Sleeping Beauty?…no way,




It’s Hoo―――――ot!


Today mom, sis-chan, and I, the three of us,
are going to a store run by am acquaintance of my mom(^o^)/



We chatted a lot☆
Anyways, that lady, kept messing around with me and sis-chan(lol)


Ah~ It was fun o(^-^)o♪♪♪♪



Having Chatted so much, we got thirsty and order some italian ice (≧∇≦)
Milk Kintoki… This kind is sweet(*^o^*)


Chatting, eating italian ice, I got tired.
I laid down on the sofa, and had slept(-_-)zzz


sis-chan had taken a phone pic of my real sleeping face but,
It was kind of like a horror picture so,
This third shot is a fake sleeping face I took myself (^_^)v



Looks like snow white♪


If I get a kiss I’ll wake up♪(lol)




2010/8/18 18:10

It Was Fun~


There as a flower arch♪


It was really lovely(*^o^*)♪


Seasonally the flowers are
not really in full bloom, more like half bloom?ish so,
I next time we come I want it to be when the flowres are in full bloom☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Sayumi’s cuteness, is in full bloom all year (^_-)(lol)


The rose garden, isn’t just a study in flower gardens,
There’s a soap making corner and a rhinoceros beetle corner, lots of things that seemed fun to do V(^-^)V


Someday I’d like to try them↑☆♪



That’s it for pictures from the rose garden(^_^)v


Were you able to enjoy them?


Sayumi being able to show everyone was fun O(≧∇≦)o


One-sided…………………nothing, I want everyone to enjoy it too, (lol)



The Atami trip pictures and memories,
are over (^_^)v


For real~, the second day in Atami was fun◎^∇^◎


Atamin is the greatest\(^ー^)/←How Sayumi feels.


Sayumin is the greatest\(^ー^)/←How everyone feels(lol)


2010/8/18 17:14

Maiden's Prayer


This isn’t Mano Erina-chan’s CD Single (^o^)/




It’s a snack they sell at the rose garden☆



It has the same name as the Mano-chan single song (*^o^*)
For some reason, that made me happy, it did♪



Mano-chan is told she and Sayumi are similar. In faces!!


What that means is…Mano-chan, is cute(lol)


Being like Sayumi in that way, you’re cu~te,
Do your best in your play “Tsubaki, Toki Tobi” (Tsubaki, Jump through time), k?ー!(b^ー°)♪


2010/8/18 15:54



The place were you shop for cute things in the rose gardennn♪♪♪(^_-)♪



There’s very cute stuff!
Each and every one of these little accessories is so super cute, there’s lots of stuff I wanted, it was bad (*^o^*)


But, Sayumi thought about it a lot.
This stuff is cute cause its here but…
In Sayumi’s own cluttery room, if I were to just add this stuff…
It’d just be overly cluttered the~n(>_<) For single items, they're really cute but, they didn't match Sayumi's room, huh‥I consider that and abandoned it(lol)



But, there’s this bracelet that sis-chan and I wanted to get matching pairs so much………
Sayumi and sis-chan wanted pink bracelets♪


The bracelet is a,
“Reduces depression, stabilizes the spirit”
kind of bracelet.


Ooh…That’s exactly how Sayumi is now………………just joking(lol)



Well, Sayumi wasn’t worrying about that kind of spirtualistic stuff, it’s if it’s cute and pink to the eye, anything like that was good, you know?
Though for sis-chan――…


“No way, no way, it’s no good if its not for my fortune in love”


she’ was saying that kind of whimical stuff…



However the love luck bracelets were,
purple, a color Sayumi doesn’t really like for herself… (;_;)



There’s no point if it’s not matching…


The two of us gave up getting bracelets(lol)


Sis-chan bought aroma candles and stuff.
Sayumi, not buying matching bracelets, felt like pouting so, she didn’t feel like buying anything else(lol)←how tiresome(lol)



It was hot outside too,
We spent about 30 minutes in that shopping place, staying inside saying “Ahh” and “How’z this”


It was funnn♪


2010/8/18 13:39

Heart Skips a Beat


The rose garden has this lovely cafe like place you can buy things from too―♪


This place looks like a house and,
the atmosphere is very cute (*^o^*)


With pink being the accent point, my heart skips a beat V(^-^)V


Looking at cute things, I get really happy(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


So, that’s why I love cute girls and idols (●^ー^●)


And so, I love myself (^m^)(lol)








2010/8/18 13:05

Silver Medal☆


Continuing in the Rose Garden… Bonsai!


These Bonsai, were very huge\(^ー^)/


Michishige parent and children, while there
had nothing else to say but
“Huge huge”(lol)



Or rather, listen!
Right now, (Not in Atami, now as in as I’m writing the blog)
sis-chan, and mom,
went to the bakery but,
the floor was slippery,
I ended up excitingly sliding,
and then I fell hard (;_;)
It was embarassing(ノ△T)


At that moment, sis-chan told me,
“How (Asada)Mao-chan li~ke!”


Oi Oi! your little sister just sliped and fell, be concerned (^o^)/(lol)


More over, saying Sayumi slipping was like Mao-chan,
was rude to skater Asada Mao!(lol)


By the way I wasn’t injured so, there’s nothing to worry about(^_-)♪♪


2010/8/18 12:04

Rose Garden♪♪


Well, the place we went to for Atami day two issss \(^ー^)/


“Akao Herb Rose Garden”
It’s like place full of flower gardens♪♪♪♪


the small flowers were cute(*^o^*)


But it was very lot, it was so bad!
At the rose garden the Michishige parent and children,
“Hot Hot”
Our conversation was basically that (;´д`)



I thought nature feels great huh?(*^o^*)

Now when I rethink aboutit, I want to just say it feels great.
That time it was hot!! so I only get that feeling☆


But other than hot! it was totally fine♪


2010/8/18 11:37

Looking Back at Atami Day Two☆


‘kay ‘kay V(^-^)V



Well, from here we’ll be looking back at Atami trip day two~(*^o^*



Of course the enjoyable stuff, breakfast at the inn~o(^-^)o
I looked forward to it but, it was so much more wonderful than I had
expected, that morning I was so excited(≧∇≦)


Excited from breakfast, I’m a simple girl (lol)←It’s easy to treat me well(lol)


Rice porridge, and regular white rice, I ate both(^_-)


And then, it’s saying byebye to the inn (・o・)ノ
I took a picture in front of the inn’s gate(≧∇≦)
This seems like an amazing gate!


But, I forgot what makes it amazing(・_・)..?


For this picture, my mom was the cameraman but,
when we took one with mom, sis-chan, and Sayumi, one of the inn people gladly became the cameraman \(^ー^)/


Considering it’s their work, everyone there was greatヽ(´▽`)/
They were nice(*´∀`*)



At that time, when I was getting a two shot with mom, sis-chan was taking it but, when mom and Sayumi were talking,



“Sayu-chan and clumsy, look this way”


My sister had said (^人^)



No, that’s just what my mom misheard(lol)(.. ;)
“Sayu-chan and mom, look this way”
Sayumi had heard it clearly but mom,
seems to have heard “mom” as “clumsy”‥(`∀´#)



She’s just hurting herself mishearing things, right?(lol)


2010/8/18 11:13

One Night of Luxury


Good Morninnng(^-^*)/



I slept well☆



Today’s also a day off.


Yesterday I pampered myself V(^-^)V














Time’s up~


The correct answer is…



I slept face down (^_^)v



Yay ☆


I just LOVE sleeping face down but, even at the best times my face…(;_;) swells a bunch when I sleep face down so,
normally I have to resist doing it.



But cause it’s vacation time, I can pamper myselffff(*^o^*) Joy.


2010/8/18 10:35



Today thoughout the day I’ve been looking back at the first day of our Atami trip but,


Tomorrow, I plan to look back on the second day of the Atami trip♪♪


The amazing ambiance made for cute pictures and things so look forward to it, k? (*^o^*)


And, I’ll report what happened today on another day (^_^)v


The picture is from today’s Sayumi♪♪


Today was also an amazingly fun day―――(≧∇≦)


I also took pictures, look forward to those too, k? (^_-)


ah-There’s alot of stories I want to tell everyone, I don’t know where to begin (>_<)


Though I have lots to talk about, having so much makes it hard (・_・;)
It’s a worry I’m grateful for!!!!


It’s early but…
Today we’ll end it around here V(^-^)V


Oyasayumin (^з^)-☆Chu!!


2010/8/17 22:28

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