Right now you know, we’re in transport, I was looking at Tanakacchi’s(lol) blog.


“The Bonds of the 6th Gen”


This one.


What’s that?


I’m frustrated.


I’m so frustrated I’m crying.


In transport, she made me cry (;_;)


In the Live’s 6th gen MC,
The 3 of us (Eri, Reina, Sayumi) talked about the time we met.


Fujimoto Miki-sama was there at the time (lol)☆



That MC, after we talked about the three of us meeting, our singing of “Ookii Hitomi” was awesome.


I was impressed!


When we met, the 3 of us thus, hadn’t heard anyone else’s songs, just the 3 of us, An original song the 3 of us could sing, it was unexpected so, it felt quite deep.
Three scattered people but, somehow we had good balance,
The 3 of us were just doing stupid things, each of us suprisingly had our own froward intentions,
As the three of us, were didn’t really collect together but, now the three of us here are amazingly comfortable with each other…


It’s kinda amazing, somehow right?
Amazing somehow…


Reina at the last MC said, “I’m glad I’m a 6th gen.”
Sayumi thinks so too. Thinks so all the time.


I’m glad I’m 6th gen.


It’d be no good if it wasn’t the 6th gen (>_<)



And Eri at the last MC said, “I’m glad I’m named Eri.”


Sayumi thinks so too. I think that from the bottom of my heart, like 20,000 miles deep.


I’m glad Eri is Eri☆


It’d be no good if Eri wasn’t Eri (>_<)


The three of us, we’re rather private, we don’t really hang out as all 3 of us,
And the time we’re in the dressing room basically the 3 of us, it’s comparatively small.


But that doesn’t mean were’s on bad terms…Just what am I saying?


That’s the 6th gen.


We probably aren’t changing from here either♪



This really scatter sense of us,
whether we’re unbalanced or if our balance is good, I’m really not sure but,
There’s nothing to be scared of when the 3 of us are together (≧∇≦)


That’s how we are.


The picture, isn’t from today but…
Eririn & Reina♪
Sayumi’s generation mates(*^o^*)



Well Everyone!
6th gen’s the best~! Don’t you just feel like shouting it??


Shout it out!










Ahh that’s not it right? (lol)


Well it’s not wrong is it?!
Mikitty is also a 6th gen that’s why(lol)



Try again,


6th gen’s the best―――――――――――――――――!




2010/10/23 23:04

My Pace People.


The pictures, are from the corridor in front of the dressing room when we finished the first live today―――――♪


Eri frantically saying at the end of the performance, “OtsukareYAMA~” was embarrassing, she explained the story there!(lol)


Why Eri is frantically rationalizing like that, next to her unmindfully emersing herself in the fruit is Linlin♪(lol)


And, talky girl Eri’s it was embarassing~episode explanation seemed to go on forever‥‥‥‥‥(->_<-)


And frantically(lol)



And then, Tanaka Reina-chan appeared there!
In her hand, is bread!!! and, butter☆


Reina really like’s bread you know~(≧∇≦)


Somehow these three, seeing them all seriously going at their own pace was funny!(@゜▽゜@)


In the end, no one was listening to Eri’s story so after Sayumi listened to it (-ω-)


Sayumi, you’re niceー(//∀//)♪


2010/10/23 22:29



Now, on the bus, it’s dinner(≧∇≦)


It’s Hiroshimayaki~♪


I love Hiroshimayaki so, I was excited (^_-)


At my favorite yaki restaurant in my hometown, Yamaguchi prefecture, I would often eat Hiroshimayaki,
When on a field trip, I’d go out of my way in Hiroshima too,
and eat Hiroshimayaki (‘o‘)ノ






Hiroshimayaki and Okonomiyaki are different, there’s noodles inside☆


I’ve said it countless times but, it’s delicious (^~^)


For dessert, I ended up eating at most 2 Koshian mochi (o^∀^o)


And Ai-chan’s (lol)


Just scarfed them!(lol)



Ha~, being so delicious it’s happiness \(^ー^)/


Thanks! Very Much!


2010/10/23 21:57



Hiroshima Concerts♪♪♪


Finished with no issues (≧∇≦)


It was super fun o(^-^)o Sayumi!!


It felt joyous☆


I could clearly see the 2nd level seats!


Everyone’s wonderful smiles!




The pictures is after the concert finished,
with my neighors sitting next to me in the dressing room,
Kamei Eririn and Junjun♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


Even though we already took off oour make-upー↓


Well even if our make-up is off, fundamentally, we’re cute(lol)(*^o^*)


I already said it once!
The live, was fun~!
And, I’ll say this for the first time!
Everyone, I love you~!


2010/10/23 21:15



The first concert in Hiroshima is over (≧∇≦)


ah~it was fun☆


I should say, well,
At the very last get together for all the members,
each time, we take turns during the performances, which members does the final remaining speech but…
This time, Kamei Eririn was in charge of it!
Before the actual performance Eri was saying,
“Embarassing embarassing,”
she kept saying it,
“Sayu do the remaining part with me~”
she told me,
being next to Eri first off,
last time we had gotten together,
she grabbed my hand with a crash, for some reason she took Sayumi’s mic,




just a single word (lol)


It was funny it was☆


Since it was a gathering too, she’s repeating, “Embarassing embarassing” (lol)


No no, what you’re doing up till now was more embarassing, you!


I thought (lol)



The performance over, we were eating grapes anyway!


A bunch, Eri pretty much ate it all on her own (lol)


She cracks me up(^w^)


2010/10/23 17:52



Today, we have concerts in Hiroshima but wel~l.


Sayumi’s hometown, Yamaguchi prefecture, is close by(^O^)


Well, whenever we have lives in Hiroshima,
even though this time Sayumi calls her good friends who were there when her live changed in middle school,


This time, she forget and,
earlier when she realized it,
she phoned,
and when my friend came on the phone,
“Today do you have any free time? Come to Hiroshima!You’ll come right?”
Sayumi said (lol)


“You gotta tell me at least 3 days early! On this day, I can’t take off work!”
I was told(┳◇┳)




Shock↓ Surely if I had said something earlier it’d be fine・Why’d you forget you!ーp(´⌒`q)


Well that said, with the outcome from Sayumi’s beloved friends, it’s an unfortunate pattern but…


Let’s have a fun live despite the frustration over my friendsー(≧∇≦)


Somehow, even though it’s only been a week, it feels like it’s been awhile since we had lives☆
I’m looking forward to it\(^ー^)/


2010/10/23 14:36



Now, we’ve already landed in Hiroshima (o^∀^o)


And, going at a steady pace, we’re done with rehearsal too…


Now, it’s lunch time(≧∇≦)


Lunch has this kind of feeling to it!


I’m happily thinking of bitter melon chanpuru♪




Somehow or another we’ve realized it but…
Today’s concerts.


Look forward to it \(^ー^)/


Let’s spend some hot hot time!(b^ー°)


2010/10/23 13:40

Genki Kid


♪Good Morning☆


I got up early but, I ate steadily, then slept again I did (lol)
By the way, today’s breakfast was…




Potato Salad!(b^ー°)


More over, it’s rare PoteSala!


Mushroom PoteSala~


Lately it seems to gotten cold all of a sudden, and though it feels like fall…
PoteSala, it follows with fall huh~(*^o^*)


In fall, mushrooms are delicious that’s why~(^~^)


Long ago there was this, “Mushroom-room~room Genki-kid♪” CM, I liked it \(^ー^)/
It was popular in school o(`▽´)o


I ate these genki-kids, today I’ll do my best cheerfully thoughout the day too~(´∀`)♪



Everyone too, let’s eat seasonal foods~(*^□^*)


2010/10/23 07:25



In this night tonight, how are you spending your time?



Sayumi is…


Tomorrow in Hiroshima.
And with a stopover,
the day after in Fukuoka.


That’s how it is (^_-)


I’m making an effort to prepare for the stopover o(`▽´)o


Not, I’m pressed for time o(`▽´)o


In particular, even though it hasn’t been that long since we’ve had a stopover for the lives,
what I need to take with me worries me everytime <(´△`;)>


Just what does it?



Is it cause Sayumi’s an idiot?(┳◇┳)



Just how much time would it take to prepare? Sayumi predicted 10 minutes or so maybe…


Then today, Sayumi, not drying off from the cleaning up, cleaned up (a quick bath),


Not doing anything unnecessary, I’ll go to sleep in a hurryー(*^o^*)


I ended up sleeping earlier so I’m a bit worried about if I can get to sleep but…
I’ll sleep on time☆☆☆


Everyone else too kay?(^_-)





Take care to see it…八(´∀`*)


2010/10/23 01:04

Regular Costumer


Today at the sushi restaurant we went to, we ate some side dishes too (*^o^*)


The pictures are.
Sablefish Nishikyou fry♪♪
it was delicious (⌒~⌒)


after, ぁと、what else shall we eat?~ my mom said,
a regular customer sitting next to us jumped in,
“I recommend this mushroom Tempura~”
they suggested to so,
“Well with a recommendation!”
we said,
and ate the mushroom Tempura(≧∇≦)
With just a reccomendation,
it was delicious (o^~^o)



Or rahter, it seems like this regular customer really comes by often,
they were saying they were coming everyday this week \(^ー^)/




Coming there like that, it must already seem like home (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


2010/10/23 00:45

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