Single launch celebration event↑↑↑↑


First show is overrrrr (≧∇≦)


The first show was girls only ☆


It was really fun (o^∀^o)


Girl power is amazing too, you know?♪


When I saw everyone closely at the handshake event,
Everyone’s outfits were stylish, they were cute, somehow I felt moved♪


The people who were wearing our T-shirts and copying our outifts were also quite moving♪♪


Everyone, thanks (*^o^*)



I’m looking forward to the second show too ー(≧∇≦)


For the second show, men or women… and people who are not men or women as well♪
can participateー\(^ー^)/


Lookin’ forward to it ☆
2010/7/10 15:22

My Outfit Check

Well my one piece dress has this kind of feeling to it♪
Flower patterns♪♪♪



I should say, Manager-san…


You took the shot from too low eh(≧∇≦)
I look like I have really long legs \(^ー^)/



That said, just in case we took another shot (^_^)v


Once again the magic of photos is amazing!!
That is, the cute pictures mails I take myself normally are too right…?


aHaha☆Sayumi’s blog is totally magic~(lol)


No、I already had the cuteness originally that’s why we could do this technique(lol)!!

2010/7/10 13:34

Box meal

I aaaaate breakfast (and) lunch↑↑↑



The fried eggs were delicious (o^~^o)


I’m so full (≧∇≦) Gochisousama☆


Today, the dressing room is…the dressing is…


cold {{(>_<;)}}



I’m doing my best to keep putting on my make up~~
After that!
It’s offish-sushi to rehearsal♪♪♪♪♪♪♪(lol)


Today Sayumi,
feels like her body needs some citric acid!


I’ll Suck-out Citric Acid ~~(Send some over~~)!!!


I’ m bored, you know?
Cit~~ris (Need~~this (hungry))(;_;)

2010/7/10 11:34




eh it’s morning already!?
So fast♪~θ(^0^ )


I totally want to sleep more…


Buut, today’s the single launch celebration eventッ(≧∇≦) in Osaka☆
Banzai !!!\(^ー^)/


Right now we’re on the move!
ah~the anticipation!!
I can sleep (⌒~⌒)
I’m jealous of the me that’s going to be sleeping so many minutes from now (o>ω 



Well then☆
People who are coming to the event!
People who unfortunately loss the lottery and can’t come (;_;)
People who aren’t even thinking about coming anywhere close(lol)



Today, let’s have fun(*/ω\*)

2010/7/10 07:13

Able to sleepー!

Oh no Oh no Of course Oh~~



I’m seriously so tired!
In the bath, my head wobbled this way and that way(-_-メ)






Tomorrow ‘s the sIngle launch event in Osaka♪
Look forward to it♪~θ(^0^ )



ahh I can go to sleep!In 15 seconds I’ll be in my dreams♪♪


Oyasayumin ヾ(´~`)ゞ


All right. With this it’ll be 10 seconds till I’m in my dreams…………………………



2010/7/10 02:26

Can't Get Up

It feels so nice on this futon mattress my mom dragged out for me in the living room, I caaaan’t get up (>_<)


But I need to go take a bath (ノ△T)


What should I do?



I have no idea what to do so In an e-mail I consulted with Kamei Eri-chan, “I’m so sleepy, I can’t move,”


“It’ll be fine, you can crawl around,”
her response came.



Ohhh nice advice!



… as if, no way that would work!



If I had the strength to crawl around I’d be able to stand up!!(lol)



Ahh. Coming up is “Aimaina!” 25:40~26:10
Watch it, kay~?

2010/7/10 01:11


From the moment I got home!!!!!!!!!



This is bad…


So Sleepy…



Really bad…





But I have to prepare for tomorrow in Osaka. That said, it’s been spinning in my head, worrying me a lot so,
at a time like this I can’t be sunk that easily. \(^ー^)/


Sinking Sayumi!


(My antonym of sinking is shoot-up. The reading is, Gekiuwa. Occasionally, Gekiu.)




I’ll do my best~(^_^)v Going to take a bath~~V(^-^)V

2010/7/10 00:25


ooWow ッw(°O°)w


We continued practicing till around this time (○>_<)


Sheesh~I’m already confused in the head (οдО;)


Even now I’m mentally disoriented。。。



Uwha Uwhaha b(・∇・●)


First off tomorrow we’ll be in Osaka, so I have to hurry home and prepare!(b^ー°)


The picture is with Berryz Koubou Risako-chan.
Today we had rehearsal together ☆★☆


Risako-chan is also in the same state of confusion as Sayumi…(lol)
The two of us were encouraging each other↑^ー^)人(^ー^



At that time I gave Risako-chan a souvenior from France, you can’t imagine how happy she was ↑↑↑↑


Why are you so happy, is this what happens when you give things?…I thought about it(-人-)
I’m so glad I bought lots of things to give to people っ(^人^)


That’s the kind of thing that makes people happy (.. ;)


The strap I gave her, immediately went on to her cell phone,
Risako-chan is so straight forward, it’s cute (´∀`)


I like today even more (*^□^*)



She said a line from a song just for Sayumi o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o← in my wild imaginationWW

2010/7/10 00:02

Full Full

We’re right in the middle of Hello!Rehearsal.


Right now another units rehearsing so Sayumi is on break (*^o^*)



But, from here on out the rehearsal and the dancing and the singing is hard(>_<) Before this, I was preparing while watching the videos but, My brain's so full full so, I came to write on my blog!↑


Blogging calms me down (*^o^*)♪
After I write on my blog I’ll go prepare again.!


Today we’ll be going well into the night so, I have to focus and do my best



The photo is with Tokyo Rusk-san ☆
Sayumi’s favorite black sesame seed flavor (≧∇≦)


But I put it careless in me in my bag and, crunchcrunch they got crushed p(´⌒`q)


Oh well it has no effect on the taste and, it’ll be together in my stomach(lol)


Eating the rusk, then I’ll do my best♪~θ(^0^ )

2010/7/9 20:11


The radio show is done!
The recording for “MBS Youngtown Saturday”☆


This is me with Ai-chan after we finished recording (≧∇≦)



Okay, yesterday…
before going to the beauty parlor I did a bit of shopping and,
There was this toy?figure??from Final Fantasy, which Ai-chan likes so, I got it for her♪


She was happy to get it.
Thank goodness o(^-^)o


I had thought Ai-chan really like’s Final Fantasy but, is it just the game and she doesn’t care for things like figures?but,


She was really happy to get it、
she told me she placed it beside her TV ─(≧∇≦)
I’m so happy O(≧∇≦)o


When I took this photo she had the figure,
Somehow…somehow…I really don’t know how but, being able to be just a small part of Ai-chan’s life makes me happy(*^o^*)。。



More so Sayumi’s one piece dress today is the one I got from Ai-chan♪♪♪♪
It feels like a fair trade?♪(^_-)


Well, but with the splashes from the curry udon lunch………


Aichan said to me,
“You’re wearing it again, I’m so glad…………………(having found the curry on it) but, it’s dirty!”



Ah, this picture, it was cold in the studio so I was wearing the jersey I had brought with me for rehearsal afterwards (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Well then, now it’s rehearsal!
Off I mash☆☆potato☆

2010/7/9 17:59

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