Couple’s Coordi✩

2017-07-15 16:11:06


I ordered them at an exhibit




clothes, they arrivedーーー✩





Mine is white
my husband’s is black



We tried matching coordi✩




glamb is really cute, I love ittt




It clinches it huh ( ¯﹀¯ )




I went with a white Tshirt so,
for the skirt I went with reddd♡




This heart stitch is what I was taken with at first sight










With our couple’s coordi, we’re heading ouーttt♡


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Oh Gosh!

2017-07-15 14:52:59


Yesterday just sleeping on the sofa, my husband
I got a snapshot (*ˊᵕˋ*)





Kazukun 「Chopi is in the same position sleepingー」





he said ( ¯﹀¯ )









And, waking up at a weird time





Chopi is sleeping still (*^^*)







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Haruna♡ Maria♡

2017-07-15 08:13:54



At the Kawaii Birthday Party,


2 of my cute kouhai came to see itーイエローハートピンクハート






Cute Harunanラブ
Iikubo Haruna-chanハチコスモス
Harunan, she’s become more a beauty many fold yah yah, I felt it in an instant!!キラキラキラキラ  
That sense of being a pretty older sister type!!!




When I was an active member,
With work I’d be paired together with Harunan a lot
Being together often we talked about all kinds of things you knowー I casually thought about it照れ








Cute Maria-chanお願い
Makino Maria-chanドレスリボン
Maria-chan, from long ago she’s comforting for meラブラブ



Maria-chan since when she was a Hello!Pro Trainee…
I’d talk about her like, Maria-chan! Maria-chan! She’s cute huh❤ she’s cute huh❤️ニコニコ






Even though I was happy they just came
the 2 of them each
brought me birthday presents too 😭



Thank you yah 😭❤️❤️❤️




THey made the best happy choices!!



They get it huh…ラブ





The 2 of them both, really truly thank youuリボンリボンリボン






Hello!Con opening day, everyone do your bestハート



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Cute★ 2nd

2017-07-15 06:19:52



ウエディングケーキKawaii Birthday Partyウエディングケーキ




It’s the 2nd live corner outfitーピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The first and second performances both
are the goods Tshirt arranged cutely by Stylist-sanハート




This for sure



It’s cute arrangement partyラブラブラブ



Isn’t it?ハート





For my hairstyle, I did Usachan Hairハートうさぎ


And so, everyone was overjoyed from it huhうさぎハートハート






The Stylist-san who arranged the Tshirts cutelyハイヒール
And the Make-up artist-san who quickly changed in 3 finishes, doing Usachan Hair in a flash for me口紅



You have my gratitude! Thank you so muchリボン鏡



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We’re Starting From Osaka☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-07-14 23:25:27
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


At last from tomorrow
「Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER 〜 HELLO! MEETING 〜」 is startingEmoji


This time, in particular, the groups have gone beyond collaborations you know, I feel itEmojiEmoji


For the Hello!Con starting tomorrow
since our senpai ℃-ute-san, and Tsugunaga Momoko-san graduated, it’s the first stage for Hello!Project.


I think maybe that there are those feelings for each of the current remembers aren’t there?Emoji


The Country・Girls’s concurrent operation and the debut group from the Hello!Pro Trainees


Even for the 6 of them, each of the groups going out too
each is holding their own 「Firsts」!!


That first time, let’s have fun so it can be a fantastic stageEmojiEmoji


We can meet up with the members on break, that’s lonely but, What we can do as Hello!Pro members is preserve taking in the stage!


The stage, everyone getting lots of power, from the stage too, we’re delivering lots of power



Tomorrow is Orix TheaterEmoji
Everyone attending, pleaes support usEmojiEmoji
Please send your cheer power too kayEmoji





The photobook 「Hatachi」


Is releasing tomorrow and stuff, the tension!!


I’m signing them too〜♪


Tomorrow, on sale 7/15, Fukumura Mizuki Photobook
『 Hatachi 』 Release Commemoration Fukumura Mizuki Handshake Event
Venue:Shosen Grande (Tokyo:Jinbochou)
Date: 7/18(Tues) 19:00~


At Shosen Grande those of you reserving the photobook will get an event participation ticket with it
I’ll be waiting for you♪





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Gather Cat Lovers〜! Iikubo Haruna

2017-07-14 22:31:57
Theme:Iikubo Haruna








I, Iikubo got work for a song other than Morning Musume。 (*´꒳`*)

With Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan, the 2 of us got to sing it.

The title is

「Obaka Neko to Obaka Neko Baka no Uta」[tl: Dumb Cat and Dumb Cat Dumb Song]



Cat looーving members, singing with all we got our love for cats♡


here, from today

RecoChoku, iTunes and other places have started sequential distribution♡










↑You can download them from here♡
[tl note: If you live in Japan]




And tonight on UpComi, you can see clips of the recording and MV and stuff too( ^ω^ )



from here♡




For the MV, it wasn’t just my home’s or Kanatomo’s home’s cats, all the UpFront staff’s Cat-chan, lots of them make an appearance ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


By all means please watch it kayy!




Not only because, “I have a special love for catsー!” it’s a very soothing song so


Everyone by all means please support us (*´◒`*)♡♡♡
















For today’s WEAR it’s the jersey look with Country・Girls’s Yamaki Risa-chan, Ozeki Mai-chan, Yanagawa Nanami-chan ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


Yamaki-chan is always tucking her clothes in on the waist, we copied that.
I think it turned into an interesting image. lol


For today’s rehearsals people were influenced by that, everyone was going tucked in. lol



Look at it KAYーーーー☆




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji










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2017-07-14 11:02:12


Soaking in the memory of yesterday now ハート(lol)






Yesterday’s pictures, I’m curently wondering which I should put up照れ



I’m full of themー!!!



You know!?



For outfits too, I wore 4 of themおねがい







First off,
I’ll put up the outfit for the 1st perfomances live corner you knowラブ
Kawaii Birthday Party Tshirt
Stylist-san arranged it for meラブラブラブ




It’s really!






Cute Self-shot partyうさぎうさぎうさぎ





lol lol




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2017-07-14 07:38:56



Yesterday it was my birthdayバースデーケーキラブラブ











Thank you yah!!??




It was a delightピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





First off you know, the looooots of
really thank you so muchえーんハート





Not frequently but…




not frequently but…





I’m a frequently worrying type (lol)




And well
still opening my blog, lots of you seeing it gets me excited!!! lol



The messages with love from everyone makes me very happy
Truly, thank you so muchラブ







For the birthday day itself, it was the birthday event!!




ハートうさぎKawaii Birthday Partyうさぎハート




It was two shows!おねがいピンクハート






This pink space was you know! It was the best! I once again felt I like it this the best! It made me realize it!


Thank you 😭❤️





During yesterday’s event,
it was so much fun
we were so doing what we want
we talked so much
we really really talked
we so blinded didn’t stop
we really stretched our time (lol)




As one would expect I reconsidered it!!!💦 lol




Everyone, did you get home properly as planned???




But you knowー! All included it was fun you know!(While saying I’m… reconsidering it… in the end I’m sorryハート)
That said, even though my absolutely exhaustingly long talk stretched our time
Everyone was smiling the whoーle time listening ot the stories, being together we were NiyaNiya grinning, 『It’s fine! Don’t worry aout the time! Yaーy』 it got like that
It was aーll aーーll just the best 😎ハートハート







for celebrating my birthday, truly thank you so much照れ














And then!
Host, Sawayaka Gorou-sanルンルン



Sawayaka-san advanced for us so,



Basically we were free the whole time!!! lol爆笑



Sawayaka-san, thank you so much!!











Birthday day pictures, I’m fuーーll on it so,
I’ll be putting it up later kayラブ




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Kawaii Birthday Party♡ Iikubo Haruna

2017-07-14 00:36:17
Theme:Iikubo Haruna







Today after work, with Maria I went to see Michishige-san’s Birthday Event〜♡



Kawaii Birthday Party (*´◒`*)














That’s right! Today 7/13 is, Michishige-san’s Birthdayーーーーー╰(*´︶`*)╯♡!!



Michishige-san, Happy Birthday☆


This year too you are loved most in the world, in the universe♡





The event, it was very very fun (*´꒳`*)


Getting ot hear lots of Michishige-san’s stories
fantastic pictures and movies playing
and the live corner was fulfilling too☆


I laughed and cried (*´◒`*)


The live corner, hearing that song I was happy! Getting to sing that together with everyone again made me happy!
I wonder if she’ll sing that cute song again huh, my prediction was on point!




Haaaaa, it was fun



And more than anything, Michishige-san, she was cute (*´꒳`*)♡!


Her voice and actions, everything maybe!!


From here on too I’m totally admiring her!




Michishige-san, once again Happy Birthday ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Have a fantastic year♡












Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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Usachan Peace Day☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2017-07-13 23:41:43
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki


Konban po v(*´∀`*)v nEmoji


Lately i haven’t had the time to blogあせる
Even though for the comments the same as always, thank you so much
Still my energy every day comes from here天使チューリップピンク


Those of you worried about my health I’m sorry
There’s so much work that I’m HeroHero exhausted音譜
There’s new things too, it’s been deep daysEmoji
It was fun ラブラブThank you so muchラブラブ



TBS-san 『Ongaku no Hi 2017』 [tl: Music Day]
Part 1   Afternoon 2:00〜 Night 9:54
Part 2   Night 11:45〜 Morning 5:00


7/15, for 14ki’s Morito Chisaki-chan
it’ll be her first performance day as Morning Musume。Emoji


By all means please watch it kayEmoji




And today, Hello!Pro senpai
Mano Erina-san is performing in a playEmoji
「Boku datte Hiーroー ni Naritakatta」 [tl: For me, I wanted to be a hero]
With Kudou Haruka-chan I got to go to the theater to see itEmoji
I was really impressedEmojiEmoji


Tanaka Kei-san acting as 「Masayoshi」-sanEmoji
And mano-chan acting as 「Mako」-sanEmoji


It can’t be expressed in words, that’s how impressive, how much I laughed, the sight of the power of people and growth,
and even when it felt painful, there was lots of that drew me in!


For Mano-chan she’s the only female in the cast but she was pretty, KiraKira sparkling, gallant, and coolEmoji


Aa〜 I admire itキラキラ That’s how I felt.


There’s lots of words tthat pierced into the current Mizuki too
And the play sets and directionEmojiEmoji


All kinds of imaginations grew from my headEmoji


Haa〜I want to go see it once more!
I’m gonna end up pre-ordering the DVD huh〜♪


Sheesh each and every movement and chat, was nothing but a 2 hour time being impressedEmoji


It made me really energeticEmojiEmoji
All the cast, for the fantastic time, thank you so muchEmoji




An announcement for everyone〜EmojiEmoji
7/15 release Fukumura Mizuki Photobook 『 Hatachi 』 Release Commemoration Fukumura Mizuki Handshake event has been scheduledEmojiEmoji
Venue: Shosen Grande (Jinbochou)
Date: 7/18(Tues) 19:00~


Those of you reserving the photobook at Shosen Grande, it comes with an event participation ticket
By all means please come♪





EmojiMichishige Sayumi-sanEmoji
Happy BirthdayEmoji


Getting to celebrate 2 years worth with everyone was happinessEmoji


I got to invite Michishige-san, next time let’s go to lunch〜EmojiEmoji





An announcement regarding Tsubaki Factory’s Asakura Kiki



An announcement regarding Angerme’s Aikawa Maho



An announcement regarding Kobushi Factory’s Ogawa Rena






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