Photo Technique Digital


Today it’s
Foto Tekkunikku Dijitaru
photoshooooots with Kamei Eri-chan(*^o^*)


Just now, we were taking solo shots of Sayumi (^_^)v


It’s been a while since I took this kind of photos, I’m nervous…



The first phone pic is,
the front covers we were given by Photo Technique Digital before.
Eri’s cover and
Sayumi’s cover (^_-)


This time…………


On the cover……………


The two of us are on the cover (≧∇≦)



The second phone pic is, during the☆ Photoshoot~!(b^ー°)



photoshoot, I’m doing my best a lot!


Sayu ^ー^)人(^ー^ Eri


2010/9/20 11:42






I’ll dododo do my best!I WILL――――――――!
Sayumin!ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Today all day too…
each of us…
no, looking over my blog,
let’s go through it having fun♪♪♪♪


On this 3rd 3rd of September day, off I go(^o^)/


2010/9/20 08:16

Should I Sleep?



I went to take a bath (*^o^*)



I wonder if it sent away BouReina (lol)♪



The picture is, a two shot with Kamei Eri-chan at the end of today’s concert(^_^)v


It’s SayuEri (*^_ ’)






Yesterday‥Today‥‥doing concerts, even though my body should be fatigued,
Somehow, being sleepy…
not being sleepy…


it can’t really tellーSayumi’s insides(´;ω;`)


troubling (T_T)/


It’s an early morning tomorrow too so, I need to go to sleep early nyanyunyo~(ノд<。)


But, tomorrow got work I look forward to (≧∇≦)
I seriously am looking forward to it (^o^)/
On the contrary, I need to be careful so that I slip into a mess ★(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)



Yesterday and today’s concert were really fun~
After the concert finished all the fans were going “Morning Musume。 Saikou“←was that it?
Shouting so ethusiastically, we could really hear it(´∀`)
I was really happy(*^□^*)
All the best to everyone o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o
Ah, while we’re at it, all the best to Sayumi too (≧▼≦)



Well, It still seems like Sayumi can’t sleep though‥゜。゜。(p>∧ 

I’ve gotta put effort into sleeping so… Oyasayumi-n♪


Saying that kind of stuff, right away I’m going sleep(lol)(__;)



prーobーabーlyー( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/9/20 00:17

At Sayumi's Back…


Today’s self taken Sayumi—…





Continuing from yesterday…
In the back, a ghost(lol)


Tanaka Reina-san‥‥‥



BouReina… is drinking something!!!
(tl: Bourei = ghost)



As always with nice timing, she’s visible behind my back, BouReina ”(ノ><)ノ





aaah, What to do.
Writing in my blog, I’m sleeppppyyy.
I wonder if that’s BouReina’s curse(lol)(lol)


Curse, so that I can wash it away, I wonder if I should take a bath♪(*^o^*)(lol)


2010/9/19 23:05

Curly Curling Iron


Recently you know, I have this new “Curly Curler” I bought♪


By “Curly Curler” I mean…an crimping iron to make my hair all curly curly with spinning spinning!(b^ー°)


Actually…the other day, when we had gone to China, with the voltage difference my curly curling iron had gotten messed up (ToT)


So, in timing with the start of the new tour, I went to buy a new iron. rushrushrushrushrushrushrush ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


For a curly curler, the thickness…
Really, I wanted a thin one but,
the store Sayumi went to, only sold thick ones…


But at a time like this, Sayumi is one who can think like an adult↑↑↑


“It’s a new challenge, let’s try buying this thick one”


I thought☆
Excellent, me( ̄∀ ̄)



And, yesterday, I tried using it.




It didn’t curl……………(;_;)


As I thought, when Sayumi is curling her own hair, a thick one just doesn’t seem to agree with her (┳◇┳)


That said…
Yesterday, I borrowed a thin iron from Junjun and curled my hair―――♪


Junjun, thanks(^_^)v


ah~again I have to roam through the streets to buy a curly curling iron (°□°;)


2010/9/19 22:34

Umeboshi Dependent



氷嚢(Ice pack) placed on her head, with a ENDURANCE! pose for some reason, it’s Kamei Eri-rin…



Eri-rin, lately, seems to have been bringing large amount of umeboshi to work……


She seems to be worried about how to use it (^_^;)


Everyone, if you have a recommended umeboshi recipe, please tell me about it (≧∇≦)


Sayumi’s suggestion…


How about umeboshi fondue?!


I said it but,


it was immediately rejected(lol)



If somehow you come up with something, please let me know!(b^ー°)★





2010/9/19 22:13

Forehead, Food, Fireworks


Good Work☆


The Concert was funnnn(≧∇≦)


Since we started yesterday…
In two days we’ve done 4 performances total…


It was very exciting, very fun, and felt really joyousssヽ(´▽`)/


Everyone who came… thanks (*´∀`*)


The power from everyone is the stronger it is!!!!!♪


What can Sayumi reciprocate with too I wonder…Reciprocating.. that’s good right?


Anyway, it was a perfect explosionnnnn Yay ^ー^)人(^ー^イエイ



Well, in the end, I got wobbly—–(-人-)
But, it was fun so that’s fine★(^人^)


I sweat so much, it looked like my bangs became flavored nori seaweed,(lol)
so I put up my bangs↑↑↑
I was afraid it was gonna be unexpectedly wanted by the members and the staff-san (^_^)v



Just now I ate my mealll Well!
Dinner’s catering made into a Bentou box♪♪♪♪


The picture…it looks, like it’s a bad color, huh?(.. ;)


But, inside, the flavors were good (●^ー^●)


Gocchisousama Deshita(^m^)



Now, I’m on the way home……………




There’s a fireworks display going on(≧∇≦)






Next to Sayumi……(lol)



No, this here is honestly…seriously pretty fireworks↑
The timing is just too good on this stuff☆ヽ(▽⌒*)




These two days, no, from the dress rehearsal so three days learning…
This is like a gift from god for doing my best♪♪♪♪



Doing my best, this is the good part right?♪♪♪♪


On the way home from the concert, everyone, please be careful going home, kay?(^_-)



People at home……


watch your backs…………(lol)



There was no deeper intention to tha~t.


2010/9/19 20:56



Just now I ate baumkuchen (≧∇≦)


Ah, I say now but I should say, earlier!


Now I’m in licking some candy!


The baumkuchen, today leader Takahashi Ai-chan brought it as refreshments☆(^_-)♪



it’s very delici~ous♪
The part with nuts and sugar on it felt great(*^_ ’)


Ai-chan, thanks♪




Well, this is Sayumi who has a little time left before the second show of the concert‥‥


But always at the end, I’m rushing about at the very last moments huh………


Knowing that, I’m sitting around too,
I predict that it’ll be the same pattern again today!



Let’s look forward to the second show of the concert too, kay?(*^.^*)



ahーI’ll probably drip a lot of sweet huh…
My face, really ends up pitiful ”(ノ><)ノ


My maximum cute face I put so much work into aaaaaaaah(;∇;)/~~



Well, even if my it’s pitiful with sweat,
It’s my maximum cute face so,
It’ll just become my usual cute face so,


Well it’s fine(lol)(*^o^*)



When the base is so good like this, it’s special isn’t it?!(lol)(lol)(lol)


2010/9/19 17:12

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