Even Though It's Here, It's Far (;_;)


This is iPhone4 case here☆


Hello Kitty V(^-^)V♪


It gets me cheery.



After this, it’s just if I could understand how to use it…………


I wanted an app,




I was really looking on the site but…


Apple…I though that’s might be how App was read, I was wrong p(´⌒`q)


An unbelievable misunderstanding (;_;)



I don’t gyets it.


Wanting that kind of stuff,
at last having it in my hand,
and now, even in my hands…


it feels like it exists so amazingly amazingly far away,



Somehow I wish I could master this quickly…………♪


2010/10/8 00:31

AAAAt Last↑↑


I ended up buying ittTttttT (≧∇≦)





a 4 one!






I’m happy~V(^-^)V♪♪♪♪


That’s it↑ Today, after word was done and I went to Bic Camera,
I had my sights on an iPhone4 ヽ(´▽`)/
I safely was able to buy it ahaha (*´∀`*)


The man at the store said,
“It’s this contract, if you can agree with this part, check here please,”
handing over papers with lots of entries on them too,
I couldn’t even understand one thing about the written contract ( ̄○ ̄;)


And he explained everything from 1.
even though we took the time to understand a lot of it—–p(´⌒`q)
Or I should say, even though I gave up understanding it, we took the time…I’ll say that too(lol)


For now, I carried it home, and opened the box.
It’s come out, it’s come out, the iPhone↑↑



…………………………How to use it….



Nonsense hehe





What’s this………………?



But lots of people in this world, using this kind of nonsense, are loving it!(lol)


Or I should say, you have to be able to master it well!
If she can come to master it, then can Sayumi love it too I wonder?‥‥‥



For right now,


I’ll live it as is in the living room…


Well, messing with it and messing with, I’m not getting anywhere that’s why!
Tomorrow, I’ll ask iPhone senior, Ai-chan how to use~ it♪


Soon, Sayumi also, wants to be able to love her iPhone―(∋_∈)♪♪♪♪♪


2010/10/8 00:10



Returning home, I’m memoriz-ing another song♪


speaking of which yesterday?
Tsunku-san appeared on a program, and I recorded it on video but,
watching it now, while Hannya-san and the others were telling short stories about Morning Musume。,
when I was watching normally,
they said, “Michishige Sayumi” (・∀・)




I was really happy all cute and charged up o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Imitation right? doing one is amazing (≧▼≦)


Sayumi(The person imitating her) appeared, it was just for a moment but,
I was excited(≧∇≦)


I’m grateful I am…V(^-^)V



Unbelievable is already just about at it’s ending time maybe?


Unbelievable had various clips, it was really interesting ε=(>ε<*)


Never running out of joke material, I was admiring how amazing it is…


That much of a variety of things are happening day by day in this world!


Again, I’m grateful for the everyday peace…




2010/10/7 23:24

Dinner is…


After going to Bic Camera,
I went to a restaurantー♪♪♪♪


This picture of Sayumi is,
since the restaurant was cold,
she’s putting on the coat she’s borrowing from her mom(*^o^*)


Mom seems so hot (;´д`)





At the restaurant, there were 7kinds of healthy salads, meat, tofu, avocado and shrimp spring rolls, fluffy japanese yams Akashi style…


The two of us ordered full and we ate till we were full V(^-^)V



As the things we ordered went out,
the Salad dressing had arrived,
we continued ringing the service bell more than 20 times but an employee wasn’t coming…


It was very troubling but (;_;)


it’s been awhile since I got to each out with mom so it was fun (≧∇≦)


“The shop people are busy huh~”
she said stuff like that,
tidying up the pretty tablewear,
wiping the table,
I thought it was amaz-ing.


Well, we’re going home~


When I get home, I have lots to do (o^∀^o)



Are you watching Unbelievable?
People who can watch it, watch kay?♪
Sayumi’s recording a video of it too (b^ー°)


2010/10/7 21:39



Today, the place I went to when work finished is…


☆Bic Camera☆


First is…
to the Iron corner(^_^)


A curly curly iron, flat iron,
it broke overseas,
at the time I bought a new one but,
the roll’s force was too thick so,
I bought a thin one!


I got it!(≧∇≦)


After that, going to the DS Corner, I wanted to download a DS game but,
I didn’t know how, so I gave up (∋_∈)



I have no sense for machines huhー.


Being tone deaf with just songs is plenty enough ( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)


Well, I’ll just have to announce it by force(lol)


Kiseki Taiken! Anbiribabo-(wonderful personal experience! Unbelievable)”
It’s coming up, 19:00~23:18♪♪♪♪
So cute it’s Unbelievable Sayumi is appearing on it o(^-^)o


2010/10/7 18:42

Feeling in High Spirits


Recording is finished(≧∇≦)


Finished earlier than scheduled (^_^)v♪♪♪♪


Today, I’m already done with work o(^-^)o


Still this evening☆


What shall I do!?


…Well, I’ve already decided (≧∇≦)


Indoor Sayumi,
normally returns home but,
today, I’m doing something!!!!!(o^∀^o)


Well, to come to feeling like going outdoors on my own, I’m happy (≧∇≦)



Sayumi right now, is in pretty high spirits..(lol)


2010/10/7 17:18





From here I’m off to recording♪…


Yesterday, the other members were teaching me so…


I hope the results show it..(∋_∈)


I’ll doing my best!!!!



Until the last moment, in the taxi, I’ll be singing~(*^o^*)



Or I should say, now doing it in the recording…
Sayumi seems to end up falling most behind the other members—-!


The other members finishing, one after another…
Sayumi might still be ok.


Today, I’ll do it at once, so I can catch up ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



I’ll do my bestー!


I’ll do my best-!


I can laughー!




2010/10/7 14:42

Scribble Message♪♪


A Kagawa prefecture live happening♪




Junjun is scribbling something…….




What could she be writing??




I’ll try getting closer…






No way, a message for Sayumi (*/ω\*)



Thanks, Junjun (●´mn`)



Sayumi’s falling passion with Junjun too……………




Well, falling passion, isn’t that a bit of a weird statement in Japanese!?(lol)



Oh well whatever.


As long as there’s love in there(lol)


2010/10/7 13:03



These pictures are from before, when we went to eat in the Kagawa prefecture♪(*^o^*)



8th gen member Linlin providing herself as a lap pillow,
for leader and sub-leader♪



Ai-chan and Gaki-san being spoiled is cute (*^o^*)


Linlin…solidly supporting the two of them somehow… it’s promising it is o(`▽´)o





Everyone’s close friends huh~(*^o^*)


2010/10/7 12:37



Good Morn-ing(‘-‘*)



Earlier I woke up once too but,


I ate a sandwich for breakfast, then was sleeping again(lol)



Sleeping well you~



raised as a sleeping child~



ah~、the song、I wonder if I’ve gotten good at it~(lol)



…………Without sleeping, I need to practice ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛(lol)


2010/10/7 10:39

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