Last night…


Good Morn~ing (^-^*)/



Everyone going good today too!?





yesterday, after Eririn left Sayumi’s house…


had to put all the DVD and photobooks she showed off to Eri back in their original place, it took a very long time (ρ°∩°)


Well, while I was tidying up, I ended up looking thought the photobooks again that’s why ( ̄∀ ̄)


After that, I did the surveys for work but・・・



mm~hmm…it’s hard <(´△`;)>


It’s Sayumi difficult battle (>_<)


I thought about it a lot but,
Last night, what I ended up with was…



First I’ll sleep a bit!



That’s what it was (lol)



If I do it a bit, it’ll calm my mind and I might be able to do the surveys well?


“well, after I’ve slept I’ll have hope…Oyasaymin.” that’s what I did (lol)




And so now―――――♪


I’ll fill in the surveys!!!


Since I slept, I have full brain power \(^ー^)/


2010/8/27 10:20



Today, KameEri was at my house, Kamei Eri-chan came to hang out,


we watched the Berryz Koubou Live DVD together♪♪♪



aahーcute (o^∀^o)



After we look over other idol DVDs Sayumi recommended and photobooks and stuff, it was fun o(`▽´)o



Even though Sayumi was just showing off the things she had to Eri,


somehow, it had ended up feeling like she was showing the children of her own labor,


I was doing it proudly (lol)



Cute kids, really cute ヽ(´▽`)/



That includes Sayumi though, right? (*´∀`*)(lol)


Sine in this world, there’s a lot of cute kids…




Ah, right now, they’re doing 9th gen auditioning for Morning Musume。 so…


Of course they’ll be confident girls saying. “I’m cute!”☆


Modest girls saying “I still have a long way to go,” as well←In that case, extremely cute (.. ;)




Certainly apply please, k?♪




10~17 year old girls(`∀´)!


2010/8/26 23:28

Getting Happy~Laughin'


After eating ramen, Eri can over to Sayumi’s house to hang out~(≧∇≦)


Eri and I,
Looked at old purikuri albums, and laughed out loud (lol)


“We were young huhー”


She was saying…


“Eri you changed, huh, gro~~ss”
When I said that, somehow we ended up laughing a super lot~、


It was an uproar!



aaah~Fun times♪




2010/8/26 21:42

Reason It's Hot.


Today, I went with Kamei Eri-chan,




to eat ramen\(^ー^)/



It’s hot↑


So baaa~d☆


It’s delicious(lol)



Eri said a couple days ago,



“I want to eat ramen,”


She kept saying it, she really wanted ramen (lol)



She really wanted it so much, we were all pumped up for it♪♪♪


I don’t remember us saying anything else other than it’s delicious (lol)



Right now it’s silly, but at the time we were having so much fun(≧∇≦)


2010/8/26 19:22

Yesterday's My Outfit Check




it’s jeans & a T-shirt☆



This T-shirt was,


given to me for my birthday this year by Takahashi Ai-chan~(≧∇≦)



That morning, when I was talking with Ai-chan,
She saw the T-shirt,
she pointed at it, seeming so happy, Sayumi was also happy O(≧∇≦)o



Ai-chan has a good fashion sense that’s why(^_-)


This T-shirt also isn’t just somekind of T-shirt,
the shape is A-line? is that what it’s called??
Well, it seems to have the shape of a tower, it’s stylish!(b^ー°)



More shho, the design is kyuteー!


It’s a strawberry short cake!!





I’m hungry (lol)


2010/8/26 16:27



Dance Lesson finished very easily~


What’s this? \(^ー^)/



Sayumi and everyone, were perfectly prepared!!





Our dance lesson over, its a shot with sweat dripping Mitsui Aika-chan♪



It’s hooot huh?♪♪



From here we’ll be going somewhere that’ll get hotter↑


With who, and where are you goin~g?(o^∀^o)


2010/8/26 14:22

3D Ambassadors


This is a picture from yesterday it is.


It’s Sayumi and the other members appointed as 3D ambassadors☆


It’s a picture from the press conference~!(b^ー°)


These 3D ambassador sash matches the colors of Sayumi’s outfit exactly (≧∇≦)






So, Morning Musume。 are 3D Ambassadors but, but among us Sayumi is the number 1 3D Ambassador you know?☆ヽ(▽⌒*)(笑)



3D Ambassador Morning Musume。 from here on please treat us well too 八(´∀`*)



At any rate, today’s hot huh.


Yesterday the press conference was outside but it was hot (;´д`)



More so it’s still going, today’s hoo-t too!


Everyone, becareful of heatstroke!


It being hot is bad but, I won’t forget to get fired up …(*^o^*)





At the dance lesson, I’m going to go dance around fired up☆


2010/8/26 11:51



Good morning☆



Last night, while I was sleeping I couldn’t stop hiccuping…



I really had a hard time sleepinggggg (∋_∈)



Though I was sleep, the hiccups would wake me up, it was the worst (┳◇┳)



After that, Junjun appeared in my dreams (^_-)



3 minutes ago I remembered what it was about but, now!
I forgot(T_T)



ehh~h(;_;)seriously it’s frustrating…




You, what were you doing in Sayumi’s dream!?(lol)



Well, today we have dance lessons so, since the morning I’ll be watching the video, it’s check time☆


2010/8/26 10:20

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