My Favorite Hairdo♪


We’re progress alot through the photoshoots(^_^)v
I still can’t put up the outfits from today so…
these are still KERA pictures (≧∇≦)



This is once again the hairdo that I’m Moe over(´∀`)


Bear-chan hair♪


But it’s might look a little like chinese food (*^□^*)


This day you knowww, in such a short time I did so many different hair styles,


Ah~This is the best Hairdo!


This hairdo is also the cutest!


And this best hairdo is also fantastic!




That kind of feeling, since, isn’t a lie I’m telling o(^∇^o)lol(o^∇^)o



I want to do it again(≧▼≦)


2010/9/23 11:14

I've Done It…




Now I’m off to photoshoots♪(*^o^*)


Earlier, again my stomach didn’t feel good(=_=Ⅲ


Now it’s better!I wonder☆


The manicure I got is pink too.


Happiness o(^-^)o♪





Of course for Sayumi who can’t stay still for very long…………


The index and middle finger of my right hand got messy(┳◇┳)


It happened when I was getting some green tea…


With great toruble they painted them for me, Sayumi felt bad,
Looking from far away you can’t tell so it blends in skillfully to that degree (^_^)v



Oooh, somehow I got through that pinch!
I wonder…



Well, while kinda hiding the messy state of my right hand fingers‥‥I’m off to photoshoots(lol)(-^〇^-)


2010/9/23 09:47



Right now I’m getting my hair and make-up do–ne♪♪♪♪♪♪


Today, All of Morning Musume。 are doing photoshoots for the jacket pictures and stuff(≧∇≦)


It’s a long day but…
All togehter we’re doing our best(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ



The pictures are from “KERA”‘s time…
Forest Girl♪…like righttt?


It’s fluffy.
Somehow my face also is fluffy(lol)


Now I’m getting a manicure.
Getting a manicure, I just gotta try my best to keep still for a bit↑↑↑↑


Fashion is patience huh?★(^_-)


2010/9/23 08:54



Good Morning(‘-‘*)



Today, there are so many things to do…
I hope that I won’t end up getting full full(lol)


That’s not just my wish,
I’ll put effort to it too↑↑↑↑



First off, my stomach area is somehow feeling bad (=_=Ⅲ


From this morning?


My condition’s bad, what do I do?(;_;)


What to do?~~~(>_<)



aah~No good.
Already, I’ve ended up being full full(lol)



It’s okay↑I’ll be doing my best energetically too, off I go☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


2010/9/23 07:38



Well Well☆
I took a bath(^_-)☆




Today I slept a lot,
my sleep is replenished and,
I thi-nk I was able to save up sleep☆



But now I plan to sleep more…


Will I be able to I wonder(lol)



From tomorrow once again I’m going to do my best anew(≧∇≦)


Earlier watching TV, and singers were saying how important it is to smile!


So I thought, I should be smiling.


But watching TV, these singers, after that were crying a lot!(lol)



Eh…………even though smiling is important………………(^_^;)



But Sayumi thought about for some reason.
There’s are things you want to cry about so,
“Smiles are important, you should smile↑”
should you be telling someone that I wonder?


Well. Whatevers right?(lol)




Sayumi, from these,


Crying face?(;_;)









Sleepy faces (-.-)zzZ!!!!





2010/9/23 01:10


(tl: Bear = Kuma, Kuma + muffler)


My favorite part of this outfit is,
it’s such a thing to say but,
it’s the muffler♪♪♪♪♪♪


The muffler is a bear of all things =^・ω・^=


It’s so cute my eyes are swimminggggg(゜_゜)(。_。)♪♪



A while back, I saw the splitting image of this muffler, having it I was matching with sis-chan (^_-)♪


It was back in kindergarten so I’m not sure about the memory but,
I’m sure sis-chan’s was white,
and Sayumi’s is pink☆


So this muffler reminded me of back thennnnn(*^o^*)


It’s cute huh? I just love cute things♪



You know just now, my condition’s gotten better too↑
At this break, I went to take a bath, tomorrow’s an early morning so, today is an early sleep (-.-)zzZ


I say that but, today I’ve been sleeping all day huh?♪



Even then, I feel like I can still sleep yo♪♪♪♪♪♪


I can sleep, that’s kinda mysteriously(lol)


2010/9/23 00:14

Number 1?!


I ended up sleeping lots and lots…☆



Somehow inspite of that, I’m not in good condition (>_<)


I was hot, I was cold…



Well I can probably fix it for tomorrow↑ That’s what I’m believing(o^∀^o)



The pictures are from the “KERA” time.
So cute (´∀`)!!!!!!
Crazy ~~~~o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o
At KERA, I got to wear lots of different kinds of cute outfits but, this is quite possibly, unexpectedly too?, my number 1 favorite probably (≧▼≦)


With the hair accessroies too, it was cute with it’s originality↑↑↑↑


thinking about it, now my body’s warm(lol)





2010/9/22 23:39



Today I was given a day off after not having one for quite some time…


Even though I was in high spirits to go hang out with friends she last meet half a year ago~…


Sayumi, has a subtle headache ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


The moment I have a break I get this huh?(>_<) How severe... Well, It's much better than if I had it during work, that's positive↑↑↑↑↑


On the contrary, I slept too much, my body rhythm is off probably…(lol)


Today I’m gonna spend the whole day at home doing things peacefully(*^o^*)


ah, earlier, around noon, I saw the Korean drama that Leader Takahashi Ai-chan is dubbing or (^_-)



It was Ai-chan’s voice ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Isn’t it obvious? (・ω・)



Or I should say, the person who’s voice is Ai-chan, doesn’t she match Ai-chan?b(・∇・●)


I thought she’s the spitting image of a 19 year old Ai-chan, is that‥just me????


2010/9/22 18:42

Fried Pork Appeal


Once again it’s pics form the magazine “KERA” time――♪♪



Sayumi likes pink so, blue was somehow fresh(*^_ ’)



Sayumi is confirming she also looks good in blue!!!!(_´Д`)ノ~~(lol)



Of course wearing frilly frilly clothes makes me feel girlish you know?(*^o^*)



Well, the third pictures—-.
I’m holding a fried pork fried rice onigiri(。・ω・。)
From there I ate it(・・?)



Well, I’m feeling girlish but, I’m eating fried pork…
Isn’t that cute?(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


With such frilly frilly dress, I’m a girl but,
after all I’m human that’s why.


I want to eat fried pork(lol)



Well in this gap that was a good fill (゜U。)


2010/9/22 17:05



Earlier I put up pics of this pink outfit too☆☆☆




I’m covered all over in ribbons~♪♪(≧∇≦)



Well…All over, it’s a bit much but………


I wanted to say something over the top right there (lol)



My chest has a huge ribbon exactly on it,
My sleeves has a hidden ribbonchan,
Sayumi’s High Excitement Like Like Barometer was steadily rising, I was already madly in loveeeeeeヽ(´▽`)/




If it’s Ribbon-chans, it’s cute isn’t that right?~sheesh (≧∇≦♪♪♪









2010/9/22 16:00

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