I got out of the bath―――♪


While I was in the bath I was checking on tomorrow’s chereography and stuff with my portable DVD player(o^∀^o)


Two birds with one stone (^_^)v



Now, I’m going to dancing to a song in the living room, then sleep★


Sleepy sleepy…Anyway, I’m sleepy(lol)←So sleepy



In 2,3 minutes “Aimaina!” starts.
Really check it out★
Sayu will go to sleep while watching it~.


While watching it…
not really, I’ll got to sleep properly after watching it♪♪♪♪♪♪♪←No confidence in that…



Looking forward to “Aimaina!”(lol)




2010/8/7 02:19



During the aimai! (time) for today’s “Aimaina!” recording…



With my iPod I checked up on tomorrow and the day after’s concert★
Good use of time…right?(^_-)


But conversely, having new things I don’t know come at me, I’m extra uneasy…


Now I really gotta do my best!!!!



Please cheer me on!(>_<)




It’s probably inevitable.
Right now I feel like I’m gonna cry(lol)




Tomorrow morning’s coming quick~!
But I’m gonna ride this feeling like I’m cornered wave!
Surfing Sayu-★o(`▽´)o



Oooh. That feels like it’s going well-( ̄∀ ̄)



Ah that’s right★ Today at, 26:20~26:50
People who can see it, really! watch it, k?(≧∇≦)


2010/8/7 01:20

Daytime Me





From behind it……………




Yup. Good afternoonー(^_^)v



It’s Boss Michishige entering-on-stage(lol)



This afternoon, it was this style of me that I missed.
Or rather, me during the day, was so at ease I’m jealous(lol)



The Sayumi right at this moment…


Checking up on tomorrow, prepping, needing to take a bath, being hungry, ohhhhh myyyyyy.


I’ve gotten over the weight limit o(`▽´)o


2010/8/7 00:24



is doneeee!!




Today was somewhat all over too!


But, it was really fun(o^∀^o)


Zakiyama-san is the best you know?♪Seriously for real I’m really into Zakiyama-san’s bits!!



From one thing to another, he’s able to bob around with his speech, it’s really amazing★


Could he not be so charged up??



I laughed a lot(≧∇≦)



Well well. It’s not necessary to talk about just the fun stuff!



Tomorrow!Live show!It’s final check time(゜∇゜)


Hurry, get home!
Super Driver-san. I’m counting on you★


2010/8/7 00:04

Little Growth↑


Right now today is “Aimaina!” r e c o r d i n g☆(^_^)v


Just now I took this shot with a V ( ̄∀ ̄)




Of course, as a entertainers, everyone is wonderful(≧∇≦)!!!!


In terms of dressing rooms, we have all the girls together,
First MC Yaguchi Mari,
Ogura Yuko-san
Komori Jun-san,
Oshima Mai-san,
(Osawa Akane-san is on maternity leave☆)


The dressing room is quite, dazzling――――♪♪♪♪


It really is amazing☆
It’s so distracting (゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)


Staring staring(=゜-゜)(=。_。)


Sayumi isn’t calming down.
No, rather, I’m shaking so much I can’t move(」゜□゜)」


Oh my my ( ̄∀ ̄)


But, in the dressing room I was about to take a picture of myself without caring about it,
have I grown some?———↑↑↑↑(^_^)


My first shot, the picture on my phone were all dark, I couldn’t show them‥.


Sayumi’s shyness might have been really bad―…(lol)



That being said, this is proof of Sayumi’s growth!
I’ve reached the point where I can take pictures of myself there☆
The dark blue ribbon band is cute, huh? (*^o^*)


2010/8/6 20:03



Today, before YoungTown,
Takahashi Ai-chan and I went to eat lunch(*^o^*)


ate Oyako chicken egg bowl☆ and、sticky udon☆ (^o^)/


Ah, the sticky udon I split with Takahashi Ai-chan(o^∀^o)
Since lunch for the two of us, was 1.5 portions each, we were super↑energeticッo(`▽´)o
Thanks to that we were able to have Kyakyakya fun with the radio show too♪♪♪



Goshisousama deshita~


Looking back on this lunch time, makes me hungry(;_;)


What will I do for dinner(lol)


I feel like eating green onion!


2010/8/6 19:06

Growth Period?


The radio show is overrr(^o^)/



♪♪Youngtown Saturday♪♪
On MBS!!!!


With me as always is Takahashi Ai-chan.
And today, we also had Morning Musume。OG, Yoshizawa Hitomi-san (^_^)v



Yoshizawa-san, always shows up on the radio as a invigorating girl!
Akashiya Sanma-san always points out clothes so, it seems like he’s paying attention to our appearance!!←like we’re young ladies



Sayumi was told today, “You chest’s gotten big hasn’t it?” by Sanma-san.









You get what he means?



I got it. I…














got fat!!!!!



Sanma-san can’t say things like you’ve gotten fat(・o・)ノ


So, even normally, even though his nickname is boss, I can’t tell if he can say anything beyond that(lol)


Even then…Sanma-san…


that was quite sharp (゜∇゜)


Otherwise, even if I got fat overall, to be eye’ing my chest Sanma-san………………



What’s going on?(lol)




Being forever young is great(*^o^*) huh?!


2010/8/6 18:01

Good Friends★


In the room next to me when I was getting make-up was Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako(≧∇≦)


I want to see Risako-chan!


I had thought that and,
By chance I bumped into Risako-chan at the eating area★


Lucky Lucky(*^▽^)/
Of course Sayumi and Risako are destined to cross pathes (*^o^*)



She gladly took a two shot with me too(^_^)v Thanks thanks.
Today Risako-chan’s cute too♪


Risako-chan goes,
“We’re good friends eh? the two of us”
to me~(o^∀^o)



At that moment I had no idea how to express my happiness, so I had looked rather unhappy(・_・;) or, I had forgotten the how to form a reaction for my happiness…(lol)


Though I really was really happy—-O(≧∇≦)o



Risako-chan, thank you~♪


2010/8/6 14:20



Rehearsal is over…I’m getting make-up put on(^_^)v


I’ve gotten cute huh?…♪



Well, it’s cause I’m good originally too~





Once again, Make-up is amazing★
To make me face even more cute, with just make-up you can change mood and tension,
make-up is great!!



Sayumi wrote back when she was in elementary school,
“Girls are great. Cause they have a reason to wear lipstick,”
I remember writing that★(^_-)


Not gloss, I wrote lipstick, that’s kinda old fashion(lol)



Make-up, makes me happy,
Make-up, thanks for existing!


2010/8/6 13:23




Yesterday, when I removed this pink hairband from my hair,
It was especially horrible to my bangssss (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


I was like a “Saiajin (Saiyan)”(lol)
It’s Saia………ku (The worst)(lol)



I took a picture of the “Sayuajin” but, I have no intention of showing it so…
this picture is somehow misrepresenting it instead!!(lol)



Pupupu ε=(>ε<*) pu☆



Yuuup↑Well, Sayumi’s been dancing round n’ roundpa all morning~~☆
This time on the TV is the rehearsal for the songs I’m singing!


2010/8/6 11:20

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