Today the earmuffs for my outfit were really cuteee o(^▽^)o♪♪


They had ribbon on it!
I respond to it so strongly (≧∇≦)


The muffler was super cute too!
But I didn’t get a proper picture of it…


Leopard print bunny?Maybe. A bear?Maybe…


It was super super super cute ヽ(´▽`)/


It’s a Milk(*´∀`*)
Sayumi’s favorite Milk♪ Happy~y ^ー^)人(^ー^


2010/11/8 22:56



One the bus on the way back from Yamanashi,
I slept well \(^ー^)/


aaaah… it was fun… Yamanashi (*^o^*)


Now that it’s over, I miss it——-。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


I want to do a bus tour again.



On the bus back, I had fallen asleep before I knew it, and the cute braided hair I had was ruined!Σ(゜д゜lll)




And, my room smells stink like someone burned some mochi now(;~∧~;)


2010/11/8 19:52

Fujikyuu Highlands☆


Location shooting is finished \(^ー^)/


Today, Takahashi Aichan, Mitsui Aika-chan, and Sayumi, the three of us,
were on location at Fujikyuu Highlands~☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


It was super fun O(≧∇≦)o


But……there were some super, tragic things too (〇>_<)


Well the result made me laugh quite a lot!!
Just so much ~w(°O°)w


Anyway anyways it was fun!


Yesterday, and the day before was fun from the bus tour,
Today, was fun from Fujikyuu Highlands…
Yamanashi is the best~↑↑↑↑↑b(・∇・●) GUー☆



These 3 days went in the blink of an eye… it was fun though…


And, Mt. Fuji is amazingly pretty, it’s moving ヽ(´▽`)/



Yamanashi, thanks!


2010/11/8 17:26



Right now, we’re on location for the DVD “Morning Days”~~~~(≧∇≦)♪



Super fun~(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


But, I’m worn out(lol)
So high spirited it’s wearing me out you know(●^ー^●)!!


Now, we’re taking a break for the afternoon~(^m^)


I ate curry!


Aika eating a Sauce Katsudon★


Aichan is eating corn★


Now, I’m amazingly full!
But that’s not good~
I’m sleepy(lol)


Well once we start up again I’ll end up getting in high spirits probably though~♪(lol)☆ヽ(▽⌒*)



Well! I’ll be enjo——ying the afternoon too (*^_ ’)


Everyone else too kayー?(_´Д`)ノ~~


2010/11/8 13:50



Good Morn—ing♪


Takahashi Aichan, Mitsui Aika-chan, and Sayumi the three of us, have our first day of filming on location (≧∇≦)♪♪♪



Even though Storm girl Aichan is here (lol)、
thank goodness the weather is clear \(^ー^)/


Well, but I was lying on my stomache thoughhh(>_<) get better soon(ノ△T)


I hope there’s lots of fun stuff today!



The week has just started for everyone too!
Let’s enjoy it~~~(´∀`)


2010/11/8 09:33

Sleep Disruption


I was sleeping thoughhh


I was sleeping thoughhH


I was sleeping though———-hhhH!!



I ended up waking up(┳◇┳)


The reason…





A call from Kamei-san……


That’s right. Continuing from yesterday, I got a phone call from Kamei Eririn, that’s why I woke up (¬з¬)


And of course continuing from yesterday…….(lol)



The reason…



Nothing in particular!



oioiOiOーI o(`▽´)o






With my blanket, I’m gonna sleep sleep!




2010/11/8 00:06

Sayumi's Reading







Now, I got out of the bath, sat in a chair, dazed out and before I knew it I was sleeping in the chair(┳◇┳)



Bad huhhhh↓


Having fun and being in high spirits, might have taken a bit out of my physically (>_<)



Nocturnal Sayumi today fell asleep early again—– that’s how it feels!!! It’s not like that but it is!



Now, I fell asleep once already so, now, though I just woke up☆★



But well when Sayumi reads into the experience Sayumi’s gained over the years…


Today, it seems she can go to sleep early \(^ー^)/


2010/11/7 22:21・

Today's My Outfit check


My outfit for the second day in Yamanashi waaaaaaaaas like this ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



Shorts ヽ(´▽`)/


You guys, it seems everyone likes it(lol)(*´∀`*)


Trying to stir things up..^ー^)人(^ー^


Well lately, I’ve really been wanting to wear shorts(.. ;)
For some odd reason☆



Really today, I was wearing the shorts bare legged without the tights but,
Yamanashi is pretty cold, so the stylist lent me some tights (*^o^*)


I’m grateful m(_ _)m


Today was the breaking point to Sayumi’s cold sensativity, I got lots of help from lots of people…


Really, Sayumi put on the gloves from Aika’s outfit,
wrapped up in a blanket they gave me,
and allover using pocket heaters they gave me…


I don’t hate the cold but, I’m quite sensative to it…
I don’t not like it myself but, the pattern might be the worst, bothering those around me(lol)(┳◇┳)


2010/11/7 21:46



Today is the launch for a safely ended bus tour? the members and the staff went to Yakiniku(≧∇≦)


Everyone who came to the bus tour, you guys had lava yakiniku for lunch right?
How did it go? Was it good?!(b^ー°)



Sayumi and the others right now,
Went to ☆Gyuukaku☆!!!!


How long as it been…??
Long ago, on the way home from work, I’d often go there with mom and Tanaka Reina-chan’s family♪


It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Gyukaku, they’ve added lots of new things to the menu, I couldn’t decide what to get(*^o^*)↑



The chicken basil was delicious (^~^)
It had a very classy taste!


After that was dessert, Gyuukaku Ice cream, which even after all these years is still as delicious as ever ヽ(´▽`)/


It was just happiness (*´∀`*)


I’m fuuuull!!!


Today I’m probably gonna sleep really really well (*^□^*)


First I’m gonna brush my teeth, then take a bath,
It seems I need to emotionally get the smell of yakiniku out~(lol)


2010/11/7 20:49

Bus Tour Members


This time the bus tour was


Takahashi Ai-chan♪
Mitsui Aika-chan♪
Michishige Sayumi♪


the three of us V(^-^)V


The talk and stuff was super fun (*^_ ’)
Aika was doing well herself☆ヽ(▽⌒*) So interesting you knowー! following her example, wwwwow w(°O°)w
By being with the real thing,
following Aichan’s close strike, it’s cute(_´Д`)ノ~~ no wayー!



Being able to do it with the three of us made me happy, it was fun too!
I want to do it again, I’ve been saying (o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)



The picture is the 3 of us in front of grapes……half eaten(lol)


Or should I say, they’re mostly eaten (lol)



It’s the grapes we ate at the grape orchard.
They were deliciousー♪
The juice was amazingー!!(≧∇≦)



I still have pictures I took on the bus tour so when there’s time I’ll be putting them up yoー(^∀^)ノ


2010/11/7 18:31

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