Heartwarming Story


It’s a two shot with Gakisan (^_^)v



Sayumi, on my face-ahh no wayーー(>_<)(lol)




Today you know,
For the first time this year, I had my hair in twin tailsーV(^-^)V
It’s the year of the bunny♪↑


I have no idea about picture so,
if I want to look at it
I can look back at this blog entry and takeーaーlookー?( ̄∀ ̄)



I’m looking at the footage taken of today’s live (o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


Now, Mano Erina-chan’s
singing energetic energetically♪♪



Manoeri has, a face, similar to Sayumi I’ve been told.



Today before the show, some rubbish flew into Sayumi’s left eye, it hurt and,
Manoeri asked, “Are you ok?”.


And during the show, Manoeri got trash in her left eye that hurt and,


Sayumi asked, “You ok?”.




Somehow we’re the same.
Somehow it felt like fate…o(^▽^)o



That’s it, the heartwarming story!




2011/1/6 00:45

Red Sweet-Bean


Yesterday you know,
Morning Musume。’s new member,
Suzuki Kanon-chan(In the full group picture, she’s in the top row, 2nd from the left♪) said、


“Michishige-san! I want to give something to you but, is it ok if I come to your dressing room after for it?”


that’s what she said.


It was the first time I had a conversation this close with Kanon-chan but,
I was surprised she talked so quickly☆



“Mmhmm, that’s totally fine, come to the dressing room after,”


I said,
She gave Sayumi this!


“Red Sweet-bean sandwiches”


biscuit candies☆☆☆☆☆


“Everyone can have it,”


She said so, all the members ate it.


It was so extremely yummy☆
I couldn’t stop I ate like 5 pieces (^_^)v


Kanon-chan, thanks♪



Kanon-chan’s smile, is comforting you know ヽ(´▽`)/




Still we haven’t really gotten to talk with Kanon-chan, and of course, the other members as well so, I want to try talking with them soonnnn (^人^)


2011/1/5 23:36

Sayumi's DaiSukichan!


You know, Today I asked S/mileage’s manager,
“Can I please have S/mileage DVD and Album?”
I asked really hard,
Staff told me
“Talk to S/mileage themselves,”
in response!
S/mileage was there but,
It’s embarassing though, Sayumi has really made eye contact with S/mileage(∋_∈)


Really, my beloved idols, S/mileage were right before my eyes but…
well, staring at them straight in the eye, that’s just bad (*^o^*)
what would I end up saying (lol)



Of course, when they aren’t noticing,
Sayumi has the most fun gazing at them from farrr away!



well I think. When S/mileage wre live on stage singing their new song, “Shootokatto (Shortcut)”, I’d staring from the sleeves but….



The staff said,
“During Shortcut, Michishige, is watching S/mileage like she want to eat them,”
and then、


Wada Ayaka-chan,
“I noticed!(grinning)”




She noticed!


And, she wouldn’t stop grinning.
It’s so cute (>_<)!!



S/mileage is really cute!


2011/1/5 22:38

First Day☆




The live is overrr☆♪↑


Today it’s a different version from what we’ve done up to yesterday so


it was the first day \(^ー^)/



I was supersupersupersupersupersupersupersupersuper


For Morning Musume。 there are at least 2 songs we’re doing for the first time(≧∇≦)


It’s very nerve wrecking, so bad (∋_∈)



For now, for now, at least somehow somehow we finished!



Moreover Sayumi got praise from Tsunku-san!






I’m happy you know.
Now that I’m relieved I’m hungry.



I’m going to eat.


2011/1/5 21:30

Voice isss


We’ve arrived in Tokyo \(^ー^)/



Haa… my voice won’t come out (;_;)



AhーNo Goodー.
I’ve hit my limitー(>_<)


But after hitting my limit, there’s only getting better!Isn’t that right?


Please get better quickly (∋_∈)


Like this I’m off to work with everyone♪


For now, today’s work isn’t work I need my voice for thank goodness (*^o^*)
I’m saved (;∇;)/~~Ho



Everyone please be plenty careful about catching a cold too!


Pain and severity is sad (;_;)


Health First, being in poor health now, it’s been on my mind extra (;_;)



The pic is from this morning at the hotel―――♪


I’ve had too many throat lozenges, my body is all spacyー( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/11/22 12:28

To Chestnut-chan


Good Morning―♪(^-^*)/♪♪





I feel great but…
My throat hurts(>_<)


When I went to sleep too, and the countless times I woke up in pain↓↓↓↓


Even though I’m sleepy it hurts゛..(∋_∈)


This kind of living hell like state is harsh (≧ω≦)


Yesterday I took medicine too..


Heal quicklyー。



In Sayumi’s throat, is a chestnut-chan! Quickly break apart――――――――\(^ー^)/
And don’t come back again―――――――― V(^-^)V


2010/11/22 08:42

Best Day


I went to take a bath V(^-^)V


Today you know. Lives were super fun, the launch was super fun, the yakiniku was delicious, sore throat unexpected (tl: she kanji typo’d I think she meant aside), it was a perfect day ヽ(´▽`)/


Cause my throat hurt, while I knew I couldn’t use my voice much, there was lots of fun and I laughed lots (*´∀`*)



Fun is extremely wonderful ー^ー^)人(^ー^


I easily throw around the word fun but,


Fun times are extremely valuable you know.


These precious fun times, being able to have them makes Sayumi happy down in her heart (o>ω 


Being able to laugh lots with the people I love, that really was the best day.


Thanks. To the people who gather with me. To the people who support me. Thanks.



AhーSomehow Sayumi right now is flooding (lol)


So muchー(┳◇┳)


This-kind- of day happens only once in awhile (-.-;)


The pattern is that it’ll be embarassing to look back at this day’s diary entry later!(lol)



Can’t be helped. It’s Sayumi’s current feelings that’s why♪


Again Sayumi is glad she has a place to convey her feelings. Thank goodness for the blog. Thank goodness you are here to read it. I’m grateful. As I said, I’m giving you my thanks.




2010/11/22 02:03



Today, with the concert finished,
We launched off.


With everyone♪ to eat Yakiniku (≧ε≦)


It was yummy.


When your throat hurts, I hear meat is good for it.



That said, so much I’d die…no, I don’t want to die so, I’ll consume meat, so much that I’ll be on the verge of death (≧∇≦)




Greatly Satisfied.


Yummy, fun, I had the best time V(^-^)V



I love everyone,


I love meat!!


2010/11/22 00:03

Sayu Forehead


Concert is overrr o(`▽´)o♪♪♪


Super super super super super super super fun \(^ー^)/




It was bad my throat hurt, even now it’s hitting but…
I’ve gotten over it~V(^-^)V



The time meeting everyone was so fun I forgot about the pain in my throat too!




Everyone, really thanks-thanks-thanks.



My bangs have gotten long so I put them up (≧ε≦)


What do you think?(>_<) I have no confidence about itー(lol)



Whether to cut my bangs or not, really, I’m stressing…………(┳◇┳)


Well whatevers.


Life is surely whatever works with loss/gain~♪


So, whatever happens happens right? (lol)


2010/11/21 21:31

First Time in My Life


Braiding Myself Success♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪



…Challenge done!!



WooHOOO o(`▽´)o



Sayumi’s speed growing up is oozing spirit (≧ε≦)


Well, I’m off to the concert’s first show,



Of course, with braided hair♪♪♪♪\(^ー^)/


2010/11/21 14:58

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