, please watch




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Atami and Nonaka Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-12 22:26:17
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Today, before Yantan and play practice,


I did audio commentary for the Atami trip DVD I went with Wada Ayaka-chan!








Us today (*´꒳`*)



Before I knew it, the DVD application startedddd ( ; ; )
I’m sorry the announcement ended up late!



From here♡



You can see DVD details and apply for it!
The deadline is 5/29… in just 3 weeks〜( ; ; )!!



Today for the first time I saw the contents of the DVD and, we got to see the usual off-time us (*´꒳`*)


An appearance you don’t see on DVD all the time! It’s super my-pace!! lol


The audio commentary included, you can watch it 1 time, then the second time you can see it with the second sound channel so, you can enjoy it twice yah \(//∇//)\


This opportunity, by all means please try to get it kay♡





At today’s play practice, it’s songs with the choreography and… for me acting as Nerura this time, there’s parts worth seeing☆
This play, I want you to come see it〜!










Yesterday, with Kaga Kaede-chan, the 2 of us


on-location for J-MELO, went to visit the Meiji University Nakano campus(*´∇`*)


Nakano! My beloved Nakano!









We talked a lot with all of the International Japanese Studies Department!


For me, it’s my 3rd time having the honor of being invited to this corner


Just the other day, I got to visit Musashi University too〜!



I wanted to go into a univeristy so, like this getting to go to a university even for work makes me very happy (*´◒`*)


This on-location makes me nervous though you know! lol



At Meiji University Nakano campus, it seems they have manga lectures too…! I very much want to take that!!




For scenes from this on-location


International Broadcast (NHK WORLD) 6/19(Mon)
National Broadcast (BS Premium) 6/24(Sat)


that’s when they’re scheduled to be broadcast ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡








Well! Tomorrow is the Osaka performance!
Fukumura Mizuki-san, Oda Sakura-chan, due to influenza, they’ll be absent from the Osaka performance and the Okayama performances.


We’ll devote all we can to all of them, and with the 11 of us we’ll get excited!


Please continue to support uss!






For my clothes today, the top is merry jenny, the bottom is Lily Brown, brands I like〜♡
Look at it KAY(*´◒`*)



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2017-05-11 23:14:36


Eaint a meal


I casually looked at my husband’s pants…





Whatー? Kazukun
what’s that pattern on your pants?





paw patterned





It was your doingーーーー?








Bustling bit by bit.



That’s Chopi’s existence




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Of Course Chocolate♡ Iikubo Haruna

2017-05-10 22:10:40






Today before play practice there were shoots but…



From the staff I met for the first time in a while, they told me 「You’ve filled out a little??」_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):



Not in my chest, my face.



_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):






But just as they said, recently I’ve been eating chocolate every day!



Just the other day too, the limited time release DARS were yummy, I was excited♡












Tehepero☆ (An outdated term)




And well choco is yummyー.


I like snacks but, of course I like chocolate the most♡




… that said, I won’t allow myself to get filled out so, for now, I think I should cut my ties to choco for a bit (T ^ T)



All right! First off I need to release the strawberry choco in my bad right now!!←



I’ll do my best, Oーーーooo









And for today, between shoots and practice, I ate ramen with Ikuta-san.



Soon after saying I’m stopping choco I get ramen ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )



What? Soba? Ramen? It’s puzzling isn’t it?
[tl note: “soon after” she uses the word Soba, Soba is also noodles]










I forgot to take a two shot so please excuse me with this. lol



This Ikuta-san, she’s super cute.




It’s been a while since I went ot eat with Ikuta-san, the 2 of us ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Ikuta-san, thank you so much for inviting me〜(^_−)−☆





For my clothes today it’s sweats (I dripped ramen soup on).
Calmly and safely taken by Ikuta-pro, Look at it KAY〜〜!



Fashion Coordinate App
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Iikubo Haruna’s First Photobook 「Haruiro」
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at each Official Shop
It’s on sale with rave reviews♡











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Kerotai-kun’s Direction

2017-05-10 18:40:24


The answer to the previous blog爆笑



(At what timing did I eat the rare Kurotani-kun Karl?)





The answer is













The very last!!!!!


















I thought I should eat it then but,




well, compared to the usual Karl,




the Kerotai-kun Karl, for me the color seemed light




Did the flavor soak into it?, or perhaps the Kerotai-kun karl are just different!?




I ended up thinking things like that




For the end, I wanted to tie it into the same taste as always!!




and my fixation got in the way




so midway through I ate itもぐもぐ





(Sorry, Kerotai-kun!
Kerotai-kun, ByeBye!
I’m glad we met!)






But, of course, there’s chance but,
the Kerotai-kun Karl, I feel like it’s taste was a little lighter than the usual Karlニヤリ





Pulling a rare Kerotai-kun,
even more getting to eat 2 types well
I’m really a lucky girl aren’t I!?ラブ





The difference in tasete was my imagination though… (lol)





Well whatever てへぺろ
Kerotai-kun Karl, and usual Karl, aーllイエローハート were very yummyピンクハート




Greatly satisfyingチーズもぐもぐラブラブ







Everyone, did you get the correct answerー!?100点



In the coments, lots of you answered, thank you yahラブラブラブラブ



There were thoes of you who gave a straight answer too
and there were twisty answers and stuff too
it was funny爆笑ルンルン




Everyone went along with my trivial quiz, happinessお願い







For a picture…



Associated with Kerotai-kun??










Of course for that, rabbits are greatーーーうさぎ lol lol






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SaGa Stage Things

2017-05-10 12:06:07


I hadn’t gotten to write peacefully, it’s gotten late but



The SaGa Stage


this time



Romancing SaGa


as Sara, the days living as her


really were a joy



Thirty Deluxe’s play is
this time
it was their third but


every time it’s really DokiDokiWakuWaku heart-pounding exciting
it’s like riding an attraction



This time


It was a collabo with RomaSaGa too,
it became an event more wonderful and showy stage and





The girl of fate, Sara


acting as her



The days loving Sara, loving her close friends,
I performed it.


She’s very direct, and pure


but, at her core, Sara is very strong


In acting as Sara this time
is what I heard


But, looking at the script she was very cute
I made a role
as a character who laughs.



People, holding anything,
I wonder if it’s that feeling like you need to smile as hard as you can


I felt like that




And so, laughing to the end,
That is it really a smiling face or, is that not it?…



But, there were many times where she had a real smile
I felt that





Living Sara’s life


I’m grateful to have lived through those days



This adventure I was chosen for
by Shimizu-san



Thank you so much






the comrades with me on this adventure



This time, the older members were especially serious
it felt like theater lovers were gathered.


all the ensemble


Already, they were very very fantastic,
always eagerly facing plays
I’ve come to love them even more


I’m grateful to have gotten to have this adventure together with these comrades too





more than anything,



getting to participate in this adventure




had lots!!



And loooots!!



of guests!!!!!




I have nothing but gratitude.




I got lots of warm feelings.




I hope to be able to meet you on an adventuer somewhere once again




I’ll continue the days of my devotion





Thank you so much!






Niigaki Risa












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