Afternoon Nap


Arriving home,
I had taken an afternoon nap for at least 3 hours hours(≧∇≦)



I hap really slept~~~~(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


It feels like I could sleep more! It feels quite good~(●^ー^●)


★Like my fatigues disappearing★(^m^)★



What should I do from here?!




2010/10/18 19:11



After yesterday’s Live at Sagamioono…


Everyone was eating Gaki-san’s Birthday cake,
and Manager-san ate the what was left for us (≧∇≦)


Well, everyone,
“Please squish some cake on your face~”
we started going…


Our Manager-san who gets into things easily♪


“That’s not really what it is it?………” Squish!


Like that(lol)


The cake Sayumi and everyone was picking at, really got all over our faces (lol)


Sayumi and everyone were funny, we cackled, and demanded it countless times!
And Manager-san responded to it countless times!
Countless times, the cake was just stuck to manager-san’s face ε=(>ε<*)


Of course, the cake attached to manager-san’s face, manager-san had eaten it just like that (lol)


“It was delicious” ( ̄∀ ̄)



Everyone, took pictures of Manager-san, frantically HEHE


All of us were just gawking HEHE


Manager-san is a clown huh? HEHE


Manager-san, of course↑ with the other members cluttered around that scene, was quite a funny spectacle so I took pictures (≧∇≦)


ah~it was fun.


Yesterday I laughed a lot ((o(^-^)o))


2010/10/18 15:53

Courage x100★


The day before yesterday, Mom’s friend who came from Yamaguchi prefecture to hang out…
well, she really likes Anpanman(-^〇^-)


A 50 year old who likes Anpanman………………



Isn’t it wondeful~(*^o^*)



It seems like her number 1 goal for coming to Tokyo was to go see the Anpanman Museum!


Well★Yesterday, it seems yesterday to her heart’s desire she went to the Anpanman Museum, and bought lots of goods( ̄∀ ̄)


Seriously it’s amazing!
Seeing it was fun (≧∇≦)
Sayumi, half serious ★ half flattering (lol),
“Anpanman is cute cute,”
when I said it,
She gave me an Anpanman mechanical pencilll↑
Happiness! Thanks. You gave it without reservation! Well‥


“Just thought I’d give something you know?!”


Saying these words, it’s cause she’s brought lots of different things back with her to the Michishige home!(lol)


I wrote my surveys with the Anpanman mechanical pencil.
With the Anpanman mechanical pencil,
My courage is x100★★★


From here let’s to on through life with this kind of vigorous courage too♪~θ(^0^ )


2010/10/18 13:57

I'm Home


I got to do recording for “Piramekiino” (≧∇≦)


It was happiness it was o(^-^)o


I was really having fun from the get go♪


I was able to laugh so muchhh!!


And the picture is, a pork bowl.


That’s the second picture huh!!!


The first shot is the source of the pork bowl, an actual pig…………


eh, what are you talking~ about(lol)



The first shot is cute Sayumi!V(^-^)V


The prok bowl was the breakfast I ate before recording. A pork bowl.


It’s a pork bowl but, the flavor was grilled like I like it.


It’s a complex feeling I guess.


I ate well this morning☆


2010/10/18 12:34



Good Morn—ing♪♪



Today Yasuda Kei-san appeared in my dreams!!(lol)





(lol)……………it was rude of me to add that to it huh…(lol)




I had work together with Yasuda-san!
It was just that but, the dream had a lot of impact (^_-)


Yasuda-san is amazing huh?☆



Well, Sayumi will do her best too, to be able to give an impact like Yasuda-san (≧∇≦)


I’m off to work☆


Everyone too, with work & studies & your private life, have a good day☆


2010/10/18 07:59



Just now I went to take a bath too, refreshinLin~♪




Today with Linlin,
we took Oyasayumin & GusurinLin pictures ☆(≧∇≦)☆



Just now too, I mailed Linlin but…
In the end byebye mail,


“Well, Michishige-san, GusuriRinlin”




You put one “り” too many(lol)!


That is,
not Gusuri and Linlin put together—–(lol)


Cute huh?!(´∀`)


Linlin took a picture of GusuRinlin alone too (*^□^*)



To Linlin,
“Linlin, is it okay to take one alone?”
I asked,
“Yahyeah. Well, I’ll use the desk as a pillow!”
she’s seriously positive o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Linlin might have wanted a close up picture of her face but…


Since this scene was so funny…ε=(>ε<*)


StartLinLin I took a picture of her whole body (lol)


When I showed Linlin the picture I took, she said, “I’m cracking up,”(≧▼≦)





Calm down~




Oyasayumin & GusurinLin(-.-)zzZ


2010/10/18 01:16



At today’s live, as refreshments Taiyaki CAME (´∀`)


Good TAIming!( ̄∀ ̄)


propiTAIous (*^□^*)


ArigaTAI o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o(≧▼≦)


It’s from the magazine “BLT” (^_-)


There was lots of different kinds,
Wanting to eat various types Kamei Eri and I———-!!!!


The two of us decided to split different flavors in half!


and so we did it V(^-^)V



Well, the flavors we chose were♪


Of course one was the safe azuki flavor☆


The second was…
this one called “light snowfall”!


I haven’t heard of it, we didn’t know it so, we had an opportunity on our hands!
It’s the spirit to challenge anything!ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



And, first, we picked the two Taiyaki,…
Eri said,
“Sayuuu, would you eat before Eri?”
She asked. Sayumi of course☆
“That’s fine,”


Now!When Sayumi ate it↑
Looking at the taiyaki…


Well it felt like this (lol)(Look at the picture!)


I cracked up.


Each in half…..But it’s a bit messed up halves huh?(lol)



Kamei-san in her own way, had made my the halves pretty(≧∇≦)


I was a bit moved.


Of course, Today is propiTAIous ( ̄∀ ̄)


They tasted delicious too (o^~^o)


2010/10/18 00:42



It looks like Ai-chan ended up giving me a kiss (^з^)-☆Chu!!



I was so happy O(≧∇≦)o



It’s not an attempt, but I’d be happier if she’d do it straight away‥‥‥‥‥(lol)



Well whatever.


Next time, she’ll get one from Sayumi☆


Straight forward(lol)


2010/10/18 00:24



From the left,
Takahashi Ai-chan, Sayumin, Tanaka Reina-chan♪♪♪♪



Today, during the performance…
While matching harmonies, I ended up making a funny face and‥‥‥‥‥‥(lol)


I ran into Aika (;∇;)/~~


It must be the retribution I get for being in key…


Even then you know,
Does retribution hit immediately like this huh?( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)


God, what instanteous force you have!(lol)


2010/10/17 23:17

Scrapes (;_;)


I arrived home now.



Of course coming home calms me down yaah~


Yaah~nothing can come~to get me~~



With the lives these two days, Sayumi…
Once again the number of scrapes on her fresh body have gone up (;_;)


Of course a lot of it is on her legs(┳◇┳)



The new places are,
on my thighs and
on my calves…


The boots zipper did it p(´⌒`q)



Sayumi right now, her body is, filled with scrapes↓↓↓↓


Quickly, I want it to heal★



During lives, when I get scrapes they hurt, and I have to bear with the emotional scars too but,
With everyone’s smile, the emotional scars healed up right away (≧∇≦)


It’s a wonderful prescription for it ( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/10/17 22:52

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